Flyff: Fly For Fun

Fly For Fun (Flyff) is a popular free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG with enjoyable graphics, a large community, and frequent content updates called "versions" .

The gameplay, animations and visuals of Flyff seems very cheerful. Monsters do not make you feel threatened; in fact you are in competition against sweet mushrooms and innocent and cute characters. Apart from this the game also requires team work as an individual can not do everything in the game. You need to build groups among other players to defeat big monsters or in the game as Masquerpets.

The player learns the real meaning of Fly For Fun after level 20, when flying becomes the normal part of the player and after this you can enjoy the real graphics of the game.

The game got lot fame due to its simple and cheerful nature. That is why it is played by over 6 million people. Even after so many years, the game is free, easily accessible and providing a great MMORPG experience.

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Flyff: Fly For Fun

Gala Lab Corp (formerly Aeonsoft)
Release Date
December 25, 2005
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


512 MB


3.5 GB


Pentium 3 800 MHz


GeForce FX5600

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (40)

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acidiclombax 11 months ago
If you want to play as of October 2022 then follow this link:
It's become FlyFF Universe. You don't need to download a client.

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Dream 1 year ago
I tried downloading it wouldn't let me download this is f*cked up

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BeH4ppy 7 years ago
Flyff almost feels like a MMORPG that has died. The gameplay used to be really good during its prime. There hasn't been any big updates, merely increase of the level cap, from 120H second job to 130H with third job then to 150H (the H meaning Hero). The gameplay and dungeons were pretty much the same, and fewer and fewer events were held as though GMs and developers abandoned the game. New areas were introduced aswell as new dungeons. Although this seem to condratict the "abandoning" argument, but the new content was locked for players who haven't reached that far. I was one of those people, having played the game during my youth for about roughly 2 years, eventually quit. Progress became extremly slow and excrutiating, and for my friends who bought stuff in-game with real cash eventually reached the same situation.
Personally I still love the game, despite the problems. Maybe because of the history I've had with the game. I have however moved over to private servers, since those have somewhat better service to fans still wanting to play the game. The game is a lot more interesting when played with friends and others who are in to the game. My friends that I used to play with have moved on to other games, and here I am with this fossil :/
Play the game? I will. Might be harder for others.

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Mannke 7 years ago
Flyff is old. Way too old.
Was it ever good ? Probably not, if you look at it from a more objective point of view. It has alot of faults and flaws in its gamedesign and its literally impossible to get to the high levels, without visiting the cashshop, as you can't upgrade without protection scrolls. Alot of the class skills have, no real benefit in the later combat (except for (self-)buffs) and you'll often encounter ppl who simply click a mob, kill it with autoattacks and move to the next one. From around 65~70 you'll definetly notive that the mobs suddenly jump in HP and that you'll need at least some gear to get into an acceptable killing time, thus forcing you to visit the cashshop.
Dungeons are mandatory for good gear, but then again - you will not succeed in them until you have increased the normally available gear to a decent amount (-> Cashshop). The bosses are plain and just have a ridiculous amount of HP and Dmg. No special mechanics or whatsoever, unless you regard " random debuffs" as a special mechanic.
And last but not least, is the hyperscaling. There is literally no limit on your character. Having 70 Power Ups, giving you temporary boosts, having a tank with half a million of HP oder DD, who can nearly solo/duo any of those so called "dungeons".


And still, this game was alot of fun in its prime. Alot of players, alot of friends and stories were made. It'll always hold a special place in my heart.
However, if you are a new player and think about starting it - Don't. Its simply not worth it.

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Megame 7 years ago
+ 20 classes
+ Mounts
+ Pets
+ Costume
+ Good Customization
+ Fly mounts
- Hacker can the ruin game
- Small Community
- Bugs and expliot
- Lack of update
- Heavy grinding
- Lack support Customer
- Outdated graphic may turn player off

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Abyssal 9 years ago
I played this game for ages and spent check after check on upgrading. One day i was making some items and then trashed my shield that was worth 800$ and i didn't mean too x.X I remember that i had a free item renew so i sent in the shields specs. I got it back a few days later with everything but 500$ worth of enchantments missing from it x.X so as of that day i quit. As much as i loved the game, the GMs became stupid and lazy after v7...i still wish i could go back but i don't have the money to rebuild myself.

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Atsu191 9 years ago
this game was good now the community's bad,many speak spanish and french ==" cant understand better dont download

Graphic 4/10
Gameplay 6/10
Community 3/10

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MMORPG gamer :) 9 years ago
FlyFF will always have a special place in my heart. the game was so fun back then huge community and active GM and many events. i will never forget how much FUN memories and experiences it gave me.

