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About the game:
Title: Perfect World
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Perfect World Entertainment
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Perfect World International is a free-to-play MMORPG based on the Chinese mythology. The fabulous visuals support the refined gameplay, immersing players in a huge game world. Featuring millions of registered users and several expansion packs, this is one of the most played free MMO games to date.

The character creation interface is one of the most in-depth ever in a free MMO game. Recreate your look or design a hero based on whoever you wish. The three races are very unique, allowing for different game mechanics. The classes offer even more possibilities, so that each player chooses his/her style of playing. A detailed mount system offers a large selection, including flying mounts and the ability to transport other players. Guilds can be formed and fight for control of various territories, with battles of up to 80 vs. 80 players.

The evolution of the player character is far from linear, with the choices determining the abilities in display. Consequence plays a real part in Perfect World, and the player may find himself predisposed for the good or evil alignment. Regular and interesting game events such as treasure hunts, horse racing and more punctuate the game world and reward players with unique items.

Explosive Features:

  • Territory Wars
  • Great Character Creation System
  • Varied Mounts

Featured Video

System Requirements

Perfect World Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: 800 MHZ Intel P3 or equivalent
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 2.5GB of free Space
Video Card: 32MB 3D Accelerator graphics card

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  1. Don’t waste your time downloading. It’s a pay to win, game it’s going downhill, lots of useless and garbage changes that only worsen the experience for every new player.

  2. This game is like a hamster wheel, taking years, doing the same quests over and over to raise the levels of all your skills, boundaries and equipment. The alternative is to sink thousands upon thousands of dollars into the game to buy the more elite gear and items to level more quickly. It is no surprise that items to allow individuals to automatically level their character are made available at a very high cost. It is 100% Pay2Win.

    It has a very elitist culture. With PWE constantly removing the ability for individuals to be able to get squads, due to inferior equipment, they make it more difficult for struggling players by removing items from being able to be earned from a solo endeavour making it very difficult to progress in this game. Other players constantly ask that you show your weapon before granting you an invitation to a squad.
    Items that were previously able to be earned through tasks in game are removed and put into the cash shop on a regular basis. This can make it difficult or more likely impossible to be able to improve your gear or abilities without paying real world money, when coming late to the game, due to established players having been able to acquire it more easily.

    Many elite players have confessed to spending between $5,000 and $15,000 to be able to compete within PvP. PvP has become incredibly unbalanced, with characters that are over powered able to take out characters that were originally designed as tanks in game with a single blow.

    The company has been mismanaging its games for many years now. This has been reflected in the great many lay offs of employees in the company, the rapid decline in its share prices and the closing of many of its divisions. Servers have been merged many times over the years, with only one quarter of the servers remaining now, due to only having one eighth of the population they once had. It is estimated that many of the games that PWE support won’t last more than 2 to 3 years, so investing time or money in their games would be a complete waste.

    I have played this game for 9 years and have seen it go from being one of the greatest MMO’s to the mess that it is now. I more than anyone would love to see someone come on board with the courage to do what is necessary to turn this game around. I had many family and friends that used to play this game, that have all quit and never anticipate returning. Although I loved playing this game, even I can’t encourage others to play this game with a clear conscience.

    Don’t be mislead by individuals that lie and tell you that elite gear can be easily obtained for free, they have an ulterior motive. The population of this game is dying at an incredible rate and those that have spent countless hours and thousands of dollars will do anything to keep it alive, even trying to encourage others to join by feeding them lies about how simple it is to not spend money and achieve high level gear and abilities. Unless your idea of a great weekend is being constantly one shot by these individuals, I would highly advise trying another game. Unfortunately greed and selfishness dominate this game.

    Other games that won’t have your bank manager calling you in a hysteric and allow you to compete on a more even playing field more quickly would be “Tera” or “Elder Scrolls Online”.

  3. I don’t know if i’m allowed to say this here or not; but two words for anyone who wants to try this game and not have to pay a ton of real life money -Private Server!! There are a lot of them; some PvP specific and some PvE/PvP. I recommend the one that if U google private servers, starts with an E. It really is fun when U don’t have to pay money for every little thing 🙂 And your girlfriends will love it for the fashion! Oh and don’t ever play the one that starts with a Q; unless you’re a fan of dictators 😛

  4. I just got a new graphics card i might try this again but i dont know yet … have to download this game manager now ..lawd …. How many of these things are we supposed to take … there the gameforge game manager …. then Arc client manager … Webzen game manager .. there is steam manger … myway game manager … Trion aka Glyph game manger which is the worst it sucks like HE**….. I want things to be the older way where you dont need to down load these or have a option for it .. I was under the impression that when you got the Steam client that you would have a universal user name and password for all the games …. but lawd you dont you still have to down load the other game client managers … these slow down your computer when you start your computer and take up memory Ruins of magic was a bad one too it gave you the game forge client then gave you this other crappy thing *icon thinger with the *Dog like name* was like a widget thing …. these game place are killing it for us

  5. Pwi was awesome up to the rising tide expansion. I miss the old pwi. Everything was perfect back then QQ… Now theres just too much of everything. If i play again, it’ll be just to revisit my favorite spots and haunts in pwi.

