About the game:
Title: Eldevin
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMORPG Type: Browser
Developer: Hunted Cow Studios
Publisher: Hunted Cow Studios

Eldevin is a free-to-play Browser MMORPG (and client), from Hunted Cow Studios. Set in the Eldevin Kingdom, players must protect their homeland against the Emperor of the Infernal Empire, hell bent on obtaining powerful artifacts which are sure to plunge the kingdom into chaos and confusion. In Eldevin, players can explore more than 160 unique realms, each with their own unique style and enemies.

There are no set classes in Eldevin, instead players can choose talents among the game’s 6 talent trees in order to mix and match their characters traits to suit their playstyle. For example, players can opt to become heavily armored wizard with additional healing spells, or a warrior who casts fireballs in addition to swinging a large 2 handed axe. At each level, players can also allocate attribute points which grant their bonuses to specific stats.

There are 14 professions in Eldevin, and players can level them all at the same time. Crafting is an integral part of Eldevin, and players can explore the landscape to find previous materials to use in a variety of unique crafting recipes. Eldevin, features a story driven quest system, which sometimes presents players with multiple choice answers for quests, allowing a player to have an impact on the direction a questline takes, and perhaps even its rewards.

Explosive Features:

  • Flexible Class System
  • Large crafting focus
  • Large Game Worlds

Explosive Features:

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System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
This game is a browser based game and should run smoothly on practically any PC with a updated web-browser.

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  2. Hey, good to see so many old school players dropping a comment. This game had so much potential but idk, I guess it may be a marketing problem or something. I never put a dime into the game and I was was up there with some of the top players doing the grind. If you do decide to play this game I think you may find it to be a bit nostalgic. The community is pretty friendly and the pvp is pretty fun. The biggest problem (only probelm i can think of) is the lack of players. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing. Many new friends you don’t expect to make in smaller communities. Have fun.

  3. Bah, did spend a few mounth in beta, even though of localization since my good pal runs a studio, but it all turned out to be another boring sandbox crap. Dont be stupid to put money in it )

  4. User name Frog: played long time a lot of fun, As of right now game not going any where any time soon sadly grate game many hours of fun limited, In game there not much do at this point current cap level 49 with level 50 come around with no real info from devs.
    Come and try it, If have nothing better to do.

  5. I just wanted to say. I’ve been playing this game since it launched. Sure there were a few bugs in the system BACK THEN. It’s 2016 now and the game is better than ever. Every update they do is amazing. And the game…the world.. IS HUGE. Everytime I think I’ve finally traveled everywhere, I go in a random door and BOOM! there’s a totally new area.

    I would definitely give this a try. The makes , hunted cow, really put in a lot of work for this game. It’s pay-to-win, so you never feel like you’re missing out on anything, and that you can’t become the greatest player there is. This game is still relatively young, so I recommend you jump on it now, so in the coming years, you’ll be apart of the list of those legendary players.

    Please play this. It’s amazing.

  6. This is a great browser game, with traditional controls.. (unlike runescape) and features like mounts, reputation, dungeons & more.. Eldevin has come a long way since launch.. the community is small but great folks to play with! Give it a try yourself, before you listen to those bad reviews above.. 100% free to play.. no need to ever pay real money!

  7. Tons of potential! But yes like everyone says the game is shit. They devs are blinded by money and do not want to make the game any more fun. You will struggle with trying to find room for all the shit items you must keep just to enjoy the game a tiny tiny bit.

  8. I recommend this game 🙂
    Try it and form Your own opinion. The community – yet still small – is a lively one and uses the chat extensively. You see people around all the time in the city and smaller hubs where people go to craft and trade. Gathering and crafting makes a lot of sense in this game: Your self-crafted Items are better than those You can buy from a trader, and You can also sell them to other players who find crafting boring but nevertheless need the items. The world is beautifull and You can freely roam in it. Eldevin is a truly immersive game.

  9. Don’t bother with this game. It was better back in beta and the first month of open release. Now the Devs push out useless updates no one wants and push back updates that the community has shown strong approval of. They rely on player advertisement and word of mouth and will do bare minimum to bring in new players. Also note that there are only about 200 players online at any given time which has a huge negative impact when trying to find a party for an instance, which by the way, is where 99% of the gear you’ll NEED to have to make it anywhere in the game comes from. Crafting is repetitive and has very few real uses as well. Very little end game content aside from world bosses which will actually cost you more in repair fees than you’ll gain from drops, and it should also be noted that world bosses drop crap. You would get better drops in the instances or from mobs scattered around the regions. Promises of a guild system and new level 40-45 content made months ago have gone unfulfilled. Take it from a currently level capped paying player who has four professions capped as well. I didn’t pay for premium leveling boosters or rush to cap but I spent money on vanity, item storage, and backpack space after which I sat around for two months after hitting cap before I decided my time would be better spent elsewhere. This game and the developers have been a huge let down.


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