About the game:
Title: Wartune
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: R2games
Publisher: R2games

Wartune is a free to play 2D turn-based browser MMORPG by R2games.

Wartune’s dark fantasy world places players in the role of a knight, mage, or archer. Players control the progress of their city; obtaining resources and constructing buildings.

Featuring single and multi-player dungeons, and thousand-player boss battles, Wartune offers an action-packed world to players.

Explosive Features:

  • Daily quests.
  • Turn-based combat.
  • A variety of different game types.

System Requirements

Wartune Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7
Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Memory Ram: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB

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  1. Well, there are really good things in this game but they should develop it professionally since the beginning. I played WoW time ago, not serious and i am glad for this xD Most of my experience was on WC 3 Frozen throne like 10 yrs ago. Yesterday i just found that game after i got high with weed and i played like 12 hours without any break. So it has the addictive factor and has some good ideas since a person can get that interested in it. I never liked games like that because they are just endless. It has too much theory that will take sooo much time to learn and to understand the physics and the principles of the game. I mean i dont like easy games but the opposite but this game is just tooooo much stuff that is not rly needed. I mean for the time i will spend to learn the whole world and how everything works and so on, i think its better to learn russian or french… Serious if you know everything about that game then for sure i can say you wasted your talent for the wrong “science”… Interesting game but the endless things that shows every 10 minutes + the bad GM managing as i read + the pay and win thing are probably the reason for that it didnt become that popular. It cant be a game for serious gaming because your life has to stuck with this game and nothing else… I cant see the balance, which is the most important thing in a serious competative game because only then you can see the real skills and intelligence of the top players. Also i got lvl 40 for 5 hours which i think is fast. Maybe of the bonus experience i got since i joined some guild cuz one of the quests. Maybe next week ill smoke some joint again and will play 5-6 hours again xD. But to start learning it for full to become top player – just no chance. I think in real life i need to know less stuff to live a normal life xD The whole knowledge about this game is like some science. Thousands of things that you need days to understand with what and how are they able to be combined. Well whatever, not bad game, but not developed properly.

  2. I LOVE Wartunbe-mostly because of the people in my Guild-yes there are casher problems-this game is about making money and suppot is terrible BUT I have played for about 10 years-it has been around that long-about 4 years before Facebook started having it-and i have a lvl 80 mage Titan with a BR of 2,4 million-and have only spent less than a $100 a year-sounds like a lot but its really not-under $10 a month for a great game-thats the price of 2 drinks in a bar or a movie ticket a month-so keep your perspective-its a GAME and not a way of life-LOL

  3. I see that there haven’t been any reviews lately. So here is some of the new crap being tossed into the ring.
    Keep in mind that you will never be of any value unless you cash. It started off being a fun game to play. Spend a couple of hours or so in the evening or a short stint before heading off to work. Now there are so many things that need to accomplished in order to compete it has become a full time position.
    Spending approx 28 USD per month isn’t excruciating and it helped to move some of the quests out of the way. Now the game players are facing the fear of a lifetime. Those that spend dominate, period. The devos recently introduced new concepts that benefit only the best in the game. The class division is absurd. Others are simply being forced to walk away due to the struggle to grow effectively.
    Games should never be a struggle to enjoy.
    The attitudes have shifted wildly recently and there are some seriously bad vibes in the communities. However, if you choose to mortgage your property then I can see where you might enjoy playing. Pay and grow strong and just when you think that you are indestructible the servers will merge based on the amount of cash that has flowed to them.
    No cash flow, no merger. My server has been screaming for a merger for a year. We are left with a dying world and struggling to keep going.
    I have played since 2014. That is now over. The game has been turned over to new owners and they are turning what at one time was a fun game into the most monumental waste of time imaginable.
    But hey, if that’s what you’re looking for don’t let me dissuade you. SGS

  4. I never believe the reviews left on a game. I feel it’s best to see for yourself what a game is like. You may find something in it that makes it a gem that others may not have found. I wouldn’t have been able to experience some of the best games in my life if I just went with the reviews. So, I encourage anyone interested to just give this game a shot.

    I’m going to give my experience of the past 6 months playing this game. And don’t let my experience sway your decision. This game is beautiful. The characters look good and the story, despite the grammar errors, is passable. There is a ton to choose from for character customization so you may have your character look as cool or as goofy as you wanna! Your guild though, is something that will keep you coming back. I loved the community and I loved my guild mates. If you get a good guild, everyone looks out for you no matter how new you are. Someone will help you. And that was my gem.

    What destroyed my experience was the way the game was designed with many of it’s events and progression. The grind is so real, people. I know there are some old school grinders still out there, so this may be your gem. Not so much for me. This is definitely a slow burn upward with no way to really catch up to the stronger players, so you always feel weak. I’m not much for hoarding items that makes me stronger either. But if you want to make yourself stronger, you have to learn patience; you have to wait your turn. And this was something I could not stand. If you don’t want to spend money, it is almost necessary to hold onto your items until an even comes that rewards you double. And that’s not fun for me. I have items that make me more powerful? I want to use them now.

    Lastly, the penalties for your grind and the paywall. Let’s get the paywall out of the way. I spent quite a bit on the VIP access to help my progression, and I understand the developers need to make a profit, but the price is too high. I can very well but a console and a few games for the prices they charge to make progression faster. And even then, you have to find the right things to spend your cash on. Why would someone fill their cash shop with mostly junk? The last straw that soured my experience to the point I had to leave the people I fell in love with and stop devoting time to this game were the penalties. One in particular is a tattoo system that boosts your character’s strength. I used a difficult to get item to increase my power even more, it failed and I got penalized by having my progress actually taken away from me.

    Once again, I encourage everyone interested to play this game. It’s gorgeous, the community is amazing and this game would be 100 times better with more voice acting and translation fixes. But they really need to do something about the unbalanced nature of this game. The paywall is not worth it, the grind is not fun, being penalized for trying to progress is not fun, waiting is not fun. And it muddled the gems that I did find in this game.

  5. I used to play this game a few years ago. It made a really great impression with it’s graphics, events and especially turn-based fights. Even though, since the very beginning it was a typical Pay-to-Win game, in the beginning non-paying players could compete with the paying ones. Game kept getting more and more paying events and cash kept playing bigger and bigger role in the game. But, that wasn’t the problem itself. I kept buying VIP (had maxed VIP for a year or so) and bought some extra chests etc. occasionally. That easily let me get to top 50 in Class Wars. Then, more and more content kept appearing (Sylphs) and the game became really time consuming. Nearly every single daily event was crucial for character development. As far as I remember, I needed 4-5 hours to complete most of the important ones skipping the World Boss (huge gold income event), which always been in an inconvenient time for me. When I had a busy period at work, even though I could spend some more cash, I couldn’t keep up with the ones playing the game regularly. This game is really, really time consuming if you want to keep up with the top. Being even in the middle of the ranking, means nothing, when 1 guy from the top 100 can easily one shoot the entire team of players who sometimes are only 50 positions lower in the ranking.
    The schedule was game’s biggest problem. Pay-to-Win scheme was the second one as players paying even thousands of € monthly, sooner or later couldn’t keep up with the ones spending 1/10th of that and just having more time to play the game.

