Fiesta Online

Fiesta Online is a free to play 3D cartoon style MMORPG with simple gameplay, cell-shaded graphics, regular updates, and now with a browser version.

The game combines easy to learn controls with the accustomed depth of an online role-playing game, which makes it suitable for beginners and experienced players alike. Players explore a carefully crafted fantasy world with their friends and solve epic kingdom quests.

After going through the character customization you have to choose your player’s clan from the given four classes: Fighter, Cleric, Mage or Archer. After that you have to choose the gender of the character.

One thing that you do not find in any other free MMORPG is the friendship system. If you help your friend in defeating the enemy you will gain experience as well as your friend and the enemy will be defeated easily too.

Fiesta Online also features Guild Support, Crafting and Trading System, Housing System, Pet System, Marriage system and much more. The game has a lot to offer.

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Fiesta Online

Onson Soft
gamigo AG
Release Date
February 01, 2008
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Latest Updates

There's a new Christmas-themed dungeon too, as well as a special quest.

2 months ago

Explore a new map and try out the new Elemental mechanic.

3 months ago

Go Fiesta, it's your birthday, we gonna party like it's your birthday.

6 months ago

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8




4 GB available space


Pentium 4 – 1.6 GHz


NVidia GeForce MX

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (91)

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yaseeda 1 year ago
Being one of oldest veterans and guild leaders of game, since 2008, I can tell alot about this game, but lets make it short.

Decent game, but it went downhill after scamigo bought it (yes thats how community actually calls gamigo).
Incompetent developers, completly unbalanced cash store, lack of events, GMs who dont know game at all and just ban people who dare to provide feedback they dislike.

This video was posted earlier at youtube, for any attempt to post at their forum Gamigo team bans users and deletes link.

Their design department lead by Kobal/Fancypants also scammed playerbase few years ago by announcing designer event which required investment of 400 dollars per player and then canceled it without providing refund of real money.

You can find more data on gamigo at my site, just pm me, because apparently their company is trying to make this review banned/deleted by spam reporting it.

Might as well check Glassdoor review of them:

"Work for desperates".
"Lack of short and mid term goals, no real management".
From what i have seen, seems to be true.

Edit: Another video emerged, which explains Gamigo's business model of milking money and closing games, recommend watching:

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dolbayob 1 year ago
This game is so f** good I can't begin to explain, the gamigo team is so caring and listens to their community, the economy is very healthy in the game and there definitely was not a gem dupe that ruined the prices! The game itself is also very fun because of the team, they constantly release new content and they fix bugs extremely fast! The gamigo fiesta team is the most competent by far!

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atonment 1 year ago
140 cap now. They changed all reps, no money for em but super easy to lvl to cap now. Can do it f2p honestly, I do. But gamebase IS dead. Only same people one with multiple accounts

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Shane 5 years ago
The game is finished, Gamigo just trying to squeeze every last cent of it before it totally shuts down.
Before Gamigo took it over, we had 6 servers. on the US alone. then their were others world wide. Now they are ALL dead bar 1 server on the US site. Isya.
The game is full of bugs and glitches, problems galore and yet they persist in dealing with it by saying. We are trying to fix the issue,
Character balance is non existant. They have no idea how to even it up.
All they do is introduce new weapons and gears that need a LOT of money spent to enhance them. THEN they have the cheek to BIND it all.
SO you not only pay a fortune to enhance all the crap. You then have to pay to be able to sell it or put it on another char you have,
The game is a total joke. a farce.
Need a game? KEEP LOOKING!!!

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Oldie (: 6 years ago
Ahh, of course this game is nice! Though, there are downfalls to it. There are 6 classes, though 1 is unlocked when you reach lv. 60. (Clerics most usually heavily depend upon other classes when leveling, ngl. It's annoying.)
I honestly don't recommend playing the game if it's your first time, though. It's easy to get to lv 60, maybe 70 or 80, but once you hit 80 and you don't have any connections, you're done close to done.

Also, on another note, if you're gonna head for cap and get all +12 gears and whatnot, say goodbye to your wallet (: You may end up spending a lot of irl cash.

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Old Time Fiesta Player 6 years ago
Welp All I can say is right now you can probably get away with capping without using any money whats so ever. Need a way to make quick Gems in game Farm all the shit no one farms anymore. Seriosuly make a Perm 56 farm lvl 50 blues in CP1 ypu can sell then for 500Gems depending what it is. Seriosuly though. Cap is 135 now You can do it easily with a party or if ur just a op Mage. Go to Isya or Pagel servers they are the most populated. Unless u hate ppl try the other two lol.. Seriously though I been on this game since 08 and i always seemed to come back to it. There is deff no other game lile fiesta. I know ppl say graphics suck but thats why i lile it. I mean i prefer 07 Runscape over the new one xD!! But yeah I say give it a a chance Its super easy to lvl to 115+ now lile super easy I have 3 perms now and I used 0 SC for it no money loss for me. I farmed all my own gears. You might have to buy Enchantment stones if you want more def and what not but its not to bad.

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kaichi 7 years ago
Is This a Good Game Cause i already Downloaded It lol got ban from my Previous Game

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OnlineGamerZ 7 years ago
This game cant play PH?

