Forge of Empires







About the game:
Title: Forge of Empires
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORTS Type: Browser
Developer: InnoGames
Publisher: InnoGames

Forge of Empires is a browser-based MMORTS by InnoGames. Relive history as you rule over your empire through the stages of early human civilizations.

Starting from the Stone Age and advancing to the Late Middle Ages, watch your empire progress through the ages. Manage your city, produce resources, and build an army to conquer surrounding providences.

Features a single player campaign as well as PvP action.

Explosive Features:

  • Ability to rearrange city planning.
  • Intuitive tutorial.
  • Single player campaign mode.

News and Updates

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System Requirements

Forge of Empires System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Processor: 2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible
Memory Ram: 1GB Free
Hard Disk Space: 100 MB

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  1. I have played foe for over 5 years. Recently I chose to walk away from the game. Honestly, I got tired of the same old events, the same gvg, he and gbg struggles every week after week after week. It would be one thing if the put more effort into the events and stopped doing the same types of events every year. Now, with the introduction of pvp and event hub, I really wonder if innos time could have been better spent elsewhere. What it comes down to for me was, I got tired and board with a game that I had spent many years playing. Thanks inno for sending foe into the toilet for me…

  2. The game is rigged. Inno only listen to their favorite pets while ignoring everybody else.
    The childish petty moderators on the main forum remove anything criticizing the game (or Inno), they even remove stuff just because they personally don’t like it. Even when you respond to “we at Inno would like to know what you think about X subject”, unless you kiss ass they will remove your comment for no good reason.
    They also farm your online data.
    This game sucks on many levels, as does their other game The West. I discovered that they have many NPC accounts to make the game look more populated than it really is.
    Inno are not above board.

    Don’t waste you time on this game, it is a slow grind at best.
    After investing time to get the special buildings from events, Inno now refuse to give you the last piece of the building for all the effort you put in.

    Bottom line :
    Inno are corrupt carnies that rip you off.

  3. I don’t understand the negative reviews. This game is unlike most other games out there, because it DOES NOT force you to spend money. The people complaining wouldn’t have learned the basic concept of the game and would have quit. In reality in this game it doesn’t matter how strong the other people on the server are, because no one can attack no one randomly. Only people in the neighborhood can attack each other, and they’re mostly somewhat of the same strength. Then again, attacking each other is not crucial aspect of the game. In fact, attacking others gives you little benefits, and you would start avoiding after a while (unless you’re too much into hurting others.)

    Main theme of the game is empire building. It’s more like a sim city style game with the additional options for wars and trading. And both functions are integrated in the mini games in such a way that even free players can get enough fun out of these (instead of facing frustration, as it occurs in most other war games). One great aspect of the game is that one can choose to play this game militarist, and other can do it based on goods production, and both can somewhat play all the mini games.

    Still, I wouldn’t say this is a perfect game. One major weakness of the game is that the game offers plenty of small wins, but after a while all those wins become somewhat repetitive. There is no feeling of true achievement. Nevertheless I will rate it 9/10.

  4. The biggest problem with this game is, that the NEW WORLD opens very rarely. So you are forced to wait months, years for new world to be open, so you can have at least minimal chances of competing with others and enjoy the game….or you can join old worlds….and be a farm or puppet for the big players. So basically, if you want to play this game, don’t. Choose any other, that is at least minimal fair.

  5. its a money game, yes its free to play but they have too make money. so if you want to stay a free player just remember you are a farm to the money players,

  6. Very good game, very sofisticated, interesting combat system, lots of events, lots of different resources that allow you to progress throu game, by building buildings, research, quests and Guild Expedition advances. If you like analyze and calculate this is like THE game for you. You can progress 10 times quicker then usual players if youre good at those things. Logical and geometrical puzzle solving, combined with nice graphics. I have played for 4 months, investing about 4 hours every day(1-1.5h in morning, 5-30 min on the bus in middle day and 2-3 hours in evening, there i try to do the best i can). I have 8 cities, i guess thats why. With 1 city you can probably do everything you need in 30m-1h every day if you choose to. But you can also spend 2 more hours every day analyzing, watching videos and reading forums/articles about different aspects of game and what is best startegy/building in what situations. I think and i have advanced much quicker then many of people that i have met in game because i have logical, analytical and math skils, altho i gotta say you dont meet many of them or well i could i guess if i start chatting and try to boost my progress with their help by trading FP or city resources, but there game doesnt require you to chat with them. In that case Elvenar is better, because guilds there are much more active and you interact with other players much more.

  7. Just a casual player, I play a few mins a couple times a day so I’m not heavily invested in the game and haven’t yet spent any money on the game. It’s an ok free game if you don’t mind getting attacked by heavy coin players several times a day. Their armies have 200% or more additional attack and defense capabilities which is impossible to get without spending lots of coin. Without spending coin, mine attack and defense has 25-50% additional ability. Otherwise it’s fun to build city. There’re weekly PVE events where you can win prizes and frequently special events where you can win more valuable items. Although you will be limited advancing through the special events without spending coin.

    • I spent 4+ years on this game. It is by far the slowest money grubbing game going. Racists, antisemitics, trolls, all virtually uncontrolled. The game keeps making new rules to try but they have lost all control. They make new unenforceable rules and ramp up the need to pay to succeed. I imagine all of INNO games to be the same. Want to be a troll and a total butt munch? That is your game.

  8. * Unless you live on a trust fund or are the neighborhood drug dealer with mega thousands of expendable cash, don’t try this game.
    * Support is a joke. They have one named John Wick that will try to get you to change to a 2nd rate browser. The “support” is nothing more than active players volunteering so they can get intel on other players/guilds in order to compete against them in their GvG section.
    * It is not very compatible with many browsers. This game doesn’t like Firefox and even with Chrome it can be buggy.
    * The developers are not very good and it is common place to have many bugs anytime they do an update. They post YouTube vids and try to get you to link to it so they can have clout for prospective advertisers. Junior high school kids could make better vids.

  9. I find these negative reviews annoying. I’ve played the game for 2 years. Love this game and love my guild. Great people play this game. You don’t have to spend money, but know this game is a slow Civilization style game so it’s not an instant gratification game. Lots of content and the developers keep adding more with plenty of special events that also take NO money to participate in. If you spend money good you’re supporting the developers and are looking to advance quicker than the free to play players, but please don’t complain about it. This game is Great and comes highly recommended to anyone that likes an in-depth strategy Civilization game.

    • The moderators are corrupt. If you play competitively, even moreso, pay some money to get stronger quicker, you are competing against the moderators and community managers, some who can’t tolerate losing to you, and will exclude you from the game for the most obtuse reasons, just so they, and their friends can “win”.

      I was permanently banned for defeating the community manager’s (Lady Marlena on International market) BF in GvG. See my full story with thoroughly researched evidence at or google “Why was Arno the Fabulous banned?”

