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About the game:
Title: Shaiya
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Sonov Entertainment
Publisher: Aeria Games

Shaiya is a dazzling free to play fantasy MMORPG that plunges players in a gigantic war between the opposing forces of Light and Darkness. Shaiya allows players to enter compelling quests for glory both in solo and in cooperative gaming, with the option to join or create a guild and evolving to a level where they can defeat even the most impressive and toughest creatures in the game world. Players earn new weapons and powerful armor accordingly to their performance, allowing for higher level combat with thousands of other players.

Battle amazing raid bosses that will leave you impressed with their magnitude – they can be as tall as skyscrapers. Explore over 15 dungeons filled with horrific creatures such as dragons and demons. Enter fights with other human players in exciting PvP combat and prove your worth in the faction, earning prominent titles and bonuses.

Choose the difficulty more fitting to your worth. The harder the path, the more rewards you’ll get. The Ultimate Mode is for heroes only, with the shadow of permanent death discouraging the weak.

Explosive Features:

  • Competitive Player Vs. Player Combat
  • Guild System, Player Mounts and Auction House
  • Difficulty Modes

Featured Video

System Requirements

Shaiya Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP, at 1.5 GHz or faster
Memory Ram: 512MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 5GB of free Space
Video Card: GeForce FX or ATI Radeon 9600 with 128MB

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  1. Played this game from beta and had two of the largest guilds in the game but the game is broken. It is the most expensive free to play game ever made and all the fun that was there with the launch is gone. Pay to win Pay to win Pay to Win. If you can find a private server play there. Usually those games are fun like the original Shaiya was intended to be without all of the cash grabbing bs that everyone hates. Too bad but it is the truth.

  2. I agree with FarmKiller 100%, Shayia is a money pit! Fury side is given all the advantages. No matter how much money you spend as Light toons, Fury will own you in PVP. EP3 was best part of Shayia and game has progressively got worse. each new patch adds more bugs and crashes. Yes its free to play, but eventually leveling and questing will put you on PVP maps were you will die fast, and most likely be unable to get onto the maps,especially if you play light side toons, as fury feasts on lights to gain rank points, which makes them even stronger. Most players start as light side players, as game is visually set up as( good vs evil) ie light vs fury. GMs usually offer faction changes, mostly to lights to draw them to Fury side. usually this draws the best light pvpers over to fury which keeps lights weak in pvp and keeps fury in control of best maps and rewards in game. Best advice if your a high spender and don’t mind playing a Fury toon you will have a great time killing lights and ranking up.

  3. shaiya is an excellent game two sides light and dark the light is two races humans and eves who are inalliance against the dark side the humans have three classes fighter defender priest elves have three also archer ranger mage while the dark side have two races first race hace three classes warrior guardian a priest but in and another word which i (dont remember) the second race has three classes hunter assasin oracles its the best game ever u can buy weopons u can earn them throught quest buy armor or earn them throught quests helmet must do from quest or just buy it but for a high price you can buy mounts meet friends fight with groups pvp its awesome it even showes u what is the best monster for u to kill to get the best experience its special i have been playing it for 2 years and i never got boored i play it for about 16 hours a day try it u wont regret it believe me its tottaly free dont believe what any lazy guy tells u u could get the best stuff for free just need to play to earn

  4. You basically need “perfect linking hammers” to upgrade you gear, and those come 1 per $100 cash shop bundle. 8 pieces of gear to link (not including accessories), with 6 slots each, that means 48 x $100 = $4800 to fully link your gear. That doesn’t include the gear itself. (Technically you can link without PLH, but it ends up costing about the same).

    Add in enchantments up to [20] on 4 weapons at about $150 per 2 enchants, and you’re running up a bill of ~$10,000. And some people enchant their armor too, bringing it up to over $20,000 for a full set.

    Then 6 months later they release new gear, and your current gear becomes junk and you have to make a new set. GG.

  5. Its a good game indeed. if you like to grind and pvp/pve. only bad factor is the publisher and developer like ( Tardacus ) said. * aeria games and nexon. both don’t care, and are just in it for the money. They need someone besides aeria games. if I was anyone else I would stay away and find something else.

  6. It`s a good game but it needs a developer and a publisher who actually care about the game and the players. As it is now the publisher ( Aeria) only cares about milking cash from the players and the developer (nexon) isn`t competent enough to fix all the game breaking bugs and glitches.

  7. Played for over 3 years i think…. wait 4 years ? well I’ve played it 3 years and then left…. when i came back the economy was crap and then nothing u can buy without spending some cash now and of course spammers and im a kid….. 13 years old kid….. but i dont spam gold or plvl…. all you need there is a friend you can trust or a guild with full of helpful people~ All i did is find that and i became one of the most famous player back then~…. well back then xD
    Well i recomend this game if u like to grind and stuff
    But if u dont like getting owned real hard and end up using cash….. this game isnt for you
    But seriously this game is really good now but the economy still crap but if you like to take your time and have good patience of course it be an easy game but seriously though again with the economy…. crap and no offense to fellow kids but u suck man if u beg u disgusting ****heads

  8. I played this game for a long time, I even played it during beta. The game is mostly grinding, the maps are all just recolors of other maps. The economy was crap. There is a ton of spammers, and no one speaks English. Don’t send in a ticket, they will only ban you.

