Are you ready to conquer the Olympus following in the footsteps of Ulysses, Achilles and the Greek heroes? Then join us for a unique adventure into the world of Ancient Greece.

In Grepolis, a browser based online strategy game, it is your task to build up from a small Polis (Greek for town) to a huge metropolis. Unite with other players in victorious alliances, establish a powerful army and navy and finally conquer islands far away. On your trip to glory and honor, you should also take care of the gods of Greek mythology: Zeus, Hera, Athena and Poseidon will decide your fate.

About six million registered players from over 150 countries have already joined the quest. The game is currently available in 18 languages and there are more to come.

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December 08, 2009
Web Browser
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Grepolis is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

If you have old hardware or software, you may still be able to play Grepolis, but your game experience may suffer. For the best gameplay experience, we recommend the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.

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crypticgrimreaper 8 months ago

For those have no idea about this game, I believe this game is HARDCORE P2W, esp on very fierce WW and Domination servers, where there tends to be PREMADES of VERY STACKED PLAYERS, most who are VERY HARDCORE, who establish themselves and practically destroy anybody in their sights, and make countless players quit with the power of GOLD, this game has HARDCORE GOLDERS, and I'm being dead serious about these hardcore GOLDERS, they could throw money at this game, and be literally unstoppable, conquer whoever they want unless the other player is a hardcore golder as well, as I have seen before. I remember one server probably lasted 9 months or something, and this basically #1 ranked player of a #1 alliance/guild against the #2 alliance never lost a single city, both of whom were stacked with hardcore players and golders, so he can instantly rebuild the wall WITH GOLD when attacked, instantly BUY RESOURCES, instantly build units WITH GOLD, pretty much can instant ANYTHING with GOLD in this game besides travel and myth units, can even instant research...

If you ever been attacked, mass nuked 10 - 15+ times in a row in a few hours from the same enemy cities with their hero and army full population nuke fully replenished before despite wiping them out every single time? If you ain't, then you know nothing about players hardcore golding in this game, or the power of gold whaling players, like it's little to no effort for them to take a city from you, it's nothing to them, it becomes skill less, and truly effortless when they are willing to spend thousands or tens of thousands of gold to fully nuke your city. Literally impossible to repel that in a server as a F2P player, that has only been out for 1-2 months. How'd they do it? Hardcore golding. I probably killed over 15+ nukes, close to 19k units of theirs, and a single player golded all them units like nothing, no skill at all, just gold spam everything, gold the army, gold revive the dead hero and repeat until there is nothing left in the city. No skill at all, just gold.

And when you look at these hardcore golding players, who pretty much play this as their living, their job, they have multiple swords and crowns, sometimes even 7+ of each and a Grep score of a million or higher, so on a server, that has been out for some barely 3-4 months, these top hardcore golding players already have 40-72+ cities, and the F2P players like me only has 17 cities, and the average in my guild is like 13 cities, an even more casual player will have less than 10 cities, and most players on the server I'm playing on have 10-20 cities, so you see the insane power difference? They are unstoppable if they set their eyes on you, and want your city for themselves. And keep in mind on a casual server I have like 55 cities, and I been on there for like a year up to a year and a half, and these players have 72 cities in 3-4 months, so if you don't think this game is P2W with gold, then you ain't got no idea

I have even heard rumors there are Grepolis staff, employees, mods or something who play in the top guilds, as many other members of my guild talked about throughout different servers, and there are talks that they have very magical powers, who knows what they can really do, they could even be the hardcore golders themselves by giving themselves whatever unit and myth tokens they want, unlimited gold, possibly even cheating

During certain in game events, they are able to amass 100s upon 100s of myth units with gold to get these unit and myth tokens, to buy the resources, the ingredients, whatever to destroy whoever they want, and when the event ended, there was like 2k-3,000+ myth units dead, and those were my trips in the cities I was defending, ain't nobody able to defend against that unless they are a hardcore golder, and have a good chunk of guild support, there is no way to defend against these hardcore golders. These even get an extra city slot for being like #1 or #3 in these events, so once again, they can expand like crazy... with the power of gold, so eventually countless islands turned red, hostiles everywhere

So if you are free to play player really casual on a WW or Domination server, and there's hardcore premades, who have already filled themselves, and not MRA, mass recruitment alliance, then chances are either of those stacked hardcore premade guilds will be the winner of the server, as there's no way a F2P casual MRA guild, even many multiple MRA guilds will be able to defeat them. I haven't seen it, cuz the gold starts pumping, they will send an absurd nukes at you, and your guildies, then eventually islands start getting more and more red

I would just stay from this insanely crazy P2W game

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toulousanglais 1 year ago
I play on Ikaria and, as it's in French, we've followed the French rules which say you can't launch the improvement of a Wonder before the New Year ceasefire.

It would appear that, however, in the German rules, it is possible if the end of the improvement is after the ceasefire.

All but one of the alliances on our world followed the French translation of the rules. Unfortunately, one of the alliances didn't , probably correctly. The problem is that this internal Grepolis mistake has led to about 200 players losing interest in continuing to play Grepolis.

We are quite happy to continue playing if you can find a way of producing a 'level playing field', if not I suspect that you will lose a large number of previously committed players of the game, which will be a shame for you and for them.

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jimbo 1 year ago
There are a lot of complaints about this game being unplayable unless you spend a lot. This is untrue. First, you can obtain gold (easily $50 worth) by selling resources early in a game. This gives you more than you need for critical advisors. Second, I've played many times spending nothing and taken an alliance into the top 5. Through strategy.
The first thing you need to do is to build a second city far, far away from the action. When youre attacked, this city will be safe, and you can always rebuild quickly from it. Second, when your first city is attacked, if you harvested resources often and built it properly before beginners protection is over, you will harvest more than enough BPs to expand. Once you are expanding, the more they attack you, the more BPs you get, the more you can expand. You just cant play stupid and think you are going to hold your city in the center, and the ones you idiotically built right next to it. Build your empire far away, where its safe, and send troops back to defend cities near the center. More to it, but that is enough to get you safe. Does it require time? Yes. If you arent prepared to devote weekends to collecting resources to get up fast, youre gonna die. But i work weeks and sleep nights.

