Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is a browser-based MMO Strategy game by Goodgame Studios. Design and build your own Medieval castle, create a powerful army, and fight against other players on a dynamic world map as you attempt to conquer the four kingdoms and unite them under your rule.

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Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Studios
Goodgame Studios
Release Date
August 14, 2011
Web Browser
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.

Minimum System Requirements

Goodgame Empire is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

If you have old hardware or software, you may still be able to play Goodgame Empire, but your game experience may suffer. For the best gameplay experience, we recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

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User Reviews (70)

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bilbodog 10 months ago
Pay to win game.

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Tawney 2 years ago
Players going from the game in droves, as gge kills off free to play, they just keep enough for legal reasons.
Money needed to play the game as they want, is at silly levels, and already even more of the ruby players, and multis are going into long time protection. Forget events unless you want to pay big money, and even then wont win.
Worst thing, moderators, and CM,s seem to be employed by GGE. Forum is heavely censored by the mods, and the least transgression of their ideas of rules is met with a small ban followed by a permanent ban. They also delete all your posts relavent or not, one had all his past posts deleted for 6 years, for questioning the moderator, because he wouldnt agree to a deal to keep quiet.
This is not a fair game any longer, or run by a fair company, so dont play it.

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No name 2 years ago
I have played GGE for many years, from 2013, it used to be a fair and good game with friendly and honest people, but the game become worse and worse with time: lack of new things, all the things they are adding now are just for money, so sad for a game that used to be so fun, friendly :((

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Rufus 2 years ago
since none of these are dated ... it is March 2021. the game has been upgraded with a completely new - and extensive - layer of troops, buildings, equipments, etc. called relics. And now that folks have played it for about 6 months, many of the most dedicated and once powerful are leaving the game - after 6 - 8 years of playing and paying. GGE has crossed over an invisible line. A line that has finally caused addicted players to go into withdrawal. The fun has been replaced with an insane amount of work / time to grow you account. and even that is not enough without a steady stream of your money invested to buy troop, deco, and widget packages. The map is littered with ruined castles. Were it not for all the cheater alt accounts, I bet there would be less than 2K peeps left playing. Many of the ones that stay have cut back drastically on time and money spent... waiting to see if the game will be made more balanced. Others, take accounts ... charge up big sums over a weekend (when no support is online), attack and ravage like crazy... then charge back gge throwing the account into a financial lock out. The player doesn't care. He has had his fun... at no cost to anyone except the peeps he wiped out. And yet, gge does nothing to control this it continues.
could say more, but as a 5 year player in a Top tier alliance, I am just about out the door myself. GOT Winter is Coming looks interesting

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Bobby 3 years ago
Game is nearly dead, and players are being fleeced by GoodGame, before its gone to ruins. Latest scam is ransomware ads, that you have to pay to remove or wait on a time limit. Players complaining bitterly as gameplay is affected, where time is critical.
Don't even bother to try it, but look for a game with better reviews. If there were gaming controls it would have been told a long time ago to clean up its act or close.

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George 3 years ago
Extreme personalities can be encountered in this game and on associated chat forums. Vile and hateful abuse is not effectively dealt with by the game owner and complaints are frequently fobbed off with excuses about protection of privacy, not our platform, outside our sphere of control etc. etc.

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Malzahar 3 years ago
What is probably the worst thing about this game: you can not take a single break once you started or else
a) your entire progress has been deleted and you must start over
b) your castle is about to fall into ruins and you basically have nothing to rebuild and it takes a long time

Congrats you are now trapped inside a game that is tedious/repetetive to play, time consuming and offers little reward for your efforts.
If you ever decide to pay (stupidest decision ever) you create an even stronger bond to the game and letting go becomes inceasingly harder.
You basically pay for nothing as going inactive for too long will delete your progress nontheless, so the game does not only take your time, it also takes your money. You do not own anything in the game!

Only good aspect: there are incredibly friendly and helpful people out there, but they are doomed as they invest so much time into this worthless game.