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GameOver 7 years ago
Fiesta Online was my first online MMORPG.
Back then i didnt know anything about MMO world and how things go...but back then outspark did alot of good stuff..the game wasnt so much pay to win....many events, mostly in weekends and then Q and the game made u play in teams otherwise u would lose the quest and THAT was one of the big things that i loved about this game. Today games just make u solo all the time and ull do fine...
Fiesta had a simple sistem to sell stuf...if u wanna sell stuff just stay afk and sell ur stuff in real life stay at ur shop and sell it...shout all u like and make ur prices lower...ask ppl and maybe ull scam a player to pay...who gives a damn just turn ur stuff into money. Todays games just make u go to a npc and u leave ur stuff there...and when u search to buy stuff ull see 10000 of same item and obvious ull buy the cheapest one...WHYYY DO THAT?...this ruins the hole point of marketing...its like shopping online but instead of searching for the cheapest would just show u the cheapest site on the planet.
The comunity was full of young and some older ppl...mostly nice...but hey....we cant all be nice.
Ever since Outspark left Fiesta the game went down hill for good..if its still online it should b shut for good and be remake AND NEVER EVER make tons of servers...make one server for all i FULL of players...the more the better...why split the comunity ? i want tons of players to interact.. THIS IS ONLINE GAMEPLAY...if i wanna play solo i would just play normal games that dont need connection...

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anastaise 7 years ago
DO NOT play this game.

1. Pay to win. The prices have gone up since gamigo took over. It is basically a requirement to have SC or Slime Coins (previously Spark Cash when Outspark had the game) and if you don't you are basically a loser in this community.
2. The community, the players, are awful. I have quit and returned to this game multiple times and finally quit for good. People are toxic. Fiesta is like an abusive relationship - you get beat up and keep wanting to come back. You don't believe me? See for yourself. PVP and "perming" (making your character at a permanent level so you can get crap tons of game money) is all that matters anymore. The game has certainly gone down the drain. People are poisonous in this game and unless you like crying, don't play it.
3. The economy is set up by the players and it is terrible. When I started things were cheap. As a player you get the opportunity to make your own prices on things you find and want to sell. Things have gone up to 100Gems since the game came out. It's impossible and requires you to pay with real money if you ever want to be considered well-off in this game.
4. It's too addicting. You will spend hours on this game and probably not feel like you did anything at the end. Let me tell you, it's not worth it.
5. The game masters/managers do not care for the game. Things never get updated and when they do they are pointless. When people go against the Terms of Use you know what happens? Nothing. Nothing is done.
6. The game is DEAD. Yes the server merge happened but there are NO new players. All of the KQ's (Kingdom Quests, which are dungeons you can play with others) are dead for low levels. No one joins. Sure you can join! but be ready to be killing everything yourself and probably dying within the first few minutes! All that is left of this game is high levels. 80-100+ and if you aren't a high level well you basically suck in this game. Good luck.
7. Did I mention the community is terrible? I and so many other people have been cyberbullied and harassed through this game and I have stopped playing due to abuse from other players. Again, stay away.
8. The enhancing system in this game is bull, let's be real. If you want to enhance something you'd better be willing to pay real money for it. I'm not talking 10 or 20 bucks I'm talking $100 to be able to spend money for pixels. To enhance you have to have stones, which can be bought in-game, but when you enhance, the item has a much greater chance of BREAKING or being downgraded now, since Gamigo took over. Once that item breaks? you're screwed. You'd better be willing to spend money on at least 3 enhancement bundles if you wanna be "like the other cool players."

Overall just let this game die. The ONLY thing that is keeping is SOMEWHAT alive is the fact that, to keep themselves feeling "cool," players will spend hundreds of dollars on items that are not permanent (only last a month) and cost a lot of game money. You don't think it's pay to win? Think again.

When this game came out it was so much fun. Having just gold made you rich, and it was rare to have Gems. It was rare to even have SC or cool game items. Now? Do yourself a favor and don't install this game.

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Momoi 7 years ago
This game was my first MMO. I played it in 2008 until about 2010. Fair enough it was a little p2w back then with Outspark as publishers, but when Gamigo took over I went to the private server side of things. The game is great fun tbh, but that might just be memories talking. Try the game, but do it on a private server. No p2w on most of them and all items can be bought in game with in game currency. Have fun!

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Weebkun 7 years ago
This game sucks do not play
Bad customer service
Unkept promises
Fail slow updates

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Weeb 7 years ago
Run away from this game not worth the time and money.
Slow-never updates and fixes
Can't keep deadlines
Stupid economy

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YMaya 8 years ago
This game and the company which hosts it (gamigo) is nothing but a joke at current stage. While game originaly had potential (at the very beginning, around 2007-2010), it completly went down the drain due to incompetence of staff members, terrible support and marketing strategy aimed toward leeching more and more cash instead of fixing/balancing things out.

Class balance - non existant, only 2 classes are actualy worthy playing, fighter and mage, all other are greatly underpowered or bugged to extent when they become unplayable.

Cash store - broken, it sells overpowered items which can TRIPLE your health, damage, defense and other stats (originaly these items didnt exist, 20% boost was max)

Pve - past lvl 100 its impossible to play without fully enhanced gears (need real cash), health extenders and teva (real cash items, makes you lose no exp)

Pvp - due to broken class balance and cash store pvp is broken beyond repair, dont waste your time on this game if you are looking for good pvp.

Support - the worst part. They ignore reports, refuse to punish bug abusers, sell bugged real cash items (and deny that they are bugged even when player provides proof), they fail in pretty much every single field. Forum moderators are joke, they censor and ban people who are trying to point out obvious flaws/mistakes, refusing to accept constructive critics and living in arrogant denialism.
Overall> dont bother with this company and this game, they are just greedy and incompetent money leechers. One of veteran players actualy have made a site about fails of Gamigo, which he updates quite often, make sure to check it:

Quite honestly, this company gives me cancer and an impression that they have gathered all most vile dropouts across the continent in their team.