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crypticgrimreaper 1 year ago
To add on my post below, even players from your own alliance can attack you, or probably even conquer you if they were so evil.

I had a few typos since it was a lot of words, but the inventory slots is stupid. You could have 17 slots on 1 server, but on another server, you have the default amount of just 10, so obviously that's another money move by the devs of wanting you to spend money on gold.

On the Grep forums, they have a thread of the guilds who will sink or float, so if you're in a weak alliance with very little veterans, you can expect to be razed by really hardcore players, who have played for years.

You can only hope a veteran of the game can teach you about the game, but most times they won't, and will just conquer your city, all your alliance member cities, everybody else cities until there is nothing left because they want that crown, or the world wonders on their profile. All that time wasted for nothing.

The game is very, very time consuming maintaining your cities, and your frontline cities, that get attacked by the hardcore players with full nuke attacks often, and they have attack % items whatnot that last for a week or 2.

Here's a screenshot of what it's like being a frontline city: - all those red dots are the top players of the server. it's not a fun experience, very stressful, gets more stressful seeing the friends you made on the island are gone, as well as alliance members nearby you disappear 1 by 1... cities turning ghost...

They've conquered everybody's island after island and they've been at my island for some 3 weeks, making literally my whole entire island quit, and recently somebody's city turned into a ghost city due to the nukes on his city and other cities. They made numerous players quit, and their reach is very far spanning numerous islands all over. These guys are ranked #2 in the alliances, with numerous cities and points.

Honestly you should just STAY AWAY from this game. Tried it in the early 2010s and quit, then tried it again and realized why I quit. Constant stressful battles of attacking and defending against an absurd amount of unit nukes sent at your city of which you won't survive against. Hardcore, brutal and the game shows no remorse and I'll probably just leave it at that for this game...

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crypticgrimreaper 1 year ago
If you have never played this game before, then know that this game can be very brutal and stressful.

The most warlike and active players will solely see your city as a city for themselves even though they have 10-20+ or even more cities. Do most of them want to build a city from a fresh colony ship start on an unclaimed city? No, they want YOU to build their city for them, then they'll attack you in mass with all sorts of different units from tons of Manticores, Griffins, all sorts of land units until you have 0 units to defend the city and little to no support from allies. You won't withstand the constant nukes if you have no idea what you're doing, then you'll either quit the game or restart, as I have seen many, many players have done so. That also includes new players who just started playing, so yes build your city for someone else to conquer and have all your resources pillaged because the warehouse protects so little.

Once your noob shield is gone, you can be attacked by any player, that includes any of the top 100 players from the #1 or #2 alliance with stacked players, who have played for years or even a decade, this is probably their main game and they are active. It doesn't matter if you have 1 city, but it's a 2k-5k+ city now, they'll want that. Say farewell to your city because it's gone, it doesn't matter if you have casually built up the city for 2-4 weeks.

Oh, who is that player with 483,962 points or 48 cities? Or that player with 9,706,684 points and 621 cities? What about that other player with 96,62,033 points and 717 cities, and countless of other players with an absurd amount of points and cities? Yeah, good luck defending yourself against them and their alliance if they want your cities for their next city slot. Perhaps they want to farm you until you quit, perhaps they immediately want to conquer you, who knows

You'll sim city build your only city just to have it under someone else's control in less than a day. Log in only a few times a week, or play very casually? Good luck against the try hards with money, and countless cities they've conquered. They can get a premium paid advisor that provides 20% attack, instant build/research anything and everything else that comes with the ingame Gold currency. That also includes some of the most OP items, that increase your attack by a % for like a week or 2. The try hards have access to that no problem.

Next thing you know your city is a frontline city bordering a very large amount of the top 100 players with numerous cities with islands full of their alliance cities, fully stacked and ready to destroy you to claim a whole entire island for themselves. Nukes after nukes until you have nothing.

Even though you're in an Alliance, it's practically every man for himself in this game. You could ask for support, but very little will send any or give a rats a$$ about you. Most players on the server I'm playing only care about themselves, Battle Points, more cities and that's about it in this game. Very rarely will you find any friendly players, but in an ocean of all sorts, it's mostly hostile from what I've experienced. Pacts with other alliances/guilds will break, then you're at war with them for the stupidest reasons because the Councilmen of your guild only talk to themselves, and to none of the rank and file members on the frontlines, then ignore you.

You will see so many players quit/restart the game, then you're all alone on an island surrounded by enemies who want your city.

This is not a friendly game, very stressful, reports full of being attacked, etc. and the power gap/player experience is massive from the very experienced 10 year long player in an alliance of very similar players, to the noob who has no idea what he's doing, and just simply building his city for the next man.

You start the game with an inventory of just 10 slots, but items keep pouring at you, and the slots don't even transfer to other servers, so you still have 10 slots and way too items from quest and events to be used in a short amount of time.

So many other things to say about this game, but this what comes to mind right now, and issa lotta typing lol. If you're real casual, don't like get being stressed out real bad to the point of gray hair from games, then STAY AWAY from this game!

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Madcap 4 years ago
2020 update:

All the concerns and complaints voiced previously about Grepolis have only grown worse since the last posts.

1. First and most importantly, there is rampant cheating and exploiting by players. Scripts, bots, account sharing, and multi-accounting are the most prevalent. The game developer, Innogames, outsources its game moderation. That should tell you all you need to know about it’s commitment to ensuring that Grepolis is played on a level playing field. With virtually no resources dedicated to fairness and policing rule-breaking, players cheat with impunity. In the rare instances when they are caught, they get slaps on the wrists that have no deterrent effect. It’s all about the bottom line for Innogames: apparently, they don’t believe that it’s worth investing in a fair game, and that players will continue to pay to play despite it being profoundly unfair.