Letting go of good game empire is like quitting smoking, the longer you have done it, the harder it gets, it corrupts the user. Step 1: Make yourself realize that nothing you do in this game will last and that you live your life for yourself and not the game.

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Firestar 3 years ago

- Full of bugs
- Pay to Win. First thing you see when you connect is an ad for rubies.
- No support.

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JL 5 years ago
What I would really like to know is when are you guys going to live up to your end of the bargain and start cleaning up all the bot accounts, key sharing, alt and hacking accounts that has destroyed this game from the honest players. Also How in the world can you let mods play in their own kingdom, they slam other players in forum, you allow gross and dangerous art work in forums, who is really running the show. Everything this game has evolved into from an honest players perspective is just a 100% cheating game.Thanks for doing nothing to regulating accounts and abusing so many good people who have supported your site. Game is dominated by cheaters and hackers now.Could see a class action suit coming your way by so many who have put so much time and money into your site. Top teams in usa server filled with hackers and cheaters, You know who you are Kon, Misc and others. Even players leaving the game pass their accounts down and are shared amongst these teams, or past to other individuals, anyone who becomes a threat by alt accounting them, key sharing, botting, and bullying. GGE looks at one thing only, Money, no support service at all, every Mod. who contacts you uses the standard replies what a joke. GGE won't even do the simple task of just allowing one I.P. addy per account, or assigning upto two for homes where couples might play.

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Tawney 5 years ago
Until gge decide to deal with all the multi accounts, dead accounts, and shell alliances, don't bother. Until they do something about game balancing, don't bother. Real problems begin after level 70/1, when players 800 levels above you, 70/800 , with troops and equipment you have no chance against. Do the makers know, yes, definitely. They do have staff playing in the game, and know the multi accounts, and shells. Why don't they do anything, because the server would be empty if they dealt with them. Who do they deal with, anyone who tries to scam money or rubies from them, not the ones they should be dealing with. At this time alliances are emptying of good long term players who are fed up of gge not acting , result, game will become a joke as a browser game, and seen as a bent game.
Don't bother look for one of the better organised games that are fairer for players of all levels

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MMO 5 years ago
This game in the start has lot to offer but at the end it becomes so boring and could have drained your pockets.The game is a time waste.I played the game for 1 and a half year and reached lvl 70 but after it i couldn't proceed without paying money.Also all my friend who were with me at the start had left the game.I am not in completely not like the game but this game is certainly this game is pay to win

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Never mind 5 years ago
Problem with this game is, if you need to report a problem, support have accounts on this game at very high levels in big alliances. So your problem will never be resolved because the game is bent. Real players with real accounts work in support

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Hidingfromyou 5 years ago
I played this game for years and made it to the very top of US1. I once ranked 3 in glory and have been ranked as high as 3rd on the server in terms of might points.

This game is mind-crushingly boring, the graphics are miserable, gameplay tedious and account maintenance a necessary time sink. The only part of this game that is compelling is the people - in your alliance you become familiar with and those you attack who send you wonderful crymail, so upset you burned their castles or stole their fake resources. Please note, this isn't a war game. It's a game about griefing others while trying not to be griefed yourself by making strong allies.

Gameplay: you go into an attack screen and choose values to overcome defenses. The defenders have walls, a gate and a moat. They have a variety of defense tools to boost these, the best of course being purchasable through their in-game premium currency that is bought for cash. You, as the attacker, select enough attack tools to overcome their defense, then send and wait for the hit to land. The best attack tools are those you buy with rubies (so, real money).

For pvp, that's at least somewhat interesting as the game involves a rock, paper, scissors approach - defenders have to predict the tools you're using to best beat you, etc.

But for NPCs, it's insanely tedious and repetitive. Events are the only way to grow in power - and finishing top 100 provides the best rewards. To do this, you have to repeat the attack window over and over, at least 300-400 times per event. Combined with the wait times between sending and landing your attacks, which differ between events (some are as few as 4 min, some as many as 30 min) you end up spending entire days on events to do well. Bye-bye life.