  6. what???? 3.83 out of 5??? kidding me right? this game is crappiest crap ever seen. they bring 20 events in single day, 19 of them called like: spender event, big spender event, recharge event, returning player recharge event, ‘mega spender event – biggest shittiest spender’ ever…. and goes on like that…
    Worst of worst, really, do not even try to sign up for this. U will lose precious time.

  7. I used to play this game back in the past. Now it’s all pure utter pile of crap. Not saying I didn’t enjoy playing the game at all, it has its golden moment. The game is ofc like most browser MMO P2W. Non-cashers can advance in this game but cashers will lay waste upon the non-cashers. You want that shiny bit of armor? Pay. You want that glittery weapon? Pay. You want to participate in events? Pay, etc. TBH I NEVER spent a dime in this game. I get everything the hard way all of which I earned using my effort. Back in the days the game doesn’t have a lot of P2W events but now it’s full of it. A pile of crap is already enough but they added more crap into it making it a lot more worse. That’s all I gotta say and never am I coming back for this game.

  8. This game is pure 100% crap. Boring, pseudo jrpg fights (but a lot less interactive, yes it’s possible), with some hopeless QTE elements. Stamina locked quests. No proper loot. Boring city management with some silly farmville. Take all elements of worst P2W games, mix them together, add much more P2W, et voila, here’s WarTune. Yet another korean failure at game developement.

  9. I used to like Wartune. Heck, I even spent on Wartune. But after 2 years playing, I proudly said I’m officially quit. Why?
    1st, The GM don’t really care about the welfare of players, casher or non-casher. As far as they know, they can do whatever they like whenever and nothing can be done to them. They think, everybody will still play because the game is so good and addicting (which is true).. But, everybody has tolerance limit.
    2nd, as stated above, the ticketing service, where players can lodge their complaints are nothing but for display but not functioning. The GMs on duty to answer players complaints or inquiry will give generic answers that don’t actually answering a thing. Not to mention, the response time sometimes up to 3-4 days. That just WOW!
    3rd, the events in the game sucks big time. They just made events up to their liking, sometimes stop making some event for awhile.. like 2-3 months while people hoarding their items, waiting for those events. They also made items and cancel it whenever they like.. for example those rare beast shards or something.. I’ve tons of them.. Can’t be used anymore.
    4th, granting special favours to some ‘media-related’ players. This, I just know. But imagine this, you spending your money on the game to compete with some players, only to realize that they actually get lots of special stuff from GM because they have ‘voice’ through social media. I even asked GM about this in ticket and they admit it. So, why play in game that already become inbalance because GM decided who should be better?
    5th, bugs, lag.. you name it. Wartune have it. And whenever you reported it, they’ll ask you to clear cache or something. Even when mini client doesn’t work with new flash.. Instead of fixing the issue by asking the tech team to work on it, they asked players to downgrade their flash player to play miniclient. They asked players to fix the problem.. Nice, right? (Please notice the sarcasm there)

  10. forget anything about r2games, everything in there it’s pay to win, bad support, it’s full of bugs, don’t waste your time…

  11. My take on this game is that it’s greatest drawback is the game designed to be casino gambling game. How so? Look at Dragon Invasion, Cloud adventures. These really nice events all dependent on dice rolls to determine your reward. When that’s not enough, check out devotion and guild wheels. The rewards from there are pathetically low – gives 1 mahra/sepulcrum for example. Ok, so you need to gamble to get what you want. And game is designed so that new players have a higher tendency to get event mounts, and this in turn will draw the eyes of existing players, to cash on event chest in hope to get a mount from the chests. The compulsion to pay into the game is generally very high because there is also no guarantee given to the players how much they have to charge into the game to get what you want.
    Second, the game being made as a test ground for players to try out each patch. This means that the patch does not test the impact of each game changes that it has on the player base before releasing it. For example, the nerfing of resistance, change wilds shop to mystery shop, change sylph arena matching, change of world prosperity to 1000%, change many other things that can be named, it’s definitely below player’s expectation. Many drastic changes aren’t player friendly to a fulfilling game experience, others just to annoy players even more. (Useless resources: fate stones, soul crystals, sylph exp scrolls to stack in your inventory) Most of them causes more lag like introduction of eudaemons, more flashy clothing and mounts with each event. World prosperity of 1000% instead of 100% just merely destroy the fun of the game, where you are yet still learning the game as you progress and building your char.
    The final drawback is that the flashy animated game doesn’t live up to the standard game system it’s suppose to have. In other games like League of Angels (LoA), inheriting is possible to prevent loss of progress from one hero / angel to another hero / angel. But in wartune, you cannot inherit any form of progress but exp to other sylphs. You cannot convert your eudaemon with bound balens, niether can you sacrifice them to another eudaemon. Blitzing is not possible for circuit quest, but in LoA, you can blitz loop quest within less than 5mins to complete them. There is no common premium currency where things are either bound or unbound for player discrimination of cash and non-cash. Inventory space needs to be bought but on LoA, we have unlimited inventory space. Free players earn bound balens, while cash players can recharge for unbound balens, which bound balens will have it’s limitation on uses in the shop.

  12. AVOID this crap…you can certainly play without paying, only to be crushed at every turn by a Pay to Win…not only that, the amount you must pay if you want a super strong mount is UNF*ingbelievable, seriously like $500 US. And if you want armour to be strong enough to compete in PVP, that’s another $300-$500, the only people playing this are either retards that suck so bad it doesn’t matter, or seriously old wannabe’s with fat wallets buying their way to power…

    • what you say isn’t really true-I’ve played for years and have never spent a cent-the result is a lvl 79 mage with a BR of 300K+. And about the mounts-I have several different mounts and these cost me nothing either-you just need to be patient because most special events repeat and you CAN eventually get enough items to get the mounts-I still play WT evry day and I still enjoy it

      • lv 79 mage with only 300k br, are you serious?
        With that amount of patience, how much br gain you had not counting an eudaemon and sylph? Either you’re not doing it right, or just don’t know how to build a decent char with time.
        About mounts, they now throw stats that are more than a attribute 100pts. If you’d know anything about raising br, it should be clothing upgrade and refinement. Seasoned players would know this..
        The free mounts however don’t even compare to the trending ones right now. Events like sylph upgrade, enchant, they repeat, but not events that bring new flashy clothing and mounts with title bonus etc.

  13. I had high hopes for this game but within a few hrs of playing it, I realized it was pay 2 win and a complete waste of time.