Grepolis is a game for suckers. Don’t be a sucker.

2. Beyond the rampant cheating and exploiting, gold abuse adds another level of unplayability for the average, rule-abiding online gamer. The premium feature - gold, as a commodity - impacts many fundamental game mechanics. You simply will not be competitive in the game unless you are willing spend hundreds of dollars to purchase and use gold.

Grepolis is a game for suckers. Don’t be a sucker.

2. On top of all of that, Innogames unashamedly runs promotion after promotion and event after event in-game in order to facilitate gold purchasing and use. The impression could not be clearer - Innogames sees the game as a tool to suck players wallets dry. It’s a very demoralizing pattern for players, who recognize the need to subsidize the maintenance of a game they might enjoy, but don’t want to feel they are being exploited or taken advantage of. But Innogames does little visible development of the game. And players are forced to ask themselves - why are we paying more and more for a game that is not improving?

Grepolis is a game for suckers. Don’t be a sucker.

4. Finally, the answer to why remaining players are being solicited to pay more is because the game is dying. The community is shrinking. And as the community shrivels it becomes more and more insular, elitist, and corrupt. It really is a very unwelcoming and unpleasant community of players, who often represent the worst of online gaming. As you can imagine, most of the rule-abiding and reasonable players have already left the game for the reasons described above. The remaining community comprises cheaters, liars, and trolls. Especially for new players, it’s an enormous and often insurmountable barrier to entry.

Grepolis is a game for suckers. Don’t be a sucker.

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Dbu 6 years ago
Pay to win game unless you spend slot of money and time on this game you will just loose I have been playing this game for years and they keep finding new ways for it to cost you more .The in game mods are a total joke and they will ban you for made up reasons if they don't like you and accuse you of cheating when you are not their monitoring system must be way outdated I would advise anyone of playing this game to skip it.

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Gamer73 6 years ago
This game (Grepolis) is by far the worst online web game I have ever played for so many reasons mainly mentioned already above. Too many to repeat but the game sucks and would advise don't waste your time and or money on it. The customer support team is awful at best and just want money and don't fix or address issues. I would rate this game a 1 out of 10.

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Shanghai Brown 7 years ago
If you're not willing to sit your ass on this game 24/7 and dump tons of cash into it, don't bother with Grepolis. All that happens is you'll build up cities for other players - who are on the game 24/7 and dumping tons of cash into it - to conquer and steal.
Unlike other games where you can't attack other members of your own alliance, in Grepolis, you can, allowing for some true backstabbing assholes to screw over the less experienced players.
On top of that, the interface isn't always clear, and there are some functions that are pretty dang clunky. There are plenty of better games out there, and I'm going to go play them instead.

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RawBeatnik 7 years ago
It's the same for all their games unfortunately. Mainly because they let the mods handle all the banning. But these mods are not even employed by the company. So, basically they have complete authority to do whatever they please. Keep in mind they are also players in the game, so they can ban you just for being better than them. I am looking for every possible way to exploit this and correct these injustices!!

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Nodcrush 8 years ago
Been playing this game since its start. It started out as pretty dynamic, unique, and entertaining. Powers would shift constantly, there was a purpose to have some allies, it was a fun game.

Sadly over time the makers continuously implemented bad updates, made the game more and more about money, and ignore the community when they ask for this to stop or at the very least to fix some of their updates.

The end game is terrible. To the point where the makers actually publicly admitted that it was. They promised to change this...three years ago. Since then the only change has been adding more events that cost money and let you spam powerful troops. For $30 I could f* your shit up and make you life miserable for a week. Believe me, I did it and abused these events like it was Chris Brown's girlfriend. People literally told me I broke their will to fight back. By the way, I was considered a low spender on my team. The high spenders could break a siege with 30k troops in it on their own. Since these units are so powerful people on conquest servers won't bother with walls. The events don't replace defensive units either. Meaning you have to rebuild while they can buy another large force and send it out in 4 hours.

The one redeeming thing in Grepolis is the community. Honestly, if it wasn't for all those people and the friends I made, I would have quit a few years ago.

A lot of American server mods aren't good. They'd rather punish and over censor to make their lives easier. If you still want to play make sure you go to the English/En servers. The competition there is more stiff too meaning you get bang for your buck.

Being fair, it is possible to play this game without using a ton of gold. But you need to a have a strong team. Most of the strong teams are Premade before the world begins. So you're new then you need to build a reputation. Meaning you should wait a few days before charging in. If you go land in the main four oceans with no experience, your odds of losing your first city go way up.

Finally, the game is dying slowly. Lots of solid players have quit. Only the experienced alliances reign now a days. Less and less are coming. Meaning less world's are released. Which means you have to fight the heavy spenders all lumped onto one team.

This game passed its prime.

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Mike Beghin 8 years ago
Glad to see that others have gone through the same thing that I am going through. A sudden ban for no apparent reason other than playing often. I did the same thing replied to support wondering why the ban since I DID NOTHING WRONG. They said I used bots or scripts which blew me away because I know nothing about either. I think that Innogames hires in game moderators with friends playing or receiving some sort of perks for banning players. The game is slow in the beginning and if you can get another persons well developed city it really speeds up your game. It appears to me some inno game moderators are banning people and there is nothing that can be done about it. It is sad that this happens but I won't be playing anymore. Someone will get some well developed cities. Has to benefit someone but innogames should investigate because they have to be losing money by allowing this farce to continue.

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alina 8 years ago
Grepolis is fun.thank you.
I also find another game, Goddess of War, it's cool as same as Grepolis.