Your commanders (the armies you send) and your castellians (the generals who protect your castles) all have equipment to wear. The best EQ is from events or actual pay to win purchasing (you buy the in-game currency, then buy these, it's straight up p2w), but when looting NPCs you get tons of worthless EQ that builds up in your inventory, waiting for you to delete it. And you have to delete it otherwise the EQ you win might not make it into your "full" inventory.

Deleting this worthless EQ takes hours of your time. You have to click 1 piece, sell it, press yes, then do another. Often the game can't keep up with you and it forces you to wait a few seconds between each sale. No joke, to fully empty an inventory in one go can take 30 minutes. So much fun.

Building your castles takes a tremendous amount of time. So you need food, for example, which means building a granary. These go from level 1 to 30, with each level taking more time than the last. They start around 12 hours to complete, but the last 10 take around 24 hours. GGE used to give skips out, but removed these from events so people would be forced to buy them. Given that you need at least 20 granaries per castle, it will take a new player roughly 3 years to get their granaries to level 20 and then another 3 years to get them to 30 (after lvl 20, you can only build them once per week).

So if you're a new player considering starting this game, it will take you 6 years to catch up to someone like me. Meanwhile, you're prey for all the higher level players. They'll farm you and tell you to like it or go play Big Farm.

Next, whatever the game offers for sale as 'gold' and 'rubies' (the premium, money-costing currency), the 2 buttons are side by side. Which means if you make a mistake, you're burning money. And they won't refund this. Admittedly, they made blowing your money slightly more difficult with the use of a delay timer on the rubies once you push the gold, but it still happens.

Also, the company will admit mistake and still charge you. When a new event came out, I bought the event tools with rubies, so real money. But the tools didn't work. They promised a boost to the scoring of the event, but they did nothing. Eventually the company admitted this on their website and said "tough" to people like me who wanted a refund or a replacement for the next event after the bugs were finished - no such luck. "Sorry we bugged those, but hey, you bought them. So no refund."

Last, all events in this game are now pay to win. The company used to rely upon customers buying tools but as the game has become more pve instead of pvp, and they've given out more of the expensive tools, events have become their cash-cow. People very seriously spend $400 or more per event to win the event and get the best stuff. If you don't spend, you can still make top 100 but it will cost you in time. Alliances can only win events if multiple people spend money.

The game is designed to psychologically manipulate you into becoming addicted. It is based on principles designed in psychology to addict animals called operant conditioning. If you have ever taken a psychology course, you will recognize the principles being applied: semi-random nature of points being awarded, competition that requires much time spent on the game and rewards you, then immediately beings a new competition, and power creep to out-date all that you've worked for or bought, so you have to run as fast as you can just to keep up.

Do not play this game. Do not let your friends play this game. If you believe in the devil, the devil created this game. Go play a fun game with good graphics where the devs aren't trying to crush your soul and strip your creativity.

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Argentum 5 years ago
You basically have 2 choices in this game. Be bullied or spend lots of money and do the bullying.
Game balance is non-existent and there are many players who will multi-account and hack to harrass other people. There are plenty of players who are quite good at dishing out abuse, but then act like babies when they are on the receiving end of anything. Avoid this game.

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George 5 years ago
I am a long term player and i find the game fascinating, Lots of people interaction both within and across alliances together with an almost endless series of objectives/accomplishments. So long as you don't deliberately make powerful enemies it is very playable at all levels.

1. Based on old technology - flash player is seriously outmoded and creates loadsa junk files which clog up your computer and interfere with game play. Frequent reboots required.
2. Bandwidth issues - server delay on completing in game actions is endemic and extremely frustrating.
3. Being bombarded with a complex and unbalanced range of "offers" designed to persuade players to spend real cash purchasing in game currency. No such thing as a straight cost of anything and some "power ups" are ridiculously expensive in real cash terms - no matter how good the offer might be.
4. "Game of chance" feature - purely a personal view but i find encouragement of gambling (albeit 1 step removed from legal definitions because it doesn't involve real money - just game currency which is mostly purchased by real money!) detestable in a game which is open to minors.