      Had I known that I’m competing against the moderators, I would not played this game at all, leave alone spend money on it.

      I suggest that if you are a competitive player, learn from my lesson. If you’re just casual, you’ll be fine, maybe.

    • I tried this game ‘cuz I have been playing Civilization for decades! I loved the PS3 & phone app Revolutions. The social element of this game and the mutual cooperation is where the magic is! The easy way to blow a paycheck like your kids buying in-game-currency with real world fund’s is where the Devil is in the details lives. I have talked to so many people who are suffering from their own choice to buy Diamonds the premium coin of the realm and I know ‘cuz I have bought them. On the eve of 5G launch we all want what we want FASTER.

  10. This game is a waste of time and it will suck down your cash. Now I have read a lot of reviews and most of the good ones are from people who say they have been playing a long time. I assume that when it started it was a good game, But now,not so much. To get anywhere you do need to put up some cash and that is no big deal but you will need a lot. Also the game is not very fast paced so you have to wait a lot or spend cash. Once you get to a certain level then you are free game to higher level players who will jump you for cheap points. I like a challenge but there is no way you will have a chance against them, unless you wan’t to spend even more cash. There is not a whole lot of strategy in this it is just a grind that becomes a pain. So save yourself some time and money and find something else.

  11. I found F.O E. to be a waste of time it is free to start but good luck getting anywhere without buying diamonds. also once you have gotten to a certain level higher level players will start jumping you for cheap points. I don’t mind losing if it is a fair contest but I was getting jumped by people who had massive resources. There really is no way to retaliate unless you wan’t to spend a lot of money to get even so I suggest that you don’t even waste your time. Unless of course you like spending a lot of money on a so called free game, As for me I can find better games so to hell with F.O.A.

  12. Playing for a while, and while the “play for free” mantra is true, unless you spend money, it is nearly impossible to complete some quests, like their new “Viking” quest. People who pay can buy land, and Great Buildings giving them huge advantages. Never forget, the developers of this game have put in time and talent, and they designed it to make it difficult to play, unless you use your credit card. Have fun, but be prepared to use real money, or use patience, and accept the disadvantage. I feel the developers should note those who pay and those who don’t.

  13. Game is riddled with cheaters and even talking to support about it they say no possible way to tell if they are cheating. Yet screen shots show enemy army having 480% more damage hp and defence. The person is in colonial age and has 8 builds max to 67/67. Fact is the support team doesn’t care about the plays and personally even though it is mmo. It’s essy for hackers to take advantage of the system by playing on pc over phone. And price for Dimond is out of hand. Especially for reason I just stated. Core team is just greedy and don’t care about the community.

  14. I believe the creators of this game have gotten too greedy. The cost of diamonds (required, no matter what they say) should be reduced to 1/4 of their current price. At that point the game would be playable for a much greater number of people. I have begun to reduce my play due to costs which far exceed (minimum diamond purchase $100 per month) PlayStation PRO4 TB memory play. Lower the price quadruple number of players.

  15. far too many bugs which the support staff keep saying is a problem wth my computer !
    only play if you have the patience of a saint and are prepared to reboot the game evry time youi visit

  16. This hasn’t nothing to do with whether you pay to play or not. Be warned. When they roll out new content to live servers they further test it by only giving half the new content and half don’t get it. Right now and has been for a while, half on a server have dailybwuedts and half don’t. This is on every live server even the recently released new servers. Whether you get the daily quests or not does not depend on if you pay or not. Either way, if you don’t get the new content you are greatly disadvantage, because those that do are getting extra resources, forge points, and buildings.
    I have never played a game where new content is given to some and not others. This particular content has been going on for a couple of months. The one before was instances. Some got them and some didn’t for a long time. If you are not one of the lucky ones, they offer no compensation when it is finally released to all on the server.
    You are still disadvantage.
    I don’t recommend this game, even though I liked it. The developers have no business experience and don’t care half of their customers have to play an unfair games

  17. I am probably one of the oldest players. Been playing from November 2012 and have spent no more than 60 USD in all that time, mainly to acquire FPs producing Buildings like the Shrine of Knowledge in Special Events… I have never cheated in the game.

    Finding the right Guild was key to advance faster and get to the end of the Tech Tree. I must admit that it is a game to play daily… I got used to log in and collect my resources every day and one in a while redesign my city to get the maximum of it.

    The last improvements have made it easier for everyone to get resources, FPs and special buildings but if I had to start from scratch I will probably will not, because to get to the the level I have achieved is really hard.

    I must admit that getting the Great Building, The Arc and leveling to level 80 has been the best decision I ever made.

  18. This game is pay to win and depends on a lot of RNG. To level
    up your skills, you can either grind coins, pay real money, or if the
    rng gods smile upon you, you get the level point randomly through
    treasure hunts. You either have to click a lot and spend a lot of time “playing” the game or you can set your production to long queue times but you will receive less supplies. You have to time and watch your supply makers like a hawk 24/7. The problem with that is if you are placed in a bad neighborhood. Any progress you gain can be stolen by your neighbors who either no life the game or they are diamond whales. Diamonds are the pay to win currency in this game. You can be constantly bullied to the point where you level at a snail’s pace. The money grubbing developers know that this is a problem and just say it is part of the game. I was attacked on the first day by the no life douchebag in my username.

  19. I like the game, but find it extremely frustrating at the same time. The one problem I have with it, is that higher level players can take your goods you are required to produce in order to play the game. There isn’t much you can do if aren’t high enough to fight even the highest player off, so expect to give up your stuff. It happens regularly, so you are playing for the benefit of the higher level players sometimes. It is the luck of the draw (literally), whether or not you are placed with high level players that are decent, or if you are in with a bunch of bullies that find it fun to take from lower level players. They are allowed to do it every single day if they want to. In that case, it is pointless to play if you are low level.

    • There is an easy way, to avoid to get robbed. Just collect all you productions at the same time every day and collect them right after they finish. Then nobody can take them 🙂

  20. This has been an enjoyable leisure time activity.
    Any bugs I encountered were quickly resolved (except when Adobe Flash caused the glitch).
    The trick is finding the right Guild.
    Find me online – Belisarioos. I can help you find the right Guild.

  21. I really like this game. There are ways to play it without spending money. “Buying goods with FPs” from the top players is a popular one. I do it all the time and have every important GB because of it. The design of the buildings is really good and you can make your town look really pretty and organised. Just a couple of negatives… space, town space is very small and expansions are hard to come by when you really need the space. Would also like more skyscrapers in the more modern ages AND one noticeable thing in that there is a bad floor in this game with The Arc GB.. once someone gets an Arc to level 20ish, they start FP swapping with other top players with similar level Arcs. Within a couple of weeks they get their Arcs to level 80 and have basically conquered the game as they make soooo much FP profit out of FP swapping. Other than that, really good game but The Arc should not be this easy to win the game.