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Tigen 8 years ago
Fiesta (Review)
+ 10 Classes
+ Pets
+ Good storyline
+ Costume
+ 2 races
- Pay to win
- Small Community
- Server issue
- Poor Social Community
- Hacker can the ruin game
- Bugs
- Exploit
- Heavy Grind
- Lack of idea

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OrangeJuice 8 years ago
You are guys saying that the game is dead. Well it was, now it has a Server Merge that would merge all the servers into only 4 servers and the population would increase. <---Main problem of population resolved.
Alright now about the game. Fiesta Online is a really nice game. It is a pay-to-win-game but you mostly need the money after 105 (you can still go on though but would be too slow o3o).
Game play: 7/10. It is an easy game that can be understood really easily. Lvl. 1-60 is super easy. You can actually get to 60 in two days if you have already played (you would need a lot of time) or use SC. After 60, you just need a CC party and there you go, lvl. 70. :P As for the problem of finding a CC pt, there's the Merge for you! After 70, join KKP KQ and then Lvl.75. 75-80, Do PvP KQ and Lvl. 90. Lvl. 91 might be a bit shock though after that 91-95 is kinda' easy. x.x 95-100 do PvP KQ and quests and then Lvl. 100. :D The game is good if you have just started playing MMORPGs because it would explain most things to you. Nice classes. c:
Graphics: 6.5/10 Not really bad graphics, in my opinion. 3D and anime+cartoon. x.x It has quite colorful graphics and you enjoy the animations.
Community: 8.5/10 Most of the community is nice and friendly. Some people may be rude but you'll find these kind of people everywhere. The community is good and would help you and that is actually one of the factors that's keeping this game alive. :3 I made a lot of really really really REALLY good friends here, not happened in many other MMORPG games that I played.
Overall it's a good game but it is time consuming...There are glitches and bugs(some are good, actually xD)but the team is catching those filthy little bugs.
I recommend this game. *thumbs up*
(I know most of you would be negative about this review o3o)

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Hells_Reject 8 years ago
DO NOT BOTHER with the game.
Its pay to win, period.
Cash shop items glitch and you lose days on paid items.
All expansions are built around having +10 & 11 gears + ability to spend about $80 a month just to get ONE level passed 110.

Played this game since closed beta...and its now nothing but trash.
Avoid it.

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Phouch 8 years ago
Guys, all this negative comments are from 2013 and lower years, now we are 2015, and i can badly say that the game is TOTTALY DEAD. Not only in the community. It's dead on everything. If 1 gold was equal to 1000 SC, now 2 GEM is 1000 SC. Really, if here's still peoples who's wondering about this game - DON'T. Just bypass it. It will be worth of time, money and everything. The economy, the community, the cash shop - check out the previous comments and imagine them even worse. Let the game rest in peace. It was fun.

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oh dear 8 years ago
it used be available to where am I until it splits to EU and USA - - only

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Megan 9 years ago
I played about 3 or 4 years ago and loved it. The servers were busy and I ended with a level 90+ cleric, a two level 60 mage/archer. Unfortunately what everyone else is saying is right. The game has completely downhill since 4 years ago. Almost nobody is online (I played on the Cypion server) since I recently started again. All of the store items are vastly overpriced and expensive. It's hard to level characters when there's no one else playing, nor can you buy scrolls and other things you need for your characters, when no one is online. The game is constantly having glitches and kicking me off the server as well. Unfortunately, all the Kingdom Quests seem to be dead as well and the Tower of Izel. I remember having to waiting at least an hour just to get in the tower and the kingdom quests filled in less than five minutes. This used to be a really fun game but it's definitely not what it used to be even 3 years ago. Hopefully there are some other MMO's I can try out that are much better than Fiesta!

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Katt 9 years ago
Everything negative I'm seeing posted is absolutely 100% correct about the OS (outspark or original server) is completely true, my husband and I have played sense shortly after OBT, there's no help for new players, your ignored by staff unless you are decked out in SC items, with full +9/10. They have sense the release added two new classes Tricksters which can use dual swords or claws, and Crusaders who use large 1h swords and magic (which by the way you have to have at least one level 60+ character to create a Crusader). When they first added in Party instances like Izyel Tower and Crystal Castle you could cap out of them really quickly using the quests if you got a good party, and seeing how fast the exp was it was surprisingly easy to get a good party... IF you were one of the wanted classes (DD Mage/Archer or Cleric normally, sometimes a Tank fighter). Now this is mainly about Outspark, they have sense fallen in to the hands of Gamigo, who has tried? I want to say tried. To improve the gameplay and lesson the amount of SC requirement. However you still need it for enhancing and several other things. And that's not even including if you want to customize your characters look!
What it breaks down to is, while Fiesta Online is a "Free to play" MMORPG it is a "Pay to Win" one as well.
However, if you truly enjoy this games system and graphics there is always the option of joining a private server, and after some searching you can find one that is NOT P2W. Just know, the rude inconsiderate people are everywhere. The GMs and Staff that ignore you unless you are an elite member, are everywhere. This game, like so many others that are MMO is corrupt down to its core. If you can ignore that and gather a few friends to play with, the private servers to have more than just a few friendly people that are willing to help you and will explain the money system and enhance rates if they are not on the forums for the PS.
Games like this start out good and friendly, but once a cash shop is introduced it can be a fast down hill track, like anything they need to make money to stay afloat and pay for updates. I just wish they could find a better way. I'd pay to be "Godly" or "OP" before paying for something needed to play the game or level, or even just for customization of characters beyond the basics.

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Joshua 9 years ago
is this game still worth to play?

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Fang 9 years ago
Worst game to play of all time If there other that want to play this game dont it a game for hacker and cheater my account got hack my Gem where Gone My weapon my Blue +9 everything gone. it a game run by hacker. if i where you dont play Dont even try to play it. cuz all your hard work will go down the drain . Just like it did with me. I hope you all Listen to me and Dont player this. this happen to a few of my friends as well. am only looking out for everyone. that want to play a good Mmorpg game. so i beg of you dont play it. find something better.