  6. Hello guys – to anyone that is thinking about downloading and trying this game – I really urge you to read through my comment first before scrolling through the others.
    Before anything – I have played this game from 2009 until August of last year. So no this isn’t some random 1st timer review or something of the sort.

    As far as the game goes:
    It is OUTDATED. EVEN if you have an AWESOME PC setup, you will LAG. The game engine is outdated, which is why the above happens.

    There are countless BUGS from the time that I played that are STILL THERE.

    PVE is VERY dull. You will get bored after levels 70-100. Anyone that STILL plays this that says anything positive is likely getting paid, addicted or simply too blind to see that they are addicted to this stupid low class game.


    PVP IS BROKEN. I REPEAT – PVP IS BROKEN. If you have money – go ahead and waste it on that game. The ONLY way to get anywhere is by spending money. There was a guy by the name of Lucifer V that spent his ENTIRE income on the game and was actually POOR in real life in order to “be the best”. I am NOT joking people – and there are others like him that also act EXTREMELY immature and harass other people.

    First off – the game is NOT what it used to be. I am telling you right now – and I KNOW it is still the same; the only way to get anywhere in this game is by spending a LOT of money. The pve aspect of the game is VERY dull. Due to the game engine that it uses, it makes a lot of things, including interactions with the characters, npcs and story engagment very limited.
    Many of the players including myself have moved on not only because of the amount of changes but also by the player base itself.
    I used to play a Venomancer named Castgurl – I have had this character for a very long time. However due to the fact that this stupid class is gender locked, many idiotic players assume that you are a male.
    The people that STILL play this game either have spent a lot of money and have invested too much of it to discontinue playing, are lonely and are looking to cheat on their bf/gf online or are simply addicted plus other countless problems. Yes, I know – it happens to most mmos but this one takes the cake.

    Before I left, many guilds including the pve ones expect you to have the ‘top’ gear. I remember having the ‘so-so’ gear on my character in a pvp guild – most did not bother to really help or get to know me really and even after I did managed to get the latest gear, it’s like high school all over again. People (actual humans) jumping on alts to harrass the other simply because your character is in a competting guild to endless reasons.

    Hell, a convicted child molested played this game ON THE SAME SERVER AS MY CHARACTER FOR NEARLY 3-4 YEARS BEFORE GETTING CAUGHT, VIA A PROXY. Why? Because he was called out for engaging in cyber messaging with a minor.

    The players are just double digit IQ numbers – the forums are filled with nothing but trolls now a days.

    Hell – I used to record videos of my character doing TWs (Mass 80vs80 pvp instance ran on Saturday)
    Now, I have a degree in Computer animation and have been editing videos, motion graphics, comic art and more for over 5 years – so my videos looked very good. BUT because some idiots were mad because their guild lost, my channel would get bashed because the guild I was in was winning. It got MASSIVE. Some even went as far as bashing the fact that I was editing my videos fucking well…what the fuck dude?

    IN ALL:
    Do NOT play this game. Guys there are a BUNCH of other games that are WAY better than this shit. Hell, there are BROWSER MMO RPGS THAT LOOK BETTER THAN THIS SHIT.

    This game is total garbage. I cannot wait until this cash cow stops breathing.

    Anyway since quitting that fucking shitty game I started a pokemon/gaming channel and have been getting a good following.

    If you’re into Pokemon (that’s what I mainly do atm, I also will be doing other stuff down the road) or other gaming crap, check out my youtube channel:
    Since quitting that shit game, I have been doing nothing but moving up. There are so many cool ass games out there man…don’t play this shit game!

  7. I tried to DL this and the screen kept blinking,and my machine can e asily handle every other game I have played,including ESO. So I dotn lack the requirements to play it,but it wont work.

  8. AUG. 11, 2015
    I am a big gamer fan of PWI took a break for a bit and they got RID of the stuff i loved to do FC can’t hyper in their any more BS PWI . you can use DQ point anymore and I love to farm them that BS PWI then the coin drops are BS to pwi I enjoy farming on the game Then you took away the fair boxes from TT what the fuck PWI I’ve drop over 10,000 in cash on this game and you took away everything i love to do it’s been 7 mo. cent i have put any more cash on this game and just come on once in a blue moon now I went back to war of Warcraft at lest the mobs still drop everything like they have before YES i do have over 10 lvl 100+ rb tuns and wold of made more and keep putting money on but u guys FUCKED UP BIG TIME when it fix back why it was before then ill start dropping money onto it again and playing 13 hrs + a day or ill just keep putting money on war of Warcraft does not matter to me witch on gets my money well ya i would love to put money on PWI BUT YOU MESS UP BIG TIME AND LOOK AR ONE TIME YOU HAD MANY SEVER NOW ONLY 3 LOL WHAT A BIG FUCK YOU DID PWI GUEST YOU GOING DOWN HILL FROM HERE ON