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Warchief 8 years ago
as for me This game is one of the best Browser game. it is really interesting. u have to choose different tactics, Deffensive or offensive or u are doomed at the first stage of the game.
Diplomacy and relationships are the basic ways to survive at the begining, if u managed to Deffend your cities at the first stages alone ,than u have to join an alliance. (or your 1-2 victory will not last forever )
once i`ev managed to be in top 30 of this game, i was controlling 2 occean it was fun ^_^

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!! Czech moderators abuse the position and spoiling the game !! 8 years ago
How it is possible that a player knows when it will end ban

and how he knew that playing support.

Because support is always attack before the player discovers that his ban ended .


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AT 8 years ago
Grepolis isn't a game for those who like fast-paced action. In the early stages of the game it is about attacking and building, but later in the game it gets more in depth. It starts to be about diplomacy, politics, communication, long term war strategy, and an epic struggle for power. Once you get to that stage, it's not as much about an individual's numbers (killing as many enemy units as possible), as it is about making strategic decisions and proper execution. All in all, Grepolis is a war game, not a fighting game.

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chris 8 years ago
banned for sending an 'offensive message' or 'insult' to another player- which is totally untrue- i've only messaged friends/allies- but they INSIST on it despite providing any information other than the bad stays. take your time and money elsewhere- unless you enjoy getting banned for being a powerful player

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docwaff 8 years ago
This game is fun, unique experience with conquering and heroes, personally play with my cousins and friends from school, all those who say it's the same thing, either play it more or don't play

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fuk em 9 years ago

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miss 9 years ago
For players who like this game and want to get involved in sharing their opinion in any form to improve the user experience and highlight the precedents of abusing authority by admins, please check out and join 'Grepolice' - a new community opened to change the current practice by using the power of social media. We hope it will be a meeting place for grepo-fanatics in the future who are interested in some fun, creative minds come on!

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Antok 9 years ago
After being banned on the 27th and the fruitless attempt to get support to explain what I was doing or using that is supposedly the use of an illegal bot or script, I decided to check out the web. From what I am seeing, it seems they went on a mass witch hunt on the 27th (following their most recent update) and managed to ban a ton of users for the same BS. These people are downright rude and dain bramaged. I hope InnoGames get's what they deserve for treating customers this way - bankruptcy!

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Robert M 9 years ago
I've been playing for 3 years, the world NYSA has just come to an end, Knights won, many have just been chilling out ready for the next world. I have 95 cities soon to be 96. I came home from work tonight, logged in and bam BANNED. Apparently I have been cheating and using bots. What a joke, they have declined to provide me the evidence even though they say it's conclusive.

I have asked for a refund or for them to re-instate me. the company is a joke when trying to get them to deal with complaints

the following is a transcript of our conversations


Agamemnon42 2014-11-27 17:45:10

Dear Grepolis

After calming down I thought I'd take the time to write a more detailed response

I have emailed several players from the world telling them that you have suspended / blocked my account without any prior warnings or for no reason at all. Apparently I have been cheating by using 3rd party software to automize the gameplay which is untrue and unjustified

I honestly don't know what conclusions you have that I have been doing this, I have received no warnings or ingame messages as I would have contacted you asking for further clarification

I pay for my gold via credit card and have told my comrades that if I lose any cities in the meantime due to your negligence then I will be closing my account and seeking legal representation for my money back

Can you please write to me on the email address that you are holding with your address, as I have said above I will be seeking my last purchase back should I lose any cities, if no reply is forthwith in the next 24 hours I will assume that you have closed my account and I will be approaching the bank to see a refund

In the 3 years I have been playing I have never cheated, I play at home or at my parents when I visit. I don't have two accounts and I don't use 3rd party software, I will also be writing strong words of complaint on review sites about the antics you use on your customers

I have copied this email as is to my home email as evidence, I'm disgusted by what you have done and look forward to an apology in due course

For my trusted players in grepolis if I lose any cities can you please let me know, as I will then be seeking a refund from my credit card company. I hope to be returning to play alongside you very soon

Kind regards

Robert Mumford

IcedDragon 2014-11-27 18:06:05

Hello Agamemnon42,

Our support tools have detected your account to be using an automated bot, or script, that performs ingame actions, perhaps whilst you are sleeping or otherwise not physically playing. Please note that these are completely forbidden in Grepolis. There is a list of pre-approved game-scripts that can be found here.

The evidence gathered is fully conclusive, and no details of our findings can be revealed at any time in the interests of keeping our methods secure from those who wish to cheat. The rules clearly state that this is forbidden, and as a result of this we have no choice but to temporarily exclude you from the server. Please note that if we catch you using an unapproved script or bot in the future, you risk further punishments.

If you would like to inquire about a refund, I will forward your tickets to the appropriate parties.


Senior Moderator

Agamemnon42 2014-11-27 18:53:44

I have NEVER used a bot or any kind of software to play grepolis and the fact that you decline to provide me this evidence shows that you can't prove it.

I've already told you that I've been playing for 3 years and have always played fairly, I can only assume people think that as I have 95 cities I must be using some kind of software to cheat when in fact I'm playing the game as intended (using festivals, attacking other players etc)

I would like an address to forward an official complaint I will also be passing your response to my comrades in the game to pass around. This is despicable

If you don't intend in letting me continue to play the game of Grepolis fairly then please arrange a full refund backdated to my last bill

I look forward to hearing from you soon


Agamemnon42 2014-11-27 21:09:35

I haven't received a response to my query above.....can you please escalate this as I'm not happy and have never cheated.

If you continue to ban me until the 30th of November I want a full refund in my account prior, the whole of this ticket will be posted online as it's a disgrace

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hw 9 years ago
They call this a strategy game, but it is not:
-This games is about micro managing . E.g. you need to farm to get as much resources as possible. This means in fact just pushing buttons. If you want to be high on the ranking then farm every 5 minutes throughout the day (and distroy your private live). The longer you play the more cities you have and the more you are pushing buttons instead of thinking about strategy. Grepolis is about pushing buttons not about strategy.

