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About the game:
Title: Rappelz
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: nFlavor
Publisher: gPotato

Rappelz is a free 3D MMORPG set in a medieval world that features three races (Deva, Asura and Gaia), three classes, and five sub-classes where over 5 million players adventure and battle in a dark and devastated fantasy world.

With a guild siege system, Rappels enables its player to own dungeons rather than castles or cities. To assist in combat, a strategy of pet is also available. Rappelz provides a good learning guide to those who have the access to pet taming and summoning skills.

Rappelz is great for people who really like pets. It provides them with a unique tactical pet taming & training, extensive player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gameplay, with huge player base.

Explosive Features:

  • Gorgeous Animations and Visuals
  • Dungeon siege system and Pet system
  • Huge player base

Featured Video

[tubepress video=”uvFkQaPGFWI” uploaded=”false”]

System Requirements

Rappelz Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: AMD/Intel Single Core 2.0GHz
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 3GB of free Space
Video Card: 128 MB 3D

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  1. The game was god back in 2007-09. Now it’s just filled with lvl200+ Leader board players.
    If you are new, don’t start playing this game. The leader board players will say it’s easy!!
    “Yes for them” they have high lvl pets and spent lot of money.
    Rappelz Leader board players will defend this old golden game and they will defend the game as best as they can.

    That’s their fault the game is as it is today

  2. The music is boring and repetetive and the movement is ridiculous. I see something in fron of me and cant pick it up because I have to use the right mouse button and the arrow keys to turn and then I can only turn a little bit – have to go and turn the other way. By the time I got back to my kill the drop has evaporated.

  3. Started playing this game in 2008. For 4 years straight I played and leveled until R5(lvl 100). Never used any cash shops. Pure grind. Used to be a good game, good community and a balanced economy in-game. But the cash shop became a problem, with players kept buying stuffs and selling the stuffs by in-game currency at an insanely high price, scammers everywhere, spammers and not mention hackers. Came back this year just to see how this game goes. Felt nostalgic but with the way the game has been going, I don’t see any point to play anymore

  4. This game is complete and utter shit. Over the years I’ve been the victim of several hacks. Someone was trying to hack a friend of mine today but he managed to win the log in battle and was able to change his password in time. People get banned by the Support team for no viable reason. If you’re new you don’t stand a chance as the community is a bunch of cliques that are not interested in helping you. You’ll get PKed wasting the money you spent in the cash shop and there’s nothing you can do about it. Bottom line is this game is simply here to take your money then turn their back on you when you need them. Avoid this game and find something better.

  5. Stop the BS about the game, yes it is a pay to win game, is it a game that’s not pay to win or pay to play? and if you don’t like spending money on the game you can always farm, and yes you have to grind a lot, but in every single mmorpg you need to grind sometimes, it’s up to you, now with webzen drop rates are increased, experience are increased, it took me 5 hours to lvl from 0 to 110 (with the lvl 70 witch quests) and dropped about 6 tier 5, 15 tier 4 and special an rare pet cards. New soul pets are seriously OP end the are not as hard to tame as normal pets (rate on basic 9/10, rare 5/15, special 2/20, CTC lvl 10+2), low requirements, easy to download client, custommer support not as good as i wish but still good,

  6. I have played this game since 2007. I have seen a lot of changes over the time, mostly for the good. There have been some bad periods in the game, in particular the hacking period. That did so much damage it is amazing it survived. The fact that it did is probably testament to its ongoing popularity. It is a grind, so if you don’t like that sort game go elsewhere. The amazing pet system is what REALLY sets this game apart from the others. The choice of pets is almost endless as are the number of abilities they can have.

    One of the things I don’t like about the game is the almost total lack of in-game GM involvement, sure they login every now & then to spawn a few boss mobs, but that’s about it. There hasn’t been a proper GM event for so long its ridiculous.