  9. can someone give me a game similar to pwi , pwi was my first mmorpg 4 years ago ive quit a few times but keep coming back ive tried many other mmorpgs but none have satisfied me T-T will I never be able to replace pwi? even the new mmorpgs aren’t worth my time

  10. Have been playing this game for several year now, in the last 2 years I have seen things go down hill fast

    there have been boss hunt areas that have been changed and made a lot harder, to a point that a new player having to do a culti. run in those 2 areas (abba, sot) would have to seek out reawakened players just to do there run.

    dragon quest drops made worthless, all gear and orni drops are all but worthless, potion drops worthless How is a new player to the game going to make any coin?; there are players that look for new games to play that by there playing habits spend little to nothing on a game, they prefer to farm everything. to those that happen to have that as your play style, go look elsewhere, don’t come here.

    The addition of ARC has been less than welcome, yet the owners (pwic) don’t seem to care that it’s a platform add on that very few want around.

    At this point they have gone so far now with there lack of caring what the player wants to now migrate our old forums over to Arc’s vanilla forums, a forum that STILL isn’t working right.

    we have events that at 60% of the time at least 2-3 of the events don’t work right or there are missing npc'(s)

    Got a complaint?!…Good luck!!, so many players get nothing but generic answers. or a “yeah and you want us to do what?” response.

    Game lag, oh wow where to go with this one…if we had in game gm visits that were regular, maybe some of the ddod hits we have might get stopped and the players doing them banned, as well as finding the players using cheat engines speed hack. Way to many mass dc’s in this game! for it to be a matter of internet traffic overload at relay points between us and main server. I’ve seen vidoes were someone is using cheat engines speed hack and they come out and say “don’t turn up the speed boost to high or you will crash the server as I just did”.

    In close, as much of a nice game as pwi is itself is, the management of this game is beyond any definition of horrible that you could find in any dictionary. pwic , the company that owns our version is absolutely clueless as to what’s going on here and totally hands off.

  11. I would like to start by saying that this game is very competitive. You will have to invest BOTH time and money to play, it is NOT free. What is worse, when the game glitches and you’ve worked very hard to obtain a certain skill, you submit a “ticket” that does NOTHING. The people who run the game, ARC, will do nothing to help you. NOTHING! I spent a lot of time and money and will not be a part of a game that could care less. They can’t spell things correctly, gears vanish after maintenance, and the company that was supposed to get “better” only stayed the same. I do NOT recommend this game for anyone! The funny thing is, instead of trying to get rid of bots, they’ve added an in game bot, then when the market bottomed out, they turned all the drops into 1 coin and the coins down to 200 – 300. They said you can have 2 characters online at one time, but I don’t know one person who follows that. It’s created a huge server lag, when people run 10 bots at a time! What have you people DONE to what was a fun game!?! I’d say skip this one, the company doesn’t care and neither should you. I’m giving it a VERY BAD REVIEW!

  12. I’d like to know if this game is worth playing any longer? I used to play sometime ago and loved everything about it. Though, now I see a lot of feedback that makes my decision difficult. So, despite of the fact that I see someone has asked this question just back in July, I’ll ask it again. Is it worth my time and effort?

  13. Excellent game but to be half way decent you either need to play 18 hours a day for a year straight or spend $500-$1000 for Rank 9 recast (R999) top gear.

    There is a ton of clothing to customize you character. You can make some pretty hot characters. Bikinis, mini skirts, stockings, some pretty sexy stuff!

    Been playing almost 2 years now and have 4 characters 100+

    They have made it hard for a new person to get anywhere I feel though unless like I said you have a lot of time or money.

    Find a decent faction that has the same needs (gear) as you that you can team up with to accomplish these goals. Avoid the overpowered cash shopping rich kids unless you are one too.

  14. I have a problem completing my character. I did the creation and even the advanced settings but the game is not letting me click on Complete :'( SOMEBODY HELP PLEASE! thanks

  15. I have played this game from just after their first year being released and let me tell you, the game has went downhill since they first came out.

    When I first started playing, the coin in game was easy to make and cash shop items could be bought easily with in game money. 100k in game for 1 gold (Playing on 1 character and doing normal quests I got over 1.5m before I hit level 25), but now it is about, on average, 1.4m-2m per gold. The company is getting greedy, several morons in the game are getting greedy, and in turn it is making the game economy virtually impossible to play unless you want to be under geared or pay out of pocket for the best stuff.

    The game use to be really fun, but the new classes, all the bugs, and the npc/quests(dailies) (head hunter/perfect questmaster/ etc..) make it to where you don’t really need to quest. Here is one bug. New quest/instance just for lvl 100 venomances. Worked fine until the next update. Now you have to go into PK mode for 10 hours to start a 30 minute instance. Have they talked about a patch to fix this problem? Nope!

