Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is a free to play Team based arena style action RPG that is very similar to DotA (Defense of the Ancients - a Warcraft 3 Mod).

In Heroes of Newerth two teams of up to five players each take on the role of special Hero units. With the assistance of AI-controlled armies, each team sets out with the sole objective of destroying the other team’s base. As a match progresses, players can earn experience and gold which can be used to upgrade skills or purchase items to make their character more powerful. The team-oriented design of HoN coupled with unprecedented in-game Voice-Over-IP controls and Clan Support allow for an incredibly deep, tactical team-based experience.

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Heroes of Newerth

S2 Games
S2 Games
Release Date
May 12, 2010
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


XP / 2000 / Vista / 7 / 8


GeForce 5 / ATI 9800


4 GB


Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz / 2 GHz Core 2 Duo / AMD 2400+


1.5 GB

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Specifications may change during development

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Cuysaurus 7 years ago
You can play all mobas!
But i can assure that you will love Heroes of Newerth!
It is the best, simple as that.

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SkyLanderos 8 years ago
The MOBA for adults.
Face it! Every person above 20 years, that are tired of playing with cartoonish chrs and kids every time, must run to DOTA or HON, now HON is even more darker than DOTA, (and it's based in Dota as well), but at least in HON we have frkn blood! And evil characters (truly evil).
I have been playing for 3 years to this game, and i can asure you, if you are looking for a good MOBA, to mature plubic, HoN is your game.

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drake 8 years ago
i started with dota and played it for about 1 or 2 years. then HoN came out. i fell literally inlove with this game, fast paced match, recorded stats, DAMN COOL GRAPHICS (incredible skills and death animations). It came as B2P and the games were so cool and less toxic comunity. and then the Free2play came up. The comunity got so much toxicity.
I played MANY MOBAS, such as the original DOTA, LoL, Dota2, Infinite Crisis, Smite.. but Hon for me is the Best..i dont care what people say about the comunity even if its true, the worst comunity ever in gaming i guess, but the graphics, the heroes, the animations, THE ANNOUNCERS, the game pace, the quick responsive engine. the taunts, the sounds...so I PERSONALLY give 9/10 for this game but 2/10 for the comunity

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Zues 9 years ago
HoN used to be a great MOBA game, then the company S2 got extremely greedy and desperate and started a "Pay to Win" business model, or as they called it "Early Access". Basically you paid real money to buy virtual gold coins and ultimately could buy an overpowered hero that was ONLY available to those who purchased it for a couple weeks. To their credit they did include an exclusive alt avatar. The real low slime-ball point for S2 as a company had to be when they introduced "Plinko", an addictive gambling game which uses cash money. Don't walk - RUN!

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Gamer93 9 years ago
Rip off of dota... I almost mistook this for dota. If you're going to create a new MOBA at least put some effort into it... Jeepers.

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kaiper 9 years ago
Is this game worth to play? Since there is Dota2 F2P and S2 games making a new moba (Strife) the idea of HoN was to make like a new dota game. There is another 1 called Dawngate that is an imitation of LoL but thats another story. Well LoL is what every1 knows, and for an LoL player, maybe Dota2 could be woth to play. I am just sayin this because i think only LoL and Dota2 will be the only ones alive in moba world. Just to finish, Smite in 3rd person does not conviced me very much, and in my opinion the 3rd view in a moba is not the best idea for it.

P.S. there was 1 that already died called Battle of Graxia aka Rise of Immortals

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Hardskin 9 years ago
This game was my first MOBA and it takes a lot of time to learn all the heroes, items and even after that there so much else to learn its amazing. What I like the most is how the community is so aggressive always someone looking to argue.

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Drippy 9 years ago
The community is so toxic I grew a third hand.

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Vanquishedangel 9 years ago
Well I have played hon for about 4 years now, since before it was free to play. I have a legacy account, I paid $35 (not $10 like mentioned above) and there are no advantages anymore to legacy accounts that I have seen in games, actually I never noticed them if there was.