  14. Overall the game starts out to be fun but then gets worse and worse. Yes cash helps as many people have mentioned already but i dont spend much( no more than 50 dollars a month) and am still fairly competitive with just over 1 mil br. The game could be so much better but they let older servers die from lack of merges my server has maybe 50 people who log on still. And failure to fix the many bugs that are experienced while playing between arena not working, hot events glitched, to most recently cross server guild battle where its bugs galore. Recently they have added several cross server events which sounds cool but the aforementioned bugs come into play which saps its potential. Some of the biggest cashers don’t even do them. Id say for anyone thinking of this game it svery time consuming, buggy and like most servers yours wont have ppl who logon anymore within a year. Ill probably leave myself by the end of summer unless they make drastic improvements

  15. You can go nuts spending on this game, but I’ve been playing for a year and a half and have spent very little. I’m now level 77 with over 500K br. I didn’t even add VIP until I was in my 70’s, and honestly — that’s most of the money I spend. Sure, that doesn’t compare to the super-cashers, but I can have fun and not mortgage my house to do it. The game does take a lot of time and the time commitment has increased in the last couple patches. That and the “party” aspect are the biggest drawbacks. But a lot of people throw money into the game to be the first on the server to have the newest and best. If you are patient and can wait, you can generally get everything they spend for without dropping a dime. I also read a comment that you should leave the game by level 55, but many of us would disagree. Level 55 is one of the major turning points in the game and a lot of what you gain is actually more fun than prior levels. That is where you really begin to do things with your sylphs. You have another turning point at 70, when you can get a kid. And again at 80, where the game changes focus completely. Older servers now see the game throwing XP at you, forcing players to level. A lot of campers don’t like this and I suppose some have left the game. However, campers don’t tend to learn the PVE strategy that is needed as you mature in your toon because they are so adverse to taking xp — which you gain primarily through PVE pursuits.. Many ultimately hold themselves back by trying to hover in one place for a long time. Bottom line — you meet some great people and there are many games within the game that can keep you occupied. You can be tempted to spend like mad — and, if you have the means, go for it. But I can say from firsthand experience: you can build a decent toon through patience and hard work. And you can have a lot of fun in the process.

  16. been playing wartune almost 2 years lag is unbearable servers are dying due to gap between heavy cashers and medium one s in my opinion stay away from anything connected to r2 games once severs start to die they bring in new patches for heavy cashers only so be warned if you don’t got the cash don’t bother ps slow levelling sucks only good stuff drops from lvl 80 tasks so while u slow lvl they keep growing

  17. What a complete load of crap. This games sucks really hard and it just has nothing to offer. No graphics, no soundtrack (actually it has some music, but is complete shit), no storyline, no real quests. Everything it has to offer is a “no life” experience!

    • i thought the game was good for some time it was pretty easy well still is easy the only thing i didnt like would have to be the story and the fact that most of the time your just going to be on your own and the times you do play with people will be just to up you level or because they need help and will leave right after you might meet a few friends but not a lot of things to do as of co op (and i mean real friends not the 100+ people you have on your friends list you never talk to ) now the graphics i dont care about them if the game is good how it look should never get in the way of it yes its nice to see a game that looks like it was maybe by Picasso but its not a most have ( i did hate the sound track though thank god for mute ) the game was ok for the first day or two i played it but its not going to be fun unless your the kind of person who was no life and no sense of what a good game is or likes tossing money at your screen

  18. Still the most interesting game from this genre.Really worth to try.You will get a good hobby for a long time.But one thing you must to know.You will need money.For some stuff.And as higher the level,bigger money you will have to spend.Better to stop at lvl 55.Before you will get the sylphs.Before this,you’re getting a good interesting game,maybe slightly boring.Cuz of level camping.But right after you have reached the sylphs,game is over.Here comes huge investments.Of course you still can go on for free.But one element ( BG ) will be over for you.Very hard to be competitive there without investments.
    Apart from money,this game has secong big problem-the time.Get ready to spend big amounts of it.On such elemnts like guild battle,guild beast(new feauture)Atoll Boss.These events you must attend.
    And the third think i dislike,all my time here.Is parties.Hard to find,takes too much time to convince other players to help you,especially if you not so strong and really need a team for your runs.Which kinda annoying sometimes.
    But remember,this is a strategy,so why not to try various approaches,how to handle this all.Some events are just interesting and funny to do,even though you won’t get a lot of bennefits from it.Games were designed to play,don’t take it toooooooooo serious and all will be fine .

  19. This game is good if you know how to SLOW LEVING, increasing your Battle Rating without leveling, im a 67 Archer with 213k br, no money spend on this game, just a good computer

  20. This game is about as good as drinking my own urine. Everyone is so distracted by the F2P aspect they dont even include KEY GAME FACTORS. HOLY SHIT, is this game bad. The music is so glitched out, sounds horribly cheap. The gameplay feels like nails on a chalk board as well as the graphics. I love 2d games, but this game is so hard to look at and gives me a headache. Why anyone would even play past level 5 is beyond me. (They throw levels at you in the beginning) SO MUCH BETTER OUT THERE. Keep looking**

  21. I once played Wartune. Fun for a few days until I realized I would have to spend wads of cash into a laggy, repetitive, and mediocre 2D game. I check back periodically but nothing new ever happens. Always going to be a game of patience and money. Tedious and boring unless you have nothing better to do in life.

  22. wanna waste ur dollars??? then no need to go casino or a horse race club. JUST PLAY WARTUNE . U will soon sell ur house , become a bankrupt , start begging on roads…… good luck if u wanna try !!!

  23. A quick simple review from me would be to avoid this game at all costs! Save yourself the time, money and energy now before you waste months of your life here. I’ll explain below. Been playing this game for almost 3 years. I have a 550k Battle rated tune which is ranked 24th out of all servers and thousands of players. Must admit upfront I’m a heavy casher. Pros: Game is ridiculously fun and entertaining. Has every aspect of a browser game that you can imagine and puts it all in one place. I guarantee if you play this game you will like it and love it (at first!). As this game has progressed it has changed for the worse. Cons: As the game progress’s it has tons and I mean TONS of LAGGGGGG! It’s beyond annoying! At times you may have to refresh your browser every 10 minutes which complicates your game play. If you read forums nearly everyone complains of 2 things, The LAGGGGGGGG and lack of server mergers. Like any game folks leave for various reasons and the server depends on you grouping up to get your daily quests done and this makes it extremely difficult when there is nobody there to group with. Some servers are on the verge of dying and R2 games, Kabam, Kongregate and the others that support this game DO NOT listen to your concerns. They constantly update the game which is good but the focus is on you spending money. Make NO mistake about it this is a HEAVY CASHER GAME! Yes you can play for free and have relative fun doing so, but if you are competitive plan on spending $200-$500 per month YOU PAY TO WIN! Regardless, at the end of the day, you”ll find that your money has gone to waste because your server has nobody left in it and the LAGGGG is so bad you can’t even enjoy your gameplay. The reason why this game is not completely dead yet is folks have so much money tied up in it they don’t wanna walk away and hold on to the hope that maybe one day the server will merge. the lag will get better or someone responsible will take over their account so it doesn’t go to waste. When I first started playing there were maybe 4000-6000 players on our server and now it’s down to 100-200 who play at various times throughout the day, Trying to find groups to do your runs is almost nearly impossible now. If you must play, sign up on an older server get past level 10 and ask in world chat if anybody wants to quit so you can take over the account from them. You’ll save yourself a ton of cash that way and skip all the BS. You may even find someone that owns 2-4 accounts (it’s nearly impossible to play more than 1 account at a time) and may let you have one of his to have to improve the server gameplay. But please if you have any brains, Don’t start playing! Try something else.

  24. I played and cashed a lot but have finally quit due to R2 lack of customer support and total disregard for gamer community.

    R2 soul focus is getting you to cash for the game and almost all events are geared in this way, avoid at all costs.