Few other less important things could be mentioned but that is enough for now.

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Tawney 5 years ago
The game is repetitive and once past lvl 70 a total waste of your time. When level 70/800 can attack any level after 70/+ to be farmed of resources and set alight for fun, and you then need more resources to put them out, totally unbalanced, unfair game. Full of multi accounts, such as reviewers have said leave the game and pass on passwords, that's a multi account. Its so bad now its full of alliances made up of these multis, untouched by gge even when reported. Gge are slowing the game down and making it even more in favour of ruby whales, DO NOT TOUCH IT, IT SUCKS.

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WHAT CHEATS!!! 6 years ago

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Michael 6 years ago
This game is a real scam they take ur money from you and if something happends like you get hacked they wont fix it
but on the bright side im lvl 50 on the game and it has been almost a year of playing
i have never spent a single penny because i know its not worth it
and i dont play alot maybe once every 3 days or so

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Richard 6 years ago
It's been nearly two years since I played this game. Here's why I left this game after about two months worth of playing (everyday).

Pay-2-Win system. By far, the single most important reason. You won't have a chance unless you and/or alliance has DEEP pockets.

If you don't anticipate on spending real money to progress in the game, the game will be extremely slow and difficult. When you move up, you're dealing with a bombardment of bigger alliances.

You must understand this game will be not worth your time if you don't plan on spending money. Somebody out there in the game will have DEEP pockets and won't mind spending lots of money to absolutely destroy you and your alliance.

I don't mind games that have extra features or bonuses that helps accelerate things. However, as long is not dependent on how much money you can spend.
You will begin to realize the outcome of your strategies or tactics alliance isn't based on skills or talents, but based on how much money one is willing to spend to gain the upper hand. Once you realize this, then the fun is over. I left and never looked back. Too bad, could have been real fun.

Don't bother if you are not going to spend real money in this game. It's a trap.

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Robert 7 years ago
I have been playing GGE for 3 years and love the game, in the beginning I spent thousands of dollars but know I now how to play I don't spend anything other than time, have met very interesting people from around the world and can move from alliance to alliance if I so desired. Some very highly intelligent people play the game and I believe that the skills I have learnt here have helped me to aspire to running a 5 million dollar company(leadership, communication and understanding human nature)

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Bob 7 years ago
I would have to agree with a lot of the people who have posted and said what a waste of time and money this game is. I don't mind pay to win games, there's a couple that I've liked, but on top of this being an empty waste of time there are people at the top levels that seem to have nothing but this game in their lives and take it way to seriously. They make it a miserable experience for casual players once you get to a high enough level and get their attention. I also have to agree with many of the reviews here that the game is overly buggy and the developer doesn't seem to be too interested in doing anything about improving game quality. Haven't tried using their support but from what I've heard, read, and seen my expectations are pretty low. Find a better game. This one is a complete waste of your time and DEFINITELY a complete waste of your money. I never paid anything to play this game and very glad that I haven't. It IS very addictive and after 5 mos. of play I'm looking to try and get out and on to something more meaningful. I think the addictive nature of the game is purposeful and unfortunately, like most addictions, brings out the worst in people that are subject to it and and who have probably spent an inordinate amount of time and money on it. I pity them. Don't play this game, there's far better and far more out there.

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kenny.ken 7 years ago
Worst game ever. Its straight pay to win. All you see is advertisement of deal purchasing best army, equipment, and ect... with cash. No real strategy except opening up your wallet.

