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About the game:
Title: Mabinogi
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: devCAT Studio
Publisher: Nexon

Mabinogi is a free online game developed by devCAT Studio during three years. It’s also an innovative free MMORPG that offers an amazing cartoon look, thanks to a technique called Cartoon Rendering.

The world of Mabinogi isn’t a static and boring one. Players can live a fantasy life filled with interesting activities. Enjoy the nature’s beauty, sit by a campfire with friends or explore other relaxing activities. However, you’re also able to make food and your own clothing, and even compose music. Let your imagination run wild by composing and performing some beautiful musical pieces in this original and compelling feature.

The gameplay isn’t repetitive like in other free MMO games. The dynamic battles deliver a new level of excitement and entertainment via communal sharing, understanding and love, epitomizing the romance and mysteries of the world of fantasy.

Mabinogi is a worldwide success, acclaimed in countries such as Japan, Korea, China and United States. The regular updates and game services are object of praise from players all over the world.

Explosive Features:

  • Cartoon Visuals
  • Many Activities
  • Characters Age

Featured Video

System Requirements

Mabinogi Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel Pentium 3 800 MHz
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 1GB of free Space
Video Card: NVidia-Geforce2MX or ATI Radeon 7000

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  1. This MMO is my favorite of all time and frankly no other MMO matches the customization, social aspect and fantasy life freedom this game had in its prime. If only it received an engine/graphic update and a server merge it wouldn’t seem so dead and I’m sure people would come back to this wonderfully unique game. I even found the combat system intuitive, sometimes requiring a bit of strategy instead of just clicking and mashing skills mindlessly. Vindictus is not the Mabinogi 2 we deserve.

  2. (Mabinogi)
    + 8 Classes or more
    + Pets
    + Costume
    + Friendly Community
    + Decent Storyline
    + Role Play Game
    + House System
    + Fishing System
    – Small Community
    – Bugs
    – Lack of developmentt
    – Hacker
    – Lack of customer support
    – Unbalance Cash Shop

  3. hi i like the setup of this game its not too quick to bored and you can do almost anything.. I am design a game that is similar didn’t thought i would find any that similar to my idea but still lacking some more cool possibilities. a game like this with upgraded features would draw a lot of attention to even reach VR but just playing it with guilds, tournament, party, choose to own a shop being a black smith a carpenter, tailor, a chef, herbalist, etc having these as extra skill and so more hey making money by having fun shouldn’t be so bad from quest or tournament. there is so more i think the game maker just need to put time into this game and hire some NPC

  4. Mabinogi is a good game to play with friends or family but the community has died due to the amount of greed with Real Life Money. The developer has pretty much giving up on the game.
    (Avoid this game at all cost.) Do not play this game.

  5. Nexon is a very bad Company where they don’t help there Customer plus the moderator are less Active on the forum. Do not play Any games by Nexon even if they Good made by the Developer.

  6. Great game and I love how we can choose our characters age I chose to be a 10 year old again lol. But the only bad part is this game is old and outdated and some other flaws otherwise I’d recommand playing it.

    • Also it probably wouldn’t hurt to add the rest of the ages that people go through like 1-99 as example if they did ever redo this game like so people can pick an old man character or a little child or a adult and ect.

  7. Let me start by saying this is in no way PTW.

    I know, some may say – “but Kappa, look at all the stuff you can buy with real munehs!!”
    Well, all of that shit will be free in the next event hosted practically weekly and those “pretty little clothes” will be just about worthless in a month and practically everywhere.
    If you’re impatient you’ll think its waste of time.

    The market for real cash conversion is also quite large (aka selling account/clothes for real money as well as selling the real game $$ for in game gold) Hell, you can make money off this game if you want!

    DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT FASHIONOGI: Why, you ask? Because, those dumb little teenage brats buy a bunch of useless fashion shit the day it comes out which makes the devs all happy and satisfied. This means gameplay based things do not cost you! This game has benefited, believe it or not, from these annoying ass teens. They make it so people who just wanna enjoy a game can do so for free. And let me tell you- it just keeps getting “free-er”

    The orginal story line is great …and its gets weirder from there on out! Everything gets more bizarre, but if you’re a social lil fuck, you’ll love this!

    The community is diverse and clicky – just find your niche and you’ll be fine. Alexina would be the best to place to start if you’re new btw. And dont worry about joining late- they’ve over compensated a ton of shit so yall fuckers can catch up -.-

    Its a ton of stuff to memorize and deal with- from unlimited colors, quests…skills…..talents..titles….oh god just a fuck ton of stuff. Good news- theres a wiki AND ITS FUCKING GREAT! Seriously…..I’ve yet to see better.

    Like anime?
    Like Fashion?
    Like Bros?
    Like Story?
    Like weird mofos?
    Mabi is for you!

  8. I cannot tell you how long I’ve played this game, it was fun and amazing and there’s an awesome rebirth system that makes leveling easy. Customizations you have to pay really cash to get. I had a level 200 character, and can you believe what happen? I go away two months because of a job, come back to the game and everything. EVERYTHING is gone except my account. No character no pets. 2 years plus wasted. The support for this game I find lacking. If you lose an item due to a glitch or you get hack forget sending in a ticket, you will get directed to form and no one will help you.

