Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is a popular free 3D fantasy MMORPG based on Norse mythology inspired by the anime written by MJ Lee. Ragnarok Online was entirely pay to play but in October 2008 gravity launched a free to play server called Valkyrie (Valkyrie Server Client).

Players can select from a wide range of job classes (over 20) that suit their individual playing style. Each job class comes with a unique array of skills and abilities. The strengths and weaknesses of these classes encourages to players of different types to form parties.

Ragnarok Online is a great game with beautifull visuals and music. The game got so much fame that even the style is "copied" by other free MMORPG games like Secret of the Solstice and Water Margin Online.

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Ragnarok Online

Gravity Interactive
Gravity Interactive
Release Date
June 01, 2003
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Latest Updates

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows-based (with administrative ability to install and patch)


RAM 128 MB


2 GB


entium II, 400MHz (or better)


Any with 3D Acceleration & at least 16MB on-board RAM

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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Vanguard 5 years ago
Warning: This Game is Filled With Bots and low population.
(Not Recommended)

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Console 5 years ago
+ 4 Classes or more
+ Pets
+ Costume
+ Fishing
+ Friendly Community
+ Decent Storyline
- Low Exp Rate
- Lack of customer support
- Gold Seller
- Botter
- Small Community
- Lack of development
- Hacker
- Bugs

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Wow. 6 years ago
It's only good if you find a half-decent private server.

And good luck with that, because it's nigh impossible.

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Guest 7 years ago
Ragnarok online
(Not Recommanded) Star rate:4/5 (great)

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Aldous 7 years ago
Couldn't agree more with the "Best Game. Period." :D Definitely one of the greatest games I've ever played. Brings back so much memories and so much fun. For those who want to give it a try, I suggest you play on Private Servers. Hehe No hate for the iRO Server but Private Servers can give a better gaming experience for their events and all :) I'm currently playing LimitRO. Cheers!

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PRONTERIAN 7 years ago
It's this game that I always go back to whenever I get tired of my current game. Just brings a lot of good memories, especially the BGMs. I actually don't play it anymore. I'd just go to a town, sit in a corner, and listen to the bgm. Payon, Geffen, and Prontera's themes are my favourites.

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Jellopy 8 years ago
Not really sure where to post this but all of Warp Portals games are down since about 36 hours ago due to isp hardware failure. If you are a player of any of their games i suggest hitting the games facebook page with whatever compensation demands you can dream up. I want those bonuses. And anyone who logged in on ro in the past 7 days will have free 3 day vip services and 150% exp boost on top of that to everyone. If you payed vip you get 7 days tacked on and they intend to increase that if it doesn't get resolved in a timely manor today. This isn't that bad, I remember the west coast rust storms that shut diablo 2 down for about a week when i was super addicted to it. Just posting a heads up for anyone who isn't aware yet.

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JusticeRD 8 years ago
Best coming back to game EVER... No one forgets that one game where they just keep coming back to. MobRO(In my opinion was the best original pserver out there, RIP). will always come back to this game for sure. Definitely worth the play time I've put in.

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nivrehS 8 years ago
Best Game ever!! When ever I'm tired of playing some mmorpg I get back to this game(p-servers tho) to bring baack some real good old memories.

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Roccoooo 8 years ago
Best. Game. Ever.


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Azur 8 years ago
The game is so good!!!! i have played it and no regrets!!!!!

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Jellopy 9 years ago
Ragnarok Revisit and Re-Review

A while back I went back to RO to check it out after I'd heard it became a free to play title and had an absolutely miserable experience. After some deliberation and just as much misery with newer released free to play titles I decided to give it another shot and delve a little deeper with some of the more recent updates.

The game at its core is a standard isometric point and click anime rpg, it has plenty of content though all of it is based on killing monsters. The game could easily be written off as a dull grind session but it has plenty of charm to it which those who appreciate forget the grind.

This game is old, almost Ultima Online old. The graphics still manage to remain decent despite the age due to unique implementation and interesting art direction. Don't expect it to impress if your thing is realistic 3d graphics. It gets the job done and remains cute all the way through, and occasionally throws something that does look pretty awesome at you despite the ancient engine used.

