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About the game:
Title: Path of Exile
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Grinding Gear Games
Publisher: Grinding Gear Games

Path of Exile is an 3D Action RPG published by Grinding Gear Games. Similar to games such as Diablo and Torchlight, Path of Exile allows players to explore various dungeons in the forms of story “Acts”. Players have a wide variety of initial classes to choose from but each class only serves as the initial starting point for a player’s character progression.

Players are treated to an absolute massive amount of skill gems and passive skill tree options. Skill gems can be socketed into equipment and grant a wide range of abilities depending on gem type and color. Gems can even level up to provide a stronger version of the skill. The passive skill tree is a vast and complex set of passive skill combinations. Each player can choose from a huge variety of point allocations in order to truly customize their characters role.

Path of exile features both PvE and PvP with events such as leveling races taking place on fresh servers. Other variations include a Cut-Throat mode, where players can invade other players’ instances and kill them to take their items. Each event can last from only an hour to several months and award valuable prizes to the victors. Fans of more traditional dungeon crawling mechanics found in Diablo 2 should definitely give Path of Exile a try.

Explosive Features:

  • Extreme Character Specialization Options
  • Diablo 2 Style Dungeon Crawler
  • Detailed Art Style

News and Updates

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System Requirements

Path of Exile System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SPack 3, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Core2 Duo E6600
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least ?GB of free Space
Video Card: Radeon HD 2900 Pro

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  1. if you left a negative comment as a review for this game leave another comment with the name of a game that is free 2 play as good as POE if you cant then its like you have no leg to stand on. i mean you knock the game for doing this or that, learn how to play it or let the rest of the gamers in the world learn the name of the game you feel is better than POE that is free 2 play otherwise just keep your negativity for yourself no one cares, all games get boring and in the end i have yet to find a game better than POE.

    • Okay that attitude is what make people think of not playing this game. it no wonder people saying Bad Community.
      (Stay Away from Path Of Exile)

  2. 2016 review:

    -Good graphics who works even on low-end PC’s
    -Nice story
    -Well made environment and endgame
    -Totally f2p.
    -If u decide to invest money, all the prices are well balanced
    -Lots of items
    -Diablo 2 copy
    -Classes skill trees are advanced as hell

    -Very very retarded community (many racist people aswell as “kiddish acting matures”)
    -Many lag issues and random disconnects
    -Long distance checkpoints, so u have to run to the objective u need for some minutes instead of teleporting to checkpoints which are fair enough far from mission objective
    -Seems like poor support, atleast I didnt needed it, but ppl said it was bad
    -No character customization

    I left this game becasue community were very harsh to me and other people, I dont know how old those people are but they act like 7 years old kids with racism words and others that 20 years old guy would said “Man, have you even been on school?”

  3. I guess all this fukers commenting here doesnt know that this game comes from diablo II and its kinda continuing the legacy of it, locked camera? really ? DIABLO II??? 5 characters?? DIABLO II??? This game is the game we all wanted instead of that shitty Daiblo III where u only play till lvl 20 ¬¬

  4. I think the comments ordering here is broken. The -25 comment is on top.

    This game is by no means P2W. The only game advantage you can buy is stash-space. Which isn’t even necessary for you. It’s 100% a convenience. The company themselves have stated that using multiple-accounts for storage space is perfectly fine. Which certainly is a hazzle to deal with but it’s not THAT hard.

    On the whole the storage space that is given is sufficient for most things. You will find that once you’ve played for quite a while you will want more space to keep items you might want to sell. Which is much harder to do using multiple accounts since you can’t get them listed all under one character name, you’d have to have multiple clients on at once to manage that at all.

    Other micro-transactions are purely cosmetic or stuff like “guild member slots”.

    Onto the game though. It’s a ARPG and it’s heavily focused on gearing your character like ARPG’s tend to be. The game also features the massive passive skill tree which offers plenty of hours of theorycrafting. People like to compare the game to Diablo 2 or whatever games they might know of which are similar to Diablo 2. But really the comparison is hard to make since they’re such different levels of complexity. In every thinkable level of the game you have some form of innovation. It’d be far too big a task to list them all here but if you care to look at their wiki you will probably find plenty of things that you wouldn’t find in D2.

    The biggest disappointment in this game has been Desynchronization issues. That’s when you don’t see your character close to enemies on screen but you can still get hit because on the server your character is elsewhere. Or that enemies have similar issues. It has dissuaded me from playing Hardcore (which makes me a casual in some peoples eyes, but for me it’s just preserving my sanity). Luckily now there’s a Beta going on where they’re currently fixing a lot of the problems and I can say that things are ALOT better for the predictive (old) system and the problems are gone entirely when using lockstep (a new system, with some tradeoffs).