    You have to pay if you want pets/customization’s
    It’s a fun game till you lose something important
    There’s no support if something goes wrong

    • GG,u made my day.Go get abetter connection ,i downloaded this in <30 min.Also dont whine,i once downloaded BNS CHINA,it took 8 hours straight,played it,and removed it,then downloaded it again so 0.0.1 or 2 hours are nothing.

  9. Ok, how do I begin this?
    Firstly, if you’re Australian (like I am), step away from Mabinogi, shut down your browser, factory reset your PC, and never go near this monstrosity of a game again. Why am I saying this, you ask? Well, simply getting the game to work is a balding problem and even makes blind people cry at the site of it (no offence, to those people who are blind, even though they won’t even read this), and I can’t exactly say anything about the gameplay, since I never got the chance to do so due to the fact of the game not working and crashing during start up.

    The main launcher for the game is terrible, the Steam edition is UNBEARABLE, and loading the game is not possible. The only thing you receive from this is a bunch of cruddy emails that spam the heck out of your email service unless you unsubscribe from the newsletter.

    Since I was unable to play the game, I cannot give a full review for this, but if Nexon wants to get more positive feedback, the first thing they can do is actually make the god-damn game work for people who live in the Oceania region.

    So for now, it’s a 0/10 bombs from me.

  10. False Advertisement, Terrible community, and Overcharged gameplay even though it’s free. Wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, it’s unorganized and game gets hacked every other week.

  11. One of my favorite games. Been on here 4 years and continuing. Only game I’ve ever played online that is not too demanding on my graphics card, or older laptop. It allows you take off all of the high graphic modifications in the Options menu. They update weekly for new content and have weekly maintenance checks. There is a 2nd password now enforced to prevent people from hacking into your account. Mabinogi is the ONLY game where you can fully customize your character’s gender, items, pets, colors, etc for free. If you wish to customize your character after you’ve created it at a later date, they allow you to buy pons. Pons is a form of currency that has taken away from the expensive $10 Karma coin cards to change characters. I can change my character for only 2-3 dollars with pons. Also, they now have current events where you can get free pets that come with inventory. When you start, you get a flying pet and a mount. So far, I have gotten the flamemare, 2 labradors, eagle, horse.

    Not only to mention those things, but the area is vast. There are 2 continents that you can play on with hundreds of quests associated with your talent and skill. There is even an island called Belvast for higher lvl players. And with the new addition of Doki Doki island, another island where you can fish, make friends, and fly in the air.

    The current talents now are: Gunslinger, Mage, Archer, Melee/Warrior, Alchemist, Puppet Master, Chef, Adventurer, Tailor, Healer, and many more.

    Nexon does offer sales once in a while on pets, items in the shops for you to purchase. And they even have free extra inventory space in the bank and on your character.

    There are dungeons, shadow mission, theater missions that range from normal, basic, advanced, and intermediate for your skill lvl, and group of friends.

    Oh! And Mabinogi can be accessed through Steam also.

  12. It seems like a quite promising game, that is, if you can get past the client launcher. For starters, I should mention one of the installation’s oddities. After it was done (at least for me, and I have no reason to believe it is different for anyone, for the installation process should be the same), it created a desktop icon that may trick the uninstructed into believing the game is launched by its website, for instead of opening the client, it opens your browser, directing you to their official homepage, therefore I had to go to the folder, and start through there. I opened the client, quite eager to finally begin this new adventure but contretemps had yet another card up its sleeve, I was vetoed by hackshield, an error message claimed that it couldn’t connect to the server. I researched it and found not only that quite a few players had the same issue but also that Nexon isn’t really bothered about facilitating the lives of its very clients. I use windows 7 and I’ve yet to solve this puzzlement.

  13. This review is very dated

    The game has changed to dynamic combat and flows much faster

    Its a bit of a free game as well as far as leveling goes and doesnt feel grind heavy comapred to most MMOs

    At the same time its impossible to cap out quickly

    Im not sure if it was mentioned in this video but this is a classless game and though youll always feel a strong sense of progression it will take years to entirely cap everything

    A bit harder to explain than most games

    Give it s shot

  14. Mabinogi has great art, a lot to do, and a ton of customization. So much customization in fact that it overshadows everything else. While the dungeons are rarely used anymore, the majority of the NA server is about fashion and not combat. Plus with many ways to rank skills without actually doing any work anymore. Though even if you did do the work it’s all repetitive.

    Then the fact that Nexon NA horribly ruins it all with multiple bugs and glitches complimented by horrible customer support. It’s so bad that many people actually expect stuff to break now with numerous maintenance that seem to fix one thing and break two more things.

    The storylines in Mabinogi are good and well worth the play, but with no replay ability those storylines are all one-shots which drastically lowers the amount of stuff to do once you finish it. Though it tries to cover this up with events every few days, once you finish the storylines Mabinogi becomes one giant chore.

    I rate Mabinogi a 7/10.