  7. This is BY FAR the worst game out there…I had played it for about 4 years..Beta tested some of the new releases of the game….the GRIND is unbearable, Quest until 20 grind until you DIE…(OF OLD AGE) NO SUPPORT AT ALL…I had plenty of High Level pets…someone came in and stripped my character…Last time I ever heard from customer support…The only bright points is the PVP…While most people BITCH about open pvp it keeps the kids at bay when they get a big head and starts kill stealing and you turn on that pk and send their asses back to town…the graphics engine was dated but alot better than the cartoonish crap coming out today if they only had a brain…

  8. The current state of Rappelz is BROKEN. One of the main features about the game (it’s pets) is broken as of last week. Pets are getting wrong skills or skills that they can’t even learn making them utterly broken. The end game Dungeon (Cube) got broken with one of the latest game updates resulting in the end game content of the game been broken. Many players complain about the new game dll files not been supported by Windows XP and their excuse is because Microsoft support for Win XP is about to end. Note the support is not ended yet but Rappelz support for Windows XP have already ended. The game is having serious connection issues and lag issues resulting in multiple disconnects all the time and people with low end connection been unable to play/connect at all to the game. The game optimization is non existent as many of the issues that are since day one release aren’t fixed such as skill cards not stacking resulting in increased game loading time. Sometimes because of the bad optimization if you get a lot of skill cards in your inventory you can’t even log in with this hero as the game disconnect you. Also the quest line for the end game class MC (Master Class) have quests that are impossible to be completed and there is no one that can show video proof of him completing them. One of the quests after your are MC require you to use the cash shop to complete it (or spent days and billions of in game currency) in order to get one of the 3 skill points required to unlock your most important MC skills. Overall this game is pay to win and broken.

  9. unfortunately soloing in the game comes to a dead end when you get to higher levels. it’s be in a damn dungeon party or belong to a huge guild etc. no benefit whatsoever for individual players.

    • True, and most of the time those guilds are full of (as I said before) whiny newbies who just want you to solo all their quests for them and give them free stuff. If there was an MMO that gave you the choice to either play a version of the game that’s like a Campaign where you go through everything in the game and then get dropped into the multiplayer portion, or how Journey did the “multiplayer” thing, or to just go straight to multiplayer I would be thrilled. But it seems more MMOs are becoming co-op instead of putting emphasis on the player working alone and giving good endgame content.

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t grinding one of the core elements of all MMOs? Personally I feel as though I’ve accomplished something if I get to max lvl in a game because I’ve put so much time into it. Some games overdo it, Jade Dynasty and Perfect World for example, but grinding for hours on end is what makes the game fun. If you had to kill 5 mobs per level for say 50 levels and maxed out in an hour or so, there’s nothing else to do but help whiny newbies or spam the server chat. Making players grind their brains out is how companies get the money, but I don’t there’s any self respecting MMO player out there who wouldn’t agree that grinding is the root of all good evils.

    • NO IT IS NOT the basics of every game…Most are QUEST based…you have to kill or do something else to COMPLETE the quest but the bulk of your levels are based on completing the QUEST…with your attitude I suggest staying OFFLINE and playing some really old games or go on a console because if your to damn good to help a new player…your NO DAMN GOOD to ANYONE in a MMO!!!

  11. Wow. It’s a miracle of how this game is still alive. I mean, every ‘Epic’, Rappelz gets duller and duller even though it gets lots of new content. Here are some of my Pro’s & Con’s:

    – UI(User Interface):The UI has changed over 5 years, it’s way better and useful now. The movement is still ‘point & click’, leaving your free hand for keybinds.
    – Pets: Tons of pets to tame and evolve into bigger, badder companions.
    – Graphics: Surprisingly good graphics.

    – OP Cash Shop: Prices are insane. All the devs want is your money.
    – Security: Big MINUS. Tons of account thefts/hacks and no one even cares.
    – PK(Player Kill): Can be fun, but it’s very costly to ‘wash away’, to redeem yourself afterwards.
    – Shared Instances: It’s not only your group, but the whole server in there grinding alongside you. Very frustrating if you’re on a boss quest and can’t get in line to kill it for hours on end.
    – Mounts: They are timed. For a permanent one visit the Cash Shop.
    – Leveling: Don’t get me wrong on this one. Leveling is grindy and although that’s not much of a problem, it’s the ‘de-leveling’ that sucks (at least for me). When you die you loose exp, that being said, if you die multiple times you can actually de-level in this game.