The community in HoN is terrible, I have played other games and none so far have been anything like the Hon Community, that said, the game is stellar aside from that. I like the more "Gothic" graphics of HoN, to me it just feels right.

The other major problem is the cheats, in playing public games it seems that there is less cheating than in matchmaking. I faced off against a Defiler that had no boots, but could out run me (i had boots) and their move "wave of death" took 3/4 of my hp, and they had no items that boosted attack damage. We were the same level. Defiler had "shamans headress" (magic armor +10, and hp regen + 10) and a shield, that was it. Then there was a Pyromancer that used his ultimate 4 times on just me in less than 60 seconds (cooldown is 60 seconds) and he did not have the refreshment stone (resests cooldown, but has a cooldown itself plus adds the times your cooldown had when abilities were reset). So the max you could have used the ultimate is 2 times in 60 seconds. This doesnt count my other teamates he ulted in that time. There have been many others to. these people are generally the ones that harass others in the game.

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Warg 10 years ago
I am reading this board because im tired of LOL and looking for a new game. The problem with league, is there is a support role which requires a teammate to play an entire 40 min match and not kill minions. nobody wants to do it, and whoever ends up with last pick will refuse the job, and ruin the 40 minute game for the team. ive gotten tired of playing with 7 year olds and maybe hon will be a better experience.

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CjemM 10 years ago
Frustrated HoN players ended up playing LoL.

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trav 10 years ago
HoN is a joke in its genre.
i played since beta only because of its superior and fast paced quick responding engine,
apart from that, the competitive scene is just about completely dead now, with the company too cheap to pay out the prizes repeatedly, they have an ingame currency for buying alternative hero skins that they claim to be the same value as real money LOL.

the community is the most volatile and horrible of the genre, with all stats being recorded, deaths kdr, etc, majority strive for their own stats rather than the win, and prior to matches beginning the sniping at each others statistics begins.

if you want to enjoy a game casually, do not play HoN, if you want to play a game competitively, do not play HoN. This game and its community offer nothing but a quick responding engine to the genre.

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AllmightyMephilis 10 years ago
"HoN Is hardcore, LoL is for children!"
I find this laughable, as it is infact a childish statement...
Now I googled lol and hon for the hell of it. (the letters I mean)
First thing I saw for lol was League of Legends...
HoN... Didnt see this game referenced till near the end of the page...
LoL is far more popular it would seem as I ahve never in my life heard of this game till I came to this site... A site wihich features LoL... and this game along with DotA appaear afting some up and coming MoBA...
I don't care what your reasons are, harrasment is never justified... this goes for both games... if you cannot be a team player you do not need to play team games if all you care about are your own stats -.-
If you cannot stop to mentor new players than you are not a vet... you are an idiot...
Being able to boot players is the ulitmate display of a bad community...
You call this game for adults, and therefore call yourself an adult, yet you act liek a child...
I hope you get some perspective...
I might try this game...
But based on the people repersenting it here... I think it would be a waste of time...

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metak 10 years ago
I've played HoN for many years now & i absolutely love the game! comparing it to LoL i just like hon on the simple fact that i can deny creeps & feels more fast paced, yes it is confusing to play when you first start as there seems like a lot of things are happening on the screen at once BUT i got use to it & over every other moba game I've tried my favourite one of all is HoN

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MhoNoLoG 10 years ago
Dude, i think you're missing the point here. It's not Hon that sucks,it's people in general.. People are dicks man.. Always were and always will be. Dota was also full of those players. One of my friends pulls his hair cuz of flaming, the other one on the other hand, simply ignores all flaming,never responds to any provocation the whole game,he simply ignores it. He doesn't get excited and nervous because of angry ppl in an internet game.. Try that :)
One good thing about Hon, the mmr.
People are matched up with players of similar skills due to mmr and all the stats, so if you are noob, you will get noobs to play with..