    • Same with me,im indonesia and i want thisgame soooo badly,but there no indonesia country selection,i feel dissapointed

  15. This used to be my all time favorite game. I started before they even had horses. It was nice when i first started playing the game because everyone was kind of a newbie, so everyone was friendly and helpful to each other. As time progressed new animals came out, they expanded the map opening up new possibilities. It was really fun to have such a great group of people who were training with me. After a little while I stopped and had to focus on certain things, but one day decided I wanted to go back. So, I update my account and elves and giants are the new thing. I was so exited, there were so many newbies again, everyone trying to become an amazing elf or giant. It was nice having a lot of people to help right at the beginning, where you grow together. Eventually the game turned into more of you are either fighting or you are selling. There wasn’t really any place to go specifically that you could go and wait for people to pop up and say hello to. The hardest part for me back then, is I felt the time that I didnt play others would progress over me and I would be the weak one, but I guess in any game that happens. I eventually raised my elf to be a pretty good level and was very proud of it. But then days went by where I didn’t want to play, it just became task after task. I tried it again recently, and couldn’t get onto my old account. I submitted a ticket and decided to make a new account. After making the new account I started and it just felt dead. Like it was before there is one main channel that everyone is at that has all the shops. But at least before there were people at other channels that you could meet in a easier way instead of trying to butt in to the shopping place and finding people. The game is a really good one, but there is so much you have to do and so many things that you have to get that it becomes overwhelming. For a new player I would advise trying your hardest to make friends on here quickly, unless you like going solo. I thought it was very nice to have people there to help you out. All the shops are somewhat confusing too, there are so many there that have such expensive things that you end up getting frustrated.

    Overall it is a really good game, it is the only online game I have been able to really stick with and like. However, the downloading process does take a very long time so don’t expect to be playing in 10 minutes.

    You will spend money somehow in this game, it’s one of those things where you say you won’t but eventually you want to be as good as everyone else and spend a little money.

    Don’t expect really any other newbies. At the beginning of the game and when elves and giants came out there were so many other newbies which really helped, but now really everyone playing is at least a little farther off than a newbie.

    The game does have a lot of things(some people might say it is a really good thing), which can make someone overwhelmed, skills, pets, clothes, quests, level, ranks, maps, shops, and guilds. All can be very confusing and can make a person not know what to do. I would recommend joining when there is a new character type of thing, but who knows if that will ever happen and if it does when. The last time I got off of my main account was at least 2 years ago so it has been awhile.

    The game is pretty good if you really give it a good try and have someone playing with you. In the end it is all about how much you like it, this is just my opinion.

    Overall I’d give the game a solid 7/10.

  16. Well once I finally got the game to work.Yeah apparently the game has issues running if you are using vista/windows 7.I thought nice looking.Played it for a few hours and combat was nothing new.But you can learn pretty much most of the skills.But and this is the biggest flaw,the game seems dead.I saw only 2 other players playing.Even in the major hubs there was nothing more then a couple people sitting around afk.I wouldn’t recomend this game unless you ove to play alone.

    • You dont seem to understand that people dont play at midnight.
      what i mean by that is that there are 7 channels to play on and 4 servers. the player base is split up. not only that there is such a thing as PEAK HOURS. derp. use your head before posting a shitty comment.

    • It depends on what server you play on. The server Alexina has the most players and most people are in channel 1. Also most people are busy doing dungeons, shadow missions, and generation quests. Most people don’t hang out in the town unless they want to socialize or merchant.

    • I’ve been playing Mabi for 3 years now and decided I’d weigh in for prospective players.

      Like all games, Mabi has it’s ups and downs, but I’d like to point out the more innovative points. This of course is just my opinion.

      Golgo28 said the battle system is “nothing new” Impossibuhble.

      ::Battle System::

      No Level Cap = None. Whatsoever. Nada. Mabi has a rebirth system and an age system. The point of rebirthing is to reset your lvl so you can obtain AP. AP is used to rank skills. You have a current lvl and a total lvl. A character can have a total of 2k and be current lvl 1. After a rebirth you keep your skill ranks and the stats you gain from ranking skills. You can rebirth for free when your character turns 20, or every 6 days if you buy a character card. Your character ages 1 year every saturday. if you rebirth to age 10 you have to wait 10 weeks to rebirth or buy a card. Rebirth at age 17 and you can rebirth for free in 3 weeks. 3 weeks is a perfect amount of time to get about 50-100 lvls (50-125 AP to rank skills)

      No Class skill lock = again: None. Any class can learn any skill. The function of classes in mabi is to allow you to train skills of that class easier, as well as stat boosts for that class. Classes allow you to get 2x training for skills of that class.

      Skill training = Skill books? pfft. Class trainers. Pffftt. In mabi you gain skills through quests, or you start with them. You train your skills by using them, not purchasing them.

      Button Mashing = Not so much. Mabi allows you to switch from ranged to melee to magic in a fight as you please, and often times it is neccessary since some monsters *ping*. Monsters can be resistant to different types of attacks forcing you to use a variety of skills in any given battle.

      Talent System = Mabi recently instated a talent system that gives even more stat boosts to your character as you rank skills in that Talent. I have to admit it is kind of nice wearing your title proudly of your talent once you reach higher talent lvls. The stat boosts are also nothing to complain about and they are there even if you don’t have the talent title equipped.


      I have to say playing a few hours is not nearly enough to say you know this game. It really isn’t. A few hours isn’t enough to say you know any game. It’s enough to say you don’t like it, but don’t claim to know what someone who’s played it for weeks to years knows.