    My knight is still top on server and has br over 450k but have quit

  25. i played this game for about 6 months. i spent maybe $800 in that time. i have played many online games, this is very addicting, for a while. then you look back and go wtf was i doing? i was ranked pretty high, til they merged servers. the lag was incredibly horrible. you can lvl slow, if you want to keep doing the same things day after day. the funnest part is the guild battles. if your not top ranked, you can expect to run, try to get to the enemies side, without being killed, over and over. its fun for the top 10% and you better be prepeared to spend alot to be up there..customer suport in non existent. its a cash grab, i will not play an r2 game ever again. yes i did try another r2, same thing

  26. OK, some of the stuff being claimed here is silly.

    I am a non-casher, and have recently started playing the game. Not a single cent spent. I have consistently been the top 10 in my class at the world boss events. Even made all of the rush events in the first week that did not include having to directly spend balens (even the BR one, albeit not 18k BR). Yes, in PvP arena, I will die horribly to hardcore cashers who have spent quite a bit on their toons. So what? They paid money for their advantages. I didn’t. I can live with that. What? You want to be as powerful as people who have paid real money without paying a single cent yourself? Really? Do you know how infantile you sound?

    Wartune is not a game where the cashers can completely destroy your gaming experience by using you as a farm, razing everything you have built for months on end in an instant, and basically hounding you out of the game. You moaners should try Travian or War2Glory or Grepolis or any of the other wargames. Then you’d know what “pay2win” REALLY means. Heck, most of the cashers that kill you in arena are not even in the same server as you, so you don’t even have to see them crowing about their “win”.

    I won’t deny there are problems with loudmouthed trashtalkers in the game (just like in any other MMO game). And Wartune does not have a mute button so that you never have to listen to their drivel. You just have to realise that those trashtalkers are there to milk you of your money. That is their JOB. They get you angry and buy stuff to beat them, and then they miraculously get more stuff to beat you, and the arms race continues. Some of them work for R2, you fools! And of the majority that don’t, why would R2 silence them? They are doing what R2 pay others to do. For free! Just leave your chat channel on your guild’s or party’s chat only and you never have to deal with them.

    The good parts of Wartune are the friendships you can build with people (usually in your guild because of the above channel selection thing), and no mechanic for being completely destroyed by cashers. As in 50 cities reduced to 1 kind of destroyed (and that only because they can’t take your last city), or from 6 million troops to zero kind of destroyed.

    Play the game and be realistic and you will enjoy it. Play the game and wanting everything for free and you will hate it.

    • too true. you can either spend money to go up a bit faster or by just logging in consecutively for free. time is money to some people. I have spent 20 bucks as if I was ‘buying the game’ and so far have not been let down. so much random stuff to do and easy to get exp. just have fun with the game. stop bitching about spenders and try to outsmart them with PATIENCE!!!

    • This is a pure pay2win game. If you dont see it your are just blind. 90% of the mounts are for cash only, lvl up clothes and wings are for cash only past lvl 3 not to talk about sylph! A game that has events called “Big Spender” says it all, peace mate.

  27. Haven had so much fun with a browser game in ages, and as a non-casher I can get weeks of play without feeling inferior to those who chose to spend. There are many different aspects of PvP and PvE combat, utilising different combinations of equipment, skills, and astrals (a different form of skill) that enable weaker players to play above their level. This game favour the thinking man/woman. There are faults – the multiplayer arena suffers serious mismatches far too often; and the battlegrounds are level based rather than Battle Rating so campers who build up but don’t level up can have a ‘field day’. Although you have limited controls of the skills during combat it never feels like you are just ‘along for ride’ certainly no worse than many DVD based games I’ve played. There are just 3 classes (one more would really be interesting) that are surprisingly different and are very ‘personality based’ – I mainly play knight and get a strong sense of drawing a line in the dirt and saying ‘you shall not pass’. Many of the criticisms of ‘they only want your money’ and ;lagging is killing the game’ are childish – of course they want your money, they are not a charity. Find me a browser based game without lagging issues and ill give it a go. Play the game picking a character that fits your personality, don’t be too quick to spend Balens (money) or use items, get in a strong guild, and you will have fun.

  28. I love how this game was advertised as a “men’s only adult game” with the whole “don’t let your girlfriend catch you playing this” and talks about how hot the in-game women are, so out of curiosity i went to have a look at this game myself and wow… i haven’t laughed hard in ages, they advertise the game as if it’s a adult male only game yet it’s the shittest game i’ve ever seen.

  29. this game is very good, im level 38 and still getting exp with out spending money…
    the only flaw in this game is everything is way to EXPENSIVE, it cost 40 dollars to get 4000 balens?

  30. this game is very good, im level 38 and still getting exp with out spending money…
    the only flaw in this game is everything is way to EXPENSIVE, it cost 40 dollars to get 4000 balens?

  31. Definatly the worst game I have ever played, too many events to do in one day to stay competative, and forget #1 unless you blow more dough than the pope. A game for bullies and trolls. I genuinly wish I had never tried it. lost sleep on 10-12 hour days grinding out all the daily activities for small gains. dont be fooled this game really stars at lvl 40 the litteraly give you the first 39 lvls and your hooked. after that its a daily grind for the tiny bits to forge the gear you now need to be worth anything. without cashing or getting help from a casher you can expect to finnish you new gear right about the time you need to upgrade again. welcome my friends to the game of never enough. If you absolutley must play this game, try to get on a spankin new server. my advice… stay as far away from it any any other r2 game you find. the game is full of bugs needs constant tune ups lags worse than any game i’ve ever played. is populated by A$$#0!#$ wastes your time your money your life and will likely be the most frustrating gaming expirience you have ever had. provided vyou can survive the stroke it may cause you.

  32. I played this game for about a month and a half, it was addicting to say the least…

    3 things you should consider before playing this game:
    1. In-game activities are on a schedule spanning over 12 hours per day. If you have a job you might lose focus on it. I played instead of working.
    2. I played on a US server despite living in europe. This meant that the activities happen on odd times. I spent the whole evenings on this game rather than on activities with my family.
    3. This game could possibly be the most expensive game ever created. Precisely all elements in the game have some features that requires that you spend real money. There is no limit to how much money you need to fork out in order to be on top. I spent around 250 USD during my 6-7 weeks of playing and i was careful not to spend too much. I stopped playing at level 53 – before it gets really expensive to keep up.

    I really advice against playing this game – it is simply not worth it. You do absolutely not get value for the money that you put in. I could have bought 5 real games for the money that i spent on a low effort flash game with legendary lag issues.

  33. this game is so good, i loved game play, but it got one major problem, its the biggest money sucker, played it for 3months, then left it.. okay
    in game you got wings,clothing, powerful mounts, sokecting rod,higher gems, powerful weapon shards, vip , these are some of the most important thing you need to stay even in top 100, they all cost money. wings alone cost 3k $ for max upgrade, i saw many players who spend upto 30k$ in game, you play this game only if you got.. 5$ to spare on it, then you won’t be raped by rich players every where, unless this game is not for you, if you don’t like getting ass kicked every day.