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UltimateLooser 10 years ago
I don't think everyone get it there.

We are not talking about about "life-saving skill", we're talking about a game ! If you don't stand the fact that more than 70 % of players just want to play and have fun, just let it go.

I didn't have any chance to integrate the HoN community because of some... pedantry. Yes, some spend thousand of hours playing it, but it doesn't give them the right to be outrageously rude. I'm not disapointed, I'm not jealous, they're are just a LOT of Moba who will come this year. I will just move out (just kidding, I allready did...).

It is not a question of being a fan boy or else, it's a question of being "open". Did you really think that the guys at S2 Games are really happy to have a community who drive away all the new players ? We just are talking about free-to-play models here. We are talking about a studio whose living is based on a donation model. Do you really think that they can expand and grow with a set-minded state like their actual community ? Do you really think that it was hard for them to figure the success of League of Legend ?

I don't even think that I speak only for myself here. Everybody is OK to said that the first "one", Dota, is the father of the genre, and the success of Dota 2 is just a prouf. What is sad is that the fact that "elite fan base" of HoN (or wannabe elite) just pushed away peoples those 2 or 3 last years. The result is a massive movement of gamers away from the second-known Moba in the market...

Did you ever think of the studio behind the game whem you flamed all those "noobs players" ? I don't think so.

Moba are not just about skills, or personnal feats. Sure, it's help great, but that's a strategy genre, not so stupid "play-by-the-rules games". What is great about "noob games" like LoL is that you can do some strategy.

I'm a "lame" player, I don't have skills, I don't know any characters by heart, but I do know a little about team work. For example, One day, I was very lame and was ganked at every tours. So I didn't have any chance of being any help to my team... OK, I just wrote to my team that I will make the "practice target" for the opposing side... and they bite it. Every time the other ganked me up, the rest of the team destroyed a tower... and we finally win the game. It was on Lol. And now, whith the possibility to resurrect instantly with Dota 2, it' feasible too. Everyone can help the team if he want to. But negatives comments can destroy any tactics that can be...

Frankly, to be flamed the first 3 games you play is really annoying. Some of HoN community will pleased by that, I know, but it's just a game. We move on. We change game. And when HoN community will find that their greatest ennemy is themselves, it will be too late for S2 games... (who, to their credits, are trying hard to open their game to everyone). It's just sad and I hope that the community "attitude" will change.

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MhoNoLoG 10 years ago
First of all, DotA isn't a Warcraft 3 'mod', it's a Warcraft 3 'custom map' - big bloop in the Overview.

Ok, i started playing dota when i was 14, now i'm 24. Would like to give my humble opinion on the matter(comparison of dota,lol,hon,dota 2).
Ofcourse dota is the queen mother of this type of games.
Waay back my friend talked me into dl-ing lol. I dl-ed it and started updating, after about 10 hours or so the process wasn't finished so i uninstalled it.
I've been playing hon for a couple of years now, love it, same thing as dota, i litterally owned the very first game i played. The same concept, but with much better graphics, more heroes, more items and with faster and more aggresive gameplay. Sadly many folks still can't understand the 'beautiful infinite balance' of the 2 opposing teams and their strenghts and weaknesses, and the most important - means of winning(pushing the lane together at the right moment).
Played dota 2 also, but i kept missing things from hon. Only good thing is the button to buy items and send it via courier. I still cant believe that dota 2 came out after hon, but has much lamer graphics, i was very disappointed. Ofcourse, it's still in beta(or whatever) but i think those graphics and gameplay simply cannot improve that much.. 1 more thing, when it really comes out, you're gonna have to pay to play it. Why would anyone choose to pay to play over NOT to pay to play a BETTER game?
Same thing with wow, i played warcraft 1, 2 and 3(in that order), but when i heard of wow, i didn't even wanna smell it.