- In between pushing the buttons you will find yourself waiting until you actually can do some thing of building or attacking. Boring!

-The moderators are recruited in game and are some young guys that like and mis-use the power they have been given. Decisions are often biased and communications of moderators are often rude, not a way you would like to be treated as a paying player.

- Paying for a games is a normal thing to do. However when you play a 10 euro a month for this game, you still do not have any chance of playing in the top. A paying gamer spending around 10 euro a month (which make the game more expensive than a DVD game) should have a game where the good strategy makes the difference. Innogames is so fond of earning money that they give players an unlimited possibility to spend money (and players are doing that). Innogames is selling the top rankings in the games to the highest bidder. In fact it is not gaming contest but a shopping contest.

- The games does not have a decent end game. A world is continued for years and only ends when so almost everyone has left because it became boring. At the at of the game the only thing you find yourself doing is attacking player that are no longer active. There should be a moment where a winner is declared after which the games stops.

- The game can be played from pc and also mobile phone. On your phone you will be get messages that you are under attack. this will happen when you are on work, playing with your kids or do nice activities in real live. To make a chance in the game you should react on the message by arranging your defense. It will ruine your private live or cost your job.

Be smart do not start with it. At first it looks nice, but you will find out it is not.

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Person 9 years ago
Well, unless you can put time and money towards the game, you are in major trouble. Played the game for 6 months. People in my alliance had over 400k points, I had 40k......

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Lego 9 years ago
The game in it self is pretty OK

But the people behind it are assholes. I've played for 3 months and spent lots of money, also getting friends to play the game who also spent lots of money. As a thank I get banned for something I did not do (they just made a bunch of excuses and treated me like crap when asking why they banned me) and obviously they kept my money making them thieves.

Don't spend a ***king dime on this game !!! They don't deserve ANY money WHAT SO EVER considering how they treat paying customers. Haven't been this pissed off since someone stole my bicycle when I was 15 some 20 years ago, if I had the Grepolis crew in front of me I'd break their jaws and p**s in their mouths

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hans 9 years ago
To play the game ad work with a lot of cities you definitely need to use the advisers. This cost you a considerable amount of money.

As a paying customer you might expect a fair game. Player can (and do) buy almost unlimited benefits in the game.

Winning the game is not a matter of strategy but is for the player who pays most.

Not recommended

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Thomas Neith 9 years ago
I find the game is to slow! The thing ever one needs the most is timber but it takes several hours to upgrade as well as gather. Unless you have deep pockets/cash to buy coins it's like all the other online games, over priced, drug out time wise to force you to spend money to line the pockets of the greedy developers, they forget there are some of us out here that live on fixed incomes and can't afford to support their asses! If you don't get yourself built up and set within the 5 day grace period you'll be chewed up and spit out when another alliance decides to attach you with everything and member of their alliance. I know it happened to me last Nov, I was wiped in in 1 day, because I was built up and most of those that were in the same alliance dropped out and went to another alliance leaving to fend for myself. My main BITCH is that these games are set for the developers to make money and if you're on a fixed income you're screwed!

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Thomas Neith 9 years ago
I find the game is to slow! The thing ever one needs the most is timber but it takes several hours to upgrade as well as gather. Unless you have deep pockets/cash to buy coins it's like all the other online games, over priced, drug out time wise to force you to spend money to line the pockets of the greedy developers, they forget there are some of us out here that live on fixed incomes and can't afford to support there asses! If you don't get yourself built up and set within the 5 day grace period you'll be chewed up and spit out when another alliance decides to attach you with everything and member of their alliance. I know it happened to me last Nov, I was wiped in in 1 day, because I was built up and most of those that were in the same alliance dropped out and went to another alliance leaving to fend for myself. My main BITCH is that these games are set for the developers to make money and if you're on a fixed income you're screwed!

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Revolcisum 9 years ago
Great game everyone is bitching about not being able to pay or wanting to pay or something like that I have not spent a single dime on the game although I probably need to spend at least 10 to help support the game developers it is actually a pretty good game sorry it is not something that you can do over night you lazy asses get over it this is a good game.

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Vapor300 9 years ago
I play in Paros u gotta know how to play no excuses u don't know how to play then ur not gunna like it

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john 9 years ago
When I first started this game I really enjoyed it until I joined the Paros world. Since joining that world the largest alliance has had many complaints on City names, players names and it had indications that the moderators or someone making banning decisions were tipping them off on players that would be banned and available for attack. We had a situation like this with one of alliance mates and nothing was posted about it so no one knew of the ban, which was under appeal, other than two people. With the case made on that, the player was reinstated but not after he lost many of his cities. Since no one on the mod staff helping someone went to Inno games directly and all of a sudden we have a new moderating staff, bans dropped off from every other day to none and players with insulting handles had them changed. City names remain an issue as many players from the large alliance use taunting names. While the mods claimed they were satisfied that no help was given to the largest alliance, the results from the forced changes say different. It should be noted that the large alliance had several moderators playing the game on Paros and while they moderate other worlds you have to wonder about contact and privileges that other players don't have. Now the latest problem is that if you go to Grepo Intel and look at the online time for many players of the large alliance you will a great deal of activity in one hour, nothing in the next and so forth for generally 19 hrs. Now one person might be someone with a sleeping disorder but on the majority of their active players tells me that some script is at work. I believe someone brought this up and so far nothing as mods can hide behind their non-disclose rules. Other complaints include a forum system were people are routinely bullied if they don't share the exact same view as the long term players. In my view the game was fun at one time but now has turned into a bully fest and as such no fun at all.

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andy 10 years ago
Been playing this for 8 hours and now i am bored to tears

Don't get me wrong but reached level 10 first day on all buildings. Music is annoying and reminds me of Enya which i listen too to fall asleep too loll

Ive been a player of many games preferably age of empires and building games on Xbox and PC for many years but i think ill quit this one cannot sit for a whole year on a game that expects some were down the line payment when i can build armies for free and whatever else on games on Xbox like port royal 3 or Age of empires

Shame really looks good but so reminds me of envoy and kingdoms on Facebook which from comparison is cheaper then this

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rANDY 10 years ago
you obviously have no patience is what would be expected from a low brow blog like this.