    Overall if you want to spend years leveling, gearing up and taming pets on this p2w game, just so someday you see your account got stolen and nobody gives a damn, you’re welcome to play it, otherwise it’s not worth it.

    • yeah, you’d think the folks at GPotato would notice how low the playerbase has gotten by now. And to release another Epic update is just redundant now

  12. hi, for all who is against rappelz: “BOOO”, rappelz is one of the most epic games ever, yes you got hacked somtimes but its easy to get u save from hackers, there is a code on ur warehouse, put all ur stuff in the wh and noone can reach it, if you do that every eavning with ur most expensive stuff, there will be no problem, ones against, rappelz is one of the most funn games ever, i played wow, runes of magic,…. and rappelz (+ some other games) and i liked rappelz the most, there are many nice ppl on it, and it have an epic pet system,

    so i hope all of you go play rappelz


    • i enjoyed this game about a couple of yrs ago but when i went back a couple of weeks there was a considerable decrease in the pb. DPs are near impossible to find in the lowbie range now. The servers used to be yellow or red, but now it’s mostly blue & some green. This game is as good as dead

      • a little something that i didn’t mention was that they added new features to help players spot target quest item/mob & new dungeon instance, but it’s too little to late. GPotato should just pull the plug since all the servers are basically on life support. The only reason they are probably keeping it going is to milk out however much money from the ppl still playing before they’ll actually have to shut the game down. When it happens i hope someone picks it up, relaunch it, & up the security because it is a fun game. It probably just needs better management

  13. lack of security
    spammed with gold sellers
    player get hacked, some 3~4 times
    community is a joke,
    zero GM activity
    forum full of gradeless ppl and trolls.

  14. I started playing Rappelz about two weeks ago and I think this game is great. Yes, this game makes its players grind, but guess what? This is a grinding game-if you hate to grind, don’t play the game. I just love the look of the mage armor and wand/staff, and the pets range from being adorable to awesome. For those who complain about being hacked…they either tried to buy game items/cash from those bot websites, were curious and surfed bot websites, or their passwords were weak (ie. pass= potatoes), or they do not update their antivirus.
    I simply enjoy this game and enjoy the fact that this game has less bots/spammers/scammers than Runescape (*shudders at the memories*).
    Here’s a tip: don’t solo dungeons. Always join a dp (dungeon party). And don’t bother doing quests, they’re a waste of time (with the exception of the Red Farm and Witch quest).
    Try giving Rappelz a shot (or a second chance), I’m sure you’ll enjoy plaing it as much as I do!

    • I’ve been playing over a year and just started new character on new server tyrant. I love it as always. And quests aren’t for everyone but could for free players to obtain rupees, EXP & JP. They also help you learn where things are. . The vulcanos dungeon is an awesome addition and opportunity to learn to tank as you get lots of EXP. I was hacked before on my main account, because it was dormant. Got hit hard…but I grinded and came back better. I hate bullies in the game and the Subjugators. Lol.

  15. Pointless to play rappelz unless you enjoy working for months to just have it taken away by a hacker and turn around and wait 6 months or longer for customer service to do anything

    • Had a guild two angels tons of high pets, custom hair, wings on and on level 136 got hacked down to level 1 with nothing. Still waiting to hear back from Rappelz,,,,they went full potato. Ps let’s not forget about the terrible lag on there outdated server engine.

  16. I played this for about 6 months when it first came out. The Grind was unbearable. If you like to PK ppl plan on spending 50 bucks a month. If your good at PKin ppl plan on spending 500 bucks a month just to get rid of your pk counts.
    This game is a prime example of how a company tries to bleed its playerbase to death by making you buy stupid cash shop items. I wouldnt recomend any games from this company. I hope they choke on a potato.


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