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XPUNKSX 10 years ago
GUys its not like i am strange but its not 600mb its 1708 mb :) change please

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TehnoSan 10 years ago
This is not a very similar game to dota but in fact a copy of dota. I have been playing dota for like 4 years now and I played HoN for like a day and there are not just similartys but actual copyes of heros, items, the map is almost identical.

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LMAO 10 years ago
after watching this i feel like playing league of legend

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francois (( XgrimkeeperX )) 10 years ago
Since the new patch is out 3,1,4 my announcer isn't working

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Akkaman 10 years ago
Opinions. Define it.

For new players wanting to try the game out, play public games (no stats). HoN has a really big learning curve and it'll take awhile to get better. The game is really competitive which is why the community sucks. They'll yell at you, call you noob, and so forth. My best advise is to tell your team you're new to hon and ask for tips/advise. There's in-game mic, so if someone starts raging over the mic, just mute them. The reason people rage in hon is because one player on your team can honestly lose you the match, even if everyone else is doing really well. At best, if you play for at least a month, you'll start to see a lot of improvements in your gameplay. If you have time, what i use to do was watch replays of someone else doing really well in a match and see how that person plays. Watch and learn.

Ive played dota for 3-4 years, HoN for 3-4 years, and i wanted to try out LoL and ive been playing that for a month or so. Honestly speaking, LoL feels like a casual game while HoN is competitive. HoN has things LoL doesnt, and LoL has things that HoN doesnt. Some of the things i feel HoN has that makes it competitive are denying creeps, wards/counter-wards are crucial as vision is key and wards are limited, cooldowns on tp's, (LoL has recall which makes it a lot easier for players to get back to base without cost), item choices because you have to know what youre building based on what youre against, and over all player skills. The gap between an experienced HoN player vs and rookie HoN player is of the charts.

From my one month of playing LoL, which isnt too long of playing, i did like some things. Various items with passives/actives were nice and it seemed a lot of the items had that going on. Really easy to use shop. The mastery and runes were unique. The scaling of skills based upon ad/ap was a plus also.

Some of the things i didn't like was one specifically; recall. You can get low hp in laning phase and just recall to heal yourself pretty quickly without any punishment (other than walking back to the lane and losing some exp). Another thing about recall is theres no cooldown time. If you're pushing a lane, or jungling, and the enemy team decides to push and is at the first base tower, recall solves that problem of you walking back. In HoN, if you're pushing a lane (on enemy side of the map), or jungling, and the opposing team pushes and is right at your base tower, your options on defending is to tp back to base, or to walk back (if you dont have a tp). *tp's do cost a bit of gold (hon currency)
The bushes i dont favor much either because incoming ganks are usually initiated through being in the bush and hiding. Theres barely any diversity in ganking other than hiding in the bush.
Don't get me wrong, i do enjoy playing LoL, there's just a lot of things that make it easy for players which is why i consider it a casual game.

As for graphics, since so many people complain about LoL's graphics or HoN's graphics looking like crap here's a thing you need to consider. They're total opposite. LoL is bright and colorful cartoony styled while HoN is a bit more on the realistic gloomy-ish type. Some like the bright themed art style and some like the realistic dark themed. Opinions.

If you'd like to debate, please leave reasons to support your opinion.

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Cyberpinoy 10 years ago
I fell in love with HON, I have not played dota 2 nor LOL therefore I can not say much from my perspective of thiose games, But I will comment on a few of the things mentioned,

graphics I saw a few complaints about the graphics being to much on HON....Please upgrade your computer, just because it lags is not the graphical errors on the HON team, it an error on your part, the graphics are outa this world.

LOL If it is cartoonish I am glad I did not install it.

HON is a serious game much like DotA and DotA 2, serious gamers play serious games, So if LOL is not that serious of a game then it would be useless for me. I own a cafe where Dota and generals, crossfire tournaments are the norm, and when there is money on the line any game becomes serious if we play it.