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lemon 10 years ago
i've been playing for about two weeks, after resetting. But my lord, it's tedious. You have to wait for hours, i still have beginner's protection and i'm worried that i'll get killed when it ends. i might just give up and try something else. I have no intention of paying for this

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Demar 10 years ago
The city building was fun at the start but after a few weeks when my city reached a certain amount of points a guild decided they owned the sea zone and everything in it. Thank goodness I didn't waste any of my real money on this game. Who would make a game where the players waste weeks or even months of their time only to be captured/totally destroyed in a day. Don't waste your time or money with this game.

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Frank 10 years ago
Used to play this religiously last year. I mean every day logging in. My problems echo that of everyone else on here. Temp bans with no explaination or reason, outrageous cost for a "free" game etc. but the thing that annoyed me the most and my reason for quitting was the system they have in place by which you can lose your one and only city and have to start from scratch!!! I remember playing Evony years ago and the rule of the land was you could not lose your only city. If you had two cities an enemy could take your bigger one and leave you with the weaker one but you were never set back to square one!!! This is not the case at Grepolis. The first time it happened it was taken by a rival alliance but the second time it was by my own alliance. Yep!! Logged on to find myself booted from the alliance i had spent six months helping to build and a former alliance member hours from taking my cities over leaving me back at the very start again.. I know its part of the game but there is ZERO incentive to remain playing. Considering it takes months of commitment and gameplay to get a half decent city built I decided to call it a day.

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ss 10 years ago
I have been playing for two months and have managed to gain 5 cities, two by colonizing, two buy conquest , plus my original. If you like the long term strategic and diplomatic parts of the game you will love it. If you don't like planning with your partners or communicating don't bother. If you are looking for immediate battles and action before building your city for a bit then don't waste your time. This game can be great as I am in an alliance with 56 other players, I rank 21st, and we are at war with another alliance. You and your alliance have to make real war plans, plan real attacks, and build defenses while helping when needed and getting lots of help when needed. This game is great if you have one of two things. Money to spend on gold to speed everything up and gain advantages, or plenty of time( I got laid off two months ago and it has helped fill my time) and dedication. If you cant play for an hour a day don't bother. Or if you don't want to spend 5-10 bucks a week don't bother. But if you play 1-2 hrs a day you don't need real money. If you play several hrs a day like myself, you can go to war and conquer 5 cities and have ships, soldiers, alliances, enemy alliances, Greek mythical warriors, catapults, horses, chariots, Gods with spells you name it. All within two months of starting, but lots of time spent. Its very strategic and takes brains. if you don't want to use your melon don't play!!!

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Rob Traynor 10 years ago
Have been playing this for a while now and trust me it is slow and boring, yawn....takes for ever to do the tasks,you are limited on how many troops you have so you have to destroy them in order to build a colany ship if you wish to conquer another villa....if you are new to gaming this may seem great to you,but trust me their are far better and more exciting games out there......
to get the basic benefits that most games provide for free you have to pay for so you are playing blind most of the time...bit of a money grabbing game..made for coiners not the likes of you and me...AVOID AVOID AVOID.......

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scrubbyjimbob 10 years ago
I played(and payed for) the game for about a year before I took a break due to the high demands it places on your freetime. I recently thought I'd check it out again and ran into issues with the mod staff. I was banned and accused of cheating. They said I was boting or using a script when I wasn't. I tried to get to the bottom of the issue and got nowhere. I'm including a copy of my experience for others to see before they too get suckered into the game and possibly suffer what I did.

scrubbyjimbob2013-12-14 06:59:30

I just received a block due to suspected bot/script activity. I am really unsure how this could have been presumed as I have never used either in any world of Grepolis that I have played. I did get a captcha code request a few minutes prior to being booted off of the server and got a message that it was answered correctly. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

IcedDragon2013-12-14 08:55:18

Hello scrubbyjimbob,

Our support tools have detected your account to be using an automated bot, or script, that performs ingame actions, perhaps whilst you are sleeping or otherwise not physically playing. Please note that these are completely forbidden in Grepolis. There is a list of pre-approved game-scripts that can be found here.

The evidence gathered is fully conclusive, and no details of our findings can be revealed at any time in the interests of keeping our methods secure from those who wish to cheat. The rules clearly state that this is forbidden, and as a result of this we have no choice but to temporarily exclude you from the server. Please note that if we catch you using an unapproved script or bot in the future, you risk further punishments.


Senior Moderator

scrubbyjimbob2013-12-14 09:49:32

What specifically am I being accused of using? I was awake the entire time and present at my PC from the time I first entered Eubea. What exactly was deemed "wrong" that flagged me for this offense? I used no scripts or bots and did all of my in game actions with my own presence and intent. I don't appreciate being accused of cheating when I haven't been. Might this be some sort of error possibly resulting from either the island quest rewards or one of the Christmas rewards or something wrong in the recent update? It's hard to appeal an unsubstantiated claim without even being given a clue what happened to bring you to this conclusion. Also without knowing what I've supposedly done that's wrong, how am I suppose to correct the action? As far as future punishment I can assure you that if this isn't resolved I have absolutely no intention of returning, again I don't appreciate being called a cheater when I haven't. Once again your assistance in resolving this would be appreciated.

IcedDragon2013-12-14 18:06:52

I have consulted with another senior member of the team, and we are in agreement that the ban was placed correctly.

I would recommend you uninstall whatever script, add on, or extension you have enabled to prevent this from happening again.