    The community is often fairly helpful if you ask questions in the right places. But as seems to be a trend these days you will encounter toxic individuals. Luckily, unlike other games, you may choose to interact with them or not. Most of the game I found myself playing alone but there’s nothing that says you can’t be a party-player. I’d recommend searching for some friends on the forums or something though, as random party players aren’t as enjoyable to play with. Playing with someone would also be a great way to learn the game.

    Now with the next expansion that’s coming out there’s tons of more content and you’re not at as big a disadvantage as you would be before major changes are released. If there’s a time to get into the game it would be during the coming month. Preferably you’d play the game some before the expansion to get your feet wet and then once it releases you can explore all the new things.

  5. This game is one of the most boring games I have come across. All 3 acts are dull. Beach, forest and some old spanish town? Gimme a break, such boring environment to play… Merveil caves is hands down the most boring dungeon ever created, endless caves with one type of mob. I fallen asleep there. Twice.
    Everything in this game feel it’s been somewhere, like skill gems = materia Final Fantasy 7, talent tree = skill grid FF 10, items in inv looks like in Lionheart, old weird black isle RPG, heck even goat people from Diablo… The only thing this game has to offer is deep customisation, but the rest of the game is… well, pure masochism. And this awesome trees and gems will still lead zou to spam 2 abilities… oh, and potions too, you spam a lot of potions.
    If you hate D3 dont pick this game, go back to D2 instead.

  6. The game has nice graphics considering but it has that locked camera view and content is repeated after only 3 zones.The combat is also non intuitive,it is just SPAM 101.
    The WHOLE game design revolves around your build NOT player skill and like i said you build a player to spam kills as fast as possible.EVERYTHING si a design in RACING your opponents it just fails the RPG genre so badly but then again it copied Blizzard “Diablo” so go figure.

    Bottom line,you want one dimensional game play,copy or play Blizzard games.

  7. Best game outa hacknslash/dungeons clawlers here. ,truly free to play,regullary updates,climatic dark mature theme.hundrets possible ways to build your character.Hideout system ,improved crafting.Been playing this game like year agoo but now its even better!!! also recommended it if u a fan of Diablo2/TQ/Grim Dawn.But also must warn you: bee prepared for butt kick sometimes dis game isnt noob-friendly specially in hardest difficulty,so u need rly solid build for end-game mapping:) have fun exile^^

  8. Pretty fun diablo-ish game, a bit more time consuming though since you heavily rely on gems for your skill build, the huge skill tree are all passive ones. thus you might not able to play some builds right away, some builds are going to be more expensive to get. Very great atmosphere if you’re looking for that diablo 2 feel.

  9. Starting playing June 2014. Never looked back into other games after this first few weeks. It’s a great game, and, unlike other “f2p” games, not pay2win. Not a single bit. Everything you can buy are cosmetics and stash tabs. While stash tabs may seem like a must to newer players, buying them is not neccessary at all, you can effectively go on with the 4 you get for free.
    The only misleading part in this game may be the marginal differences in the 7 classes, as your class only determines the starting point in the (impressive) passive tree.
    New updates are coming often. Extremely often. Act 4 is WIP and scheduled for early 2015.
    All in all – awesome. Worth trying.

  10. Just got the game on Steam yesterday, have spent a total of 11 hours on it so far. First warning; very addictive. All the people saying it’s a Diablo 3 clone, my arse could make a better game than Diablo 3. It has a unique everything: no generic currency (i.e. gold), a completely massive skill system (so you can pretty much guarantee no 2 accounts have the same skills) and you actually have to try with combat, so no more pressing a button and waiting while the character executes the attack. Brilliant game, the only problem is that inventory space is a little…little, and it does get quite hard quite quickly if you are doing Acts solo. But get a friend to help and that solves that problem. 10/10 best free dungeon crawler I have played to date on my PC.