Things I like about HON,

I love the way you can easily decipher between friend and foe

I love that you do not have to run all over the map or have a courier run all over the map to get your recipes

I love the glyph of fortification being on the front screen instead of having scroll back to town to select it.

I really can not say enough about the graphics they really are very good.

I really love that all heros hot keys are the same, it was a pain in the arse to learn all the different hotkeys for the heros in Dota.

I think HON has a great easy to game play everything you need seems to be at your fingertips which makes for longer gameplay and lesser running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

DotA 2
As I said I have not gotten into DotA 2 yet so I am not sure if any of these upgrades to the game are the same as dota 2

I know if Dota 1 were this accessable it would make for a better gameplay.

Judging by the comments from the fanboys here I am not sure I will even waste my time downloading this game. i wanted something like dota but better and HON honestly gave me that. (Again I have not played DotA 2 so I can not speculate that experience)

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Energetic 10 years ago
Honestly, when i first started to play HoN, I was confused by how great the graphics were and it seemed a bit more advanced than League of Legends, league of legends is a bit more basic and easy to understand, when i got into this i was really confused on what i was doing/buying.. I really would need to do the tutorial alot to understand the gameplay..

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hammer1001 10 years ago
HoN is really hard and harsh u really need to practice if u don't want to get screamed at all the time

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ReDMaN. 10 years ago
This is a note for the people that actually want to discern some good information in this bunch on stupidity.

HoN is a moba game that is different than LoL! If you have played Dota from Warcraft III, it is quite similar both in gameplay and in graphics. LoL is way more different, not worse, just different.

If I had to describe you the major points/differences in both game this is what I would tell you:
HoN has darker graphics while LoL has brighter and more cartoonish graphics. None of them if good or bad, it only depends to your preference. Both are great in a way, and remember that you can go to the option pannel to adjust them.
The gameplay in HoN is also different: you loose lots of gold when you die and your enemy can deny his own minions, making any error very costly. This is why a new Player got troll, because he is making his team loosing. LoL pardons more this kind of errors, and this is why it is more enjoyable to play, but this is also why the gap between a good player and a noob is not as big as it would be in HoN.

I would personally consider HoN as a more hardcore MOBA and LoL has a more fun MOBA.
But for f*** sake, stop being stupid and immature like most of people in this trend were, you just look like morons that cannot see further than what they heard about life.

Peace to all of you though and see you in the MOBA scene!

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Anonymous 10 years ago
IMO its the best of all a-rts games on the market.
Yes, I refuse to call dotacopies mobas. Horrible term only used by riot, lolbabies+newbies

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Manaforme 10 years ago
A update for all of u new players:
HoN is extremly harsh to all new players, u have to practice a lot, but it pays of quickly. HoN has launched some new updates, which allows players to read guides written to their chosen hero ingame. These guides will be accessed in the shop and will help u on ur way to become a better hon play, GL HF, and dont listen to the rotten HoN community :D

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Metafron 10 years ago
So many graphics whores play games these days. Everyone has their own preferences. Just because you like some cartoony graphics of a game doesn't mean you are a child in any way. And just because you like bright and shiny graphics doesn't mean you are any better than anyone else. Sounds to me like people who suck complete ass in real life look for any reason to put themselves on this imaginary pedestal. Games are meant to be fun, so as long as you have fun, i wouldn't worry about what anyone else says. Opinions vary; that's just a part of being an individual, and should be accepted.

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Deacon 10 years ago
This game is way worse than Dota! Slow,clunky,bad graphics thee worst skill sets and champs i have seen. League of Legends is going to walk all over this Moba community its sad to say but nothing has touched how smooth and polished the game mechanics are this HON is something i might have played if i was 9 yrs old maybe even 8 i could forgive the graphics and crappy V.O's you need to make an update Hon or you'll be the next R-zone <-----look it up you don't want that to happen

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UltimateLooser 10 years ago
I tried to play HoN 2 times. The first one, I was really new to the MOBA and I was seriously desadvantaged. After a tour of this style of games, I went back to retry it.