Senior Moderator

scrubbyjimbob2013-12-14 19:22:00

Without knowing what the problem is, how do I know what to uninstall? I haven't installed any scripts/add ons/extensions that to my knowledge affect this game or how it's played. This lack of feedback is disturbing and rather one sided. It would seem that a moderator can just label a player a "cheater" without any real proof or evidence under the simple assumption that they are right and don't have to explain how they are. This evidence is suppose to be "fully conclusive" yet that is hard to believe that this is the case when you can't even tell me what I've done wrong. Is this because I was 5 minute farming the entire time I was logged in? Did I click through my farms too quickly, seemingly inhumanly fast? Did my growth seem out of the ordinary in your eyes? It just seems strange that I'm being labeled as a cheater when I was merely keeping pace with the other active players on my island. Grepolis moderators have developed a reputation for bias and questionable bans like this. They are recruited ingame and have ties with other ingame players. In the past I've always attributed it to dishonest people making excuses, but I'm beginning to see some truth in the statements I've read in my time in the game. I'd still like to give the mod team the benefit of the doubt mostly because it's hard to believe I could have been viewed as much of a threat after only about 15 hours in a new world without any ties or alliance. I'm not asking for "trade secrets" that will undermine your ability to catch actual cheaters. All I'm asking for is an explanation of what I actually did wrong beyond a vague response like "uninstall whatever script, add on, or extension you have enabled ". Without knowing what the problem is I have no idea how to go about trying to fix the issue. Like I've stated numerous times I have not been using a bot/script to cheat in this game and if some other add on that is in Chrome can mimic such activity I don't have the slightest way of knowing what it is or how to remove it. I'm not a programmer or computer guru. I haven't even used the "approved scripts" as they seem kind of pointless and lazy. The only 3rd party site I even use is grepointel for maps to see the layout of alliances, etc. As a returning player who was a paying customer it doesn't seem too much to ask for a real explanation on what I did so I can take steps to prevent it. Without knowing what I did wrong what is to stop this from happening again?

IcedDragon2013-12-15 06:16:35

I am very sorry, but I can not disclose what information we look for to catch rule breaking.
As I said, the evidence has been looked at by multiple parties and we are in agreement that the ban was placed correctly.


Senior Moderator

scrubbyjimbob2013-12-15 08:05:29

Sadly your condolences do little to ease the indignation that I feel toward this situation. It still boils down to being told I've done something wrong and then not being told what it was so I can insure I don't do it again. This farce of an appeal system has only shown me beyond a doubt that the rumors of the authoritarian efforts of the team that is suppose to help make the game better place for their customers is merely a sham to help themselves and their chosen by bending and creating their own rules to their advantage. Rest assured I'll never play this or any other Innogame again and will do my best to warn other prospective customers through social media outlets(I've kept a copy of these correspondences) before they too get suckered into this sham the same way I was. Enjoy your pittance of free gold that Inno gives you to unbalance their game(in lieu of actually paying a real support staff) while they waste money on advertising... it will eventually all crumble around all your heads the way things are ran now.

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ss 10 years ago
I started playing 2 months ago and love it. I have spent zero money on gold, but I admit you must spend lots of time demanding or looting resources so you can build. If you start in a fairly new world where there aren't huge alliances you have a very fair chance. If you start in an older world, yes, you don't stand a chance unless you spend lots of $. It takes patience, time, planning ahead, and Lots of diplomacy.I give it a 8. Like I said , its takes lots of time to get good without paying cash for gold, but it can be done. I have several cities I have conquered and now was just accepted into a major alliance. Key is getting a fast start so when your beginners protection runs out, you have defenses and may join a strong alliance if you prove that you can build quick. Definitely not a game for someone who wants to play for like 30 min a day. Or if you like lots of action right away, don't even try. Its long term strategy but if you know what your doing you can easily survive.

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l 10 years ago
It is a great game. If your not on all the time join world hyperborea the staff listens to ideas and improves them and is for the players.After a week it gets intense you can choose faster world speed. Great tutorial and over 9/10 game rating from me.

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Robert M 10 years ago
I've been playing for a couple of years now, while the game is free once you progress you have no choice but to pay for certain elements otherwise you lose

I recently started another world with some friends and colleagues, it took me a couple of weeks to save up the resources for another city, my colleagues attacked it to ensure that it was empty. I launched my Colony Ship, an hour before landing I received an email saying that the player had been banned.

You can't recall so you would assume that your forces would just bounce and return, no, he had managed to put some support in and yet we were not permitted to attack and clear it. When my Colon Ship landed I lost everything. It's takes time to bounce back and rebuild, thanks to my colleagues sending me resources

I messaged the games designers to ask for a refund either by means of coins or resources, their reply was "We don't deal with compensation" short and swift. They are eager to take your money and in situations like this you have to suffer the consequences. If people want to cheat then that's their problem, why should I have to lose out.

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Robert M 10 years ago
I've been playing for a couple of years now, while the game is gree

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Jack 10 years ago
Horrible game. Standard game with little thought and worse then most in it's genre since the attacking is so poor and the servers so bad the timers are always off, and I do not mean their +,-. I mean the clock you look at for the server is off. Played others and they are much more worth your TIME which is NOT free, also you will spend money to compete, some players drop $100's to get ahead. The forum is just complete garbage, they remove many posts and barely get any posts to begin with. This is all my opinion and I rate it 1 out of 5 stars. Better uses of your time

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William 10 years ago
I have played for four weeks and of course I have played others. This is my first multiple player online with so many players. I got a good start and the controls and everything are medium to get around on. You have to make good decisions early and spend some time playing full time or you need money to stay alive. I was on an island with ten other rats and now it me and the baby mice I play with. Only play for like a ten minute session twice a day.

Fun so far but only a six of ten stars.

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Shibakin 10 years ago
This game is crap. Playing with your little brother/sister, playing at college or public internet results in being banned. Support team takes day's and even weeks to reply back with some stupid copy-and-paste answer that usually doesn't even explain or relate to the problem. The game isn't even free. You get the bare basics, but if you put in $5-$10 you can speed everything up and completely overwhelm a new guy who just came off beginner's protection. I've also seen people use racism, sexism and even death threats, but reporting them does virtually nothing, as they never get banned. But if you love snail-based gameplay, horrible people and idiot support team then I say this is the game for you.