      Mabi is a social game. People are needed for quests and dungeons, and people are willing to help. Yes some people sit around but we all have our down time and personal time, no? My philosophy is this: if you join a game or a community, don’t blame the community if you don’t have friends. It takes more than a few hours to get peoples attention or to see the entire community. Lvl up your social skills. People aren’t going to chase you around begging to help you. (well, me and my friends might if we’re bored =D )

      I also use windows 7, no permanent problems with it in three years. If you have problems, google it. No doubt others have had the same problem and have figured it out on their own or with the help of others online. Don’t automatically think it is broken just because you can’t fix it. Lvl up your computer skills ^.^

      Before mabi I was not an mmo player. Since Mabi I have yet to find another game that can even compare for me. I have tried 20 to 30 other games and all have the same combat system or skill ranking system. The stories have walls of text that get boring where as mabi’s story plays out more like an interactive book. there are very few fetch quests, no “kill this many monsters and come back, then kill the same monster and bring me this item back, then go and kill another monster and blah blah.” Mabi isn’t like that.

      Speaking of walls of text, I think this one is done.

      To people who are looking for a different type of mmo: Try Mabi. Really. The servers have different communities. I’ve only played on Alexina so I can’t speak for the others : ( For the social aspect: it takes time. You’re going to meet flaky jerks at first. But there are so many people willing to help good newbies. Good luck and happy Gaming.

      Maelania of Alexina.

  17. Ok,,This game looks like the best mmo EVER!But,the prob is that when I’m downloading it’s taking like a week!!!It’s already been 4 days and it’s finally 73% I was like thank god!When I found out it was that much once i play this game I’m gonna explode from happiness but if 1 second later it tells me to redownload im gonna go on a freakin rampage >:( But anyways does anyone know a way for my laptop to download it way faster if it tells me to redownload o.O cuz ya….I have a giant feeling it’s gonna make me redownload it….and i’ve uninstalled a lot of programs too :/

  18. Ok,,This game looks like the best mmo EVER!But,the prob is that when I’m downloading it’s taking like a week!!!It’s already been 4 days and it’s finally 73% I was like thank god!When I found out it was that much once i play this game I’m gonna explode from happiness but if 1 second later it tells me to redownload im gonna go on a freakin rampage >:( But anyways does anyone know a way for my laptop to download it way faster if it tells me to redownload o.O cuz ya….I have a giant feeling it’s gonna make me redownload it….

  19. Honest to god this is probably the MMORPG I’ll never stop playing.

    No other game has ever made me feel as home or welcome as Mabinogi has. An incredibly popular game in Korea, Mabinogi showcases some of the most unique features any MMO has yet to offer. So without further ado, lets get this formal review on the road.

    Character Customization 9/10

    Mabinogi offers for a game of it’s age, a substantial amount of ways players can change the way they look. Although it doesn’t offer anything like Aion’s eye contour, jaw jutt and body proportion modifications, Mabinogi still maintains it’s catchy nickname of “Fasionogi” through many other ways. Characters when created may pick any hairstyle/eye shape and color they want (even premium/cash options) and stick with it until rebirth [which will be explained later!] Players will get to chose an age option between 10 and 17 which will change the characters body proportions, however this has no effect on gameplay. Players can chose to eat certain foods in game to make their characters skinnier or bulkier and even potions to make them appear younger for a duration!

    Storyline / Quests 8/10

    To truly appreciate the epicness that is the mainstream storyline of Mabinogi, you needed to have been a player that started at the beginning and waited months for the next updates, just to do the quests; goes to show how great the quests are. Never have I played an MMORPG where the storyline actually made myself as a player feel actually important in the success of the world of Erinn. Players that follow the story quests without skipping will discover the truth behind the god’s and goddess’ of the world and attain the ability to transform into a knight shrouded in light, the Paladin when the time comes; or into a shadow known only as the Dark Knight. What I’ve said so far is only updates Generation 1 – Generation 3, The storyline does get a bit shaky later on but still maintains a very strong captive point

    Combat System / Skills-stats 9/10

    Mabinogi’s main philosophy when it comes to combat is a model similar to “Rock Paper Scissors.” That is to say, every skill has some sort of counter/weakness. That is to say however, that being targetted by more than one monster is significantly more difficult than one on one however those with knowledge and skill one can use even just the basic skills to overcome the hardest dungeons.

    The statistics of your character in Mabinogi are determined largely by the “rank” of your skills. Ranking up your skills in Mabinogi require you to use the skill several times and on different difficulties of monsters to gain proficiency in them and increase their effectiveness through rank ups. As you rank up skills they’ll give you stats that are permanently added to your character, these stats are not lost upon rebirth.