  34. this game make me much mad and waste so much time + so much spend money and still so weak and yeah why they dont make just vip to do everything like was in runescape buy vip costed only 8 euro in here cost more then 8 euro but still those games same problem lagg like hell and you guys think this is friendly ppl there no you wrong guz if they are friendly then why they dont help ,played this wartune over year ,want to quit 2015 guz much more and better is waste time in real life where something you can do to right ,what xmas event is this where you need buy there balens and spend them and they dont understand what happend when ppl isnt so much rich to spend money on this sitt game:d

    • There should be a button to click that says something to the effect of “click if you are have problems loading”. Click it and it might help.I stopped playing because it became too expensive to keep up and EVERYONE is constantly getting kicked due to bugs in the system, in my server anyway. r2 would do nothing to fix these problems and if you put in a ticket they blame your system, even if you have a high end gaming machine like me, and don’t acknowledge that it is happening to everyone at high traffic times in the game

  35. This game is So shitty, the servers are horrible. And your play time is limited, unless you make other characters, you are pretty much forced to Buy/Craft a new armor set every 10 levels

  36. Games alot like life, free to play players usually dont get to top due to the fact they cant lv there gear and mounts etc as fast as balen or cash players do, therefore cash players have n advantage, life is similar if your a bumb under a bridge sleeping in a box well u dont get much due to the fact u have no money…… if your an educated person making money then you can do more things / get mor things in life you want as for a bumb cant, So basically the more balens u spend the better the game will be for you, its not meant to be fair after all nothin is totally free. R2 games has to Make money some way, yes lil over pricey on there items but hey, if you dont like it dont play!

  37. Unless you are willing to spend a lot of money don’t play this game. I see people saying that they are lvl 40something with a 20k br but this isn’t good in this game. I stopped with a lvl 58 knight with a 50k + Br. Here is what I had to do to get there. $7.99 for VIP a month. $19.95×2 and a luck charm $3.95 for lvl 2 wings. 3 articles of clothing $3.95 eachx2 for lvl 2 plus a luck charm for each. $19.95 for each mount except the crappy ones it gives you to start and the panda for VIP. To lvl your stables you need several mounts and the free ones you work for take forever. Magic boxes to get decent sylphs I had to buy 1000 to get 3 Apollo’s cuz its a random drop and you get mostly crap for the rest of your drops, so around $40. $1.87 for each socketing rod and you have to buy lots cuz each new set of armor has to be socketed there are 3 slots and it gives you one for free in each piece. After lvl 50 your have to do endless runs through the Garden of Death multiplayer dungeon to upgrade your lvl50 armor to legend cuz you need 1000 Crystoids and 1000 stones to upgrade, 5 keys equals about 20 loids and stones so you can see it takes forever to get that armor upgraded. The game is good about giving free in game gold but you cant really buy stuff with it and except luck stones for enchanting armor pieces, potions which increase your battle rating for an hour and astrals. I spent over 30 mil of the in game gold on Astral and got 3 random drop red (the best) and was able to buy two more red with star points which you get from buying astrals. Also you have to buy crypt keys for catacombs and skeleton keys for dungeons but I didn’t keep track of how much I spent on those. After all of that I could only get to #17 in Solo arena, in my server, which was not one of the tops ones, because there were people who had spent thousands of $$$ to get lvl 3 or 4 wings and clothes and bought every mount that came along. It is impossible to beat those guys without spending as much as they do and once you reach lvl 50 they attack you constantly cuz there are so few people in a given server who is at that lvl. If you want to spend hundreds or thousands to be the best then this is the game for you. If you want to play for a couple of weeks until you get big enough to be noticed by the big boys its fun until then but after you get noticed by the big money players it loses all the fun. You also get the added bonus of no customer service. If you have a problem with the game don’t expect R2 to ever fix it or make it right. There are also game hackers who use hacks to get gold and balens (what pay players use to buy things) so you are at a disadvantage to them as well as the big money players. Its fun for a while but it just becomes a big pain.

  38. Wartune adventure is fast becoming a dying game, the exploiters are only interested in “Makiing money”, issues of “bugs and daily lag issues” are NOT being corrected, thier formule is and will always be “There are enough idiots that will pay too much to stay on top”, until those fools discover how much MONEY they have lost on the game, it is NOT an investment and you get NO refunds. NON-CASH players will never , ever become number 1 player, will NEVER win in class wars and will eventually leave the game, just like the foolish CASHERS that have spent way too much money on this game which has too many issues not being corrected. Ter info, there are in excess of 3837 servers, when wartune was introduced it had a “game rating of 9+, today it has a game rating on some games forums of 4-, I would however have to say since the introduction of class wars, tanks (battering rams and catapults I could imagine, But tanks in an ancient city ?), and patch 2.1, I would NOT rate this game higher than – 10( read it good), it is a total waste of time and any or all money spent on the game. The exploiters of this game are ONLY interested in making MONEY, YOUR money, as tha saying goes ” a fool and his/her money are soon parted, YOU will NOT get any refunds ! BY all means try the game and find out for yourselves, you will keep this “note” in your thought’s and make your own evaluation. Be good all and have fun playing a “worthy game” !

  39. OK.. This game is by far one of the most addicting game i’ve played.. and also one of the best browser games. and no, you dont have to be a casher to play or be strong in the game. im a lv 59 archer with a 60k BR. The highest in my server for my lvl that is. But to me its still low :S All you need is to take your time and dont go speed lvling up to higher lvls. Go slow. I’ve been playing this game for around 7 months and been lvl 59 for a month or so and not planning to lvl up anytime soon. (Lots of players who were lower lvl than me previously, have passed me in lvl lol) True you wont be able to buy clothings without balens/bound balens, but you can still get them through events and such. As for wings, if you really want it, then just keep on saving your bound balens, or wait till the next wings reward event, like the “September Hall of Fame”.
    Yes you wont stand a chance to those heavy cashers, but you can still be on par with the light-medium cashers in your lvl bracket. And go for being strongest for your lvl bracket, not strongest in the server/cross server. Cuz those are the realm of the heavy cashers who spent thousands and thousands of dollars.. Yes, there are people who spend that much in the game.

    • After players request from the forum due to its demand, 1st boss bloodfang had returned
      but also during this request and demands from the main r2 forum ragnoch was removed
      then brought back but not sure cause since patch the screen says his name as nxt boss event but when its time is at exact its no where to be found or not showed up, now the 3rd and final boss during he forum they removed it from our server but then bring it back so confusing about r2’s game creator’s they removed a important character then due to players demand there goes the returning npc characters. Since 2 weeks of playing this new patch I still cant meditate my sylph and there’s this arena where you just watch them go head to head to other sylph but my friend from S1 was curious its state a maximum of 3 sylph for the sylph arena he had 3 all the same level of 55 to 56 but he can only use 1 whenever he activates it so its not easy for him and his sylph to win during the said event. Also since 2.1 during my previous ticket sending from them they now compensate player who got lag good thing I copy paste their question for me to remember it :

      Hello Law (me),

      Thank you for contacting us. Kindly provide us the following information so that we may assist you with your concern,

      1. IP address
      2. Character name
      3. Server name
      4. Map or Event that have lag

      , nah but still I’m missing some of that rewards from those events -,-, I give them a critic score 4 out of 10 or atleast 6 out of 10, I wonder you all fellow players what’s your score to them ? who knows this is my opinion.

  40. I think this is a really good game, yes it may take time before you start competing with the higher level players, all I can say is patience is a wonderful thing if you don’t let the game rule your life. There is an old saying and it does apply to this game as it does in life, “everything comes to those that waits” eventually. Good luck and happy playing gamers.