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Evan 10 years ago
Been playing for 3 years. This game is all about time management, diplomatic skills (personal and group), great patience and making friends. Most people just don't 'get' the idea, thinking you can enter the game and play solo like other MMOs. It just doesn't work that way.

Expect almost zero graphics, huge time commitment and little reward from end-game.
But, at least it HAS an end-game. Try explaining 'end-game' to people who play WOW.
Expect being attacked when you are off-line. Deal with it. If I can figure out when you (yes, you) go to sleep, expect my horses to be plowing into your sorry behind. This is a game that takes the entire globe into account, if I find out where you live, when you work, I will use it to smash you.
It's quite easy to 'win' without paying a penny, if you choose wisely with whom you make friends.

-A brutal, unremitting, slug-fest of a game... In extreme slow-motion.
-Your real-life schedule is taken into account. And may take a year or more.
-Real cash helps first few weeks, then becomes nearly useless. Yes, useless.
-Can't win alone, or even with a small elite group.
-If you die, you lose everything.
-Not for the faint of heart.

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Greg 10 years ago
Although it is advertised as a free game, it is not. You receive the basic features to start. However, to actually play/run your empire, you must pay for the premium features. This can be quite expensive. In fact, if you pay, it will easily add up to much more than you would pay for better games like WoW per month. This is a major flaw and forces people to leave when they realize that they actually have to pay quite a bit to play. No one likes to be tricked.

One must also devote a tremendous amount of time to this game. Based on real world time, you can be attacked at any time of the day or night. Thus, you could be hit at 2 am or 2 pm. You have a limited window to respond. If you do not, you simply lose. It actively takes advantage of sleep patterns. This is a problem. It is yet another reason people will not stay.

It is also noteworthy to mention. If you started when the world opens, you will ALWAYS be ahead of people that do not start at the beginning. This is an game of accretion. Anyone starting early will have more opportunities and resources. Late joiners will likely not succeed. So, why bother?

Likewise, as mentioned by others, this game has a real issue with its moderators. They are unpaid and also play this game. They can be quite petty. As such, they take action against those that have harmed them and seek out reasons to punish. Banishment is a viable option and rampant. You will receive NO warning. They do not care because they are the ones that banished you. Thus, the game is also a game of kissing tail in that you must stay on the good side of moderators or be punished for some transgression at a later time. Not to mention, their rules on shared connections. Even if you have different devices, they will claim entire areas cannot be shared and banish accordingly. At any given time, large numbers of players are under banishment proceedings. Oftentimes, the islands on this game are made up more of vacant spots than real players.

These issues are real problems for this game. It is why very few people stay. They start, quickly realize this game is not very good, and they leave. If they stay, they will likely be banished at a later point.

Overall. Cool concept. VERY poor delivery, application and administration. I give this game 2 of 10 ratings. I do NOT recommend it. It is a very poor choice.

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hating grepo 10 years ago
use macro software for farming
use alarm application for attack alert

WTF game is crap

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haha 10 years ago

this game is for gold cradit card user.... game is pointless and if you have admin playin in your alliance you just cant lose, and that happens, trust me... i have reported few players for giving their accounts to another player with hard evidence(new account owner message addminting the is new owner) and innogames unbanned the player cause he is probably using tons of cash for premuim and rebuilding troops

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roeland 10 years ago
very very very nice game play it if you want to play a game on long termine (for a year or something in that way

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Meh 10 years ago
Have to agree about the crazy support staff.

I asked to take over someone else's account and after they told me I could do it, I got banned for "co-playing" because the other player came back before I could change the password.

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nick 10 years ago
the game is average and the support staff are crazy jobsworths

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Mike 11 years ago
I started playing Grepolis about 3 weeks ago. This is my first experience with MMO games. I am actually enjoying the game, and I’m no expert strategist by a long shot. I was fortunate to join a rather large alliance within my first week. I find that if you join an alliance, your neighbors aren’t so inclined to attack you because that would mean payback by the other alliance members. Even members from larger alliances think twice about attacking, unless they are looking to start a full-scale multi-city war.

The only complaint I have about the game is that it takes so long to build up enough resources to upgrade buildings. The only way I’ve been able to build resources quickly is to pay for the premium services. Without the premium services, you really can’t compete with the big boys. Plus, I’ve been raiding my smaller neighbors. Not trying to be an a-hole, I just need resources.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. If you want to compete, be prepared to pay. And join an alliance as quickly as possible.

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w/ever 11 years ago
Joining an alliance prevents you being "swarmed" and there are a number of aspects to the game that allow smaller players to be more competative.

Ultimately though the game just takes too long and as more players quit you end up conquering the dead cities of your former teammates rather than battling with live players.

The end game (building world wonders) is a massive anti-climax and encourages negative defensive strategy and sim building rather than open fighting between alliances.

This game appears to have jumped the shark, new worlds are a fraction of the size of those created 2 years ago and it becomes much simpler for one alliance to quickly recruit all the best players and dominate the whole server.

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James Savik 11 years ago
Looks good but its a terrible disappointment. As soon as you come out from under new user protection, you get swarmed by established players that want to farm you. Every time you get hit, you lose your entire army + resources so you can never build a defense. Just hit yourself in the head with a hammer. You'll have more fun in the long run.

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fuller211 11 years ago
it is ok

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plantaquatix 12 years ago
I really don't get the appeal of these sorts of games. Caesary, Evony, Kingory, this, Ministry of War... It's all the same game with different aspects tweaked. They all rise the same way, they all fall the same way. Basically, if you've seen one, you've seen them all.

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pcui9r54 12 years ago
I belive they just released V2.0 which included better graphics and other updates.

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