About the game:
Title: Elvenar
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: Strategy Type: Browser
Developer: InnoGames
Publisher: InnoGames

Explosive Features:

  • Build a Huge Fantasy City
  • Play As Elves Or Humans
  • Huge World Map

In InnoGames’ Elvenar, you can build an epic fantasy city, populated by elves or humans, and watch it grow into a sprawling metropolis, awash in riches and brimming with military might. The elves have powerful magic at their disposal, while humans are well-versed in the arts of war.

There are many ways to improve your city. Research technologies and gather resources to improve your buildings and customize their appearance or embark on quests to acquire fantastic relics that will further boost your city’s production. There’s a huge world to explore and fantastic creatures to tame — or to take into battle against your enemies!

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15 User Reviews

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  1. Insanity Claus on January 19, 2017

    I started playing in 2017. There are 5 servers. Each server has a different revision of the game. It appears that there was no path to improving gameplay on existing servers. You can see the differences in the versions in the Building Tech Tree System. Earlier version have “Advanced Workshops” much later in the tree. The Arendyll sever is the most recent version, so only use that one. IMO, the game design increases the pressure for you to spend real cash to buy diamonds. It takes way too long to advance without using real cash. Do not use the smaller time cycle values less than 3 hours. It is best to play this once a day, because that is the only way you have enough gold to do what you have to do. Also, the game has a mode where you can fight and direct the contact between your forces and the enemy’s forces. Don’t use it. The User Interface is unusable. Use Automatic fights. Don’t train troops and don’t have a trader, it’s is a waste of vital real estate. The systems require you to expend resources on cultural items. Most things can be upgraded, but cultural items cannot. As a result, it wastes real estate and makes the game to hard to play because you run out of room before you grow large. IMO, the huge kingdoms that you see your neighbors had could only have been done using spending thousands of dollars using real cash. 30 % of the neighboring kingdoms are mostly empty, representing people who gave up early. There is no benefit to joining a fellowship, other than having someone to chat with through in-game email. Fellowships don’t do activities together. The only interaction between kingdoms is to make visits and help them by clicking 1 button then leaving

  2. Trisha on November 15, 2016

    I liked this game at first, why? Because there was no PVP, something I hate in citybuilder’s as I would rather work with other people than constantly be griefed them. Then the devs changed the combat system, making it imppsible to actually win a battle against the NPC as they now have overwhealming numbers. And forget negoiating the encounters, they now cost all your limbs. You have to constantly gather materials for which a fellowship is the best way to go.
    Customer service is not the best at all, a friend online asked them about thechanges and how they were forcing much of the player base to leave. The reponse, the standard thank you for your input reply.

    If you like relentessly having to grind for supplies, population and expansions and having to pay for diamonds to actually make steady progess then go ahead

  3. Zapp on November 7, 2016

    I was looking for a game with pretty colors/mindless entertainment & this one fit perfectly in the beginning. After awhile of unfulfilled quests and subtle changes have made it clear… it is a pay 2play. Recently, battles are SOOO unfair & impossible to win. Customer support= Thanks for your Patience!
    Really DISAPPOINTED : (

  4. I hate Inno, screw Elvenar on October 17, 2016

    Don’t play this game, it is horrible. They don’t care about their customers, they don’t care if you have fun. They want you to play the way they want you to play, and if you don’t they will make you regret it by implementing some stupid update that makes everything impossible for you. And then some fake person on their forums will tell you you abused the game. Anyway, screw inno and their stupid games, Don’t give them your money, do something fun with it instead.

  5. Grundolar on October 16, 2016

    My troops are reduced to 1/5th of their size, the power has diminished entirely ; can no longer win any battles. Also they force players to swap neighbourhoods by jiggling round the map (unless you untick the setting). Many players will now be caught unaware.
    A lot of . . . . (starts with ‘s’ and is a four letter word)
    The game has turned from fun into nuisance.

    • danny P on October 18, 2016

      New Combat has me leaving the game, going from being able to win battles, to losing 70% of them and always losing 90% of troops has me done

  6. Jason on October 16, 2016

    With their new update that changed combat, everyone I spoke to found themselves in the boat I was suddenly in – unable to beat any NPC forces, and therefore unable to expand. The game didn’t cater to gems being required as much as some games I have played. I can’t recommend the game, Inno keeps making very bad decisions on what to change, and they have made it utterly miserable at this point.

  7. Big Al on October 10, 2016

    Arghhhhhh, I am trying to find a new game but all the reviews that I ever read are slating the games. This is fine, but it would be great if you could recommend something else. I have only played 3 games, Lord of Ultima, Castlot, and until last week, Clash of Kings. Myself and 3 or 4 others need a new game. Any suggestions?

    • Skyrider57 on October 11, 2016

      Play StarwarsCommander, great game strategy.Just Check !

  8. Leokins on October 8, 2016

    Love the slow timed-out pacing of the game, it’s great to have something to check every 3 hours or so when I’m working at my desk and need a break. Game seems deliberately slow and I appreciate the real-time nature and the progress I’ve made as a result. I haven’t purchased any paid items and am happily in the second chapter of research progression. Great for people who want to check in to a game a few times a day for 5-10 minutes.

  9. Arilla on August 13, 2016

    I have to agree with comments already made by others. This game is not worth the time or money. The game glitches and takes your resources for purchases, and then the purchase doesn’t show up in the town layout. Customer Service just says, “Sorry, but we don’t refund supplies, so you’ll just have to make the item again.” Interesting take on customer service since it doesn’t cost them anything to replace the missing items. They do, however, make it difficult to progress without purchasing some of the items. I’m done.

  10. Elven on July 29, 2016

    Absolutely no need for rivals to come here and try to downgrade this game. It’s a nice city builder game, and yes you do need the magic academy a lot, obviously, Gameczar haven’t spent long enough time to understand some game functions. It is easy to comprehend, and follow, frequently updated and the bugs are being fixed. The makers wanting their users to get involved as much as possible. They have excellent customer service and fast response! About the community playing it: every server is different but they seem to have one thing in common, tons of control-and production freaks, and “wanna-be”s! Watch out for them and at the first sign you start to feel like it’s been told to you how and when to play the game, just switch to another fellowship aka guild.

    • Disgruntled E-Player on January 10, 2017

      Disregard this person’s opinion as they obviously work for INNO. This game is nothing short of GREED, and the customer support is bordering on a dictatorship..WARNING!!! DO NOT PLAY THIS Game. In fact, stay away from the thieves who call themselves INNO.

  11. gameczar on June 25, 2016

    It has the potential to be a fun game but it’s not ready. There are so many bugs it’s unbelievable. In addition, they force you to play in certain ways and some changes are unalterable. Nobody likes the magic academy and yet you’re required to have it and once you build it you can never get rid of it.

    Just not a good game yet.

  12. Poppins on May 13, 2016

    My advice is do not waste time or money on any Innogames game.
    Carefully read the unfair and abusive rules.
    InnoGames reserves the right to block the player’s account without giving reasons.
    It does not matter if money has been spent or not, and there is no refund.
    And if you search the net for reviews or complaints, you will see that this is common practice.

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