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About the game:
Title: Panzar
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMO
Developer: Panzar Studios
Publisher: Panzar Studios

Panzar is a free to play CryEngine 3 powered team-based MMO developed by Panzar Studios. In Panzar players can choose from one of 8 different classes, each with their own unique abilities and combat styles. The available classes include Beserker and Tank for the Orcs, Paladin and Inquisitor for the Humans, Sorceress and Witch for the Elves, and finally Sapper and Gunner for the Dwarves. Some classes, like the Berserker, are suited for close combat, whereas others, like the Paladin, are intended for a support role. Characters are upgraded through new skills and abilities earned by leveling up. Experience is awarded for participation, such as dealing damage, getting kills, and completing objectives, with bonus experience awarded to the victors of each match.

Combat in Panzar is free-targeting, with damage based on the angle of attack. Players use the left mouse button for auto-attacks, and the right mouse button for power attacks. Using power attacks deals massive damage but drains your power bar, limiting usage. The power bar can be restored through certain abilities, or by waiting for it to refill naturally. Spells and abilities are cast using mana or action points, with the latter being earned through gameplay. Blocking is acheived with the control key, but the damage prevented is based on the angle of the incoming attack.

Panzar offers 4 different game modes, with unique maps for each. The game modes include Domination, in which players fight for control over a single point, King of the Hill, where players try to hold a point and defend it using various traps and barriers, Siege, where one team attacks multiple control points while the other team defends, and Meteor, where players search for an object and attempt to bring it to the enemy base.

Explosive Features:

  • High End Graphics.
  • Multiple Classes.
  • Team Centered Fighting.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Panzar Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Intel Core Quad Q9459 2.6 GHz, AMD Phenom II X4 920 2.8GHz
Memory Ram: 4 GB
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB of free disk space
Video Card: ATI HD6790, GTX470

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  1. The game has changed a lot over the years sins the last comment. It is now 8vs8 PvP and PvE (5 in a team) Maps have been reworked all know cheats and hacks have been patched. The game is still F2P and a lot of changes have been done to remove the P2W feeling, testing and tournament have proven that real teamwork is what you need, the choice is yours put a lot of money in the game and lose by yourself or play free as a team member and win.

  2. this game is a trap; have to pay to win; severe condition of cheating; admin is corrupted. This could be a good game if managed properly, however, avoid this game by all cost.

  3. One of the best moba, stunning graphics , superb animations, a wide variety of maps, many different characters, actually one of the best moba game to play in team. the gemeplay is really awesome. In recent months the game has progressed very well.
    it’s a pity that the russian studio doesn’t do advertising. this game is a gem, what a pleasure to play with friends 🙂

  4. pay to win game, why your can not reset your states fail game, but looks good. and the item shop give to much advance players with rl mony

  5. This is an astounding game with the best graphics and the most realistic game mechanics I have ever seen.The music is epic and has been written by geniuses.I can’t praise it high enough!

  6. This game is the worst game ever, they have so many hackers and coiners on here, that have teamed up, the battles are over in less than 4 mins. Because of this most decent players quit. so because the lack of players, you have to wait up to 45 mins to get into a battle, just for it to end in 4 mins.
    You are lucky to win one battle in 100.. When you write to panazar they do not ever reply .But then thats because a lot of the cheats are also the admin, If you talk about the hacking or unfairness of the game, they ban you from chat. It is a russian company who still think they are in the KGB and do not allow freedom of speech. I would avoid the game, its a complete waste of time.

    • Agreed 100% what the hell is the point of making a game if you cant even run some sort of anti cheat system. All I see is wall hacking and infinite health bastards. This game had potential but it seems developers are pumping out games like this just to get rich quick and let it die.

  7. Good game, but I could only ever find a game in the morning. I got abysmal lag, but I’m pretty sure I was playing with people from Russia (or w/e it’s originated from).

  8. Hi all, sry for bad English in first. I think panzar is one of best f2p game that I ever played. The game is balanced. For who say: bad game, 1 hit and I died. I can say that happened because u was unable to parry. Very good game because team strategy and skill are a must for win each match. The only bad thing is not all PC are able to make it run; u need a PC for games.