    When the new race/classes and genies came out, several race/classes became basically useless. (BTW the power level system of being able to get to 105 in a few days was nerfed, the mobs that use to give a ton of exp had it’s exp decreased. People can still be power leveled to 80 for 400k+ a run for decent amount of exp.) With the dailies, perfect questmaster, the option of power leveling, and reflection it is just to easy to level. It use to take doing all your quests to level, but now…lol you can basically do dailies then go to reflection to level. Which means, if you have 12 hours of reflection, then you can just go into reflection then go to bed or do whatever and come back 12 hours later to a character that has gained a good chunk of exp. If anyone says differently about the amount of exp…My friend is a level 102, 2 weeks ago she was at about 9-10% exp, with dailies and reflection she is at 50-60%. Getting from 102-103 regular questing is a virtual pain as you have to get millions in exp to level.

    I also agree that the ‘limited time packs’ are never limited. They are always in cash shop. Atm ALL of the old pack and new packs are on sale. And the rank gear? well my friend did the math for me. You either no life the game to farm materials/herbs and do something to make money non stop in game, spend a little time to earn money and do not no life the game making getting your gear take quite a while, or you spend about $800 to get the materials to get Rank 9.

    Oh and then there is the new Arc system. Basically PWI’s version of Steam, but with major security issues. No one really likes it or wants it, but they are forcing it on anyone that is new or has lost the old download. They are removing all old client and patch download files in order to get people to use Arc. And on a side note, there is talk of adding yet another 2 races to the game -.- *Joy* Even more of an unbalanced system.


    First came out:

    Cheap Cash Shop
    Low Prices
    Good Customer Service
    Good Flowing Quest System
    Balanced (to a degree)


    High Priced Cash Shops
    High Prices
    Bad Customer Service/ If any at all
    Broken Quests/ Broken Instances/ Dailies+Reflection= No Need For Normal Quests
    Balanced? What Is Balanced?

    I still play the game, but I am not putting money into it. I do my dailies and talk to friends, but that is it. The game is just not fun any more. This game use to be rated 10/10 for me, but if I had to rate it now…..yea….1/10 for character customization and making bounty hunter 100s just a tiny bit harder. PWI focuses on how much money they can get to line their pockets and how many games they can release than what the people playing their games want or think.

  16. i started playing this game 2/5/2011 and its nothing but a black hole that sucks money for your wallet and time from your life.customer service is a no go with any type of help b/c they just dont care. submitting a ticket on the website will result in a system generated email but no one will contact you about the in game problems you have.there is nothing but drama in world chat b/c pwi has a marriage system where you can “marry” the person you have fallen for that week. high lvl players constantly call out “noobs” for being plvled, when they are the ones selling the fc room to get gear or buy marriage packs or flyers for their new lover. pwi is suppose to be a social game but its really not, in order to be accepted you have to join a tw faction and have some high lvl friends with r9 gear, if not no1 in the faction will talk with you.and if you do join a big named faction no one will help you so i recommend that you engage in cyber ass kissing to a simple bh done >,<(joking but not really)so if you are looking for a game to play stay away from this one.

    characters i played and lvled

  17. stay away if u wanna good game.. but if u had money and want to be god,, play this game… money >>> skill..
    this is easiest way to be god.. choose assasin.. from lvl 1 to 101 u need around 2 weeks (ofc full pay leveling).. forget quest and gear.. once u made it 101.. buy reputation.. make it r9+12.. buy gear (aps gear).. make it at least +10.. do ur culti.. dont bother looking squad or help since u can solo all boss in perfect world now.. done all… go PK.. bored ? left the game..

  18. it´s been 9 months now since i stoped playing PWI, spent 2 years in my characters and around US$300 for gears and stuff, by the time i left had some kind of abstinence feeling that came along for a month or so. I feel better now. Why i left? cause of grinding to get free stuff, cause of endless noobs saying they are the best after droping $4000 to one hit kill u, cause my friends left too, cause is very addictive. Why i played it for so much time? cause theres nothing like the satisfaction of watching your enemies hit the floor in PVP.

  19. This game used to *be the best before the Genesis expansion. Now it’s all about grinding, and gears, and cash cows and all that hyper exp stones and crap…

    I was in one guild that was really sh***y at the end, anyways about the guild. One day i was on and one of my ”friends” was a marshal by the time in the guild said she wanted to buy plevel from the director of the faction ( WHICH WAS A TOTAL BIATCH THAT I USED TO TRUST.. T_T),

    Anyways, she wanted to buy plevel from him and then she triggered a train reaction from 3 other people who also wanted to plevel and that just pizzed me off because they barely joined the game that same year (2012) and i been playing for 2+ years starting November 12…

    They barely knew anything and were retards that only played the game for the cash shop and to show off their sh*t to every person they saw…

    This game used to be the BEST, now it’s just… i don’t even know anymore :/

    Play this game only if you want to pay for the GOOD stuff and actually be considered not a ”noob” by other dumb azz players… 2/5 rating…

  20. Guys don’t complain, guys things might be this bad but if you put effort into these things….. you will soon get it. It might take a while, very tempting to complain but remember, at least you’ll feel better when you EARN it! You people are too lazy. If you were smart you would earn these things and asess how bad the game’s getting. If it gets impossible to buy things then leave, but if you can earn money, I suggest u earn it.