  22. You get to a point where you really start to enjoy the game, then you experience bugs. I would be ok with that had the support took ownership, instead I get responses basically saying ‘that’s not my problem.’ Due to this, I refuse to financially support the game.

  23. Don’t waste you money because you will spend it if you’re going to evolve. They suddenly suspended my account for no reason. I’ve attempted to contact them, but no one will answer.

  24. This game is a joke, If you are a bully that likes to pick on weaker targets and spend your hard earned money on something you can never keep Then forge of empires is the game for you.

  25. Could be a great game but so far its bugged really bad, You purchase a tech and don’t get it . So far customer service has not helped at all and its been 7 days sence I filed a support ticket.

  26. Why the heck do people make these lame tutorials, where we just click on whatever is highlighted, and not have a clue afterwards about how to play the game. I am not wasting anymore time on this crap.

  27. I recently stop playing this game after about 6 months. I used to love this game, but I really don’t like what it is currently becoming. I won’t extend about the pay-to-win mechanism, which is common of many games in this category. But it’s becoming a click-to-win … the most important skill to be a winner is now only to be able to click more than hundreds of time a minute

  28. The FoE app for mobile is awful. It is missing many of the important social features that are on the online-based version. Inno doesn’t tell anyone this, though! You only find out once you are in the game and can’t understand why people on forums are talking about doing things that you just can’t find! I spent a week thinking I was an idiot before I realized that the mobile version is nothing but a red-haired stepchild to the web-based game. Inno’s advertising is deceptive and until they provide the same functionality on mobile that is on the browser version, their advertising for this lame mobile version should be banned.

  29. I played for a couple of years. My experience was that the most successful players were those who used dummy accounts to help them build things. Some seemed immune to being caught and ended up at the top of the heap, some got only a slap on the wrist and some got banned. The mods I worked with would have made good concentration camp guards. If you are willing to spend money to avoid being stolen from, mocked in chat and generally pushed around, this game will suck you dry.

    • What world(s) were you in?, I am on fel server in US. been playing for almost a year and never encountered (almost) 😉 any cheating and the chat is mostly friendly.

      • I played this game, got to the top in a couple of worlds, I used up to 8 dummy accounts to do it, All the top players have many dummy accounts, this makes the game a joke. If you don’t cheat, don’t expect to grow.

  30. As soon as you link any game to real money to allow advancement or to beat an opponent that is in a better position. It would be like taking on a millionaire in a game of poker. you have limited funds. all he has to do is throw money at the game and he will wipe you out.
    so as with this game it would seem the same is true judging by some peoples comments. big money big results.
    I am looking for a game that solely rely on skill, negotiations, nerve, planning and stockpiling against future events.

    • is probably the best strategic game I played ever since. 2 time awardee before. It’s a text based game but it everything seemed realistic including team play and diplomacy with other kingdoms. The best thing is it is free and money wont make any difference in the game. I hope the game will grow again.

    • Forge of empires admittedly is slow-paced game, It takes about 6-8 months for FOE to get fun-just one mans opinion.

      For people complaining about paying-to-play giving you an advantage: Yes it dose, but the only thing worth buying with diamonds are…Diamond expansions….a few extra rogue hideouts…you can get them free from events..but a few more won’t hurt anything….(.but you only need one so your TRAZ can farm them), …. Another thing worth getting with diamonds are few/several/many more Shrine of knowledge(s) ..maybe the best non-GB building in the game
      There are other good special buildings that are worth to get, all don’t require diamonds, but it’s not a bad idea to grab a few more of them with diamonds.

      Also later on, scouting is not a bad investment of diamonds

      Getting diamonds is not as hard as it used to be, Guild expeditions have increased my chance to get diamonds in the game by about 500%

      Never spent a dime on this game yet

  31. Is this another one of those games that the more real money you spend the better the game advances. If you do not have money to spend that is too bad because the game just slowly dies on you.
    I really would like to know as in the past I start a game with great enthusiasm and get to point where the game really gets you addicted to it then up comes the flag something like this ” if you wish to proceed it will cost you the low amount of $………….
    is this one of those games?

    • No Martin it isnt.You can still get by but it will take you longer.Paying money will help though eg allows you to advance faster and build better defences quickly but thats about it.For me I like it lot.Has a great historical concept

    • I also like it quite a bit. I’ve never spent money on it. And no other player can beat you up much, so while spending money can advance you faster, those that don’t pay aren’t significantly hurt. Unlike many games, the attacking player cannot take virtually everything that you have – at most they can take the production of one of your buildings and can never take what you’ve stored. Also, players can only attack other players in roughly the same point in the game. Players that have advanced can’t attach those that are new.

      • You say advanced players can’t attack those who are new. That must be a new feature. I played for two years and was constantly attacked by advanced players. Even if you manage to become their equal, the game periodically reshuffles your neighborhood. Over and over I was placed in groups where I was unable to compete. The key to success was to create dummy accounts that contribute to your needs. Some players were obvious about it and never punished. Others were simply moved to another neighborhood. Some were banned. I think the moderators were also players and not impartial. If you are on a wireless network and others on the same network play, Inno thinks they are all the same player so you get banned (happened to me). I protested and was told I could play again but had to give up all my great buildings and admit I cheated. I would characterize the game as a paradise for Masochists and Sadists.

        • Inno games have become much better with hood machings over-all, when I first started playing it was a bit unfair, but now the worst it gets are people 1-2 ages over me

    • Don’t waste your money, unless you have a lot that you don’t care about. I tried it for a while and I was about to myself but then I started getting jumped left and right by players who had massive amounts of resources. Find another game this one is just going to suck down your cash. The higher level players jump you for cheap points and you will get very tired of it.

    • Some of the art work brings happiness & enthusiasm points, which in turn seems to bring you “luc.” So you start to thin, I’ll just buy a large happiness boots from the Friend’s Tavern with (free tavern) silver when the special event comes with a big, special prize you really want. Then the reality of pay to win and an artificially rigged “random” luck system hits you, and no, you cannot proceed unless you buy your way out of what appears to be a deliberately set trap by the Event Planners/Game Developers. The special event is over with at that point. Pay up or you cannot proceed to the goal post to collect the big prize.

  32. My advice is DO NOT waste time or money on any Innogames game.
    Carefully read the unfair and abusive rules.
    InnoGames reserves the right to block the player’s account without giving reasons.
    It does not matter if money has been spent or not, and there is no refund.
    And if you search the net for reviews or complaints, you will see that this is common practice.
    It’s a shame because the game is very good.

    • Not really different from most games on the rule part, Forge of empires can be very fun without diamonds if you have people to help you , and if have some patience.
      Been playing for almost a year now, never spent a dime

  33. I like it.Free browser game that has a great historical concept.If you research it it has something like over 10 million players .Paying a bit of money does help to advance in the game at a quicker rate but like others have said on other review sites you can still get by.