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mami 10 years ago
why not playing another games? i mean another curently new mmorpg. it must have a better graphic, a better storyline, a better community, a better staffs, or just try a famous publisher of mmo that already have lots of positive feedback and guarantee that they are working what they are suppose to do. unlike gamigo, they raising the prices, more bugs, take a looong time like seriously long to reply a ticket and its not really answering our questions. if you looking for old mmo, why not trying to play ragnarok? its also an old mmo. or well you can try check other games from youtube. i won't recommend fiesta for my friends. it is not free MMORPG. we have to pay to win battle. youtube time to search a good mmo^^

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Roy 10 years ago
I've played fiesta till level 35 and I simply said is free to play but not free to level up.. Even the enchantment stuffs need cash otherwise success rate will be very rare.. I think all games must be the same all free to play but involve money to go further.. Factually, they developed the games cost them money so their purpose is to gain back for sure.. Even for all flash games involve real money to level.. The real winner is the one who never play all this online leveling games at all.. I'm not trying to offend anyone by saying this. This is just my point of view.. Hope this advice is helpful...

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BaalTheDefiant1 10 years ago
Fiesta is dead!! the servers stay on low now! the updates are a buncha bullshit! The developers and publishers CONSTANTLY find ways to add things to the game that arent asked for, and take out things that they SHOULD have kept!! The cashshop is just that a TRUE cashshop!! it cost far to much for even basic items (like a name change, or skill reset, or beauty coupon) that SHOULD be available ingame!! The game mechanics are terrible the PvE scales HORRIBLY (as far as the exp vs level ratio) and the PvP is unbalanced AND controlled by the cashshop!! the story is uninteresting and end lvl content is garbage unless you are in a big guild which hordes the world bosses! and often times the big guilds are the ones you DONT wanna join cus there relatively full of arrogant condescending assholes! (BTW I was a MEMBER of a few big/raiding guilds, and can say this honestly!) The game has become more of a task then it is enjoyment! The publishers try an lie on any review about the game and when ppl speak the truth about the game depending the outlet they will simply erase the statement! There are those players that will lie to you and try an "boost" the game up but always remember... some ppl are just gluttons for punishment and enjoy being treated like shit! So when you speak the truth rather then make a compelling argument to prove you wrong.. they just rage and flame. I recommend that anyone who is reading this review play Aura Kingdom or Terra instead! If you dont believe me go play it for yourself! and good luck to you! but I think you will find how true the statements im making are! (not to mention there is NO influx of new players!, so be ready to lvl solo and forget about KQ's as they dont fill up anymore anyway!)

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Luke 10 years ago
Fiesta starts out as a fun, anime style game, with interesting maps to explore, and plenty of quests to do. But it gradually becomes a strictly grinding game with very little story line and very few quests. At high levels, completing all quests will get you 20% to next level at best, and the rest has to be made up grinding repeatable quests. It is free to play, but pay to win, and even with a double experience boost card you will still end up literally having to kill the same monsters 20,000 times doing repeatable quests. Unfortunately, I know this from experience as I completed a weapons title from start to finish on a 9x repeatable and it required ~21,000 kills to complete. You will also need to buy cash shop items to help keep you alive or from losing experience on death as 1 death at higher levels can set you back hours of grinding.

Just about everything in the game is based on gambling. The weapon/armor enhancement is virtually impossible without spending money to keep your item from being destroyed, which everyone learns the hard way, and even then it is random whether or not you are successful. The success rate is so low at higher levels that it can take 20-30 enhancement stones just to get an item to +3, unless of course you pay real money. There are perm outfits but they all have bad or no stats. The outfits with stats expire after 30 days. Some of the best items in the cash shop are only available from the "lucky" boxes, which is just a form of gambling to try to get an item you wish you could just pay for.

The game is also notorious for crashing. "Fiesta.Bin" error, or "binning" happens so often, it has become an in game joke among players. Other problems include "Target out of casting range" errors if your vid card or cpu is overclocked, and problems with route determination that constantly get you stuck on stairways, trees, and other objects when you click to move somewhere in the distance.

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=3 10 years ago
If you want to check the game, or forum by your self, go ahead, check the NA forum one. You'll see how many people has been posted a thread, got closed by GM's. Or well, maybe they've been deleting it. Well, 1st time to check is how the staffs talks with their customers. coz we'd be their customers. 2nd, check the screen captures. the graphic or the game play. it's what i've learned tho. maybe it'll help you to decide which game is best or not^^ don't waste your time. agree with BaalTheDefiant1, if you wanna know how the games looks like, try pserv^^ there's more than 100. choose 1 and have fun. its useful for people who want to draw armors^^

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BaalTheDefiant1 10 years ago
Truthfully once upon a time this game was AWESOME!! but thru the years instead of getting better it only got worse and worse!! Outspark (the previous publisher) Had an alright cash shop for the game with deals and ways to obtain free items and such, HOWEVER there in game fixes and content updates SUCKED MASSIVELY! Now with the NEW publisher (gamigo) They actually have some pretty ok updates (WHEN they actually update) but the cash shop is ridiculously over priced! and alot of the new content they add is cash shop related in some form or fashion! Onsonsoft the developers have NO CLUE as to what to fix in the game or what to leave alone! The community is pretty much dead because as someone stated earlier: Coming in playing for the 1st time, you will HARDLY be able to advance! Most of the players there are veterans who have made lower lvl chars and they dominate selfishly over gears and basic in game content (i.e. bosses, grinding maps, raids) The economy of the game is so inflated that there is no possible way to "grind" the amount of money for the gears you would want to obtain! Not to mention the population itself is dying hard and fast because most ppl have realized that the pubs and gm's aren't TRULY doing ANYTHING to revive the game!