    • Yes after playing thew patch , I can say two information data I gathered 1. The removing of vouchers on the game and is exchange to bound balens what good to it now cause vouchers are gone at 1st I-m unable to use d bound balens,after refreshing I managed to buy a clothing and its a long hair with a crown as its logo stated gives my character a 5 rage points whenever I play,clothing really is something for your characters xtra bonus, I love the bound balens they gave us 4 new patch,But what wrong to it b4 d new patch I have 14 k vouchers, after d new patch is here they change my 14 k vouchers to 796 balens ?, come on can they just give a credit atleast, how many vouchers they took from me ,should be at least the same amount of balens they must give me but no ! ! !, if only they gave me d same exact amount of balens , I could already bought the angel wings and some clothing and weapons so I could atleast upgrade the status of my character.2. After what I read on the forum about gossip of bloodfang being removed
      well after looking the game yes , bloodfang was really gone on the game its kind of disappointing
      cause during bloodfang us worldboss its the only time many of us on our server is active to play during WB, now it not easy for many of us cause we can’t participate on other WB time -_- , also its not easy to get bound balens in the new patch, R2’s system must fix guild blessing for in the wheel list bound balens name is still vouchers from the old patch. There are so many other bugs to say on this new patch . . . . . . .

    • the games new patch 2.1 will be today’s November 6 , 2013 us stated by my old ally on server 1 he said that most of the new add npc of the games is like base on r2’s other games like lunaria or E.S where you’ll have this so called sylph but by this time maybe by night time during 10 p.m the said new patch will be now working . . . . .

  41. basically there is a small window when a new server open, you have until then to gather as many exp as you can, whoever get the highest level within the first one or two day a server open remain the strongest and there is no way to catch up with them.

    Once you hit mid-40 ish level it will be very slow for you to upgrade anything, the building cool down at level 26 takes an hour to complete while vip get free cool down, the soul crystal takes forever to gather through mp dungeon but if youre a vip you get free soul crystal in the vip package. you cant be as strong as cash payer player because even their VIP feature say so, that they’ll give you free loot to increase your character strength. Trust me I paid for vip once and it was a big mistake

    if you have any sort of problem good luck at that, you file a so call ticket and never heard from them again, you can read about this issue on many, many forum that they have

  42. This game has a lot of good points to it. Love the turn base fighting. Its fun. Lots of freebie stuff, easy to gain vouchers to be used for raising farm levels, or to do better in the world boss. I have a lvl 50, and the game was easy to learn. People are also pretty friendly.

    Problems I have with the game. After a certain time of playing it gets to be too repetitive. Making sure you are logged in during the events is a pain as well. As someone said, if you have a life, this game isn’t really for you. Best way to get ahead is being able to make all the events. If you can’t do that, then this game isn’t for you.

    Yes, people can spend in this game to get ahead, but once you reach higher levels, you end up being just as strong as them…so to me, it doesn’t really matter if you cash or not. There’s some added benefits if you become VIP, which is pretty cheap..so that’s an added benefit to the game.
    The support team is VERY poor. I have heard a lot of horror stories with the support.

    Overall, if you have a lot of time to spend on the game, this is a great game to try out. Just be aware that it does get repetitive.

  43. It is a cool game, but you can never be stronger than cashers, but still you can make yourself as strong as them if you know how to play it well, for those who complain about this game so early, try it now when players only have 1 attempt in mpd

  44. there is nothing positive about the game, when it comes to support. i have been researching the ins and outs of the game its a hackable game that people steal the contents that others pay for, and leaves the ones paying for the game helpless when it comes to support, they have consistently refused to help a legit customer for legit issues they close tickets, and use canned responses and refuses to answer legal questions. CORP MONGERS is r2 games when it comes to their services all about money screw the consumer for all its worth.

  45. if any of you have noticed, the good comments on this game conain very poor engrish. leading me to suspect some of the moderators, including one of the gms has actually been coming on here trying to justify all the problems with the game lol

  46. Played Wartune for a few hours a month or two back. Had no desire to participate further. Why?

    The game’s content (graphics, audio, etc) is for the most part ripped from other games. Wartune was developed in China where copyrights apparently do not exist or are otherwise not a concern. They may have a decent game going mechanics-wise, but I wouldn’t support such blatant IP theft/recycle. No way do they have licenses to all of the content, such as music from several JRPG titles from companies like Square(soft/-Enix). If you find the game looking nice, that’s because other companies put effort and resources to that stuff. Not the company who developed Wartune.

    And even if they had licenses to the content, what does the lack of unique content and creativity in Wartune tell about the company itself.

  47. its’ fun game and very hard game same time cause some of equipments you have to pay much and try much to reach them. i am level 45 but i cant buy anything from Arena shop with the same level ,we must to play very hard to reach the title that be able to buy them 🙁

  48. its’ fun game and very hard game same time cause some of equipments you have to pay much and try much to reach them. i am level 45 but i cant buy anything from Arena shop with the same level ,we must to play hard to reach the title that be able to buy them 🙁

  49. i jst joined this game today and it came something like maintenance is goin on soi dont know anythin bout this game and when i saw the comments here i ‘m kinda confused cause some ppl are telling that this game is horrible and some are tellin its awsome well if we hv to pay then its horrible
    or still we hv to pay but we can hv loads of fun then its kinda gud but pls someoe give me an advise i m verrryyyy confused

  50. Great Game but a lot of LAG issues and Bugs that I feel should be worked on but when running Smoothly It’s an Awesome Game and fun to Play!!

  51. I played this game since it came out for open beta… Game was hell fun best ive played in years… now a few months down the line MONEY MONEY MONEY the logo of this dumb game now is “Most free to play gamve ive ever done” Im lvl 68 with a 47,775k BR great right S1 and all im rnaked by some wanna be noobs who pay 1,000$’s on a dumb free to play video game making this the worst free to play game ive ever played!!!!….. Like billy said the new tnak system WHEN WERE TNAKS MADE IN THE MEDEVIL ERA U DUMBY.. ASlo I didn’t know in midevil era’s there were binkins and frekin surfbaords!?!?!?! This game is the worst game youll ever play in your hole life!!!!!!! don’t waste your life,your money or your time on this trash of a game!!!!!! Wartunes is the DEF of gready little game makers and should be shut down!!!!!! I HATE WARTUNES!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Game became stupid. The Tank Battle Update completely changed gameplay, making the game stupid. It was fun for awhile, if not a little boring, and expensive. Unless you spend hundreds, you can’t be any where near the top 50%, leaving you to get beat up on constantly. Now with the action, shooter based Tank Battles, you have to like mid 80’s atari gameplay to enjoy the game. I payed to play a fantasy mmporg and it’s turned into an action shooter. Lame

  53. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME MONEY OR ENERGY Let me tell you all this game is totally a ripoff they get you to spend tons of cash on items that do nothing to improve the stats game etc they just come up with faster ways to get your money and have recently begun to use false advertisement and bait and switch tactics they knowingly and purposefully deceive their players in order to make more profit the way this company operates they will be out of business due to a lack of trust that is slowly developing between gamer and game developer.

  54. this game is fun. bt when the last update came. i so difficult to compete.. you need to spend money to buys some thing to increase your stat.

    i havent spend any penny in this game.

    im lvl 61 now.. playing for almost 3-4months now.

  55. Matching in PVPx3 arena is very poor. I increase my stats as frequently as I can, but it seems to no avail. when playing with ppl my lvl, or 1 or 2 lvls higher, I still get the crap beat out of me. Went two weeks playing evry day and won only about 5 sets. It seems that the computer looks at lvl 65 +, and ignores lower levels. To wn battles ,onemust be at least lvl 65, and have exceptional astrals and stats to overcome the computer generated PvP team.