    8/10 for me.Not as in depth as the civilisation games on the pc but a fun game to play if you have the patience on a browser platform

    • Not as historical as it used to be, some people have an ARC Great building (best GB in the game, from future era) or cape-canaveral Great building (from conterperary era, appolo rocket) in BRONZE AGE…lol

  34. I like it.It depends on what your after.For me I love the fact you can play it on a browser for free.Yes it does help if you spend a bit of money on it but its still worth it albeit even small amounts in my book.A good concept and idea as well as it mimics history and I like the fact you can play other players from around the world and also have the interaction.

    For me a 8/10

  35. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! Innogames is a terrible company, they have a Spanish Inquisition type of support team, it doesn’t matter if you buy diamonds or not, they let you play the game for a while and whenever they feel like it the accuse you of “cheating” and the ban you from the game, They don’t listen to you, they don’t give you a chance to reply, they ban you and thats it. It is a complete waste of time and money if you made the mistake to buy from them, in a word they are thieves.

    • I do agree that there support team is far from perfect. However, if you are banned i’m sure it was for a good reason, and if you do want to contact them, i’m sure that they will eventualy reply

  36. Buy diamonds for $80????? You must be joking, right? I should be able to buy a fully licensed DVD for $30 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • And those supposed players that seem to have unlimited sh*t to throw at the game to keep you losing, THEY WORK FOR INNO!!!!!!!!! No one in their right mind would spend money on imaginary diamonds. They have players with unlimited resources playing to try to get a knee-jerk reaction fro you. Don’t be a CHUMP, don’t spend a dime on this game. Of course, I could pay them with imaginary money, since they provide imaginary diamonds in return, right!!!!!!! OMG how insulting.

    • For anyone who didn’t notice, all the replies were from the same dude….plz chill Frosty
      I have never spent diamonds myself….but i wouldn’t say that they are a complete waste, just wait till there is a special offer before you buy them 😉

  37. Hi everyone!

    There are pros and cons in this and any other games. We all understand that developers need to get some sort of income.
    I personally liked this game, despite being slow, despite being attacked on the daily basis. You don’t have to spend tons of time or/and money to get anywhere in this game. All you need is patience, tactics and simple planning ahead.
    However the last nail to this game’s coffin was, maybe still is, very poor mechanics of merging neighborhoods. From my personal experience I could say that after I played hard for a dominance in my neighborhood, I was moved to a more advanced one and no matter how smart or canning or strategical I was, I could not compete with some players who threw hundreds of $ or £ or other currencies.
    I had a choice of accepting daily attacks from paying customers ( bending over and taking it ) or simply forgetting about this game.
    You, as a potential player of this game, will have to accept fact that there always will be some players, whose thick wallet will always surpass your intelligence.

    By all means, try playing it. In a way it’s a beautiful game and if only developers would create ONLY ONE world where game play is not dictated by $, it would be awesome, however it probably will never happen. Shame, after being a loyal player for nearly two years, INNO have lost my respect.

  38. this is one of the best browser games i’ve played don’t listen to the moaners who lack the patience or strategy needed to play this game.
    started 3 years back and still havent bought a single diamond!

  39. For those who want to know: This game is a trap to steal our money, if you want an example at the end of the battle I had 4 heavy units of healthy armored infantry against two heavy unit wounded Barbarians, who suddenly become immune to my attacks and won the battle, it is the third time it happens! Another problem is that while you are buying diamonds every other territories that you discover has some sort of resort when yours diamonds ends, if you do not purchase more, you’ll no longer find anything. So I’ll not spend one more dime on this game!

    • I more than halfway done with the game and i never bought anything…and what are you talking about with diamond buying/territories; there a boundaries in the continent map where it ends, plus you don’t need diamonds to scout provinces, just be patient.

    • you’re a dumb liar…i never had this problem in 3 years and haven’t bought a single diamond and iv’e finished tech tree.

    • It sounds like you are using EMA units and must be doing the EMA bonus map quest line. Some of those troops are tough, I would consider wait till a higher age or spend good on some of you provences if you don’t have roques/high attack boost/fighting experience.

  40. This is an officially cheating game. Buy diamonds to get advantage from others. Surely you do not have to buy it but others do. So you will never be able to compete with them and just waste your time playing this slow pace game. You do not have any chance to defend your city against higher
    ages/eras player, they are going to bully and plunder you. If they plunder your goods, you will regret it because you need them to advance. Try it if you want, but leave it sooner rather than later.
    Do not waste your time for this game. There is only one winner in this game and that is the game developer. The players think they are strong or good but as long as other players are willing to spend more money you are not good/strong any more. It will continue like that until you regret how much money you already spent for nothing.

    • Isn’t it exactly the same like every other game? In all games there are options to buy and some players do so and get stronger than others. Would like to hear some good arguements for this game, but this isn’t one…

      • You have no arguments from me! I love this game! I think James did something wrong, so everyone is pissed and plunders him…lol. I got plundered, when I first started playing it, but once I learned to defend my city, and joined a guild, it stopped. I haven’t got plundered in a long time.

    • For those who want to know: This game is a trap to steal our money, if you want an example at the end of the battle I had 4 heavy units of healthy armored infantry against two heavy unit wounded Barbarians, who suddenly become immune to my attacks and won the battle, it is the third time it happens! Another problem is that while you are buying diamonds every other territories that you discover has some sort of resort when yours diamonds ends, if you do not purchase more, you’ll no longer find anything. So I’ll not spend one more dime on this game!

      • You don’t have to spend money. You just suck at strategy games. You can avoid plundering easily. You can join a guild, get 80 friends and the blueprints to level up.

        • Joining a good guild is the best way for new players to grow in the game, we even helped an iron guy get a ARC!!((arc is best GB in the game, and one of the most expesive)

    • James, just shut up.
      For people who don’t play the game, you can only plunder one building that has finished it’s production. Just ask them to stop nicely, or join a good guild so that everything gets motovated and can’t get plundered

  41. Everyone complaining about how much money you have to spend: Have a little patience! The gameplay is supposed to be very slow-paced.

    This isn’t StarCraft. You aren’t supposed to sit around and play it continuously for hours at a time. You’re supposed to check back a couple of times per day. If you’re the type who insists on “more, more, more, now, now, now”, then you won’t have any fun without spending money.

    If you’re the type with an actual life, you might like it; it’s something to play for five minutes, a couple of times a day.

    Personally, I actually kind of like it. They actually give you options other than “build structures to get resources so you can build more structures”.