The pvp aspect is Terrible!! its unbalanced and depends HEAVILY on cash shop items, not to mention skills don't work correctly on a lot of classes.

This game is dying and the ones who still play are those of us who have just spent so much over the years were just hoping that one day the game gets better! But it wont greed has killed it! Greed from the pubs and from the community as well!! I suggest to anyone thinking of playing.. go play a pserver version or play another game do not waste your time here

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gamighost 10 years ago
so, i sent a ticket saying i lost my account. they sent a reply like we can tell you that our accounts cannot be "hacked", in terms of someone gaining access to our system and obtaining a player's password or other information. so then i tried to make a new tab, and typed, gamigo, hacked 2012. found a shocking article. (not really shocking anymore) Summary: Gamigo was hacked back in February but only in July are we seeing the results. More than 8.24 million e-mail addresses and passwords have been leaked after what looks like the biggest security breach of the year (so far).

now, it's your choice. i made a biggest mistakes that i joined em. fiesta is great game, simple yet details on graphic. fiesta license was bought by the wrong person. so sad that ppl who love fie, will watch it die, slowly. full of haters around, yet the haters love it also, just hate the company who running it. meh. time to choose^^ and here's a tip, you better not spending any money on fiesta, and buy some awesome trusted mmorpg. it's a lot cheaper than playing fiesta, trust me. you still can play with your friends, no random banning, no weird staffs that will delete your thread coz you just ask make sense questions yet they wont answer it. coz it'd reveal them self. save your fellow gamers!:D

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gamergirl2121 10 years ago
i'm soooo not gonna recommend this game to any gamers out there. The staffs were nice, but when they are revealing their true faces, eeeh, its bad. The worst thing you can imagine. It's them. I've been playing peacefully in fiesta for 5years.I had a capped guardian. Yes, guardian not gladiator. So i never done any violation of ToS, coz i don't know how to glitch heal(is it even exist?). But they perm banned me for doing several violation of ToS. And they didn't interrogation me, 1 on 1, or not at all. One day i wake up, tried to log, and found out i've been banned. I tried to keep calm and checking my email. And there it is, i just got permanent banned. And i just capped this year. Well i've achieved my dream there. I capped.

You can play fiesta on your laptop. But please be aware if you travelling, they will ask a prove that it was you who travel and log on your acc. They said i;ve done a 6h flight yet i logged in 2 hours. im a jumper^^ or i have a concorde. (should be nice)^^

i've asked them bout what if i go to friend's house, without a laptop, and she play fiesta also. I logged from her pc, then after i played, she wanted to log in. so i jumped out from my acc, let her log. Is that account sharing( againts ToS just FYI) or is it "hacking"?

too bad they gave me this answer

" yes, players can use their laptops anywhere to access Fiesta."

that's all. and i've asked for 6 epic questions. Posted it on forum, they closed it by saying send it to CSR. ^^ i'll make more questions :D hehe

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MMOgamer777 10 years ago
I cannot recommend this game to any new players. It is already ruled and owned by high level players and their alts. The game suffers from sky high prices for gear, a lack of interest by high level players to keep the game friendly, and a generally low population across all servers except at peak play times. Most trade is done through individual stores because there is no auction house. You must go from store to store to look at items people have put up for sale at often grossly inflated prices. Newcomers will be hard pressed to afford most good things for their level because they are being sold by farmers/alts of higher level characters. The high level characters are excessively greedy because they are trying to earn money for the items of their own level at grossly inflated prices. So basically it is a trickle down effect of BS where the bottom man gets hit the worst. The bottom man is the newcomer. As you level up it gets harder to find good items to continue your quests/grinding. Although people complain about grinding it is far easier to grind than to actually find the gear you need to be competent at grinding. It is a very rough community with more bad than good. People are generally not going to work together or share resources. Although many of the population are very young (think elementary through high school), the 20+ is sadly no better. Horrible ethics and questionable morals abound in this community. They blame everyone except themselves.

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ErikaTank 10 years ago
The game is pretty fun buut the NA (north american) version..... yeah there are to many rude people. So i play on the Europian version and i love the community there

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Old 10 years ago
The game is about to die, it's being managed by a failed company which does nothing but screwing it up.

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it will never be the same as when i played it,i played for 4 yrs,and spent lots of money,if you want to get anywhere,be prepared to spend money,i made lots of friends,and cherish them.but i will never play again,i played on bijou,and i loved it,it just go 10 years ago
it will never be the same as when i played it,i played for 4 yrs,and spent lots of money,if you want to get anywhere,be prepared to spend money,i made lots of friends,and cherish them.but i will never play again,i played on bijou,and i loved it,it just got to expensive,they care nothing for there players.

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ThatFlyingWhale 10 years ago
Excellent game, but it's slowly dying. Population is dropping fast

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Meh 10 years ago
Honestly, I don't like this game. It seems that most people are divided by how much you spend in real life, and how much you have in game. People are rude, quests suck, and gathering gold and silver and gems is near impossible unless you rip people off when you sell things as a vendor. It was fun when you are a lower level, as you get in the higher levels, if you don't have money for good gear or even good or "godly" gear, it's like you don't have a chance.

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GameFreake22 10 years ago
Is it easy to lvl up ?

