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Title: Luna Online | Status: Shut Down
Genre: MMORPG | Theme: Fantasy

Graphics: 3D | Filesize: 599 MB
Publisher: gPotato
Developer: EYA Interactive

User Rating:
1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (33 votes, 4.52 out of 5)


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What’s explosive about it:
Match Making System, Date Instancing and Family System
Over 40 classes
Lots of fun things to do (Fishing, Farming etc.)

Luna Online (Luna Plus) is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG with anime-inspired graphics and an emphasis on socialization, where Elfs and Humans must bond together to fight the evil that invades their Blue land.

There are two kinds of Races in Luna Online, Elf and Human. The main difference between the two is in the sub classes available later in the game, that certain sub classes are available to a single race. Among the game’s unique social features are the Match Making System, which helps players find the perfect match to play with, and the Family System, which lets players join up and do a variety of things together as the family improves, such as build vehicles and other items, as well as buying a farm.

In the initial levels, players might find the character creation too gloomy with only two races options and three classes namely Mage, Fighter and Rouge but it gets more advanced as the player progress in levels. You can also build up your business, plant, train and feed your own lovely mounts and pets.

Luna Online System Requirements:

OS: Windows 2000, XP
RAM: 512 MB | HDD: 2.0 GB
CPU: Pentium Celeron 1.4 Ghz
Graphics Card: Geforce 2
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21 User Reviews

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  1. Todoran on April 3, 2016

    32 votes, average: 4.50 / 5)…… retards

  2. Rebecca on December 7, 2013

    I need to know how to get a LUNA online with no downloading anything?

  3. Ldrago(Anti Staff AX5) on December 30, 2012

    hi guys meant qo luna max server already present in Latin American in its final version produced by the company Axeso 5 so is available only when in latin america! thank you I hope you play luna max! πŸ™‚

    • Xx360NoScopeNoobxX on November 22, 2013

      Luna Max Is Gone now πŸ™ i was really happy when i knew that a latin american luna was out there aaand, i went there aaaand it’s gone πŸ™

  4. Duplakappa on December 22, 2012

    There is a “Luna Max” (Open Beta) on Latin America Publisher web site… is there a Luna Max in North America or Korea? I mean, i dont think this game its only available in LatinAmerica.

  5. NekoNomNom on October 10, 2012

    I played the original Luna before they switched to Plus and oh my gosh, I couldn’t stand Plus. I made it to level 50 with pretty good stats, then I just became SO weak. I had to back track to maps with really easy monsters because they make you suck so much. Then they had a chat filter that was so strict, you couldn’t get a sentence out, at all.

    I was wondering if they had done anything new with it, but people are saying it’s shut down now. Is that true? I haven’t played in about two years, but I still miss it.

    • TrippyTipTop on December 22, 2012

      Actually it’s still up and running, albeit only on private servers.

  6. bunnylove on September 27, 2012

    i cant ket this game starded its like shut down:(

  7. maira on August 9, 2012

    i think this means that luna plus is non accessable from g-potato anymore. i tryed looking around and another site had it up and running.

  8. Lockartte on August 5, 2012

    Best game ever… no games can ever replace this one……. too bad

  9. MayyyStarr on May 21, 2012

    Its too bad this game ended! It was the best!!!

  10. ManxKitten on March 14, 2012

    Might as well remove this one from your list cuz this game is scheduled to end on March 27th, this year. Was a fun game while it lasted but not worth the down load time now. Eya is not doing anything with it at all since they’re pulling the plug on the game serverse in less than 2 weeks.

  11. M on January 25, 2012

    I played it for like a week and it was ok, but then it started lagging like really badly so i stopped. The game was to predictible it was just look most games are. They need to come up w a new mmo with new styles and not so genaric character classes. All and all this c=game is about 6 out of 10.

  12. Lacie on December 30, 2011

    I tried downloading it…..
    I gave up…. coz it’s so slow… xD
    I will try again though.

    • ash' on March 9, 2013

      can i know how to download games from this site ?? thank you..

  13. Kuairi on December 29, 2011

    Cutest 3D chibi mmo i’ve seen :3

  14. Kyoko Hinata on December 28, 2011

    perfeck game =))

  15. po on November 20, 2011


  16. mostEVIL on September 29, 2011

    best game ever πŸ˜€

  17. Destrix on April 23, 2011

    You should Update this to luna plus and add in the description on majins.

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