    Rebirth is a mechanic in Mabinogi that give players an unlimited potential. Rebirthing is avaliable for free when a character ages to 20. Leveling up in Mabinogi grants the player 1 Ability point per level which is used to rank up skills and also a variety of “temporary stats”. What rebirthing does is reset a characters levels to 1 and losing all the temporary stats such as STR and DEX accumulated through leveling but maintain all the characters skill ranks. What this means is that a freshly rebirthed character will only have the stats from their acumulated skill ranks and become permanently stronger over the course of the game. Mabinogi becomes a much less “grind” focused game as characters can focus on other things when leveling becomes too hard and then wait till rebirth and level up again. This helps emphasize Mabinogi’s logo as “Fantasy Life”

    Mabinogi let’s you control the life of your character in many ways, you can literally be talented in anything you chose! The Talent system enables your character to get bonus stats and accumulate proficiency in skills twice as fast depending on what talent you pick. For example, if a player were to pick the Close quarters talent, they would gain twice the proficiency in skills related to close combat. There are plenty of talents to pick from including musician, magician, chef, even blacksmith and apothecary!

    Content 10/10

    There really is no way you can run out of things to do in Mabinogi. With every month adding in tons of new updates with new skills, changes and additions, players are never left bored. Mabinogi offers three different playable races; Humans, Elves, and Giants with notable differences in each. When a human is created, players may visit the different races respective home town in the continent of Iria to create a character of both race free of charge. New continents are added as well as areas are unlocked constantly.

    Unique Feature; Music playing

    I want to really emphasize this feature because I find it truly amazing. Mabinogi uses a system that runs on MIDI code where players can compose scores of music and play them to other players in game. Everyone can be sitting by a campfire and listening to a bard play the opening of your favorite television show or the soundtrack of your favorite movie, it really adds a unique, warm feel to the game.

    Overall Mark 36/40

    Mabinogi is a great game, a hallmark staple MMORPG in Asia and if it weren’t for Nexon America’s incompetence it might’ve been here as well. There’s always potential!

  20. I would LOVE to play this game, but I keep having issues: first can’t load installer, then can’t load launcher, then can’t load client… I wandered around tons of websites and found no solution. A real pity

      • Where do I find it?
        Anyway the problem is that the launcher doesn’t work and I guess that, even with an old downloader, the launcher will update itself and then again won’t work. What do you think? I am very thrilled by this game!!!

      • Did as you suggested with MabinogiSetupV133R (downloader first, then setup) and ended as always: Mabinogi.exe stopped working.

        • when i started (some years ago) i had the same problem, i think the answer lies in the forum. (dont know if i remember correctly) try the manual download

  21. I loved Mabinogi while I could play it. It’s really fun, you can really take on any kind of life you want in the game.
    My only complaint would be that they auto close tickets and don’t listen to your complaints or problems. I haven’t been able to play the game for a year now ever since they added a patch in the game. I’ve gone to their tech support forum and tried everything, but it wouldn’t work again. I can’t even log in to my account. I sent in a ticket hoping they would help, but they auto closed it and didn’t even look at it. My friend also had a problem in her game where she couldn’t enter a dungeon she needed for a quest, and they auto closed her ticket as well. I would guess the North American team has lousy tech support. They don’t really seem to care as long as they are making money off the majority of the players.
    They try to hide the problems with the game by adding all these great events, but it doesn’t really make it up to the people who have problems playing it. :\
    I’d say still give the game a try though. It’s really fun! But if you have tech problems and don’t know what to do, you are out of luck.

  22. By far the best mmorpg out there. Not just the common sense of variation of colours which makes every player unique but also the variety of loots, lucky drops, and rear items that you can’t predict when you fight. The best co-op game ever and when they say it’s a “fantasy life”, hell yeah it’s definitely a fantasy life that you can get lost in. If there’s to be a VRMMORPG like Sword Art Online, Mabinogi should undoubtedly be the first since it has so much free stuff including the rebirth system which makes it really feel like a life worth living 🙂

  23. Mabinogi..very unique. i played many online games but mabinogi is different. whats more? the character, the NPC..omg..they are so beautiful animated..i once fell in love with all the girls NPC. LOL
    Yea, it’s a great game. a game that you will free from all those stress. Unlike maple, you noob get lost from the fun. I highly recommend that you start off this game with bunch of your friends. This game have all the features like “making a party with frineds, go hunting monster dungeon then making campfire, everyone siting around it and play music(if there is a musician)” yea, there is a LIFE in this game. The cons of this game is “less user friendly”, you will get lost and dunno wat to do. so, better is read some walkthrough or guide before u start it. maybe thats the reason why the player is less in mabinogi D:

  24. @ thesimp That’s outdated, I’ve been playing Mabi NA since May 2012 and I’m from EU. The community is not anymore racist than others. Humans will be humans.

    @cacalips Huh? If you don’t like that kind of clothes, there are many other options to choose from.

    Much has changed as of 2012. For one thing EU closed down and NA is now open to most European countries. Yet even before Mabinogi has been far more than a social game, there are many quests to finish and dungeons to run, exploring to do and more.

    What makes Mabi unique is:

    – the cutscenes with you in them

    – the storyline

    – you can customize your characters a lot; wear sexy, casual or elegant clothes

    – there is no fixed class system, you can be whatever you want

    – lots of different ways to level, the worst grinding you will have to do is skill training and farming for a certain item

    – several ways to make money

    – The beginning used to be difficult, but was made easier recently. Heard Mabi is on Steam now too.