    It might take a week to get the money you need to get the gear or whatever you want, but just remember you wont have to spend a single penny. Anyway one of the comments were true, american games (especially free realms) like things to be overpriced, the poor stupid newbs spend loads of money, I did too after 2 years of playing, I saw that the membership and sc was worth it. But then I made a mistake because they added a new area and the cash shop items are very overpriced

    So yeah, usa games dont care. But find urselves lucky, at least you can earn!! But you people are so picky, if you cant get things easily, you order everyone to leave or tell people its bad!

    Ps: is there UK version of game, English are kidn ^^ (im from england)

  21. On this surface this could have been a very successful game. The graphics are great. Some of the player models look like sultry runway models for the females, and poser GQ types for the males.
    The amount and range of fashions available is stunning.

    When I first started playing this game, you could play it like any other MMO, by grouping with others from level 1 and up to kill mobs and do dungeons. I hit the grind wall at level 80, where the experience needed to continue to level just gets insane. The only way to realistically get to end game is to pay for power-leveling from higher level players who do it so they can pay the enormous sums required for the one shot top of the line weapons. A few people can grind 24/7 and make it on their own.

    I tried going back to leveling alts of different professions, but found that in just a short time, that was pretty much impossible since most of the 1-80 play fields and dungeons are vacant now. The whole buying levels and gear is so obvious from level one that few players stick it out and those that do, are the ones who like that kind of thing.

    These are people who actually like to can and can afford to gamble for thier gold (to pay for power-leveling) and gear by buying cash shop packs. Packs are simply a chance to win something valuable in game, like gold or reputation etc. It is nothing for players to buy $200 worth of packs each month. They seem to like a game where they pay thousands of US dollars to get outfitted and leveled, all so they can do end game instances and PVP while joking around with like minded people in chat.

    My advice is to stay away from this game if you are looking for the traditional team based dungeon romp and level progression. Sign up for this game if you have plenty of spare cash, like to gamble and like the idea of paying for levels and gear, you will find several hundred like minded players to shoot the bull with in world chat.

  22. i used to love this game when it cared about its players. played it for 2 years. its funny how it took me that long to get a character to lvl 64. You really have to pay to play or you can spend thousands of hours on end grinding and farming mobs, or spends hundreds of dollars on the game. Geez pwi, you fuked up.

  23. thats the FULLY donator game i ever seen the game is realy great but if you dont donate for zen or what ever its practicaly very hard in te start of the game for new players

  24. I have played this game since it came out. I also have 1 of every class lvl’d past 100 (and I did that without frost glitch, thank you very much). I’ve watched it slowly be gutted by incompetent devs and GMs who can’t be bothered to interact with the player base on a consistent basis.
    This game was amazing when it 1st came out. However, it appears to be dying as of 2012. PW needs to either start pushing some serious 100+ content or start merging servers. Immediately.

    In my opinion the game has managed to cling on for the past year due to the amazing community that it developed. I’m currently on Lost City server. Our server has become more of a massive IM session where you can whack and kill things while talking to each other. I don’t see many people seriously playing for the content of the game anymore. Since the majority of “new” players are actually altaholics such as myself, I don’t see this trend stopping.

    So if you plan on garfunkling around with people and not taking this game seriously, please do try it. The player community is amazing and the world chat is just hilarious.

    If you plan on playing this game as a serious MMO and for game content, stay the hell away.

  25. First of all from my particular point of view this game is very good, and has so much potential.
    One thing has to be clear, there are many versions of this game; there’s the usa version aka. PWI, there’s Mermaid, Russian, Malaisiya, China, and on each version there are differences and similitudes, some of them have different city names, different class names, and different lvl cap, but in all the core is the same.
    I’ve played the usa version (PWI) and I most say that the game overall is great, I have found very few glitches, and so far almost none that affects directly the game play, while I’ve read other players complain about multiple things.
    The game itself offers you many cool features, the actual version of PW Descend offers you 5 classes with 2 different jobs each and undistint sex genre except for the Untamed race wich forcibely have to be Male = Barbarian, Female = Venomancer.
    There’s a vast variety of flying mounts, land mounts, and company pets.
    The Skill tree is exctence for all races, and to that you can add the Manufacturing skills, wich are Blacksmith, Tailor, Crafting, Apothecary, and more recently Runecrafting.
    There are many kinds of quests; the story line quest wich is called Cultivation, necessary to advance on your skills, hero quests wich have a higher difficult and reward than normal quests, and ofc normal quest between others.
    The problem comes when you realise the Drop rate is very low, and the exp rate at high lvls making it nearly impossible to reach the cap lvl wich is lvl 105 on PWI version, at difference of china wich is suppoused to be 150.
    Perfect World is an aweseome game, the devs did an amazing job. the problem with usa version just like any other Free to Play that is managed by any usa company, is as always they care more about how much money they can squeeze out of the cash shoping, making it difficult for non mallers to succeed or compete with the full geared noobs.
    Anyway if you have enought time to put some effort on this game, then you can become part of the elite with no need of cash.
    But if you have a real life to attend, school, a job that doesn’t let you be in front of the computer half a day, then it could be hard to reach the highest lvls and get end game gear.
    My opinion being a Free 2 Play is one of the best I have ever played, with some of the most amazing graphics, and very low requisites for your computer.