  56. U rlly must try this game!!!
    Graphics are nice, very friendly people, lots of events and much more!
    I am playing this game for month and I am happy that i found it accidently.

  57. good game bad loading dynamics => one day when you have done sufficient reloads – you gotta throw in the towel

  58. I am a level 52 player with a BR of 26.5 k..havent yet recharged…it is a good game but they should include more events so that you can achieve mounts and wings and cloathes..they should reduce the daily tasks too

  59. I’ve been playing this game for about 2 weeks now. I’m currently at lvl 44 and seem to always find time to play. I haven’t spent a single penny on the game and I’m doing fine. You just have to know what you’re doing in the game…like any other. Plus I have a full time job, a girlfriend and a child and easily manage time with them and this game.

    I’d definitely recommend this game as I love it and it’s better than 99.99% of the other crap online games out there.

  60. Well if u purchase something on wartune and do not receive it, well forget contacting support. They give u an automated message and then just ignore you. They do not fix anything when there is a problem. Also, if u want to be a top player then u have to spend $1000’s of dollors. I kid u not. They set it up to where u try to upgrade something and it fails. Like the wings, u can spend $200 for wings lvl 3 and only 200 br increase for your money. But the bad part is they set u up to fail. Then say sorry. They care nothing and I mean nothing about the player. They are only after big bucks and they do not care if u get nothing for spending $100 or not. They just laugh at u and say sorry. Wish I had stumbled upon another game instead of this one. Its a great game if they would do away with the support team they have now and get a good one. Seriously they are killing the game. But then again they just open another server and say who cares.

  61. Im up to lvl 60 Archer now, without spending a dime on the game. Of course paying ppl get advantages, but there’s nothing they can do that you cannot do with a little more work.

    All in all, the best free browser game I have ever played.

  62. well i have been playing and i am lv 48 and had bno problems fighting other players you need to sit back a little and grow before you lv up that way you can match up with other players without spending money but it does help opnly problem i have is the lag in the game that kills me

  63. this game is fun, yes. but as non-casher u r fked. im lvl68 with only 49k br and i have spend “only” ~500€. btw, wartune is the most expensive browsergame ive ever played ^^ … and i know ppl, who allready spend thousends of €€.

    ofc u can play for free, but u cant spend that much time to catch cashers or be atleast able to beat them – as usual. mostly, non-cashers are canonfodder and needed to make cashers feel strong. thats the way of pay2win-games. guess we all knew this 😉

  64. Well I am level 47 with 30.000k BRITISH fully no cash user but with an insane build.
    I am the most Feared Knight across arena-party 30>49 so yeah soon Patch 1.5 coming out with cross server BG 40-49 so dodge me if you see me:D. 33kbr if I get all hgih level pots on.
    Also Iam doing ‘Get free balensA’ offers each day and I want 1995 balens so I can get wings…currently have 280…
    So type support me to get my wings if u don’tbelieve my insane building check my account on S1.
    Server: S1 Temple of Ibalize
    Guild: RENEGADES

  65. it is no longer cool when you are at a higher level cause it is by then you will feel the difference of “balenors” or cash players vs. non-cash.

    and yeah, if you want your life wasted, go play this, you’ll get old and stinky cause you stick to the computer too much for this. LOL.

    if you check r2 games besides wartune, you will know that it almost has the same sytem/gameplay as all their game is.

    if you want a life controlled by a game, do this :p

    • This is completely true. My kids father …his whole life was revolved around this game. It almost ended r. 12 year relationship and almost lost his family. He even emotionally was involved w a whore on there like he built another life. Never wanted to play with our twin sons never spend time with me. Just awful. I hate this game. He didn’t realize it then but now does.

  66. I started to play this game bc all my monsters in back yard monsters were dead lol.. 1st hour I got hook I couldn’t stop playing really well made I love the idea of this game it’s super fun I like everything about this game I hit 33 within a week or so.. I got my uncle into playing aswell he fell in love with the game… One of the best or the best FB game I think u can play I’m on realm 32 my name is watt add me and I will help your farm lol

  67. This is a very good game with lots of dept and mountains of stuff to do on a daily basis. If you have endless hours of free time to spend on a daily basis this game will give you hours and hours of events and daily activities to keep you busy all day long..or night…i have played on 5 different wartune servers and have several 50+ characters. I’ve played as both a free player and vip so i have experience as both and i can say that vip members do get huge advantages in the game but a devoted free player that can find a great guild and do 100% of the daily events every day can compete with average vip players. I was a top player as a free player and i was a top player as a vip on 2 different servers so it is achievable once you have the time to dedicate and with some luck at getting good drops from dungeons and WB hits..

  68. best browser games i ever played with.. even if u dnt pay or top up u still have a chance to be strong.. but if u want to be strong fast u really need to top up..^^ but over all.. its the best.. no wonder its number one.. lots of things to do.. u dnt get bored.. it may seem a little boring at levels 10 below but once u reached 11 and have that castle of yours ull definitely love it.. no to mention when u get ur own farm..^^ choose warrior..^^

  69. If you can choose don’t play R2Games, wartune is a nice game but R2games server is the worst server i see.
    many hacker players, hack gold , astrals, Farms.
    Customer service really bad, can say the worst i see.
    Me as a casher player, buy event 1st payment promo pack at 1st day, they didnt deliver me the freebies, then i send them ticketss (8 in count), until now more then 1 week, they just reply me under investigates, wait 24 hours. still didn’t deliver my pack to me.
    you can see they can up new server every week but can’t even solve my problem.
    So remember as a casher player think again before you play R2Games.

    • i had problem with no items delivered but try changing your IE I went from Opera to normal internet explorer and there they where all sat waiting for me

  70. yeah GH is right, we’re still young and besides I’m a night time person, sleep within the day and play this all night till morning!!

    I’m level 75 Archer on Kabam server 1 US-WEST
    GH is level 99 on US-East Europe server 1 and 2.

    We’re no G.M’s of this game only the other games which are important, old and cost alot.. Example: W.o.W, iRO, Aion, and few other we don’t recommend saying!!

    • it is no longer cool when you are at a higher level cause it is by then you will feel the difference of “balenors” or cash players vs. non-cash.

      and yeah, if you want your life wasted, go play this, you’ll get old and stinky cause you stick to the computer too much for this. LOL.

      if you check r2 games besides wartune, you will know that it almost has the same sytem/gameplay as all their game is.

      if you want a life controlled by a game, do this 😛

      • The game right now just have its ver. 2.1 patch and will be having a new back up characters the sylph where u can select from hades,pan,apollo & isis and the sky city area is the newest place but yes its true you got your point when it comes to the rivalry and difference between spending cashers vs non-casher’s its annoying being bullied by players who spent money to buy special items to take down the weak and can not afford to buy the non casher players, also even if you report this spending players due of breaking r2’s T.O.S on the game by showing their uncivilized behaviour to us weak players and snapshot them of their deeds d support can’t ban most of them for their are spenders of this game. . . .