First match, new hero : insults and I was kicked without warning (it's really team-friendly to see your partners voting against you...).
Second match, same hero : insults, insults and kicked...

No one helped me. No one to consel you. No one to direct you in the right role/direction. Just insults. People killing their own team for the sake of a win/loose ratio ?!?

The problem is : there is plenty of other Moba. If League of Legend is for kid : cool ! Let the real pro spent their time on HoN and let the people who just want to have a good time playing, just to have fun, on another Moba.

I'm a adult and I absolutely disliked being insulted by young players who thinks they are Someone because they spent 3 to 4 hours on a game. I have seen the genese of video game, folowing the ever growing "magic" of the industry (since the 80's) and I never, ever, seen a worse community than this one.

It's a shame.

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Gr00by 10 years ago
HON is much better than Dota 2 / LoL .. only the community is !"§%$§%&

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darkspartan665 11 years ago
Well I bought my accout before It went F2P so i have all the heroes (except the new ones). I don't really play it though.

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Moba 11 years ago
i prefer smite

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Pitankumar 11 years ago
Let me explain a few thngis. There have been a few people upset that I did not send them a BETA key. If you did not receive a BETA key here are a few reasons as to why you may not have received one:1. You followed/tweeted me AFTER the giveaway was over. (Sorry you missed it, maybe next time^^)2. You made OBVIOUS spam accounts. For example: Several twitter accounts with the same name or tweeted the same email address for me to send the key to.I saved the keys I had for actual individuals. Not spam accounts. Now if you did make a spam account and received several keys from me, congrats you weren't obvious.

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Dule 11 years ago
I've played LoL for over a year and started to play HoN recently. I can say that both of them are pretty good games. What I like about HoN is that all heroes are f2p now ( means you can access whole hero pool for free) and I think that players are much more polite. I've been playing HoN for two weeks now and regardless I was feeding at my first match noone was criticising me or insult me in any other way, while in LoL you would be called noob, a**hole etc. Graphics are nice and I think that I'll enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoy playing LoL

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Ahmed Sameh 11 years ago
Well, i have played LoL for a while now and let me tell u the reasons y this game doesn't seem impressive for me rather it just seems boring :
1-Presentation : Compare the style of this game to the art style of LoL , Lol has a colorful cartoonish style while this game seems Dark and serious , iam not saying serious style is bad , but face it , if ur gonna play in that same map repeatedly ur gonna get bored unlike the summoner's rift from Lol

2-Champions : Champions in LoL seem different and Each one is unique , from cute little animals to giant mythical monsters to armored knights , they all look awesome and interesting , unlike in this game where the champions all look very similar and unappealing

3-Items : Srsly ? An item that allows u to teleport ? items r supposed to give u bonuses and special effects not total new abilities
and i cant say anymore bcus i didn't play this game , i was just talking based on the trailer and why i doesn't make me excited for the game , AND NO a better trailer wont fix this
Iam just giving u guys a personal advice to play LoL , its the best MOBA i've ever played ! and thnx for reading

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sushi 11 years ago
The community are a bunch of d*cks.

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nothingness 11 years ago
I tried this game and deleted it after 3 days. Why? you may ask?
1 - All S2 did was copy an 8 year old mod and put on a graphical "coat of paint". No effort or real contribution to advancing the moba genre.
2 - No TRUE training area. A practice game without Hero A.I. bots (even bad ones) is inexcusable and a further validation of point number 1, no effort on S2's part
3 - Poor choice of identifying your enemy in-game. A small purple dot ? really? Lets put this in perspective. In the "reality" that you would face in a truly immersive experience, your enemy would be much more easily identified.
4 - A community of rudeness that surpasses other MOBA games. S2 actually limits players under level 5 to play in basic matches with others under level 5, but then allows these RESTRICTED players a kickvote option. How many elitist alt accounts do you think this spawned?