    P.S. If you enjoy drama World Chat is like a soap opera.


  26. this game is a very good game if you are not familliar with mmo’s or are.
    there is loads of space to explore and discover.
    and races are still being added.
    the oly thing that bothers me is the limited class race combo.
    for instance the venomancer class (like hunter in WoW) is gender locked to a woman
    this gets in MY way becouse it means that there are 2 classes per race.
    and there are about 5 (or 6) races, wich means 10 (or 12) classes.
    this is pretty good for a free mmo.
    everything is also very detailed and there is mutch bloom.

  27. i played this game for 2yrs already…and still got my self in lvl85 as a veno. i dont have great gears for veno’s just have to relay on some stratgs. and being no able to spend RL.M on the game well it helps being a veno or a cleric…being a support type ul just get items f ul go along with the strong ones…as f ur strong LOLZ!…veno’s can win on duel’s as long as ur enemies are melee u dnt nid to b strong u jst need to b clever instead get ur self a high max life put a low def. buff the barrier of turns let them hit you just remember to use heal skill after lets c wholl die….and clerics just nids alot of chanting items and a got sense of timing of skills…

    • and lastly the game really spin on RL.M now not like othr games…i used to play WOW got tier 6 i thnk? w/o RL.M just a lot of time to b in the instance and in front of the computer….here’s a tip if you want to be able to get strong in a game get your self a teammate around 8-10 so u can rely on them to be there you can BH and run does dungeon evry online…

      here s tip 4 veno’s if ur enemy is a int type or a veno also used ur barrier dont use ur attack sinis with a silence effect. instead used the barrier and use ur iron swarm the stun attck ur aoe and basic attck and look for a pet that have a silence attck or stun it help alot and a tigers challenge skill for mobbing and tough hide 4 tanking…

      thats all i can say for now…

  28. Guys, i played this game for some time, and i must say, avoid perfect world game AND the company,perfect world was an amazing game back after the release of Rising Tide expasion, now is just a pay to win game, lots of bug, some spammers and the combat is crap, the only thing i like is the scenario, the rest was just get lost in HEAVY captalism…

    • I played the game for so long. And played the Malaysian version before it. And what you say is so true. It was so good and kept getting bad with every expansion. They mainly released new classes so people would buy things for these classes from the cash shop, and that made the game so broken in balance, and it ruined the whole story of the game (Story mainly depended on the main 3 races and had nothing to do with other races released later.)

  29. This game is very fun. The game needs improving, for example, falling through floors. But however, graphics wise and game wise, it is very fun. One thing I will have to say is that the classes could be for each race, instead of 2 classes per race. And the Untamed race is very sexist, only males can be Barbarians, and only females can be Venomancers. So yes:

    Pros: Graphics, Character creation, Different Character builds.

    Cons: Sexist at times, Limited classes, Difficulty making factions/guilds, Instructions needed for some parts of the game.

  30. Actually this game is very fun in beginning. Until level 60 you can have fun playing it. There is lots of quests to be done. Daily instances. Actually no need to grind at all. After level 70 skills become to much expensive so need to grind 5-6 hours for 1 skill. It can be frustrating when u see that someone who putted $10 in game can instantly have 15-20 millions of coins. That is like week of constant grinding.
    For over 2 years i made more then 30 level 70+ in game and that is where i stop cause game become extremely boring after that. Plus if you don’t put cash in game you can’t be competitive in PvP so no reason to play after that. But I’m still in game and I will be there untill i find better one.

    Pros: awesome character creation, large game world, unique races and classes, different build is possible for most classes, various PvP options

    cons: pay to win, lots of scammers in game, unfriendly GM’s(if even exist), power leveling spoil gaming, lots of high level noobs, superior gear that is obtainable only if real cash invested or if you are scammer or playing more then 12 hours a day for 2 years….

