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About the game:
Title: Naruto Online
Status: Released Graphics: 2D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Oasis Games
Publisher: Oasis Games

Relive your favorite moments from Naruto in Naruto online, a free-to-play browser-based MMORPG officially licensed by Bandai and based on the storyline of the anime. Play as one of the anime’s popular characters, such as Naruto Umuzaki or Sakura Haruno — voiced by their anime actors — to relive the anime or choose one of five characters representing the element of earth, water, fire, wind, or lightning and embark on your own adventures!

Naruto Online offers a combo fighting system that enhances your team’s fighting abilities and enables fierce combos when you have compatible characters fighting together. Recruit your favorite ninjas and fight alongside them in single-player and multiplayer dungeons or take on epic world bosses.

Explosive Features:

  • Relive the Naruto Storyline
  • Original Voice Actors
  • Turn-based Battles

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  1. Game is P2W. Dont listen to any of these shills. Most of the top players are people being paid in game currency by Oasis or people actually paying alot of money to compete. Eventually the server dies and is merged with other servers which are also dead with people who have invested too much money or time to quit. Its a cool game but when you try to expose the whole dynamic of the system then some of the secret players really get angry at you.

  2. I played this game from 3.0 to 5.0. It went downhill.

    At 3.0 there weren’t many “whales” and even if they were around, theres was only 2-3 recharge event a month. However nowdays theres 4-5 a week. Not to mention multiple new additions to the game every week, that at first come only as real money rewards. The game itself isn’t P2W, it needs patience and strategy, however people pay ridiculous amounts of money. The other day i logged in to a 1 week old server and saw someone who had characters worth over 4k $. (literally)

    What ruined it however is they cather to old players now, opposed to the newbies as they used to. They used to wait 2 months to merge servers and then merged same week servers, now theres a big ‘cluster’ between like 300-400 servers where some is almost 2 years of gameplay apart from eachother. Not to mention their arena system changed to fully cross server between any servers.

    Keep up with people who play over 500$ a week or who played months more than you.
    One other example i have is one of the servers i recently tried out, the number 1 guy in ranking has 160.000 overall power with great characters, the number 2 in ranking has 95k power. And people below are struggling at 60-70k. 70k vs 160k Good Game.

    Not worth it anymore, even though the game itself is wonderful.

    • It is a great browser game however, even without stamina theres always something to do. Good communities and events. I’d recommend playing the 1st month as F2P then bounce after the merges and events becoming cross server. It really is one of the best games out there.

  3. Simply put: Pay2Win at it’s worse. Forget about what you hear on youtube about the game been playable as f2p, it’s simply lies.

    You can play free at low level but as you level up you can’t compete with the paying players. You have to take part in PvP modes that require you to win and you can’t progress in the game unless you start throwing a lot of money in the game. The upgrading at higher levels 50-60+ is based on RNG system and you could burn 1000$ to power up you characters.

  4. Possibly the worst game to ever win an award.
    Even though the game itself is bugged and corrupted every 2 days (literally), there is no compensation.
    The customersupport insults and threatens their players (if you are one of the chose ones that even get an answer).
    I have been locked out of my account, harassed, had them steal money right out of my bank account and lost things that i paid for due to one of their bugs which i never got compensated for.
    It wouldve been more worth to pour the money i spent on this game into the drain around the corner to get the IT guy some more red balloons.
    I am usually not too hash with games even if theyre bad but this is not a game it is a ripoff of children who put their money into the game since it basically becomes uplayable without sinking 1000+$ in it the higher you get.
    It might look pretty cool for naruto fans but it isn’t worth playing into their scam.
    -10000/5 if i could

  5. Terrible game. When you report bugs to the customer service department it can be over a month before they finish their “investigation” and still result in them saying that you’re wrong. Just based on the terrible service for this game I would not recommend.

  6. Don’t bother. Massive, MASSIVE P2W directed at WHALES not at medium spenders.

    Everything is directed at whales that spend over thousands of dollars / euros.

    You can’t even keep up if you get their ” premium ” subscription and spend around 30-50 dollars / euros per month.

  7. This game is awesome but could you give 50 Gaara(Normal)fragments when they reach lvl 75. Pls. add more events where we can obtain ninjas to help the game boost its experience to other players to work hard in order to obtain these things. Can u add auto complete on daily and weekly missions when you reach lvl 80. I rate this game 4 and a half stars. I made it 4 and a half cause I had a great time playing and my team is with Gaara(normal),Kurotsuchi and Hinata(Great Ninja War) and Azure Fang

  8. terrible game! everything is repetitive after a while and they will just continue to milk your money!

    gameplay is terribly boring because if you are like me among the top 3 power in PVP event: spacetime, no one can actually challenge you unless they spend as much as i did.

    i’ve never felt so unappreciated in p2w games like i experienced in this game! worst p2w game due to terrible customer support and game design! im highest level VIP 8 and it means nothing, no VIP treatment experienced, no gifts, no messages from developer to show their appreciation for my loyalty.

    all in all 0/10 score satisfaction. this game is crap.