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A Very Annoyed Player 7 years ago
I would not recommend this game to young players or casual players for two reasons: The community outside of a few shining souls is toxic and the developers are money-hungry. This went from being a game about politics to a game about tyranny. If you reach the highest level, you are an automatic target. It doesn't matter whether you're in an alliance that hasn't messed with anyone ever. You. Are. A Target. My friend has been a target of one of a member in the largest alliance for the past two tournaments, and we can't retaliate because that makes every single one of us targets for that alliance and their sub-alliances.

Not to mention the only way to get good is to pay money. You can get good without spending anything, but it takes a long time and is incredibly difficult the higher you get. The developers also refuse to listen to the words of players who are being harassed/bullied/attacked by the same person over and over for no reason. I have a feeling they only listen to the big money spenders.

So yeah. Casual and young players beware. You will get destroyed in this game. It may happen after reaching level 10, it may not happen until level 70. But when it happens, it's super hard to come back from it. My advice: find a different MMO game.

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adayinthelife 7 years ago
I played Goodgame Empire for several years and was in one of the top alliances for more than a year. I know the game very well. The previously mentioned server outage lasted more than 24 hours. The outage preceded an update that has absolutely ruined the game. Goodgame Empire is quickly dying. Server outages, lag and flash issues, rampant multi-accounting and heavy on the pay to win makes this game one to leave alone.

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Jeff 7 years ago
The game server has been down for several hours and the support staff haven't lifted a finger to fix it. The game absolutely stinks.

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playerN 7 years ago
I played this game for more than a year, reached level 59. It was funny for a time. Then, after I realized how much time i was spending in a meaningless task, gave the password to one of my pals inside the game, asked him to change it (just in case!) and never came back. This game can truly suck your brain and is designed to do so. Now the thing gets really evil when it comes to the fact that injecting money, real money, inside the game gives superpowers to the paying player. And it seems many people are actually paying. At the level I was playing, i could progress in the game without spending a cent, and of course never did such a thing. More experienced players advise that at higher levels you just won't progress without paying, or in other words, an unpaying player absolutely cannot beat a paying one. Well, this is more than unfair, it's just evil. Consider it in this way: Under-aged are not allowed in casinos but they are allowed and encouraged to join games like this. If you consider the constellation of GGE servers, each of them overpopulated with players.. try to figure out the faboulous amounts of money the game owners can be making out of nothing, or out of something: your brain, your time, your life (and your bank account).

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Ivanhoe 1492 8 years ago
This is the absolute worst game I have ever played

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Ivanhoe 1492 8 years ago
I have played many war games, This game is the absolute worst game I have ever played

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morbid 8 years ago
this game is designed to take your money with little to no intrest in any fairness to the player
made for hackers bugs to no end, lack of any asurance these people are rude and hack you if you make certain complaints, this is a poor excuse of a scam no different than any trying to get your money off the internet, Don't play it, make sure to you tube this help us spread the word
because once they MAKE you spend your (Rubies), it's OVER..Unless You start paying out of your own pocket and wait to be hacked to lose it all, this greed is already being spread and people are already warning others to be ware of ANY games by THESE game makers, Don't get scammed by these monie scammers it's all a big lie to get YOUR MONEY

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hairy 8 years ago
Played empire for a while good game except don't play in au 1 to many rules made up by the big alliances and high levels becomes a real bore couldn't believe a good game can be ruined like that you are better of getting to level 4 then save your account then change your account in world to USA 1 much better world to play in

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Lgage 8 years ago
Well, let me start by saying that this game is not perfect. The system has many holes.
Spent over $500 dollars on purchasing rubies, yet a 500 melee attack gets me a defeat with 2700 some strong soldiers I purchased with my hard earned dollars. I don't get it!!! When I try to report the problem, the suspended my account.

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McBaiNNN 8 years ago
Its a pay to win game nothing else to say went to lv 50 then a guy that put rubies started atacking me couldnt do anything...