  42. completely terrible game its just like clash of clans only with a roman empire theme i hate it makes u spend money just like clash of clans i dunno how ppl could like it i wouldnt recomend this game to anyone its just a waste of time n money so stupid

  43. I have been playing for a couple months now and the game is really just a waste of time. Some aspects are mildly entertaining. But of any sim game I have ever played this game wastes TONS of real team… Even if you buy Diamonds, you can spend lots of money and not get far. Or spend years of your life doing the same. The graphics are not impressive, you cannot rotate buildings, you have very limited freedoms. The sim aspects of the game do not make any sense. It was some what enjoyable as a free game, but as most free things it is just a waste really. I would NEVER buy diamonds. I would rather buy regular games I could play and then sell later for some of my money. The randomness of this game with goals that you cannot obtain without the game letting you like getting Great Buildings. You can waste lots of FP and time on BP just for the game to take them from you and have to spend that much more time trying to get more just to lose them again and not have the last one to build a GB. You cannot simply reach those goals, you rely on the randomness of the game. Aiding and polishing is the least fun activity of any game ever. Really sitting there clicking buttons, selecting buildings to aid/mp, really? Who enjoys that? The only highlight is when you find a BP. The fighting sucks really bad, horrible AI. No PvP just you fighting the stupid AI. Which the game clearly will not let you move fast and if you do is designed to slow you down. I see no incentive to buy diamonds. I could drop $100 and not get half way through the game. While less than that on most games would provide much more entertainment and allow you to win/beat the game. Clearly Inno is not very innovative, thus they must used ancient 2.5D, with non-rotating buildings, all done in Flahs, despite very little animations and most things using like animated gifs. Honestly I wish I never started playing this game. The best feature of it is it is addictive, just enough to waste a bunch of time over months, years even. But I have found more frustration in this game, and of any sim game I have ever played. This is one of the worst by far! That is even topping Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One that has a Zoo Limit, super annoying. Really about done playing. I have 3 GB, spent over 3 weeks trying for 1 having lost over 10BP wasting all kinds of FP, which 1 FP = 1 HOUR of your real life… Seriously avoid this game! They are running TV Commercials to get more to play. I think most buy the starter packs, play for a bit and move on. Which is exactly what they want you to do… Its really all this game is good for. Those who play it for years on end. Not to judge others, but they must have some really boring lives. There are so many more fun activities and games out there. What a total joke!!!

    • This game is slow at first, but if you join a good guild and have some friends, you can get through the first 6 months no problem.
      I do agree that there are very few things worth paying for in the game, only time i would spend money (I haven’t needed to yet…one year playing) would be to get diamond expansions and a few special buildings you get in quests

  44. I’m playing this game for more then a 2 years now. So far on 2 servers, but there is lot of people playing on almost all servers. Its one of best browser games you can find right now, and don’t listen to comments of some people that game requires you to pay in order to achieve some kind of advantage in game. NOPE, big lie. Also, InnoGames are not greedy, at least for this game (Tribal Wars 2 uhh), every now and then you have Events and by completing some you will get Premium buildings or some Special buildings.

    Game is very active, lots of people playing already. You will meet lot of players in Guilds and really have lots of fun.

    • I agree with Niko and all the others have posted comment fairly, I have been playing FoE for about 18 months, chat on-line to “friend” around the world, and so far what I’ve read from those who knock the game is you have to spend real money to buy diamond to advance in the game, how wrong they are, no one has to buy anything, yes there is the opportunity to buy diamonds so you can purchase in game items, but that is player choice, if you choose to buy diamonds then that’s your choice, you can not say a game is bad just because you made bad choices with you bank card

  45. I thought this game was brilliant and had played it for nearly 1 year before I suddenly decided to stop. It is completely true that you DO NOT have to pay money to play. There is much more to this game than just advancing through Ages, combat and resource/supply acquisition. There is a great deal of strategy, mathematics and patience required to succeed without paying, but you don’t have to be a genius to enjoy it for free, you just need to be in a fantastic Guild where there is a genius or two. This can be tricky because there are many worlds to play in, new and old, and the best players are in some, but not all… No one has mentioned Forge Points or Great Buildings. These two things are the key to success in this game and Forge Points carry the highest value in this game, way above money. Guess what… There are ways to gain hundreds and hundreds, thousands of forge points for free. You just need to be smart and patient. It’s too complicated to explain in detail, but the key to acquiring Forge Points is through levelling peoples Great Buildings and gaining FP packages. If you are smart you will gain 50, 60, 100 FP’s for a very small investment…… By getting your own GB’s levelled up you increase your military power, increase your supply and coin production and even get to increase the number of military units each day. If you’re smart you will have other people levelling your GB’s and not throwing cash away by doing it yourself…. Also with the tech tree you need to think about which buildings to build as some are a waste of time. For example, why build houses that need collecting every hour unless you are online all day? Better to build 24hr collectors so you get more coins….. Team work plays a massive part in this game and a Guild with many active players that help each other will always do well, as long as there are smart players there to guide everyone else…. The reason I stopped playing this game is because a moderator banned my guild leader because he apparently was receiving FP’s from a push account. There was no proof and Inno could only give vague and subjective responses with rules that are clearly undefined and created so they can do what they want. They really showed their true colours and clearly wanted to get rid of the best player in the game because he was so unbelievably powerful, but had spent no money. He had only been playing 1 year and was billions of points ahead of the top players having payed for years…. He basically cracked it, but without cheating…… It’s a shame as this game is brilliant, amazing and as far as I can see the best out there, especially for the team work and meeting amazing people across the globe.

    • Been playing for a year too, agree with you 100%
      I’m assuming you are talking about FP sniping, which can net you thousands of Forge points a day…..It’s a growing trend with the GB ARK.

      Unfortunatly, not one of these players yet 🙁 … lol

  46. Kids, don’t play this. Mass tv advertised app-like games these days with heavy marketing are aimed at the casual gamer, and the only true aim, is to empty your wallet!

    Like manufactured pop, it’s going to be a near rip off or mix of games that have come long before it, but the majority of gamers will be too young to know, or as a casual gamer, just never known. This game does nothing original, and the cost to get further in them will be either extortionate, or add up to a ridiculous total over time. Not what you’d call ‘free’.

    Even the logo’s font together with the obvious name makes it a near copycat of Age of Empires (pc game from 1995). Does that name sound familiar? I’m surprised the developers of so many of these old games don’t file complaints, but then the games usually aren’t anything like the originals. Go compare Artillary Duel (1983), Scorched Earth (1991), Worms (1995), then the app-game, Angry Birds (200whenever), lol 🙂

  47. Inno finally approved the display of in-game statistics and rankings in a better format by a third-party website similar to those you can find for their other games.

    Check out to see various statistics from Forge of Empires servers around the world!

  48. I wouldn’t recommend this game to people lacking patience, ability to plan ahead ( strategical thinking ) and whose IQ is below average.

    Nobody is forcing you to buy diamonds to progress or get advantage in the game. You can overtake most diamond buyers by cunning tactics and strategical thinking. I was able to be in the top 10 without using a single diamond!

    I won’t repeat comments left by other FoE supporters, I’ll just say – you either like it or you don’t. At least this game deserves a chance to be tried on. Don’t get confused or frightened, there is a lot of support on the forum as well as many players will guide you through any difficulties you might experience.

    As for support from the game developers I never had any problems with them. You follow the rules, be nice and polite as well as patient and you will have good time with people from all over the world with different backgrounds.