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Farazar 10 years ago
Just went and re-downloaded Flyff after many years away. I played this back in V6.

Completely dead now. It's a shame. All old servers removed (Lawolf, Kern, etc.) and the population on the one that made me leave was 12 people, who spoke Spanish.

If you don't understand Spanish, don't try unless you have friends to join you/really enjoy playing with no community interaction.

Thanks for reading,
Ex-137 Hero

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lovely loly 10 years ago
but some of my friends can't download or open it :(

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lovely loly 10 years ago
i play this game ..i loved and i still love it :D ..didn't find another game better than it xD

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Nintendoredplayer 10 years ago
Aww all the games on gPotato get deleted... just like Talesrunner...

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Metal Energy 10 years ago
no offense, but this GAME looks totally boring, so good job Katie.

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Katie 10 years ago
Yeah, I agree with you there. I played from v11 to v16 and I quit right before v17 update. Back then it indeed was a fun game to play but the devs made RM's worthless after prev cd. You were only able to 1v1 on your RM or be a FS (which wasn't possible to be a Hero as FS before they implemented lvl cap of 150), heck, you couldn't even get master as FS and AoE'ing was out of the question since your prev had 3min cd. 1v1 RM's needed a lot of money to get good equips as there are no useful RM equips for 1v1, maybe with a slight exception of the lvl 30 set.
This meant a lot of people quit being RM, used own RM's to FS themselves and if you couldn't dual log or didn't had 2 pc's, you practically couldn't grind.
Gm's didn't care much but it as fine, community was fine and stuff were affordable, even for new players.
I couldn't log onto server 1 without lagging on the least populated hours. Later on I could log on 7 different screens on server one during the most populated hours.
That was all back when I still played.

Now: Not keeping track of what version it's now but I visited my old server (Lykan, before the merge in v17 I was on Clockworks) and I quit the same day as I started. Gpot prices were insane, decent equipment wasn't found for under 50b. When I played I had very decent hyper set for my Bow Jester and Hybrid Ranger, that one was worth 10-15b back then, now: sets that are worse than mine was are 70b+.

For a new player (as I actually was when I played for 1 day) it is nearly impossible to get such an amount without buying gpots.

+ We have to add the even bigger Penya Spam, apparently there are not many (and no regular as it was weekly in the past) maintenances.

In other words. This game is dying.

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Cenyen 10 years ago
I first started playing Flyff back in '05 or '06 (my first mmorpg) and I absolutely loved it. There were so many active players, and it was always very easy to create parties and make friends. (Definitely helped ease the pain at some of the tougher leveling ranges, where you seem to grind for days.) I was excited with each update, because it made things much more interesting or easier.

However, now it's just ridiculous. The majority of active players are the clustered pool of high level players. There is now (although this was implemented a few years back) NPCs that give you all the buffs that an assist has, at a fair level, so that if you're an assist, it's hard for anyone to really take you seriously as a healer, unless you've got a high level heal and a super high buff. But that makes things very selective on the buff that you can choose. (Most choose the same 2 or 3 to max). It just makes people less dependent on the full assist players, which having played non-assist characters I know it's painful when you're grinding monsters solo, but this impacts assist, so now it seems like assists are always going Billposter build, so that they can be able to be independent. (Not directed at everyone of course, but many cases.)

And for whatever reason customization for when first creating a character has been narrowed down so much that basically every character under level 60 looks the same. And the NPCs that can change your hair color or face, for what used to be a pretty cheap amount that even low leveled characters could afford, is now on the steeper end of things (for newer characters that aren't rolling in the dough and have don't have to worry about buying a new equip).

A large part of this community does the reselling of cash shop items (well nothing new here, obviously) but the prices have become so inflated it's ridiculous. Again. For the higher level characters, things aren't much of an issue except that the later part of the game is pretty much a grind fest.

There are a handful of quests per area, but many aren't worth the effort. Since they require you to collect drops from particular mobs. And in the case of lower levels, you out level the quest, before you're even able to complete it. Which I mean is fairly nice, especially for those who aren't big on quest structured mmorpgs.

I LOVED this mmo, it was always so fun to play, had a fantastic community, and all that good stuff. But personally I feel like with the newest updates, it's gone hill. Though not entirely the game play's fault (even though I've been attacking it the entire post). What it truthfully comes down to is the fact that even in the newest server that they created, there just aren't as many active players who aren't already at max level or close to it. Which in turn affects how much fun you might have while playing the game for the first time.