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tabarnac 8 years ago
aaron is completely right,i played this game for 3 years,and i stopped,fed up about all those events that encourages big ruby buyers to crush everyone so basically all your effeorts are worthlees if you dont buy rubies or should i say ifyou dont buy a heap of rubies because moderate buyers cant cut it also and it has become more and more greedier by the month ,dont waist your time starting a castle there,this game is bound to fall on itself soon because they cannot continue with this pattern for long

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Andy 8 years ago
I started playing this game about two months ago. I am at level 40 now. I like all of you thought that it was free to play. (Not) I was curious as to why my partner of 20 yrs was so addicted to the game and why they were spending so much money a month on something that you have nothing to show for. (Except a bunch of pixels) Anyway my partner has been playing for about two years and about six months ago I found out that there was an online affair going on. Now that I have confronted them about it the affair continues. They call each other all of the time and also have multiple accounts that they use to support their original accounts. the person that my partner is having the affair with is a hacker and he has been banned before and he always manages to hack his way back in. This game will destroy you so be careful and don't buy RUBIES.

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merv 8 years ago
I have a grandson age 14 who started playing this game and became addicted to it.

This addiction has caused him to virtually drop out of school and not participate in life.

We have taken the game way from him and he has expressed that life is not worth living
Without being allowed to play the game.

Is there anyone out there with this type of experience?

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merv 8 years ago
I have a grandson age 14 who has tottally engrosed himself to the exclusion of anything else.

He has dropped out of a serious program and all he wants to do in life is to play this game.

A true addiction that has caused him to stop normal life tasks.

Is anyone out there suffering of an addiction that severe?

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Sneaker 8 years ago
Absolutely terrible! This game is full of bugs, has severe lags disrupting game play several times every day, and drops your connection out of nowhere.
Customer service is extremely poor. Their staff is rude to the customers accusing them of lying and attempting to cheat the system when they ask for things lost due to lags and bugs. There is no support on weekends, there have been several people who haven't gotten responses at all to tickets, and it averages a week to get a response. Even then, most often the expect proof they know we can not come up with. We do not screenshot our every move!

There is a HUGE gab between the paying customers and the average player. Paying customers can buy advantages that are impossible for the average person to defend against.

Players are leaving in droves. Do not waste your time on this one. You will be sorry and wanting your time back.

0/10 for GGE Empire

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Aaron 8 years ago
I have been playing this game for three years. I am one of the leaders of one of the strongest alliances on one of their many servers, I am greatly experienced and you would do well to take this review seriously. If you plan on playing this game without spending any money, expect to be stomped on by the larger teams. If you DO spend money on this game, expect to be stomped on by the company that runs it and their customer service team. Recently two people I know of had their accounts hacked and years of work thrown down the drain. It's difficult to explain if you aren't familiar with the way the game works, but suffice it to say what happened to them literally reversed years of work and hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent. Customer service wont do anything to help even though they have little to no security on their site in the first place. They will simply tell you it's your fault for giving out your password, which I know was not the issue in these two instances.

Furthermore the game is very glitchy and always has been for the three years I've been playing. Instead of making the game run more smoothly they continue to release unwanted updates to the game which create more bugs, without fixing the old bugs.

Just last week the server crashed so they did a "rollback". One friend of mine lost $400 worth of troops she had purchased, and customer service said they had no record of it and that they wouldn't do anything to help. Meanwhile I contacted customer support and claimed that I lost twice as many troops (which I didn't) and they replaced them without asking a question. This kind of thing happens all the time. The person I just mentioned lost even more troops last night due to a glitch, again customer service wont do anything to help.

Bottom line, don't spend money on this game - not even one penny, and if you don't spend money don't let yourself believe for one second that you can compete against the people who do. Customer service will treat you as a lying child if you contact them with any issues, regardless of whether you spend $5 or $5,000 on the game, and believe me, plenty of people spend tens of thousands of dollars PER MONTH on this game, which makes it very difficult for anyone to compete. The worst part about the game is simply the way customer service treats people and the way they try to squeeze every penny out of you they can. When I first started playing they would have ruby sales once a week if we were lucky, now there are at least 2 different sales each day, with additional sales popping up randomly. There would be special events once a week, maybe once a month. Now there are 3-4 events running at the same time all the time. They do not care about their customers, they seem to follow the mantra that "the customer is always wrong" and they will flat out accuse you of lying regardless of whether you have a real issue or not.