  71. all bunch of noobs, the game is excellent.. Ain’t got no problems or flaws @ all.. y’all have a point with the “having a life” issue.. but if you’re young then I advise you to stay on the game. life comes and goes (life is what you make it) [A Game is a Game, doesn’t matter how many hours you put into it to be the top 1 – 10] If you love the game, then play it till your hearts content (desires)

    • hah go kill yourself and see if the lifes comes on pal…..do smth else useful rather than sittin 24/7 on that thing that has no benifit beside entertainment…..lol

  72. What they need to do is get rid of that stamina its a annoying thing that example u get lik 140 a day and campaign takes 20 of the stamina thats crazy y not 5 stamina instead of 20 u cant really do much everything is limited til the next day which sucks but overall its a pretty good game

  73. The game becomes unplayable, for me after 5 days,, as you cannot recruit troops. Upgrade your cottages comes up. I upgraded 3 times, still unable to recruit,with the same message. Spending money would make no difference asyou need troops to get experince to upgradebuildings.I’m just gladI didn’t pay to be a VIP. Customer service is nonexistent.Rewardsfor quests are not delivered. Truely awful game.

    • If you’re having this problem, you need to make sure you don’t have a bunch of other troops in the mix. If you’ve got a bunch of troops from the cards that give you like 500 “level 25 wargs” or something like that, you’re taking up all your space in troops you don’t need. Click on the “troops” icon in the bottom of your screen and disband (hit the X) everyone but the one you’re using right then. You don’t need the others until you upgrade

  74. verry good game, with events starting at 11am PDT and running untill 10Pm pdt there is alot to do, world boss is now 3x a day with 2 areana’s nad 2 newer feature called battle grounds, the game seems to be making good progress, i play 3-4 hours a day and i am enebled to bounce around the top 40; i would suggest this game to any person willing to try new things. They are currently working on a moderator system to get more in game support on the floor, and to help catch the hackers, where do i get my info you ask? im a MOD of server 6, basicly a mini G.M. that passes data to the HQ to be dealt with accordingly, if ure a hard core gaer this game offer hours of things to do not to mention as Alit said catacombs and Farming as well as the Mutliplayer dungeons, and single player campaing,your first day may end up limitd but by the timre you are level 30 you will be lucky to finish every task. =D

  75. Not a bad game. I really really liked the game ALOT. But unfortunately I have slow internet connection [below 1 MB] so I lag SO SO MUCH in the game. and as Sir David said, there are a lot of events. Maybe 1 / day would be awesome. You have 2 choices. Either have a life or be the top 10. Also they need to deal with the hackers.

  76. This game is very good however, they have wayyyyyyy tooooooo manyyyyyyy events that you must do throughout the day. If you want to be on-top, this game requires you to be log in at least 12-hours/day.

    1. World boss > 2x / day
    2. Group arena > 2x / day (1 hour long)
    3. Battleground > 1x / day (1 hour long)
    4. Multi-dungeons > You can run 5x / day (usually 15 minutes each)
    5. Catacombs
    6. Farming …
    7. more….

    I’ve decided to quit the game since I can’t keep up with it anymore (losing sleeps..and not focusing my work lol). It would be great if they can limit the number of events down to like 1x or 2x a week so we could have a life. I was #1 on my server but have to give my account to someone else.

    • Totally agree, if you strive to be good and cope with other players you need to do all events every day. Played it for like a month and quit because found myselfs playing all day lol.
      Now things are changed a bit but still ton of events which consumes a lot of time ;
      -World boss x 3 per day
      (On new server goes fast, later boss gets more hp and takes like 20-25 min so its an hour for bosses.)

      – Catacombs
      (Streaking till max lvl you reached then 2 tries to get 1-2 levels more ahead, depends on lvl it takes like 30 mins at lvl 40)

      – Solo instances/Campaign
      ( Again depends on player level, higher level it takes more time, lets take common scenario, you blitz some and do 1 new and it will take you like 1 hour)

      – Group arena
      (Once per day, takes like 30-60 minutes, depends on players in your group, will they leave if you are loosing a lot etc)

      – Battlegrounds
      ( 2 times per day, each for like 25 mins)

      – Multi dungeons
      ( 3x per day, depend on player level, lower dungeons are faster but as you progress it takes more and more time even in good group so it takes like 20-25 mins per run)

      – Guild Tree/ Guild war
      ( Every day you go in guild chamber and spent like 20 mins there plus 3 times per week guild war which takes additional 40-60 mins)

      – Tanks
      (They added tanks like new feature in game, you can play it every day once, takes like 20 mins)

      In between all that stuff you are plundering on wild map, doing bounty quests, farming….)

      Anyway, good game but taking way too much of your time.

  77. Starts off great, but once you are in it for a while, the exp dries up pretty bad. I made it to lvl 32 and the only campaign quest it gave me was for lvl 34. It took way too long to reach that level cause there was nothing to do. After you get 5 mutliplayer dungeons a day you stop getting experience.

        • I am level 68 with max holy seal (basically something that keeps you at the same level for a long time), i’ve been playing this game for over 4 months with 84k battle rating but I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone.
          Don’t play this game, it sucks your time and money like no other. You aren’t a strong player at all unless you use cash to buy the in game things.
          I don’t recommend it. I have also quit just incase you are wondering why I am saying don’t play if I played so long. I just didn’t realized how much money I wasted on this game, I could have done a lot of other things with that money :(.
          You could call me and idiot and just play but you aren’t competitive at all in battles if you haven’t paid a lot of money to get things.

          • Well, as for you being a casher… thats the main problem, many of you quit too soon, buff up fast, and then what? And then get bored :P, Im having a camp character on 44(40k br, go try if you think its easy) for 4 months now, pretty much satisfied with the result, can beat any average casher`s hide, unless they are also lvl campers, then it gets tough. Thats what it means being competitive, not about willing to use money on some pixels. Cheers^^

          • hey i agree. this is a great game if u have no life and wanna spend at least 20-100 dollers a month to be in top 10/30.
            ive been guildleader in the best guild on the server i played. and to stay on top u need ALOT of time and i mean ALOT. I played for almost ½ year and when servers merge u get pushed down by the BIG $ spenders. we merged with a server with a guy that had double the battle rating of the strongest on our server. he used more then 500$ a month.

    • this is my 5th character, and i have had three over lvl 50, and am lvl 61 now. i must admit, this player i have spent 19.99 for a set of wings to boost stats. Thats all i could afford do quest, bounty boards, forbidden caverns, all to gain exp and join guild and 15 mins per day you get free exp for showing up and talking to friends ya make on the game.

  78. This game is pretty cool overall, and you can do a lot in it for free. There are paying features of course, but I managed to get to level 23 or so with not a dime spent. Then my character mysteriously disappeared and when I asked support about it, they gave me the runaround. For this reason, I do NOT recommend this game.

    • The biggest problem with this game is- STAMINA. If they integrated free refills at level up- it will be worth it. You guys say ‘you guys have no problem with that?’ STFU you lie! Try leveling as ftp with the fact that you get NO REWARDS for dungeons etc LOOMING over your head. Furthermore, you get ONE attempt daily at group dungeon 20-29… if at all you so lag out during this daily, it screws you from it all, instead of resets.
      If someone wants to farm their arses off- let em. Its a game. Some competitors NEED to have overpowered gear to have fun or hell, they wont play at all lol.
      Lastly, too much lame HTML- WAY TOO MUCH. And you cant run from it in settings.
      I recommend that, if you do choose to play this game, you shoot yerself in the foot so you have an excuse to sit at home all day to play a flash game over a real MMO like WoW or DDO or LOTRO.
      Fuque lv 47 Archer Emerald Falls (parked)


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