  11. ^ This comment is very misleading.
    The only purchasing in real money in path of exile is through microtransactions and these microtransactions only change the looks of the character/weapons/game. They do not affect the actual gameplay at all. In short, you pay to fancy up your character and get your skills to look cooler; it does not change your damage/stats.
    So its not P2W

  12. This game is P2W
    Misleading term for F2P
    Anything that involves cash that either make better than others like cosmetic
    I have say this game had not effort put in as it 100% Cloned Diablo Game

    • I play this game over 2 years,and when i come here and read comments like:P2W //diablo clone..
      I cant resist ,the only thing thats is similar to Diablo is Isometric view lol. It has unique skill gems system thats allow u to use any combination u even can imagine. you start with 6 ‘classes” and one is unlock after u beat final boss in act 3(yeah game has 3 acts).But..when i say class ..there is no class in this game if u pick Marauder and u theoritycaly should use some two-handed hard hitting weapon..yeah maybee in other game ,but not in PoE.The Gems u are using defines your “class”.And Bull**** about P2W, lol im a lv 85 Scion atm,and im not even touch my wallet to spend a real money on this game…i have 6Linked weapons/armors and Quality 20 gems,able to doo any content.
      Imo 10/10 nothing to say Best Game Outa Here!!!!

  13. I love this game. I recommend this game to People so want to try diablo or want to try and this free alternate Version of diablo 3

    tips for beginners if find socket or gem they are skills.
    scion class is unlocked at end act 3

    i wish more acts. and want people to play With.

  14. Been playing this game now since the beginning of 2012, the system requirements shown here are dated and the game needs at least a 64 bit os and over 2 gig of ram to avoid problems, also creative sound cards don’t like the game and cause BSOD’s which is down to the sound cards driver.

    I’ve honestly not had as much fun playing a game for quite a while, with 20+ character slots you can play just about as many builds as you can think of and you can have multiple accounts(provided you use a separate email).

    “crafting” is RNG and can cost quite a lot of currency but you can still reach end game with random finds.

    @ sean the security is fine, they have a IP locking mechanism in place, If someone attempts to enter your account the can try brute force it to their hearts content if the DO manage to get the right password the account is instantly locked and can only be unlocked by an email that is sent to your email address…you can’t change your email address without a link to the page which is sent to your email address, if you got hacked then you not only had the misfortune to have you game account details taken but your email has been accessed as well, if you have not changed your password for the email then you leave yourself open to future attacks when the RMT companies sell on the details

  15. This game is a fantastic game – a much better alternative to Diablo 3. HOWEVER. Their customer service is pretty diabolical. They have a pretty bad security system, and myself and all of my friends have been hacked and had months of work just stripped from us. After contacting customer service, they stated that it was our fault (don’t know how, since none of us visited any dodgy sites etc.) and that they will not replace our items. I had also spent some money on the game and they refused to refund any of it.

    So just be warned: if you get hacked, you will lose EVERYTHING.

  16. played the game for a month, and all i can say it is not newbie friendly.. crafting mechanic is a mess; classic example: trying to make upgrade to an item; u have to risk using 50x crafting materials to get the specific attribute/quality you want with 5% chance, and crafts are so rare.

  17. This game is fantastic. So far, my biggest issue with it is that it could have better optimization, my FPS spikes pretty often. Although, it’s a beta, so it’s easily forgivable xD.

  18. So after playing this game for a few days I feel like it’s time to give my impressions on it.

    First and foremost it’s a really nice game, addictive as hell and ofc it’s FREE!

    However now we’ll get into some of the problems I have with it.
    1) Melee combat is horrible. I don’t know how but somehow they’ve managed to make clicking on monsters a damned nightmare. I managed to get around it by getting the sweep skill and just spamming it near enemies. Nevertheless it’s probably the weakest point of this game as it is right now.
    2) Another thing that really messes up melee play is the amount of ranged monsters. There are tons of those and earlier it’s incredibly easy to just take a turn around the corner and lose 80% of your hp instantly.
    3) While the lack of gold and the massive amount of different scrolls and stuff is nice in terms of customisation it really becomes a strain on your already lacking inventory space. It would be incredibly nice if those things had a tiny window of their own instead of cluttering up your main inventory.

    So these are MY first impressions of the game and its problems.

  19. If you enjoyed Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and Torchlight there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t play this game. The community and barter system is great as well!

  20. WOW
    let me start off by saying this game is AMAZING its like diablo 2 all over again its free not pay to win has a interesting story about exiles sent to this island filled with terrible creatures and left there to die for there crimes. the passive skill tree is unlike anything ive ever seen its BIG if you like diablo/torchlight then try this for sure
    Awesome story
    Non pay to win
    Great graphics
    Well optimized
    Big passive skill tree
    Open ended class builds

    No character customization
    Kinda dark/hard to see
    Mild learning curve
    Can be difficult on solo


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