    • some of these cons you mentioned are why my interest in it has been wavering lately. Tx for the heads up about what it’s like reaching 70+ since my highest lvl toon is 6x

  31. Please give us a First-Look video for this!
    this is the only one that doesn’t have a First-Look video from the top 10 MMORPG

  32. i play the game rly long and i just cant believe what they just do to it weapons arent permanent as they were 2years ago they listened to the people now they dont!i still remember when u could get the 7 day fash for halloween for free and be lvl 10+ when it was still fun to play ….now iam just staying there just to chat with my friends…. and 75%ppl i knew quitted iam not saying dont play the game but…..its not fun anymore………

  33. I’m an ex player of PWE games. I started Perfect World in close beta up until now (09/15/2011). The game was very nice back in the day and now its become nothing more than a cash cow for PWE. Several of my in-game friends along with a few Real Life Friends, were banned without any reason why. PWE would not reply to their emails on trying to get info on why they were banned or to obtain their accounts back.

    As for myself, I too suffered their fate. As well, they have not replied to my emails (one month running still). I know I’ve dropped 5k+ in USD over the course of the years playing not to mention the time invested as well (between the wife and I). As a gamer, I have never tried to hack or buy 3rd party in game currency for any of the many mmo games I play. I play by the rules and never use foul language in open world chats.

    I strongly suggest that if you do play ANY mmo’s host by Perfect World Entertainment, DO NOT invest any type of real currency towards their games. You never know what might happen. Hopefully this post will not be deleted. I hope that these issues don’t happen to any of my fellow gamers out there.

    ***Perfect World should not be in the Top 10 ratting list.***

    • lol, dude
      if you don’t like the game then just STFU and go cry anywhere else because i DO like this game.
      the character customization is awesome, the world is very open and you can go wherever you want and of course the choice of mounts.
      it’s an old game and people still like it.
      this game just ROCKS.

      • How much did PWE pay you to come and say that?
        Their games are just clones of each other (in forsaken world they were so f**king lazy that they copied characters from anime series) I have played their games for YEARS and I have been banned three times for the sole reason of not spending real money in them. PWE just goes for the cash,but with the way they’re doing things they’re just digging their own grave

  34. iv played pwi for a long time. this game used to be awesome. now, perfect world staff just doesn’t care about the players. if you want a balanced game, this is not the one to choose.

    pros: huge wonderful map, many places to explore, customization of character, many dungeons, territory wars and other events

    cons: need to spend RL money to do well, obvious imbalance of classes abilities, some ocassional people r jerks, gameplay may be repetetive, and the game has become a ****-measuring contest

  35. I have only played 2 years and have watched the game go from kind of stable to way off balance! The economy is in shambles and the company is driving it even further into the ground. There is a new addition to this little mix of madness, pk in a low level player area. Players that try to enter and make their way through Secret Passage are killed instantly. The company is promoting the harassment of low level players and any others that have any quests in that very area!!There a poll going on the PWI forums(in general)…feel free to vote if you feel any opposition to this. Thanks.

    • hey dude any lowbie can just tele with the illusion stone, and they made the mobs for quests spawn in other places now, SP is now an all out warzone without fear of drops!!! 🙂

  36. I’ve been playing this game for just under 3 years, and if anyone says they’ve been playing for over 3 years before the beginning of this month is full of sh*t because the 3rd anniversary was the beginning of September. If you want to casually play an mmorpg this game is great, but if you’re looking for a game you can actually get in to over a long period of time and be able to pvp or pk and stand any chance then don’t bother. This game is so broken it isn’t even funny.

    The devs are only worried about 1 thing, and that’s how much money they can suck out of their players. First it was the cash shop gambling packs that were on sale for a “limited time” that seemed to be more of an “unlimited time”. Then came the “pack sales” where they reduced the price of these gambling packs by 66%…yup that’s right 2/3 off the original price and guess what, this “sale” has been continuously ongoing for months. So you have your cash shoppers that buy their levels and gear and never actually play their class enough to learn it. Try doing your daily bounty hunter in a difficult instance with some of these people, not fun at all when they’re all running around getting killed and getting everyone else killed because they have no idea what to do.

    And with this continuous “sale” of gambling packs, the price of normally acquirable items has skyrocketed, forcing people to have to buy gold from the cash shop and sell it in order to be able to buy anything anymore, unless they grind for hours, then they level up and have to grind more for the new things they’ll need and the cycle never ends.

    With rank armor, which requires 300000 rep for rank 9, at an average of say…8 rep per quest in the later levels, good luck getting 300000, unless you buy your rep from where? The cash shop of course! They always throw out the rep and rep gear sales and say the stuff is on sale for 2 weeks and that 2 weeks turns into 2 months because they just can’t get enough of the losers who are willing to spend so much money on a video game’s money, and there are a lot of those losers who play this game. So you get all these people who spend thousands of dollars (no joke) to make this rank 9 gear and all they have to do is press a button and kill just about anyone in 1 hit, while also taking almost 40% less damage on top of their regular defenses. Territory wars used to be fun when losers weren’t spending all their money on this gear and ruining it for everyone, and the same goes for pk.

    • I’ve never played this game..yet..but the way you say it makes u a very focused gamer and i like that.. I like how you actually explain what’s happening..and in a way the way you say it is funny to those who are “getting killed and not knowing what to do” ..XD

  37. This game has very unique features and I love that part of the game although the gameplay feels like it is missing something. It has pretty nice graphics but someone as myself still wants the up-to-date graphics on any game. I am probably going to play this again for a while till GW2 comes out.