  9. I have played Shaiya for over 2 years, and I had a lot of fun in the game. But, to be indeed a successfull good player, you need to have a character in ultimate mode, that was hard to maintain without using real money, cause the prices at the auctions suddenly went skyhigh. Upgrading the gear by linking felt to me as a lottery. And then it got even worse. The dungeon areas were owned by the darkies, players that spent a lot of real money in the game. In the early days, I really believed you could get on the top without using a lot of real cash. But then, after a new expansion where the levels were capped to 70 (I was level 58 by then), I was really disappointed. Then I knew that Shaiya was going down, and it did. I tried several times to log back on, but the damage had already been done. And now, seeing the competion rising, like Tera Online and ArchAge maybe on it’s way, the graphics will not do anymore. I really had a lot of fun, my heart was beating from excitement at some moments during the good times, it was truly a one of a kind game. I will have good memories about it, but I will never return. Maybe a completely new developed successor with better graphics is a suggestion, but don’t make the same mistake again by letting one side getting to strong over the other one, people will drop out again.

    • I think they should like some games if one faction is too many people or stronger they should give a gift for people entering the weaker faction like a starter pack or starter items or bonus skill points and stuff…..

  10. Worst game ever!!! They advertise it as F2P but within a few days of playing you’ll soon see its THE most expensive game ever made. People spending $100’s a month to dominate and no control on any of this from the publishers. The game is in an awful mess and if you’ve never tried it before please don’t waste your time on this one!!

  11. Honestly this game can be fun but you need to spend real money to be decent and then still whatever you buy the game either takes from you, breaks while linking (even though high bless, Lucky charms and linking bonus on in a guild house). Not to mention its rigged completely for the dark side to win. It is waay to frustrating and I think if Im going to spend money I damn well expect it to work. Do you go to a store and buy something just for a “chance” of it to work? LMFAO NO! 1st of May 2012 Tera goes live, I plan to take my money there and I think my stress will be less. Good luck greedy Shaiya……

  12. I played Shaiya for more than 3 years, and i had great times there, loads of fun and made good friends, it can be a bit hard to get started now for new players if they dont know anybody that can help them, but its easy to learn and to grow strong fast, there are many guides made by users taht help a lot to start playing Shaiya and to become good. Its not necesary to buy items with real money, you can always farm to buy them in game with gold, it takes a bit longers but its not impossible, and a lot of people do that. The 2 factions system its very uncommon in MMORPGs and that what makes shaiya so special and a great experience.

  13. Shaiya it’s the crapes game at this moment and in like more 1 year will become “buy to play” not ” free to play”. players haaaaaaaaa you got to be jocking 75% of the beta players quited now the 75% old players become 10+ kids that only know ” gold plzz” , “plvl plzzz” the items in the game if you dont put in real money you a junck player if you do you have to put like 1.000 euro/dollars each month to be a steady player there. trust me I’m a beta player that quited

    • You need to remember you’re not ianldeg with he male INTERNET populace. You’re ianldeg with the male GAMER populace.Gamers generally are not the smartest people. That’s why Alienware is still in business. So please, don’t blame us elitist net hacks for the crimes of a bunch of morons with nothing better to do than grind a character in an wow (which is not a game, but is a second job) because their real life is that dissatisfying.And Atul Plenty of MMO’s are free.

    • Dopeboy, before you begin ripping on a game, you should make sure you can actually spell half of the words you attempt to put into your review, “jocking”? “junck”? please learn how to spell before you begin ripping on a game.

  14. Shaiya is the best MMORPG i ever played Shaiya allows players to quest for glory in solo or collaborative gaming, with many choosing to form powerful guilds capable of tackling some of the biggest and toughest monsters in the game. As players conquer challenges, they are rewarded with new weapons and armor that sanction their abilities to become dominant powers of Shaiya.

    • ya but it takes years to become able to pvp in the big leagues, takes months to level around 4-5 if you are lucky enough to get into parties and hope no high levels camp you in the pvp areas. then it will take a ton of farming to get enough money…oh wait money sucks in this game, they use Linking hammers as currency which cost like 10$. A decent piece of gear is around 15-30 Hammers. You can’t make a UM character unless you can afford the 30 day res stones. Linking gems in this game can break your gear, making it disappear. If you have a ton of money/time to waste then this game is for you. It is one of the best PvP games out there, but it takes a very long time to be geared enough for PvP.


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