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BeeZ 10 years ago
Used to love this game until lvl 100.. it was a grind fest. I started in 2009 and quit at 2011.
Back then i thought i got 1 gem I was rich.. and I log back in today ,, 1 gem can't buy sh*tall.
Game is totally different now. No one talk 95% vendors. and KQ never full .. or no one even join ~.~

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Chiynee 10 years ago
Oh I missed playing this game when it was good. Back when instances were always full and you'd have to check every 2 seconds to see if there was room for your party. There were so many people that I lagged every time I went to the center of Elderine because everyone gathered there. This game used to be what it's name implies. A fiesta. I used to could say "Hi" in shout and get at least 20 replies back. Recently, when I went back to the game thinking of it's past, I was shocked to see the game looked practically abandoned and I got no replies from my "Hi~" (sad world....). The rare incidents of human life I see never talk and are ungrateful for the things I try to help them with. (I'm cleric so it's in my nature to help others, sadly). It has changed to much, every time I see someone they die to a monster, which sums up how this game is now. Dead with every new opportunity. When the trickster class first came out, I was happy to embrace the lag that came with it along with the full servers. But that didn't stay long. People just complained like they always did when new stuff happens.

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Kull 10 years ago
Yea the real server sucks, go play pserver, its alot better

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ugurano 10 years ago
please no play this game with $$$$$$$$

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LadyLexia 10 years ago
Ok guys, let's begin:

1. Closed Beta Tester for Fiesta (puts me at around 6 years now)
2. 105glad/100lock/110SS
3. Spent around 2500$ on game.

Now to business.. Let me preface everything by saying that I love this game and that the friends/experiences that I made through playing it were worthwhile and close to my heart.
Alas, I could not refer this game to a new player with a good conscious.

As many people have already stated, Fiesta is on the decline, majorly. The license to the game was recently sold to Gamingo, a European gaming company. This game has many faults including class imbalances, various bugs/glitches, as well as a distant and ignorant staff. The company only cares about making money at this point, they realize their game is dying and all patches that are released these days are only geared towards making the CashShop more available to players i.e mobile purchases, prepaid cards, bogos etc. The population of the game has declined over the years steadily. It's even said now that the popular private server Selesnia Online, (for those of you who don't know private servers are independent copies of a public server with no "relations" to the trademarked server.) has a greater population than two of the Fiesta Online servers (legel, epith) combined. In short a private server is doing better than the real server. Anyway, Fiesta does still have a few positive aspects. The graphics are nice and pleasant to the eyes and the music is still classic and inviting ,but be warned. If you play on creating a new character be prepared to be very lonely. All that remains on these servers are old players who all have high lvled characters and the occasional smurf account. If you do not invest in sparkcash be prepared to get owned in every pvp event. It's even to the point where one cannot work themselves up through the levels with just hard work, the dev's and owners have made that nigh impossible. I hope this helps, explore the game if you must ,but you will only feel skeletons of what the game used to be. Thanks!

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Metal energy 10 years ago
This REALLY looks like a fun game 2 play but do i need 2 download?

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Ahnapuppan 10 years ago
Looks like a copy of grand fantasia,

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sosa 10 years ago
Hello the game looks great but i dont like to download so why dont they make online (browser game) :(

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DubstepPenguin 10 years ago
Fiesta has been sold to gamigo in the untied states. old accounts are supposed to be transferred. you dont have to pay2win. but if you wanna be competative in pvp you do. i have an end game character and ive never payed a dime to get there. and my high level gear and perms? i payed in game money to have players who pay to "gift" me mounts or other items i may want at the time. if you play this game. please try it till level 68 :3

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asuna 11 years ago
as other people have already stated, fiesta is no longer the game it was 4-5 years ago. the community has steadily gone downhill and it really is pay2win. you will not be able to *enjoy* any sort of endgame content without forking over a lot of money to get there AND to maintain your character every month. pvp is a joke as again, if you got money, you got power. "y u cookie? i no cookie QQQqqqQQQqqqqqQQQQ" there's nothing especially challenging about this game. anything that might have been considered challenging gets nerfed eventually. it was a fun starter mmo and i have a lot of good memories but fiesta just isn't worth anyone's time anymore.

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vakcs11 11 years ago
hello im a fiesta user too my char is wizmage but it is banned because my gulid master is also a hacker he hack all of mu things even my 33$ invest because i want to buy an item the last time i play fiesta is when im really down to my guild master i just notice thet when i come back fiesta is evolved with a new class trickster that has a great skill but is unbalanced im just worried for my master eszzhrac99188 maybe he quits the game when you see eszzhrac99188 please say i will be gone by 12 years of not playing fiesta maybe he return in playing. my name in fiesta is kinsenki101 please inform me when you talk to him :)

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Laviie 11 years ago
I've played fiesta since the start of Open Beta and I can say that much things have changed in the game.

Negative Things:

1. PvP is overly biased towards those who use the cash shop. I'm not saying that those who don't use cash shop items have no chance of wining BUT you'll probably just rage quit trying.

2. Economy is dying and continues to die by the minute. While top guilds continuously increase the rewards of academy members who enroll in their guilds, this causes the prices of items to inflate and thus, killing the economy. Aside from this, enhancing items pretty much require players to use the cash shop and this really inflates prices. Another thing, there are people who trade in game money for cash shop items and of course this also kills the economy. Before the gifting rate was 1 in-game gold equals to 1k cash shop money. Now the rates have gone up to 30 gold for 1k cash shop money.

3. They keep adding stuff they shouldn't. Instead of fixing old bugs and glitches, they add in new stuff to keep up with the more modern mmos. I admit this is an admirable effort BUT the new stuff they add pretty much just adds to more glitches and bugs.

4. SUPER SLOW SUPPORT SERVICES. If you send in a ticket today, consider yourself extremely lucky to receive a reply in a week.

5. The usual top guilds dominate the raids and items. If you ever plan on having good gear, start sucking up to the top guilds because there's no other way for you to get the best gears in game.