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XxxMZZxxX 11 years ago
Lol this Game works at WINDOWS 7 but my cousin use WINDOW XP it WoRkeD

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Shay 11 years ago
The game Was good to start of with, great community, great game, the rates were perfect and we had a load of fun flying around most of the time exploring, the game eventually died down as it became more dependant on real money, the rates were lowered and grinding was abysmal, GMs are no where to be found even though there are "penya sellers" (this is an illegal method of selling in game currency by the way) all about the game, spaming the chat boxes causing HUGE inflation. the game USED TO BE FUN, now its just a hard long grind to reach the end goal. keep in mind that when you become a so called "Master" at max level, after you return to level 60, the amount of experience gained is halved so grinding becomes even more abysmal requiring you to either stay a loooong time to get to the target level or buy cash shop items (which are very expensive by the way) to get there faster. such a sham to see a potentially good game go to waste

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UnknownFlyffFan 11 years ago
Best game ever :D. Sure it takes a lot of time lvl up from 40up so i advice u to start assist with a knuckle when u get lvl28 u get a skill to do aoes so it's easyer to start assist bp instead of any other or assist healer.I have 2heros lvl121 max is like 123hero so have fun :)

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SmokeyBear 11 years ago
This game is my all time favorite mmorpg. But I'm unable to play it because it always disconnects you and it slows down your computer a shit ton... if they could fix those two problems, I would love to play it again.

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Alex 11 years ago
I want to try this game, i really do, but i am having WAY to many problems to get it running properly. Looks great, but i can't get it to run at all. So much for this one :/

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David 11 years ago
I Like playing Flyff, i cant play right now cuz having trouble with the game keeps closing, a great game with very many events :D. I just think theres too big defrience between players that have used real money, and players who havent. The fact that real money is such a big thing in it is sad, but the owners must make tons of money.

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Zodan 11 years ago
What is this man i kept patching For almost like 3-4 hrs and then BOOM what i got is nothing
game is not starting
when i try to start it a black screen comes nd Pc restarts T_T

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Joshua (pianodude4) 11 years ago
This was my very first mmo ever and I have to say I was so happy when I finally got this game downloaded! I loved having something to work up to; when I was a vagrant I looked forward to the lvl 15 job change, and after the first job change I looked forward to finally flying at lvl 20. I quit for a while,but am thinking of playing again just because it's a great game. Wonderful community too! Now I get to look foward to the second job change :)

Reasons to play:
1. Good community
2. Good anime graphics
3. Fun gameplay

This game will always hold a special place in my heart

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xxmiku 11 years ago
things that piss me off about Flyff

1.why do you need to fight only high level monsters to gain EXP ??} only learn to fly till like level 70, 60, or 50 that pisses me off
3.too much grinding

the only things good are the music its bliss alot of bliss

in other words i dont like flyff i just dont sorry

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dude1000 11 years ago
the download wont work

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meebles 12 years ago
One of my first mmos, and loved it to death - until I got hacked and got years of equip stolen a while back. Personal bias aside, this is probably one of the easiest games to pick up and also one of the most fun games to play as an AoE class. Character customisation is quite limited when compared to other games, but the class and skill system is solid. The quest system is a little weak, and in most cases only involves you collecting xx amount of monster drops. Most importantly it's a great game in terms of its large player base, which helps take the bore out of grinding.

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Reilly 12 years ago
I have been playing this game since v4 or so,currently v16+. I must say the one thing that makes this game so appealing to players are the classes. Every one loves a nice mmorpg that has custom classes, that have tried to not be like any other game. And since the last couple years Private servers have really taken off, it keeps all the older players like me into the game and wanting to play just for fun, but will letting the new players grind on the official servers to try everything and really feel accomplished.

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emmcac 12 years ago
Played this game for a very long was one of my first games...what i can say is they were constantly updating the game and the G.M's were very active back when i used to play, it was usual to see them somewhere in town or on some part of the map watching over things and testing new stuff. There were also alot of events so there was always something 1st you cant customize your char much only a few faces to chose from and the same goes for the hair style but once you start playing there are other options.Also there are tons of costumes you can buy to make your char look for "how to play" its pretty basic you will have no trouble learning.
There is also the fact that in this game leveling is kinda easy and even when you are a high lvl player you can lvl smoothly as long as you know where.Once you hit the max level you have an option to become a master and get a few extra skills, with this you will become level 60 again but you can keep your high level armor and weapons which makes mob killing look like a walk in the park...
For those that like this kind of game Flyff is a cool game to chill and have fun

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