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About the game:
Title: Minion Masters
Status: Released
Genre: MOBA
Developer: BetaDwarf
Publisher: BetaDwarf

Summon your minions and go to war in Minion Masters, the free-to-play lane-based battle game from BetaDwarf. Choose your deck of minions and send them marching off to victory — or their doom — while supporting them with spells and abilities. Recruit new minions and level them up to legendary status for even more power and dominate your opponents!

Minion Masters can be played in 1v1 or 2v2 modes, and try out crazy game modes (“Mayhem mode”) for something new. Minion Masters also has a robust PvE scene, whether in one-off battles to hone your skills or Expeditions, which send you on journeys throughout the world to defeat challenging foes. Whatever your taste, Minion Masters has something for you!

Explosive Features:

  • Wide Variety Of Minions
  • PvE Expeditions
  • Community Events

News and Updates

Minion Masters Drops New Expansion, Offers Free Weekend On DLC

Minion Masters has a brand new Scrat-themed expansion, "Best Plan, No Plan!" In this update, the Scrat have taken over and are using crazy...

Minion Masters Offers Outlander DLC For Free

Minion Masters launched a new expansion yesterday, bringing the Outlanders back in a big way. The update consists of 3 Season passes, the first...

BetaDwarf Outlines Changes To Minion Masters Economy

Lots of free-to-play games let you earn premium currency through gameplay, but very few will admit that they're handing out too much of the...

Minion Masters Decorates Arenas, Offers Discounts For Halloween

The arenas of Minion Masters have received their proper Halloween-ing, and it's time to summon spooks to go to war for you -- or...

Minion Masters Update Introduces Dawn Marshall Valorian, The Hero Of The Empyreum

Minion Masters' latest update (Version 1.17) introduced a new hero to the game this week. Dawn Marshall Valorian holds many titles as a superhuman...

Minion Masters Announces Nightmares Expansion

The next Minion Masters expansion is on its way -- and rather soon too. True to form, BetaDwarf revealed the first bits of the...

Minion Masters Pumps Out Second Monthly Season Pass

The second season pass for Minion Masters' Charge Into Darkness expansion is now live, which makes one wonder -- how do you have a...

Watch A $1000 Minion Masters Tournament This Sunday

This weekend, Minion Masters players have the opporturnity to participate in a 1v1 tournament where the winner will walk away with $1000. The tournament...

Featured Video

System Requirements

Minion Masters Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3, 2.4 Ghz or equivalent
Memory Ram: 4 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: At least 8GB of free Space
Video Card: Nvidia Geforce GT 240 or equivalent, minimum 512 MB of VRAM

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