  9. Great game, it’s just hard to get character fragments outside of story quests and daily logins. i wish they would make that part easier.

  10. I think the game is great for a casual player. You get to play through the story and get lots of characters. If you’re trying to win the game it gets a bit boring waiting on stamina to replenish and other players can get really strong quickly. This game also takes a lot of time to play and there are daily live events that can be difficult to attend if you have a life. There are a ton of different ways to get stronger that can get muddled easily and relies a lot on ingots? which you don’t get from anything. Overall, fun for a naruto fan

  11. It seems that were now slowly turning into the german version, because after every update theres more german text. on top of that the support staff is useless, and the cross server events are cancerous. and when you ask the support staff to change the events to atleast match by power instead of level, they link you to videos of people beating higher power people with p2w teams, the issue isnt the teams, the issue is getting matched with people 20k higher then your own power. i wish we could give negative stars at the top, but sadly we are stuck with 1 star. if you are looking to play this game, i suggest the chinese version, or finding a different game all together. in total i would give this game -10/5 stars. they enact in many illegal actions and imorral actions. a new ninja comes out they jack the price up to 400-500$, and then dont decrease the value till months later. its like wtf 500$ for a character that you wont use that much, and wont be good for long because the next new ninja will counter them in some way.

  12. This game was fun at first, but you can play for months, and it will mean nothing compared to the p2w whales and the game liaisons. if you have tons of money, and like to gamble this is the game for you. but if your just the average person wanting to play nareuto it is not for you.

  13. come on guys stop saying that this game is NOT pay2win cause it absolutely is… for example to get a hokage character it will literally cost you 4 to 500 dollars… cause they have it advertise to buy him for 270 a ignot or coupons and that one damn fragment thats insane… i love naruto im a huge fan but come on lets be real who wants to play with basic ninjas every one wants to win then it will take you at least over 500 recruit seals just to get itachi susanoo thats crazy… and ppl ive been playing this game for a long time and you can be a lvl 65 and still take a lvl 80 because of the money a person would spend on improving their character… im not saying do charge at all but yall should def drop ya’ll prices like come on i can buy a new xbox instead of this game

  14. This game could be fun if it was not pay to win. You basicaly be beaten with your best team by someone who spend a lot of money and it is 10 lvl lower than you are. There is not much to do in game after you spent your stamina. It should be mmo, but people hardly talk to each other or trying to do team work. Most of the weekly activities are there just to show you what cool things you could have, if you spend 99 + dollar a day. Who would not. I played many games with similar style of playing but this is just the milking cow. Sure you can have the best ninja in the world. But what good it is when people are just single playing and do not give a f* about rest of the game or community.

  15. Great animations in the game, and as long as you understand it, very sound strategy. Met an absolutely wonderful community also.

  16. i would rather wipe my ass with this game than play it again this is extortion the face book page advertised Naruto storm 4 i have that game so i wanted to see if it was just a scam or worse a browser game and oh god i wish it was a scam that charged you but its a “FREE” browser game it is shit don’t play this if you wanna a real online game look up something called an mmo its free and in a good way!

  17. So apparently people haven’t played the game enough. You can definitely be good without cash. I started playing 2 days ago and am level 32 and haven’t spent a dime. Also to chat in the world does not cost. You can get 60 trunpets and hour, or one a minute. It is not necessary to write so much.

    • It is if you wanna hang out with friends or want to chat to other online players or need help from other people with quests you could use the chat to ask for help or theres millions of reasons you could use the chat. But I think the idea to put a restriction on the chat even if they give free trumpets or what ever in what ever game but in naruto onlines case it would be trumpets. I think it’s worthless because I think players should be able to chat without the restriction to the chat. Before people tell me but the trumpets are free I know they are free but the point I’m saying is I don’t see a point of having a restriction on the chat even if they give free trumpets or the item you need to use the chat. I think the player in any game should be able to use the chat without the restriction. But in my opinion I think players should be forced to do the tutorial so they can at least know how the game is played because most people seem to just skip it and then ask how do you do this or that. It would be annoying but I think it might benefit the MMO community in the longrun.