Now items for you HoN fanboys to chew on.
I play League of Legends and enjoy it a lot. Why?
1 - Graphically updated look with gameplay easily on par or better than any MOBA available. Contributions to expand the genre including a true tutorial with hero A.I. bots as well as real players vs bot co-op match options. An easily followed item shop to make upgrades during the match fluid and quick.
2 - Know thy enemy - a different colored health bar. Thats all it took. It doesnt detract from the gameplay in the least. It enhances the "reality" of the game.
3 - I wont say the community isn't rude , only that it is less rude. The reason it is less rude is because Riot providedthe tools proper training to give the new player a chance to be ready when the time is right to play with real players.

Lastly to those who wish to scoff and believe I didnt invest enough time in HoN to see the true fun the game has. I don't have to invest that time in a game that doesn't invest an effort in new players. League of Legends as well as others have invested that effort. So HoN its not as much that you dont want me as it is that I DON'T NEED YOU.

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Trollerz 12 years ago
This game is really great, nice graphics, skill animation, the only thing that sucks is the community, you'll have to be good in DoTA before you step in here(since its very very close to DoTA than LoL), or else you're gonna have a lot of bad words thrown at you when you start dying by old players...

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Khalon 12 years ago
I prefer league of legends but haven't tried this game yet. The graphics could be updated I guess...

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derindel 12 years ago
i played this game when it was in the beta so i won't comment on the gameplay per say,
however i can tell you that if you have never played a dota like game, the learning curve is massive.
the community of this game however, is what really put me off, its the most elitest group of people i'v ever seen. i mean i see how its a competative ish game and all, but people open up noob, non rated games, just to grief new players, than go on to whine and complain, and accuse you of feeding points to the other team after just 1 or 2 deaths. i havent played league of legends, but i'v heard that compared to LoL and Hon, the characters of Hon are alot more fragile, resulting in very little combat untill late in a game, about the first 10-15 minutes you spend just last hitting enemy npcs that fight in your lane, or last hitting friendly npcs fighting in your lane to deny the points to the enemy player in your lane.

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taianto 12 years ago
This game is really fun, and I don't think the voice acting was the real agenda... Nonetheless, The animations are actually amazing, each skill set each character has is uniquely different. This game does have alot of a**holes who will demoralize the team and call everyone a noob for no apparent reason. And there is no specific reason to lvling as it provides no persistent bonuses or skills.

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hmmm 12 years ago
this game has pretty graphics and thats about it lol animations look bad the interface looks horrible and the voice acting sucks balls watching this video made me miss league of legends

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king84oa 12 years ago
IMO Heroes of Newerth killed their chances of becoming a threat in the free to play scene when they decided to have 'Legacy' accounts without offering others a chance to have the same or similar features. I dont want to spend $10 on one hero when I know people that bought the game for $10 just the day before will have lifetime access to every single hero and game mode available. Also having to buy 'season passes' to each of the game modes is just facepalm. They seriously need to change their free to play model because right now it just looks like a money machine (cough activision*).

The game is definately fun to play though and by far this is the closest you can get to the original DotA. All the heroes are extremely unique and fun to play. The camera however, (at 1920x1080) seems like you are using a magnifying glass to play. Some abilities and auto attack can easily hit you from out of view even from the opposite side of the screen so its easy to get confused in battle.

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Zeke 12 years ago
After playing HoN since beta in october 2009 I can tell you how amazing this game can be, and the potential it has. It is similar to it’s counterpart League of Legends, but offers less persistent abilities/bonuses that go into each game to make you unique. That being said, just like LoL every hero is unique and adaptable and playable in their own way. Skill is rewarded and no game altering changes can any one person bring to the game at the start of the match (like passive bonuses). Skill is rewarded. Not saying LoL it doesn’t feel the same, but this game is much less forgiving and the gap between the skilled and the unskilled is very large in comparison to LoL.

Hope you all give it a try as it is F2P now and you will have a large selection of heroes :D

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