Positive Things:

1. Good community. I know a lot of people will argue to this but Fiesta is the only MMO I played so far wherein you really get to know the players. There are a lot of event quests and kingdom quests which help players to get to know who are the people in their level ranges. PvP kingdom quests are also separated by level ranges so there are a lot of opportunities for players to get to know each other (whether its to like them or to hate them). Aside from these, there are also constant forum events that give out cash shop items and forum badges for bragging rights. These events help cultivate the creative community and players are also encouraged to work together in some of the events (like say a comic writing contest requires one player to be a writer and another to be the illustrator).

2. Active player participation. The forums may seem a little bit dead now BUT there are always people who will reply to you (even if that means trolling you or flaming you haha). There is also an active group called the Artist Corner in which players get to design costumes, pets, and mounts among other things which gets sent to the developers to be made in game. Although these artists are not compensated for monetarily, they are given a copy of the designs they have made.

3. Nifty Features. You like Pokemon? Aside from the usual titles to collect, there are also monster cards to collect in the game. If you're having a hard time with money making, you can farm rare cards from low level bosses that sell up to 2.5 gems each (Teva server prices). Aside from cards, the game also has a production system that allows you to create your own potions and scrolls that increase vitality, defense, magic defense, aim, evasion, mentality and speed! You also get to craft your own stones or weapon enhancements. If you're too lazy to make your own stuff, you can always have a go at the Lucky House capsule vending machines that give out items ranging from scrolls, stones, potions, cash shop items and even rare and godly weapons.

4. Levels 1 - 80 are really fun. You can level from 1 - 30 with quests alone and from 31 onwards you have instance dungeons to boost you up. In fact, if you're lucky and get parties often, you can get to 105 in no time with LN (Leviathan's Nest). You can also get through these levels pretty easily until you reach 100 where things get more serious and you'll start needing and wanting better gear only available to the top raiding guilds.

5. A good game for beginners. It's easy to understand, simple and really fun. If you've never played mmos before, Fiesta is a good start. If you're confused, you're not alone. Just give a shout and you'll see a horde of players happily responding to you. But of course, like all beginnings there must be an end. When you've had your fun, feel free to move on before you get sour and bitter like most of the oldies. They be like "Back in my level, we didn't have these...." :D

All in all, its a good game and I love it. But like all MMOs, it gets stressing to play after some time and that's why I take my casual breaks and try out other games :)

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Sosaria 11 years ago
Last time i played this game was about 2 years ago, and it was great, my family are huge gamers, it was on every computer in the house, and then we found out that fiesta had a virus in one of its installments. we had to go and wipe every computer in then house losing precious photos and more. I found the game to be fun, but the aftermath was horrible

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Hizoku 11 years ago
I started playing this back in 2007 but quit in 2010, recently came back to find my beloved game in shambles.. Now i only played on the Bijou server so idk what the situation is on the other servers, but the community is complete sh*t now. Back when i used to play people were friendly, but now it seems that 70% of the popluation is full of elitist who look down on those whom are lower than level 80 and the rest are complete noobs that have no idea what they're doing so end up quiting before they even reach level 50. There's also an Inflation in prices, normally something that would sell for 10-20g is now selling for 1G (gem or 100g for those who arent familiar).
Of course it's not only the players at fault, Outspark has seriously messed up the game by making it a complete Pay2Win game, you absolutely have to pay up if you plan to get past level 70 or you have to "no-life" it. Also they don't even have gamemasters that get in game anymore..
I give them 2 years or so before they just shut down the servers or they do a complete wipe.

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zSukita 11 years ago
Its a browser game i guess well yeah..........

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thesimp 11 years ago
Not a browser game.

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frost 11 years ago
I guess its browser version still in beta

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ProNoobGamer 11 years ago
Im not to big fan of mmorpg's but i liked it

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Carly124 11 years ago
Hey, this is the browser based game?? But it says i need to download it.. wth

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jazzy 11 years ago
great game but is boring if u dont have friends. i recomend playing on bijou server has lots of people and very very friendly people once someone gave me 12g for free and items very generous. kingdom quests are really fun and are a great place to make friends and get good exp. i also recomend joining academies with good rewards i joined a academy and a higher ranked member took me under their wing and supplied me with +9 weps jewerly,armor some people can be a bit rude but not very many also if u become a cleric people will beg u for buffs but i think thats how it is with most mmos haha :P

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HouseTek 11 years ago
I played this game while it was still in open beta and I had no idea it was still around O_o.. I recently played it again and here are the -few- things I noticed.

This game is heavily pay2win if you're planning to get past the 9x (not even going to bother talking about 1xx and PVP) you will have to use your wallet (Blessing of teva preventing you from losing exp upon death (and indeed, the higher level your are, the more you lose, and you're gonna die a lot trust me, especially in those instances that require charms and other exts/boosts/+9 gears in order to progress), HP/SP extenders, Exp boosts, and ofc, enhancing stones which are OS's biggest scam out there (you won't ever get +9's gear and +10's weapons without SC stones, and the higher tier it is, the more expensive it gets), you also have the mounts which are permanent/30 days depending which one you get (Hooray! perm you say? Don't get fooled. Permanent ones need rations from their cash shop and if you notice, your mount's hunger is going down REALLY FAST. And I won't bother talking about the minor garbage such as mini pets, outfits and other storage expansions etc.)
Then you have the community. People in this game are either dramatic, elitist, attention seeking or just plain stupid and it's always funny to watch elitist scabs roaring in world chat waxing each others 4inchers. Entertaining but boring after a while, considering they need to tell the world how much they're awesome in a game but are total losers for playing it 24 hours a day.