      • Its not much of a bother unless you’re talking to 3+ people who are not in your group or your friends. There’s a PM option where you can talk to your friends or anyone in distance. You could always create a team and have two others join just to talk. That’s already a three way conversation. And there’s a group channel, where you can talk to all your group members. This game is more like a “pay to be lazy game”. My siblings and I started a month or so after our server opened, and we’re numbers 20 and 45 on our server rankings. To top that up, we’re free to play (though I admit the top 10 are pay2win). However, this shows that free to plays stand a chance, and my sibling has skills too. You could have a crappy team and high power and lose to someone who actually knows what they’re doing with lower power than you. While I agree there are many annoying things about this game, it has helped me meet many great people along the way.

      • Probably my last reply but I wanted to reply and say your right during the time I tried this game it felt like a pay to be lazy game. But I still think the chat restriction is dumb it might work for this game but it won’t work for me so I don’t really touch this game now. But I did like this game but people might argue that the trumpets and limiting world chat with restrictions is a good idea but I don’t think it is. It might stop the spam but I think players should be able to speak freely without restrictions to any player in the game strangers,friends,team members,bascially anyone in the games world they are on without chat restrictions like requiring a misc item just to use it even if the misc item is free I still have a problem with the system I just perfer it be clear of restrictions unless its a VIP exclusive channel or something along the lines like that.

  18. Pay and win, nothing wrong with investing a little money. Fights take a lot of time, even after you know you lose the fight (no harm done) you have to wait a lot longer than 1 minute for and of it and start an other. Very time consuming. A lot to check and leveling up without a good guide

  19. You don’t have to pay to use the chat…there’s an online pack that gives you “trumpets” to talk on the world chat. It’s conpletely free

    • Yeah I guess that’s true but it’s kinda annoying and repetitive because I don’t wanna get a pack of trumpets everytime I wanna use the world chat. I get it’s probably there to prevent people from abusing the world chat and I’ve seen this system used before but I really dislike this system I think we should be allowed to freely use the chat without having to get a misc item to use it. I know the trumpets is free but it’s still a turn off for me since like I said I don’t wanna get a pack of trumpets just to use it everytime I wanna use the world chat. But I do admit this game is pretty fun but the support team still refuses to address my account issues so I’m likely gonna have to make a new account.

  20. It’s very pay to win. Don’t pretend it’s not.

    A server’s population will eventually be populated by a group of hardcore cash players, who constantly top the ranks in PvP and world boss/ instance events.

    Once a few hardcore free players have sufficiently grinded their way to be half-competitive with the cashers, the player population in that server would have already dwindled as most would have quitted. New players register in the newer servers, and you can’t just switch servers and bring over your progress.

    The music and sound effects are well done but may be repetitive.

    The plot instance is also poorly done. Some pivotal parts of the Naruto storyline are poorly done e.g. the death of a major character during the Konoha invasion. It does not follow the chronology of events and feels like the devs simply added it as an afterthought.

    Final complaint: you can’t skip the animation when Gaara and 3-star Sasuke launch their special attacks. This might change in a future patch, but it’s annoying now.

      • It is. If you’re in a new server of course it’s not. But wait until people are lvl 80+.
        Example : They came out with some new runes recently. You can roll the event for free once a day, and you might get a lvl 1-5 rune (everything is leveled in the game), but you could also get coins or food to give xp to your ninjas.
        So basically, the people who don’t spend a dime (Nobody inside the top 20 is F2P) got a boost of 1k power (they’re at 45-48k). The ones that spend boatloads of cash got a 5k boost and have every rune already maxed out.

        This game is super nicely made, but it’s one of the worst P2W game I’ve ever seen (been gaming for 20 years) in terms of the amounts people are spending. Every 10 days there’s events that you can complete to obtain rewards used to gain power. Sometimes they’re free/P2P (if you pay you can roll more basically), but sometimes 3 out of 4 events are exclusively P2P.
        To give you a clear idea, a player of my group has been playing for 8 months and has already spent 8k$ on the game. He’s top 5 in power.
        I’ve been playing for 6 months, I’m rank 50.

      • It is. If you’re in a new server of course it’s not. But wait until people are lvl 80+.
        Example : They came out with some new runes recently. You can roll the event for free once a day, and you might get a lvl 1-5 rune (everything is leveled in the game), but you could also get coins or food to give xp to your ninjas.
        So basically, the people who don’t spend a dime (Nobody inside the top 20 is F2P) got a boost of 1k power (they’re at 45-48k). The ones that spend boatloads of cash got a 5k boost and have every rune already maxed out.

        This game is super nicely made, but it’s one of the worst P2W game I’ve ever seen (been gaming for 20 years) in terms of the amounts people are spending. Every 10 days there’s events that you can complete to obtain rewards used to gain power. Sometimes they’re free/P2P (if you pay you can roll more basically), but sometimes 3 out of 4 events are exclusively P2P.
        To give you a clear idea, a player of my group has been playing for 8 months and has already spent 8k$ on the game. He’s top 5 in power. I’ve been playing for 5 months, I’m rank 50.