Wide range of music, from dull elevator music to upbeat techno to almost grindy metal there is plenty to hear. It's not perfect but better than most mmos I have played in this regard.
Sound effects are rather standard, sometimes annoying and other times amusing and the crit sounds I always find so satisfying in any game.

Point and click would usually mean very limited game play but as you advance you gain more functions, targeted aoes and such and it's not completely dull. It's much more fast paced leveling than it used to be up till 3rd job where it slows down a bit. The class system is still one of my favorites and job advancement i don't think has been surpassed in many other games using similar engines to date. The biggest drawbacks are small maps. Which in the case of maps being small it becomes an issue when people bot, and they do. Warportal the company hosing internationr ragnarok has taken some steps to deal with the issue but it's not an easy task without restricting new players.
There is plenty to do even if it is an older game that just means there is more to it.
Story/plot/npc dialogue:
If a story exists it is in lore alone. The plot is non existent in most regards. Dialogue/translations - This is amongst the original engrish mmorpgs with horrible translations and dialogue that leaves you questioning more than you did going in to it half the time. Not a big deal since the fan base has documented everything in wikis for your convenience.

Cash Shop/VIP:
At first glance I would have thought it pay to win. After a little digging and looking into the vip benefits nothing in it is actually sold power, the upgrade items on the cash shop are still the same as the normal ones other than the lack of chance for the items to break and can be traded amongst players, nothing else is anything but convenience. There are a few items sold with stats that benefit players but these can be matched in game with other items, some of the better items come out of lucky boxes which contain powerful equipment but they only gain the powerful stats through upgrades for the most part, each one is tradable and the boxes are based on chance as well so nobody flat out buys power. Some people might have mixed opinions on this but it works for me since there are plenty of ways to make currency in game to buy them if you don't want to dish out money.

Overall I'd say this is one of the few free to plays that has actually become far better since transitioning from a subscription. If you don't mind ancient graphics it is worth the time investment. The community has its share of jerks and stuck up people but these are mostly newbies with friends aiding them who aren't gonna be around long. There are some events for chances at winning decent items to get going in the game hosted regularly be gms. They have possibly one of the most active Community Managers i've encountered on any mmo as well - Oda. So it's worth a try if you are bored with the current mass of mmos and looking for something to kill time with.

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costa 9 years ago
Great game. I remember when it first came out as a beta and I was a Senior Editor for an up and coming Ragnarok Fansite. Doesnt matter about the bots or the lag, ive met people i still keep in contact with in the official server and on AvalonRO (Which was probably the best private server back in the day) :O:O check it out for sure

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Kaya 9 years ago
Yay! I remember that game x3 It was my first MMORPG!
But I think I won't play this anymore. Every kid calls you 'noob', even if you have higher lvl then him -___-. I won't forget, I will love this game 4ever!

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Jurell 10 years ago
this game is awesome.... rag4life....

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yuridornelas 10 years ago
-Funny game
-Unique characters
-cash dominace
-a class that kill every one in 1 skill (WTF??)
-a lot of hours spent upping

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Francisco 10 years ago
I've heard nothing but good about this game but only for private servers. In the research I've done it seems as if the official na servers have a lot of botting and lag issues. I can confirm the lag issues. Had a blast on private servers tho but I'm all about official so decided to not play.

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Sheno 10 years ago
Good lord, I love this game. I decided to drop by and see what users have rated it. I've been since 06' and this game is amazing. I suggest giving it a try.

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neil 10 years ago
does this work on mac ?

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shantanu 10 years ago
ragnorak 2 is lauched right what about that is it good?

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TheGamer 10 years ago
Man that trailer is sooooooo old, great game by the way

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Auroraphobia 10 years ago
Watching the Trailer almost made me cry. Played the game 6 Years on old EuphRO man such a great Time :').

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bigbang 10 years ago
do you have to dowload this

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Ishade 11 years ago
i have played over 50 servers of ragnarok i would say give it a try u would love it but now i am boored cause no compatation for me oO

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Yuko 11 years ago
Best game I've played
Rag 4ever

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