    • I miss how Mabinogi was in Europe and there was no reason for it to shut down. Everytime I logged in there were only people who I know. I remember when there was a major update and then a few nice adds came on youtube about it attracting some people and they were like newbies who I could help every now and then when I see them around. Now there’s latency in the NA server which totally sucks D:

  25. Girl in tshirt and miniskirt somehow has two deul wielded broadswords attached to hips. Not even going to visit the site much less install

  26. Fun game, Love how they give free mounts to new players. That was one of the main things that held new players from enjoying this game. This game isn’t dungeon based, but some quests require you to go to a dungeon and complete it.

    There is no class system, (you can be a warrior/mage, archer/fighter, alchemist/bard or all of them combined) There is a destiny system, it gives 2x exp to whatever destiny you pick like warrior or bard. There’s 3 total races, Humans, Elves, and Giants. Each have their own benefits and disadvantages. There’s also main story line quests, which are divided into generations. They usually give benefits if you complete them, like transformations, demi-god transformations, personas, etc. Your character and pets usually age 1 year every sunday and to reset your age, you can rebirth.

    The things I don’t like is that some dungeons for the main storyline are too difficult, which requires friends to help you out unless you can solo everything. Also most dungeons are repetitive, find keys to open the door, attack switches to open doors, find the real chest among mimics, etc.

  27. Playing Mabinogi ever since the beta came to NA, this MMO personally feels more unique than others. There are many different skills to rank, many ranks to raise, no level cap, and big content updates that come every 2~4 months. It can be a bit difficult for a new player to get accustomed to everything but you can always find a guild stone around the maps to join and receive some help. Many different weapons, items to craft, clothes/armor to get/customize with upgrades or dyeing. Oh and of course the game uses an aging and rebirth system that can reset your age and level back down (which is good because you can regain more Ability Points to rank more skills). Combat is also something that is unique in Mabinogi, it can be seen as a more complicated rock-paper-scissors game but with more possibilities and is more fast pace. You can’t simply spam two or three skills while standing still for the most part, combos and tactics are strongly urged when fighting so it’s nice to mix and match the skills you like using in battle.

    However like all MMO’s there are the faults and kinks to it. The publisher, Nexon is known to be hidden in the shadows and don’t interact frequently/all that well in game (GM’s are rare). The game can be subject to a few hack scares because of certain modders. Skill ranking can be a bit monotonous because of the requirements they want you to do each rank. The game can be seen a bit as “pay to win” because of the benefits you get from buying pets (fast transportation/inventory space/able to help in fights), buying premium service (30 day temporary package of benefits like being able to use more inventory space and access to using features like housing so you can sell items easily), and the gachapons (usually at the cost of $1 to $1.50 for one and can give a random in game item that can range from junk for crafting to rare equipment that are enchanted with unworldly things and can cost a large fortune.

    OVERALL..the game is fun and has a lot of content to mess around with (fighting in dungeons/missions, commercing, life skill crafting, mini games like jousting, a few events time to time) and can have it’s downsides but is worth a challenge if you invest in time, manage to find a helpful guild, and perhaps $10 to $30 dollars on a few pets to help you along the way.

  28. dude there is no classes on mabinogi ive been plying 3 years (this 4 things now its 6 and soon 7 its actualy not classes is just giving you boost for skills ) u wan use whatevar wheapons skills u want and also no lvl req on anything if u will do another vidio of it try to tall more abut the game cuz w/o tht things this gave is succs (also there is no max lvl limit u can get lvl 10000+)and ppl wont quit
    mabi cuz they allways hav what to do (nexon dont updating tht)

  29. Mabinogi is a game where you can keep yourself entertained since there are so many things to do.
    And, sometimes we also call it fashinogi, because sometimes people just buy clothes. NOW! clothes, my goodness. Mabinogi has lady-gaga like clothes. I love mabinogi, and I’ve been playing for about two years, x3.

  30. I played this game for 2 years found it to be a “pay to win” game. also I was one of top players back when Iria patch game out. My total lvl was well over 2,000. I had every pet in the game. I had tons of items well worth over 100mil over 4 characters.but the game has major issues. specially with pvp if you didn’t have a “lag fix” + top notch internet like i do. You fail in pvp simply due to skill lag, also pvp consist of just “arrow revolver” spam. dungeoning was just “windmill” spam. Another major flaw to this game, was the fact it is to easy to by-pass the hacking system as myself i had “god-mode” and many other hacks that gave me a unfair-advantage. Oh not to mention customer support. if you have a issue and it has nothing to do with “money” good luck getting the issue resolved the “GMs” or “customer support people” will give you a un-related automated reply. If you spam them with support tickets they will simply ban you. also every patch for the game they almost always fail.

  31. So here is my problem, after weighing the options in my head I decided what the hell this game looks worth a go. EU servers are on their way out, and are the America as well? I downloaded and installed the game no problem. I boot and I go to hit play and one of two things happen without fail. “You need to update your account info before playing” So I do so…Um ok what do they…Fine. Done reboot finally gonna play. Nope. “Failed to launch Mabinogi….” Um? Ideas? Am I the only one this has happened to? Eh anyways I guess back on the quest to find “THE ONE MMORPG TO RULE THEM ALL!” (Side note DDO is close. And I don’t care what you say otherwise I love it =P )

    • run mabi as admin (C:/nexon/mabinogi/mabinogi.exe)
      u can make a shortcut on desktop and make sure u run as adimn 😛

  32. New Player Question :

    I Already Downloaded but everytime a press “PLAY” it STILL wants me to download.