  9. I would like to leave a bit of criticism if I may. I would have liked to have seen if there is a punishment of sorts for leavers or maybe a reporting system. Also is there a lot of harassment in the game as can be with a few MOBAs? Furthermore, when a match is left, if someone were to join again, would they be put back into the match they left or would they start a whole new one. I imagine there is a way to add friends in game or maybe even make teams…

    • they leave the game because there are so many hackers, the battles are very one sided, now the average win is 1 in 100, every battle over in 4 mins,,,, this game is run by hackers for hackers,,,,

  10. This game is awful. Just god-awful. It has some neat gimmicks and it looks pretty, but the classes are horribly unbalanced and there’s only one game mode which gets really boring and repetitive really fast. The leveling is incredibly slow, which is obnoxious but tolerable by itself, but combined with everything else the grind just becomes a huge nuisance. This gets maybe a 0 out of 5 imo.

  11. Well as far as I know, this is supposed to be a MOBA, which is a session-based genre typically with just one main map, so of course it’s repetitive. It’s meant to be that way.

    • You can play 100 matches of LoL, Dota 2 and Smite and none of them will be the same.
      Because all 3 of them have a vast quantity of characters.
      Been a while but this game has what…5?
      MOBAs also have an objective and vast maps to play on.
      This game has tiny deathmatch stages and you basically just keep spamming the same stuff until you either win or lose. It’s boring as all shit.

  12. Anyone wanting to play this, be warned you either need to sink hundreds of hours into the game, or a hundred dollars.
    Its not pay 2 win per se, however it IS pay 4 advantage. You can actually pay to level up in this game. Which gives you a huge advantage by building your skill tree for bigger and better abilities.

    Its also insanely repetitive with no real goal in mind. Literally just the same old same old. Nothing new ever happens.

    It looks nice and shiny and thats why I tried it, but it just ended up being a shiny turd. I’ve since flushed it.

    • The idiots who think that people who spend money on gaming (ie: the people paying for YOUR ability to play for free) should not get any advantages never cease to amaze me.

      • Late reply, but you’re a retard.
        I dropped cash on the game for lulz. In most games, my K/D was about 15:1.
        Not exaggerating. Most games i didn’t even die once unless I suicided.

        A pay2win model equals a pathetic and dead game. No one sticks around once it starts to become more about who can buy more win, than who can play better.
        Especially in this day and age where there’s PLENTY of better games out there.

  13. If the game devs would spend as much time fixing the bugs and balance the game a little it would be alot better, but all we get is another League. Also something needs doing about party matching after lvl 10. Oh and if your playing this game in the EU and your looking for a late night game forget this one, after around 12 pm you will be lucky to get a match.

    The game is not ptw you can earn everything you need by playing the game.

  14. im really glad to see spunk is being himself, last video i personally watched by him, he was trying to be omir, and it was sickening, but this is good, bout time

  15. The game is good but if your team is not that good you will lose no matter what. Even if you make 2times the score of the enemy MVP.
    The other bad thing is that tanks can 1shot you.

  16. This game is not bad it just has many bugs and unbalances that would make the game a lot better, this is why they beta test. I hope they do fix a lot of the issues I would be happy to play the game more.

    • Lol f2p, p2w. You have to buy all the characters and all that junk. I’m sure it will just be another cash shop based game that will be run by people with cash. But I haven’t played Panzar yet, so i will wait until I play it to make an opinion on it. But Archeblade, I don’t reccommend to anyone who doesn’t want to spend money (it’s fine if you just like the free characters anyways)

      • how is archeblade p2w lol, half of the character are free and rotate every patch i’ve used every character in game without paying.
        downloading panzar looks interesting ^^

        • obviously neky is an idiot who does not understand the concepts of free to play. He just thinks he does and rants online because his life is that empty.

  17. The gameplay video of Spunk for this game looked really good. I’m just amazed at the detail that was put into this game, I mean when you use pots your character actually pulls out a literal pot and drinks it, and then throws it away. You can even see the pots rolling on the ground after you throw it. It’s a minor thing but it just goes to show how much detail was put into it by the devs. I’m really interested in playing this game. Does anyone know if there will be a US or North American version coming out in the future, or will I just have to play EU?


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