    Just because you haven’t learned to ride a bike, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the bike.

    • This actually cannot be true, so U must be an employee of Forge Empires
      –You cannot get a lot of the city expansions w/o paying money, about 1/3 to be exact
      –there is no way U are in the “top 10” missing 1/3 of the city space
      –The game is a freemium pay to win style MMO, as are most games.

      • Lmao. You’re an idiot, Avis.
        You can get nearly ALL of your city expansions without paying a single cent for diamonds.

        Only 21 expansions can be purchased with diamonds and diamonds can be won sporadically by completing quests or unlocking sectors on the map–so those few diamonds you do manage to collect can purchase you several diamond expansions.

        There are 144 possible expansions for the city and you start out the game with 16 of them. 124 of them are accounted for–leaving the remaining 20 expansions for future ages still under development and to be added to the game at a later date.

        Only 24 of those 144 expansions are unlocked via diamonds. 25 are unlocked by winning expansion sectors on the map, 21 are unlocked by accumulating and paying medals, and 38 are unlocked through research and coin payments.

        If you can do basic arithmetic, the 84 unlocked via medals, map, and research plus the 16 given to you = 100. The 24 diamond expansions aren’t even a quarter of that number..let alone 1/3. Moron.

        Try graduating elementary arithmetic before fabricating imaginary numbers/stats.

      • Avis you are 100% wrong my friend, I have never spent a dime on this game, but have got up to my HMA diamond expansions . (I’m in CA)

  49. never make the mistake of playing this game,they say its free,but soon u will realize WHAT A MONEY GRABBERS…

  50. I played this intensively for about three weeks then gave up through boredom. It got to the stage where you would perform some actions, then be forced to wait many hours before you could do anything else — and in some cases, a few days before you could achieve your next useful goal.

    • You make a good comment. If you like fast paced games, this is likely not for you. If you prefer to play a little bit every day, but not hours each day, then it will work for you. I enjoy it quite a bit, but my son plays at times but bores of it easily because he prefers a faster pace. Because of the long hours I work, I like being able to jump on for 5-10 minutes 2-3 times a day and make great progress in the game. IMHO, finding a guild that has people you can relate to is one of the keys to enjoying this game.

    • This game can be boring at times, but can also be fun in others
      Been playing for a year and have gotten quite good at the game, never spent a dime). I would recommend this game to anyone who likes a slower-paced game.

  51. Very good game, I spend a lot of time playing since Dec 2013, I have a guild with lots of players , Never spent diamonds, you can play without them, I’m now in modern era, it’s the best online game I’ve played.

  52. Um, this game is “free” but you’re at a serious disadvantage if you don’t buy diamonds. The developers are German and it seems like there’s constantly a language barrier for US players. I wouldn’t recommend the game unless you’re willing to buy a lot of diamonds.

    • A constant language barrier for US players? Are you the only country that speaks “English”? That is so typically ignorant…. It’s not a language barrier, they probably speak better English than you, they’re just being difficult on purpose…..

  53. Playing for 2 years now. Game is very good. It’s not like Tribal Wars or Travian, where you can lose everything when u get attacked. There is a lot of more you can do except just playing PvP. Guild is great way to meet new players, new friends also and to play together.

    And do you need to pay? NO! If you don’t want to invest any money on game, you don’t have to. They will never force you, you can still be very strong in game. Also if you start playing, check the forum, you can learn much more there.

    • I agree with this, U can’t get a lot out of the game w/o paying quite a bit of money, however, at the end of the day those who do pay cannot do anything much to your city, so you can putter along and do your own thing, sort of

  54. I have been playing this game for 10 months and I am in the Industrial Age. You do not have to have diamonds to progress. You have to strategize and plan ahead to reduce your wait times. Also, being in a Guild makes things easier as you help each other out. If you get with a good Guild and play smart, you will do well at the game. Also, the key is not to try to rush through the Tech Tree. I you consolidate your coins, supplies, etc. you will move up in rank and have smooth transitions through the various ages….and yes you will get free diamonds by doing certain quests. I played Mafia Wars for over 3 years and this game puts that to shame.

    • 2 year old player here, I unlocked every tech before moving to the next tier, I slowly planned my city, in the beggining it was all so slow, but in the last 3 months, I passed from Progressive to Contemporary…It is worth playing

  55. Military, Economics and Trade. Building, Puzzle Fitting, Planning. If my goal were to tear thru the ages as fast as I can, then I’d be missing the point. My review and a bit of advice. It’s a great game! I’ve read criticism of the Ages/Eras producing too much change and causing players to have to rework their entire cities from what they’ve built. See that this is a natural challenge with purpose. In real life history, time produces changes that must be adapted to certainly to forge an empire.
    I can tell you from experience that you don’t have to buy any diamonds to have fun and advance fairly in this game. This is not an eye hand coordination game. It is equal parts trade and economics along with military. There are battles and there can be many if you choose so because the game provides several different entres into battle with Continent Map, neighborhood and Guild vs Guild. My last bit is a specific piece of advice geared directly at improving your play. You don’t need diamonds to do any of it. What you need is a city designed to work well while you are playing it as apposed to one that works well while you’re not. (i.e. choose economics that pay out while you are at the game. Not economics that build up payout while your out living real life.) two reasons. One It’s more fun to have more to do while playing. Two it’s not fun to show up at the game to see your city has been plundered for great percentages of its economic potential. If you keep that bit in mind, the game maybe might be better.

  56. the game jams every so often til you try (unsuccessfully usually) to re-validate e-mail address – frustration in the extreme – go elsewhere

  57. Hi All,

    Would like to know if we will get real money by playing this game.. I see some other games and playing those games will give us real money in online. Is there any chance in FoE.


  58. I made a purchase to get diamonds, but never got them. creators of this game are truly irresponsible, I tried to connect to cusomer support, but they just ignore my messages, never received any feedback from them. My money is just LOST!!!! I tried to write all possible email address found on their web site, not a single answer!!!
    What can I do with this situation???

  59. I think this is a great game. The best computer game I’ve ever played. It’s really fun moving up the ages, doing the battles, upgrading your buildings, etc. I’m now on the industrial age now and I have never paid a dime! I’ve never even considered it! I don’t know what these people are talking about! They must all be complete idiots! It’s not very hard to play and progress at all. You do have to have some patience, but that’s part of the fun of it. It makes it more of a big deal when you research a new technology or advance to a new age.
    I have no problem getting any goods I want. Just join a decent guild and you can make all the free trades you want. And building the goods is easy and free! In every neighborhood I’ve been in (it changes every 2 weeks), everybody’s always always been within 2 ages of each other. And even if you do get attacked, all the attacker can do is plunder 1 production from 1 building once per day, tops. The defender doesn’t even lose his troops. This is way nicer than evony where people can take your entire cities and plunder and kill your troops infinitely. Again, I don’t know what these people are talking about.