    Why is it doing that!? ==”

  33. I found this game about 1.5 years ago and since then it’s been a fantasy life it’s fun it’s pvp system is fun and everything about it it’s my favorite game now

  34. I love this game its one of the best but I haven’t been able to play it since mabinogi launcher keeps failing and I tried everything… if anyone know the side by side thing to the clinet thing to mabinogi please tell me I want to play this game again asap…:)

  35. Mabinogi is one of the best MMRPG’s ever produced.
    You basically never hit the max level…because there isn’t one. The armors are not important as the fighting engine is made so that you try to dodge the damage by either keeping monsters knocked down, negate the damage by countering or lower damage with different skills.
    The damage of weapon isn’t so important either.

    All weapons have their good and bad points. Some are slow or hit only once but do high damage or quick and hit up to 3 times with low damage.

    There is no separate fashion costumes but all the costumes are also armors of some kind.

    You can also learn any skill you want and train their “Rank”.

    All in all Mabinogi is skill-wise the most realistic MMORPG.

    Too bad the english versions, NA and EU, are attacked by lot’s of hackers.
    Especially EU is on really bad shape. If you’re lucky, you can play for hour or so before the servers are crashed again for hours or maybe even days,
    There also was a “Blackrobe” hack going on at one point which basically was used by hacker to corrupt your character data and make it appear as black character in a robe.

    The game and it’s support are completely ignored by the EU department of Nexon. So if you want to play: learn japanese/chinese/korean and go play their versions as they have no area restriction unlike NA and EU which are restricted only to their area…

    • pvp was lame. the armor is important. I had the rarest dustin in the game with the highest def/prot possible with 2 def enchants on them i know one was “imp” forgot what the other rare enchant was called. at fully upgraded dustin + full set+ infra black with all “dark knight skills maxed” Nothing could stop me. you could spam me with arrow revolver i would just walk threw it, same for magic/melee. I could hit you even if you had me in stun lock. just because of the armor/skills for defense. honestly i don’t think you played the game enough to say armor isn’t important unless you were just poor in-game then i understand. also i met level cap before they added new skills past the iria patched (thats when i quit)

      • he Said “NA and EU, are attacked by lot’s of hackers.”
        It’s not unplayable in australia or SEA, or Middle east

    • they have a light version on the site you wont get all the music but you will get the game, its a lot smaller than the normal download

  36. Siiigh the game looks really awesome.. and the reviews and ratings AND gameplay i saw on youtube or other websites liek dis… Its just that its for NA (North America).. I wish Mabigoni have SEA ver.. I’ll gladly be happy abt it :'<
    And hotspot wont work for me.. ;3;

      u r right! and..
      WHY THE Hell southeast people really like full action RPG?!?!?!?

  37. By the way. Person who did the “first look” You were long on a bunch of things most of them were pointed out in a comment somewhere above ^. But there were a few things missed… I’m not sure why you couldn’t zoom out? I zoom out way further from that perspective on my computer, and you can also zoom in way closer. The game didn’t originally have wasd moving set. Most players actually play with the point and click, sometimes you need it to be more accurate. If you go to youtube and watch a more “pro player” playing mabinogi, the movement does not look nearly as robotic, everything is much more fluent once you’ve played it for a week.. In my case (3 years) o3o It’s a great game… When he says “i’m surprised people still play this game” This game does not get the credit it deserves. IMO it’s at LEAST 3x more addicting then WoW. And i’m not a WoW hater i still play now and then when i feel like paying for subscription, but mabinogi is a much more addicting MMORPG then Runes of Magic, Or WoW.. Like i said IMO. If this game had as much advertising as WoW and had such a big NAME as WoW. Then this game MIGHT get the ammount of players it deserves.

    • Well at the moment, a giant group of hackers completely spammed some things in mabinogi. (Might confuse some people if i go too far into the subject) Sweet and Short = Mabinogi is down for a day or two until nexon can either fix the problem or do a week rollback (sort of putting everything the way it was saved a week ago in their system) SOOO… At the moment, the game is down. PROBABLY NOT FOR LONG. Nexon is almost always quick with getting the servers back up. I personally play in the Tarlach server. My cousin dillon1995 also plays in the tarlach server. The tarlach server has a fairly decent economy~ I suggest tarlach from my bias point of view 🙂 If you do happen to join the Tarlach server when you join the game feel free to add me and i can help you out ~Yusuke1995 (InGameName)

  38. i played this game FOREVER and loved it, but the game shit out on me on the update after hamlet. basically, the game sucked over a hundred dollars out of me then quit working, like most nexon games.