One last thing, they like to boast that they are voted game of the year by some random organization, but if I remember correctly it's a company that they own so don't take their word for it - anyone who has anything good to say about this game is only new, foolish, or EXTREMELY lucky.

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delcat 8 years ago
Anything these clowns produce is money grubbing crap. Lousy support, every update has a hundred bugs and they never fix the old ones. STEER CLEAR of this one

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izzy 2 8 years ago
Ive played this game for 4 years, playing time some 12 hours. At the beginning it was a lot easier, it is realy hard to play without buying rubies, and they are making it harder. I would not advise anyone to start playing now. It is addictive, and once you start paying to play its hard to stop.
it is filled with bugs
they try really hard to take money from you for little return
they change things while your playing rules, prices of equipment etc

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izzy 2 8 years ago
Ive played this game for 4 years, playing time some 12 hours. At the beginning it was a lot easier, it is realy hard to play without buying rubies, and they are making it harder. I would not advise anyone to start playing now. It is addictive, and once you start paying to play its hard to stop.

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rut 8 years ago
Oh i forgot I dont mind to pay to play, this game is just a waste of time and money

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rut 8 years ago
i SPENT 300 DOLLARS TO GET TO LEVEL 38 THIS GAME IS BORING AND CONTROLLED BY BIG ALLIANCES I give it a real try but its not made for the new players to live in

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Polux 9 years ago
I have been playing 3 months now. I am on level 29 and never spend one cent. I am just very careful with my alliances and in who to attack. The best thing, I can play when I want, and open it where I want.

I do not get the critics here.

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anth 9 years ago
This game is good, I've been playing for around 2years now, am a level 70 and done it without the use of buying rubies,I have 90% camanders and 80% castllens but worked hard to get them that good,this game is not suited to people who do not have the time to play.

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Chris 9 years ago
Iv'e played this game for about 3 years. It has been a GREAT game, the only problem for me is how much of a unfair advantage the buyers get over the normal players, If you put in time, the game will be one of the best you have ever played.It is a little boring for the first 12 levels, but those you can get through in about a day or 2. after that the game is always getting better and better.
Also some of the bad reviews above are from people who have hardly played! Try the game for yourself, put some time into it, and you wont regret it!

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Chillaxative 9 years ago
the major hint that the game sux is in its name guys.... if it has goodgame in its name its obv gunna blow. simple as that

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nunya 9 years ago
While this game is free to play, the grind to get the good tools and equipment once you have got to level 70 is very boring.

It takes about 750 clicks to train a full army for an attack against a level 70.

It costs about $15 to buy enough tools for one decent attack or a LOT of attacking npcs, so the only real strategy is to spend money if you want to play hard.

The cost to make a 65 man alliance is in the hundreds if not the thousands of real money.

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jtype 10 years ago
This famous game brand made a shit game like this here are the top reasons:

1. Filled with bugs
2. This is truly a pay 2 play because it will be insane to advance to a higher level without rubies
3. Attacking to a ruby player you will ahve 12% chance to wn
4. Ruby player have 98% chance to win if they attack you
5. Alliances with ruby player will win 99% of their battles


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NightFury 10 years ago
i ahve a problem with my browser it for some reason doesnt go full screen alone in the browser. Ty and i hope u fix it. Also i think u should make it like Empire total war when u go into battle like that and other people should be able to help u( for example my ally)

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ady 10 years ago
dont ever play this game they ripped people off and disguised it as bug mass people from arount the world lost real money cause of that i say dont play

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ugurano 10 years ago
this game looks boring

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kvikkeviggo 10 years ago
Very unstable and filled with bugs. Support asks for personal papers even from minors.

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ken 10 years ago
well, Im here..don't know for how long

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