    Btw Filesize is about 4.2g + now.

  38. Played this game for more than 2 years, and leveled 4 characters to 101-102. Certainly there are nice aspects to the game, most are aesthetic tho like customisation of characters, bikinis and well, mini skirts. The graphics are mediocre at best by nowadays standards, the gameplay is classic grind with “quests” which I never even had to read the description of.

    The whole gameplay is ironically not part of the game anymore tho, since most players pay higher levels to run them through instances which makes them level within weeks to the virtual max. Due to a glitch it is even possible to get to 105 with relative ease, which required some effort before.

    Leveling so fast lets one skip all the gears one would have needed else, so players end up nekkid and have to aquire decent equips within relatively short time. What took other people possibly years to farm has to be had within weeks now. Luckily there is the cash shop of course where you can aquire all stuff for reasonable prices. Actually the top gear is impossible to farm and I call everyone a liar who tells me otherwise except one slightly insane and greedy person.

    Said gear costs around 1,5k USD if I remember correctly, you still have to tune it by refining and imbuing shards which will sum up to way more than that. Afterwards you can one-hit each other in weekly faction wars. Which is no exaggeration, because this game is ridiculously damage-focused. The class formerly known as “tanks” can not tank anymore due to the moronic game mechanics and the astronomical damage output of the DDs, who are coincidentally also able to tank. In fac wars DDs rule and battles are decided by having most members with that certain gear from cash shop.

    PvP is a joke, one class pretty much dominates and nothing is done to rebalance this issue. Not that the other classes were balanced ever.

    This game was not intended to be free to play, and happens to be in the hands of a mentally handicapped management and development team. There are rumors that the original devs left and were replaced by monkeys who cannot decipher the code. This had following consequences: Items that were intended to be rare and aquired over a very long period of time are available en masse thanks to a lottery for cash shoppers. These items basically made PvE a joke and totally unnecessary due to powerleveling, and broke PvP as well with the rank gears.

    Secondly, glitches are not fixed, ever. There is nothing done to improve the game at all. It is a running gag that the patchnotes simply state “minor localistions/translations” or w/e. It is cast in stone, bugs are NOT to be fixed. Classes and skills are NEVER to be balanced or tuned.

    The forum mods routinely lie to their playerbase, which was well documented unless they deleted the post, which I suspect. In general I really recommend to browse the forums, especially posts by a mod called fuzzy something, he is hilarious really. But yea, check it out and youll get a pretty good picture of how this company ruined the game and repeatedly, again and again ignored its players and screwed them over.

    New content was promised with the last bigger update, which resulted in 2 more classes to powerlevel and one recycled instance that one could have done to level (if not to experience “fun”). But, as I mentioned before there are faster ways to lvl up. 40 vs 40 battles were promised, and never came. Apparently the devs still consider if they will be implemented at all.

    Aside from that, there is no content whatsoever in this game. Powerlevel, cash shop, one-hit mass PvP or stealth PK. Thats all folks. Oh and bikinis.

    Do yourself a favour and stay away from this game and the company behind it, or better yet, check out the forums, have a good laugh and leave quickly.

    • I absolutely agree with you. it’s a cashshop cow, I’ve been playing this game a long time now and players are getting more greedy by the year. If you want to buy something cashshop, you have to pay outragoues prices on everything.

    • Played this game for a year, and yes, it is very much pay to win therefore, I agree with everything you said. The graphic is beautiful and character customization is amazing, but everything else I find dissappointing

  39. I played this Game for over 3 years to make it simple the good things: Customization System (for a free game its awesome to be able to actually be able to create a unique character), the graphics are very good and the skill animations are amazing. There’s also an option to lower the graphics automatically when you enter highly populated areas that will save you some troubles with lag.
    Due to having such a great community its possible to get anything from player shops without ever needing to resort to the item mall (that’s what we all want from a free game right?).You will have to make your own build for the character you chose and the skills you decide to get will influence your gameplay a lot also the ability to chose to be holy or demon aligned after a certain level will have some influence in you (for example on elf priests Holy alignment will enhance your healing skills and reduce your cast time, as for the demon alignment will influence your damage in attack spells)
    The downside is that the game becomes a bit repetitive after you hit level75+ as obviously leveling is not that fast anymore and at that time you have very few quests to do (aside from the daily quest) and the few quests you have require you to kill a ton of mobs of the same kind…it gets pretty boring especially if you play solo and even after all that you will have to grind…of course there’s always the option to turn into a community helper and glue to all the Fire Battles you can find (FB’s are the same as dungeons, you will have to complete 1 each 10 lvl’s in order to advance your cultivation lvl which is something like a rank and necessary to unlock certain skills) by doing this you get a decent amount of exp and you can avoid grinding a bit.
    Overall i say this game is worth a 4.5 on my scale of games that are worth playing!


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