  39. There is so much that the maker of the review did that can misinform you. First off this game is not a American game, Its Korean. second yes leveling is fast and slows down eventually but there is also the unique rebirth system that lets you with time reach as many levels as you want by putting your level back to one. but the thing with that is you get to keep a percentage of your stats gained to build up and of course keep all the skills the same rank. There is no skill tree really you are free to get any skill you want anytime you want as long as you have the right amount of AP to upgrade it which you gain by leveling and some quests. As with the camera i saw that he commented that he was annoyed by not being able to zoom out but he failed to put in consideration that there may have been a obstacle blocking being able to zoom out more. Had he looked into the story some he would have seen that the owls are helpers of Nao, the woman from the beginning who wants to help you as a newcomer get started in the game. Movement is quite smooth and you can swiftly move from one skill to another while fighting. In a way yes Tir is a newbie area yes but Mabinogi does not place level restrictions on where you can go. There is SO much things you can do that there is always ways you can find something to do. Honestly I would prefer it if someone redid this review and was willing to do some research before they did a review that will affect how others might come to play.

  40. ive played this game for like 5 mins (i kinda got bored and wanted to listen to music) but i’ll b honest it was better than all the mmorpgs ive played although i have my ups and downs with this game i would recommend this for all gamers casual,hardcore,RPGers,FPSers any type of gamer would definitaly enjoy this

  41. Vindictus a.k.a. Mabinogi Heroes developed by the same developer , devCat , kinda maintained the story , somehow I think the NPC’s look like the ones in vindictus even so I think from that 3 years of developing atleast 1 year was for writing the story , bcuz is great 😀 and that game is known for the good story , but as manny say Mabinogi is a great game , ok I agree with that but Vindictus is even better 🙂 too bad is kinda repetitive , I mean after 1 week i kinda got boored of the same dungeons.. but it worth playing believe me 🙂 too bad is published by nexon , they should’ve look for a better publisher or publish it by themselves

  42. Mabinogi is a great game! It satisfies almost everyone’s gaming buds. From a hardcore gamer to a Casual gamer. Everyone wins here. Friendly players, good gameplay and amazing art style!

    Art style – 4.5 Stars
    Gameplay – 5 Stars
    Community – 5 Stars
    Soundtrack – 5 Stars
    Job system – 4 Stars
    Other – 4.5 Stars
    Overall = 9/10

    Happy Gaming!!

  43. This game so far is on the top of my list of MMOs, there is so far no MMO/MMORPG out there that can top it. I have been playing this for years, and I am a person that gets board of things very quickly, and Im growing bored of it so sometimes I look for games like it, or other nexon games such as DFO or vindictus (being a U.S. player). Yet I cannot find anything remotely close, all I can find are click click F11 F11 F12 F9 pot pot pot LEVEL UP! games and i think those are extremely boring so… Im on my quest to find a decent game like Mabinogi.
    Now about the game itself. It has amazingly beautiful scenery all over the place, from the deserts of Connus, to the Jungle of Cor, and the Snowy Planes of Physis. The part that starts to draw you in is the combat system, the versatility of a character, with little to no skill limits, and the character creation. With 3 races as I said, they have some skill limits of each of them, but they are skills that normaly are hard to aquire or are not used much anyways. But overall its a beautiful, fun, adventurous, actiony game, with a very good story line. One game that every gamer MUST play.

    • OH! I also forgot to mention a very cool aspect of the game, Transformations! Elfs can transform into a falcon/human thing, Giants can turn into a Beast/Human thing, and Humans have a choice, they can become a Knight of Darkness, or a Knight of Light, a Dark Knight or Paladin. With these transformations, all of your stats are boosted (except for Paladin, which gives defense instead of Intelegence), you get health/stamina/mana boost, and each one gets a different skill( except Paladin). Of course something this powerful can be made stronger, but it is limited by time, so to increase the time you must be younger of age, yes there is ages like 10 11 12 13 ect. and the more you rebirth the longer it lasts! Amazing game isnt it?

  44. i dont know if people agree with me but we can make a guild called mmobombers so people might now a bit more about the web site and if any of you guys play this they can join our guild but im suggesting so if anyone a guild about this then tell me so i can join

  45. An awesome MMO! Unfortunately, the EU versions are ignored by Nexon and run by engrish-speaking money grabbers. Prices are upped from the American release and we get few updates or events and poor customeer service. On the upside, EU has servers which don’t break as often as americas and a better in-game economy, so not all is bad. Worth playing if you can find friends to do it with, despite what i’ve said. Things can only get better.

  46. Honestly one of the best or maybe even the best mmorpg out there. there is so much to do in this game that its is amazing that it’s free. you must try this game or you will surely regret it

  47. Mabinogi is one of those games that has so much you can do that its almost impossible to find yourself some “dead time” starting with the character customization, the dye system,the craft system (where you can craft your own clothes and other stuff)…also the exploration system that give extra action points (ap which are used to upgrade skills), the social side of the game where you can sit by a fireplace and share food with other players and play and compose your own songs for everyone to listen…This game has so many features and so much to do that the hard part will be choosing what to do next.
    Another good thing about the game is that you can chose any skills you want since there is no class system so your free to make a pure melee character or a archer with magic spells…let your imagination run wild wile choosing the skills you think are the best for your fighting style.
    The only downside i find here (as a player of the Mabinogi Eu) is the lack of game moderators…often you find yourself in town surrounded by players spamming skills on duels and attempting to scam some newbie with equip trades and such…as far a i can say you can just black list them (simple, easy and fast method to solve it) but a ingame moderator to stop this kind of things every once in a wile would be more effective.
    Either way Mabinogi is a great game to spend your time if you like to play games with a lot of social features and party dungeons.


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