  60. Only been playing about 1 month now. I initially thought this was an interesting game that I could play without having to constantly monitor it…having learned my lesson from Evony. However I now realize that there was another lesson from Evony I should have learned – It’s all about the money for the game developers. I’m currently in a neighborhood where the top player has 1.5 million points and has maxed out on the tech tree. The next 2 highest scorers don’t have that many points combined. This player has been in this position as long as I have been playing. The age of our gameworld when compared to the progress of this player tells you that this person had put a LOT of money in the developers pockets!

    The skill vs money argument is not where I’m going here – that element exist in just about every game out there. And the fact of the matter is that game developers have and always will rely heavily on people without skill who are willing to pay to gain an advantage in a game. But this game in particular is going for the quick money via large amounts from fewer players. Simply put, if you are willing to spend big, you too can, like the top player on my gameworld, use your tanks to plunder folks with swords. When questioned about it, the game developers claim that the ‘coding’ of the game is the problem..and they are working on it., it’s not the ‘coding’, it’s the way you structure the game and manage the neighborhoods. IMHO, that 1.5 million point player should be grouped with other high-scored players as much as possible and restricted from attacking players 3 or more tech levels below them. This would still allow those willing to pay their way up to have an advantage while allowing those who choose not to, to enjoy the game also.

    Yeah..I know. DREAM ON. My advice to potential new players – Either have your credit card handy or find another game!

    • For people who only played for a month, what you say is almost always total bull.
      First of, you don’t need to spend money on the game. I have been playing for over a year now and have never needed to spend a dime.
      SKILL VS MONEY: Some of the biggest players out there have never spent a dime. Infact I would say that the higher you progress, the less money will impact your gameplay
      HOOD FAIRNESS , yea i do admit that they can be unfair, but after a few months they find a fair hood and you stay there for month.

  61. Disappointing.
    A strategy game should depend on strategy. While the beginning runs fairly smooth, the later stages are increasingly illogical and don’t follow any linear patterns.
    Anyone with patience can play for quite some time without paying, but the fun decreases.
    When they suddenly changed the rules and I would have had to cough up significant amounts of money to compensate for my lacking strength or toil for weeks playing the game non-stop to achieve any kind of advance I quit.
    In addition, higher level players constantly attack lower levels – unfair in my eyes.

  62. Worse game ever , spend two weeks time in game, after pull me to 10 levels higher players group , it is same like attack tank with stone . After write to support was banned .
    Lads it is really expensive puzzle , but not forge of empires . Biggest cheat is brilliants , biggest hackers ,support .

  63. this game is a great deal of fun to play, and you literally do NOT need to spend ANY money to advance rather quickly. you just need to be of above minimal intelligence. HOWEVER, don’t play if there’s anyone else in your house that plays … if they see matching IP addresses, they will ban all of them due to paranoid “rules” meant to block people from taking advantage of the game … meanwhile they take advantage of many of those who play it … not worth the time, really

  64. I agree and I have sent my dissatisfaction to the support. This new era is just plain wrong. Im still confused on how to get goods now. It would be better to stay in the progressive era. The tanks are still overpowered. I kill all modern era fighters and barely take any damage. I wont ever pay anything for this game again.

  65. I have played this game for over a year, but I’m about to give up. Every time you build an effective city the developers change the parameters of the game, upset loads of players, and alienate dedicated players. If you’re lucky you can see the dissatisfaction on the game forum – if you’re quick enough before they delete it.

    My advice – play it, but don’t spend any money on it – it will be wasted.

  66. I reached Colonial Age in this game then they start saying “Buy diamond cost only 50€.. “then…” In order to advance buy diamonds with 100€”..then.. “We would offer you 2,000 diamonds for Unknown€ buy to advance”


  67. I just started playing this for a few weeks and I like it. It’s a totally different mind set. If you like short 15 minutes burst of war fare like Age of Empires or even say War craft, well his isn’t it.

    You got to have patience and building for it. The PvP is lame but the economics makes sense and to a certain even the battles of ages. As you advance, your precious generation military lacks bite against the newer technology military.

    And this game is time consuming and resources are valuable as it should be. Most games at some point becomes a pointless because of the abundance of coins that you have.

  68. Great game, but maybe not for people with very limited time. I’ve reached the Colonial age in five worlds and I’ve never bought diamonds. This game is very challenging, but with patience you’ll do well. And you most certainly do not need diamonds to enjoy it.

  69. This game is a complete rip-off. It sucks you in, and then after a certain point becomes unplayable without spending significant amounts of real cash money once you get to the late middle ages. By this point in the game, all players are required to spend massive amounts of specific resources to move forward in expansion, quests, and acquisition of any new technology. While the game is designed to allow players to trade resources, in reality every player needs massive amounts of the same resources to move forward, so there are rarely any of the necessary resources actually available for trade. The only way to move forward is to purchase ‘diamond’ tokens for ridiculous amounts of real cash in order to continue to progress in the game. I would not recommend playing this game to anyone. It is a complete rip-off.

    • Really? You didn’t even try hard. Its a strategy game, you have to use your brain for once in your life. Because of people like you we have crappy games that even a 2-year old child would be able to play.

      Im playing this game as well, and right now Im in Modern Age without spending any money. For all others who are starting to play, guys try to find active guild, it will help a lot, you will learn much faster everything about game.

    • Why is it that eveyrtime a bonehead dont like something they tell everyone something is bad about the game. Its just you dont like the game so say that. Dont say its ridiculous. For some people its a very enjoyable game but there are many others out there to play.

  70. Worst game ever. Should have never came out of Beta testing. So many bugs, force to buy diamonds, and so many bully players the game is no longer enjoyable. If you are looking for a game to socialize with friends and build a city, this is not your game.

  71. but the game and EMPIRE OF FORGE FORGE OF PUSHING or by accident? and especially ’cause it does not support’ anything? I reported 2 people and no action has been taken as an example of sheba cirgad that only GE with all levels consist PLAYERS REMOVED, the staff does not protect the players, do not play

  72. i am already a gamer on here but it wont accept my screen name when i register any suggestion would be greatly helpful

  73. This game sucks. I bought diamonds worth 20 pounds and it took them 48 hours to credit the diamonds I paid for into my online account. Because I complained to Paypal due to the delay they reversed the diamonds which had been paid for and yet didn’t refund me the money. Don’t play it. They are a con, pathetic, vindictive, unprofessional, do not have good business acumen and good customer service. Spend your time and money somewhere else.