  21. Reached level 50s and quitted.

    Highly pay to win, especially if you’re into PVP.

    If you don’t have a credit card and are ready to spend, I say don’t bother. Everything from acquiring rare ninjas, to getting materials for upgrading your ninjas, to daily bonuses and perks, to exp progression, are only available by paying real money. There’s no need to be dishonest and pretend it isn’t so.

    The game is also poorly localized, translation into English from Chinese language isn’t great. This may improve with time, but I doubt it.

    Pivotal plot moments from the Naruto storyline have also been poorly handled… seems rushed and contrived at times, squeezed into instances and cutscenes. Others are totally omitted despite being integral to the story line… so much for ‘plot instance’.

    The community isn’t very good either. Team members don’t usually talk during team events. And the world chat is often polluted with trolls who mock and insult ‘noobs whom I’ve pwned in PVP’. Probably kids.

    You can definitely sign up and play and experience it for yourself, and prove that I have told you the truth. Try playing for 3 to 5 days, no more than that.

  22. I made another account this time tried a 3rd party login which I didn’t wanna do and clicked and didn’t realize I was already at the character selection page and I chose the character I didn’t want once again. My advice for this company is put a big label or a sign saying we are at the character selection screen it’s just so instant I’d like to know what character I’m choosing.

  23. This game is good, I actually enjoy it . I pay for free , but if you want to be lazy , you could pay for fast development. So it’s kind of “pay to be lazy” game

  24. Just tried it it’s alright but they want you to pay irl money just to use the chat that killed it for me and alot of the paid 2 win features killed it. I also forgot my username and they made it impossible to recover your username and I have to wait to see if customer service thinks I’m the person who owns the account that is tied to my email. Such an awful game I wouldn’t recommand playing it.

    • Just wanted to update still no reply from the support team with the appeal results. Beginning to decide if this game is worth even continuing. I might just join another game.

    • Just wanted to give a final update since they gave me the results to my password appeal. I got rejected and appealed again and immedietly rejected even though it’s my account. Looks like I’m done playing this game even though I only got to log into it one time.

    • Just realized I used the wrong name when I updated this 2 weeks ago but ASA was me when I made the 2 updates. But I really like this game I might just sign up with google or twitter instead of an official account it’s frustrating with an account from the company I still haven’t recovered my account because they still don’t think I’m the owner.

      • I can keep them straight lol and I don’t got official accounts I’m posting as a guest user and yes I do know it’s my problem no need to address that idiot. But the problem I mentioned with naruto online is their problem I just made another account and clicked 2 fast again fast the character selection page and now can’t change my character. They need some work on their game.

      • They could at least give a panel or a warning pop up letting you know your at the character selection page which I haven’t seen or I’m just so blind I miss it.

    • The “paid to win” feature you mentioned only get your gear or your level up faster at the moment. Even if you don’t pay, you could still get to the same level or even stronger than the one who just spams money to level up when they don’t even know how to refine their gears. Personally I’m a not pay to win player and I could still kick asses 5 or 6 levels above me.

      • I’m personally not a pay 2 win player on any MMO. But I still haven’t got my account back they don’t think I’m the owner lol. I didn’t add account recovery information since I didn’t knew that existed and I’ve been giving best descriptions I can and been trying to work with the oasis team for over a week and they keep rejecting my account recovery appeal. I’m done with this. If I get interested in this again I’m writing my info down this is stupid how oasis works.

  25. Not really one of those players who play games like this a lot, but this is just another typical browser game, at level 13 you can do almost everything automatically. Like one of those tap to walk and it goes to the destination. This game also kind of reminds me of the original Naruto browser game, the movements are kind of the same. Would give this a 2 out of 5, but now again, that is just me. Feel free to reply to this message, I will probably not see it though.

  26. Game sounds great but kinda seems weird how they use 3d characters as a trailer then when they show the gameplay they show cruddy browser gameplay. I got no hate for this game but I’m just saying this seems like false advertising.

    • Just realized the word I couldn’t think of I ment 3d animation for the trailers but I still feel like that was false advertising even though they were just trying to promote the game.

      • Agreed! As an official game (even Masashi Kishimoto took part in the creation process), I feel that they could have done much better!

        • wow really?! thats sad cause i just checked out this game and im a fan or else i wouldnt be trying it you know? but jesus this might as well just be a damn cell phone game!

          Pay2Win for damn sure i wont be playing anymore

        • This game does have everything from the original naruto anime from what I’ve read on duskbot. But yeah the trailer really is false advertising. This game is clearly pay 2 win to they got people paying real money just to use the chat and you gotta be a certain level to chat. Yeah it’s fun if your a naruto fan but it’s not worth it since it’s paid 2 win and false advertising.


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