In conclusion, Outspark is one of those cash grubbing companies that won't care about anything but $$, they won't fix bugs and issues that have been rampaging in this game since 2008! but yet, they keep on adding worthless cash shit for the resident PVP lolcows that play it 24/7. Good job wankers. to be honest I'm surprised this game isn't terminated yet.

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ApolinePlayer 11 years ago
i've been playing since the end of '07 with short breaks. something i noticed and personally found very interesting is when i was younger (and the game wasn't even out for a year yet) it was easier to make friends on there. now i'm 18 and i just can't talk to anybody. maybe it's because of that i don't buy cash shop items anymore and don't take leveling so seriously? i don't know. i capped in 2009 when the level cap was 89, and spent at least $25 each month on CS items. i was popular, known by most of the server. now the players i knew back then and found now don't even bother saying hi, altho they know who i am (playing new characters). what keeps me playing then? it's pvp i think.

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ginsawamura 11 years ago
actually this game is good, but most of the people are a bit rude and always make drama

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NightsRose (Apoline) 11 years ago
I've been a long time player of fiesta and can assure people this game is nowhere near what it used to be. When it came out in '07 Fiesta was a largely community based mmo with staff that would actually interact personally with the players as well as players who played just to have a good time. Now Fiesta has been "fixed" due to the numerous complaints from people about how the classes were unbalanced, said complaints coming from elitist/etc..., which began its downfall. Current Fiesta players only care about one thing only: How much can I overcharge people for simple items. Perfect example of this is when the enhancement system first came out where you could enhance your weapon to +9 for higher damage. For almost a year no +9 weapon was more than 20 silver, which is really really cheap considering, since people only played to have a good time. Nowadays on the other hand even the lowest grade of +9 is over 5 gold (5000 silver). Due to complaints that still flow in about the games class balancing the staff now has only minimal contact with the players since it is literally nothing but whining over simple things that they can't control 95% of the time. Overall I give Fiesta a 1/5 stars compared to once giving it a 5/5.

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D. Rainbow 11 years ago
Sadly this game is going down hill. I've played it since it came out. (Still Playing it, 4th year)
The game's primary goal is to buy in game items (Preimum Items with real money btw).
You almost cant get anywhere without it. If u dont have it everyone is either rude or ur non existant. Its all about who can waste mommy and daddy's money the fastest.
I did enjoy it at first, wouldn't of played for four years if i didn't. It is good, just less and less of a game as u adventure it.

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DeadYume 11 years ago
I've played this game, i even became a wizmage (assended class of a mage..duh..) but..i just got tired of all the grinding :T The last time I played Fiesta I just wanted to try out the newest class called a "Trickster". It was a pretty cool class, but they never botherd to mention how you aquired and used "souls" for certain skills. I ended up buying 2 skills that other users and I had no idea how to use and I quit the game for good with a lvl 7 trickster....I...don't exactly miss the game, but I did like the little dances that came with the game :D Each class got a cute little quirk...but the best stuff had to be bought with real money. If I wanted to do that i would've purchased a mmo to start with XD
I will admit, I first played Fiesta when it first came out and all the servers where at "High". The pvp was great and I actually enjoyed the quest that you could do with everyone (they had a specific name..). Then, my mount ran out of food, it took forever to log in, and well, there was nobody to talk to :T All of the friends I made quit. Even my guild master quit.

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mystifi 11 years ago
woah woah woah... since when did fighters be able to weild dual swords?

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Starlight 12 years ago
Well, where do I start? Firstly do not be deceived by 'the game has a lot to offer'. It doesn't.
Despite what some people may say, the game is on its way down - all you have to do is visit the message boards and see the general negative gameplay related comments made by active players. In the last month or so, looking at active concerns I saw almost no response to this on the boards by the staff of the game. There are claims of "we now have x million players" - but in reality maybe 10% or less of those accounts are active. The majority of active players are now clustered in the top levels and a lot of the lower levels are relatively empty - I quit a while ago and it was already noticeable that lower level instance quests were not going off full, if indeed at all.
Guild support? Join an academy and after a spot of quick levelling you'll get kicked to make way for a lower level as guilds get rewards for the amount of times people level up in academies.
Housing system, an estate for your friends - died a very quick death (contrary to the fanfare it is given on their Wikipedia entry). No follow-up additions were ever released.
Pet system - a joke. You need to spend real money to get limited-time pets to increase your stats, at higher levels these are utterly useless (indeed even by lvl20 the ones you find in the game are worthless - +1 to each stat is next to useless).
Enhancement - once you get past the base levels you are practically guaranteed an auto-breakage (and loss of your item) without getting... cash shop items.
The game has for a long time been divided into who spends stupid sums of real money and who doesn't. If you don't want to spend far more each month than you would spend on buying a good quality commercial computer game then don't even think about player vs player, or indeed guildwars because you will get beaten out of sight.
The 'active and helpful' player base... haha. Take a look at their message boards and you will see comments of servers getting quiet. helpful? The 'addicts' will only be helpful and your friend for as long as they are useful to them.
As you level up, each level gets slower and slower... and at higher levels become slow grind fests. Again without cash shop items you can wave byebye to your social life if you want to reach the top. There is no storyline (despite claims). There are several bugs, missing character and production skills... which have yet to be addressed after 4 years. And you still see veteran players complaining about this, staff making promises which never seem to materialise, and lots of people going back on their word.
Oh, and also, something they don't tell you about maintenance updates. Old, redundant files remain on your computer. Discovered 1.5GB (and 11,000) unnecessary files were on my computer over the course of 9 months (when I did a file/size comparison when setting up a new computer).
In summary - avoid this game.

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nick 12 years ago
it is an amazing game it has alright graphics but the people are rude depending all in all its worth a try

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