  74. you got lucky to do a quest that gave u diamonds however u should know that everyone dont get the same quest and i have never seen a quest that gave me any diamonds. Now they are adding a new age to the game (industrial),which is alreadly long which means this will get even longer. I refuse to buy any more diamonds in any game especially one thats still in beta for over 2 years…wtf! Will they erase all your achievements once the happens? And whats the purpose of the pvp wars. I won one but didnt get anything except my name shows up as winner. This game is good for those down times I have between real life jobs but civ and tomb raider and Halo dont cost me diamonds and the joy in conquering is alive and well in those games. I need my money for ice cream…

  75. I stared playing this game one day ago and after a looooooooong second day, I decided to go online for instruction and to see if I could get some help with the diamonds. I am a Civ 5 player and saw this advertised on TV one night my internet was down. Seemed like fun at first until you figure out there is really no point to the game. I won every battle I was in but I got little to no rewards. I think that even if i defeated every player in the game I would still not get any diamonds and would not advance any further on the tech tree and faster….that was a mouthful. In Civ, I got use to spending hours and hours playing with the sole purpose of conquering the world, which I did a lot. But this game has long wait times that have nuthing to do with play and a lot to do with pay. If you pay for diamonds then you can go a little faster. I want to apologize to Sid Merier’s and the people at steam…can I come back….ill never leave again! Well maybe if they clean this thing up….

    • You can get diamonds in quest like on it gave me 100 I was able to instanly train units,heal them and build premium buildings.

  76. I thought this game was pretty innovative and fun..

    -for about a week-

    Once you leave one age, like the bronze age, and go into the next age, all of your troops that you spent hours and hours building become totally useless and do 0-1 damage to the enemy units. To make your army viable with the current age you either pay real life money or sit at the game all day for a week or more, collecting resources (and collecting resources is the ONLY thing you can do if your army is useless.)

    What’s more, this game has a PVP tournament set up, but your units actually die in the tournament. Then, it takes hours and hours (or real life money) to create new units.. and you can’t do the single player battles or more PVP until you build your army back.

    This game is fun for the first few days with designing and building your city and piddling around the single player battles in the first age.. but, then you see how poorly designed it is and how little fun there is to be had.

    To sum it up:

    This game is the most BORING PAY TO PLAY game I have played all year. They call it free to play but it’s just free to stare at your screen and collect a small amount of resources all day. You MIGHT get to play for about five minutes a day, if you’re lucky.

    • About all your troops being useless no NOT TRUE i’m in the high middle ages and I still use spear fighters from the bronze age because it destracts the emeny and gives me time to get hits on them and somes times i’ll form a defensive line in the middle of the map and then let the longer ranged units attack while the melee men defend them so they are not totaly unless I think what you are say is if you have them attack straight on NO thats usless

  77. The game plays ok if you have patience and are not willing to pay for upgrades. Those who do pay, leap ahead in technology but their domination is strictly curtailed by the program. You can raid others, but only take a little of their stock and money, there’s no slash and burn here! Which leaves you wondering what is the point? The point is to make the game company some dosh. Fair enough. I can understand that, but can’t understand why my troops get slaughtered by trebuchets which were there to hit fortifications, not mobile units. But hey, I didn’t program this did I?

  78. No confíe en este juego, sus diamantes comprar y cuando llegan a una prohibición dado gran catidad, y no vuelva a la cuenta tampoco devolver su dinero
    Do not trust this game, its buy diamonds and when they reach a given large catidad ban, and do not return the account also not returning your money

  79. I think the game is the best free on line strategy game. The only downside is the waiting time for the goods. Im sure its to get us to buy diamonds, so I get that. However, I am at a point where I might stop playing because of the wait.
    I really do like the game though. Good job people at innoGames

  80. Found the game cumbersome and frustrating … Never did figure out how to play the game without diamonds … Not going to waste money buying diamonds … Tried to “EARN” diamonds and found that to be a waste of time … The sites never did give diamonds and one site “” screwed up my computer … Took 2 hours to get it cleaned up and back on line … Art, graphics and concept are great but certainly a long way to go to make it playable …

  81. This game is a Beta version and for good reason. They have to see what works and what doesn’t with this game.
    The waiting time for certain items could be shortened. The only things that should spoil are the farm or textile items. And finally, some of the in-game content should be made more available to those that cannot get diamonds.
    The game has good graphics and are detailed. I really like the way it takes you through the stone age to the colonial ages. And it gives a player something to look forward to the next time he or she is online. There is also a substantial amount of in-game content like resources and living accommodations for the people of your village. It allows for a little diversity in the way you want your village to look. This is a free game and you have the option of buying diamonds with real money. Although, diamonds are not required, it does however, make the game a little easier to move ahead. We just have to remember that this is a beta version and the guys a innogames are still working out the kinks.
    I have played a few online games and this is the best one that I have played thus far. I would encourage anyone to give it a try. I give this a 9/10 rating with 1 being the worst and 10 the best.

  82. I’m noobish to all online games, but since I wanted to play a nice new city-building/strategy game for free, I decided to give it a try.
    First impressions are very positive – graphics are nice and look professional, detailed and Ui is informative, turn based combat is reminiscent of HOMM’s combat and could have great potential, tech tree is VAST with many branches and different inventions. Only after playing for a while I realized how much it depends on micro-transactions. After a first few game sessions you hit a steep wall and are forced to wait for a loong long time to get your refills of scientific points and production tools which are churned in specific sort of buildings where you can order either short timed products which produce tiny amount of tools, or order them to churn something grander which lasts for a whole real time day, but giver lots of tools. Thing is, you’re forced to click on all the finished products time-management style after they’re done and before they become “spoiled” (how the f**k can flint spears and clay pottery get spoiled over time, those are the only SURVIVING items to our time?!) which forces you to have the game either open all day and frantically click every now and then, or to wait for days till you’re out of the first era, stone age. I didn’t have the patience so I gave up after a few days.
    Free to play this is not!

      • Lolosaurus, if you have no self control to play for free, whine at yourself. The game works great without spending a penny. Only weak minded people who feel they somehow have to be the best on every game would whine about the fact that programmers need to be receive pay for their work or we will not have all these games. Let the people who wish pay for the extras, because when they do the rest of us get to Play for Free.

        • Coming from an erra where you buy the game to support the publisher and you realize when pay to win enters a game like ooh tf2 or wow or whatever they make it more expensive for I game money so you almost have to pay and that’s so there game revinue goes up a lot for minimal support actually pay to win games are a lot like Vegas… No matter what the house wins plz boycott games like this so game companies will stop! And if you like those options go back to FarmVille and mafia wars with the rest of the ignorant nieve blind populace.

          • Two points:

            1) If you’re going to deride people for being “ignorant” and “nieve” [sic], you might want to use punctuation and spell check.

            2) You live in a different world now. The internet changed a lot, including how we pay for things like games, music, and other media. If you don’t like it, you’re free to go back to your N64.

    • Are you still playing (06/16/13). If so, how do you like the game now. If you do NOT play, what made you stop playing?

      I have been playing the game for a few months and I love it! I’ve founds a few things to be annoying (Such as 1 forge point per hour) but this stretches the game out and I do enjoy that. I joined as the game turned 1 year old, left Beta and is now full functional. I hope you’re still playing.

      Add me as a friend, if you are!

      MyLittlePony (On FOE)


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