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About the game:
Title: RF Online
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: CCR Inc
Publisher: GamesCampus

RF Online (or Rising Force Online) is a free to play 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG. It was initially published as a paid game but was re-released as free to play by CCR.

The game theme is based on a fictitious planet Novus for which the three fraction namely Accretain empire, Bellato federation and the alliance of Cora are in combat to get hold over it for its precious resources. The game play is divided into four classes: Warrior, Ranger Specialist and Spiritualist. Each of the three fractions has its distinct characteristics.

The feature that distinguished RF online from other game is innovation. It has adopted different approach than the trite leveling technique used by most of the game developers. It gives bonus to player when skills are utilized in that way it draws interest of players towards it and augment the ability to play of the game. On the whole, the gaming system is very functional and provides countless quests for players when they proceed towards advance level.

Explosive Features:

  • Great PvP combat as well as RvR
  • Meticulous character building
  • Player-controlled politics

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System Requirements

RF Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Any Intel Pentium 3 processor
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: At least 6GB of free Space
Video Card: nVIDIA Geforce FX Series / ATI Radeon 9500 or better

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  1. This game has been a long time hobby of mine , The game itself is fun up until you hit the ridiculous grind at 57+ then it becomes rather unplayable for someone on limited time. Though i will say any time a new event server opens up I’ll gladly throw $100+ just to level up and pvp from 45-55+ because its so fun.

  2. This game was amazing in its hay-day, but as it was mentioned before it got shutdown when NA/EU servers license expired and we lost our accounts in 2008. Never tried it again after its relaunch in 09 but I knew it wasn’t going to be the same. I did however try some private servers which a few were pretty awesome with a good community, good content, and fast skill gain/exp. IMO, try a private server. The grind in this game can get pretty rough. I remember farming warbeasts in Beast Mountain at Lvl 49 and only getting .01% exp per kill and then getting rolled by a group Bellato looking for a new grind spot and losing like 5%! Warbeasts have high hp and needed full groups to farm involving multiple heavy dps and a solid tank. Good times though, definitely one of the best MMO’s of all time. Unfortunately, the majority of mmo gamers had their head up Blizzard’s ass when this masterpiece was released so they missed out. 🙁

  3. This has so far the best graphic I love to play.Downside – cash is an issue, I can afford it but it will be a battle between the have and the have not.

  4. When this game was good, this is talking at least 5 years ago, CodeMasters knew what they were doing. Subscription was great and you felt like part of the world.

    Now its nothing but mostly one faction 24/7. Want help? Nope, afk skill grind? SURE! Update to newest and most recent Korean patch? hell no. This game is now plagued by bad decisions, from going f2p with a cash shop to just turning the game over to the players, but not letting them do anything to keep it fresh.
    If you want to see what happens to a decent game with a wonderful community, look at the history of this one.
    Oh and hope you remember you login credentials, the button on their webpage is broken and i don’t believe i’ve spoken to anyone from america, its all Korean TS.

    My suggestion? I’m not a fan of it but go to a private server. It will be your only saving grace since they at least care about their players.

    • yeah this game had a lot into it aroun 2008 the game is really great until months after the free to play era…

      the game turned into a mess and a lot of pioneer players stopped playing…

      the game is really great but at present this game is only for people who has lots of cash to buy stuff in the cash shop

  5. I play this game for a long time, Heavy PVP/Griefing. Still a fun game to play, there is just alot of crybaby on all side of the force. This game is however still a heavy heavy grind game at the end level. From 51+ is heavy grind and party, dying in this game to mob is the worst. You could end up losing a weeks worth of xp grinding to a month from just one death. It is how ever very very easy to lvl up to lvl40 in as little as 1 hour to 2 hour, with help getting to 45 or even 50 in as little as one day. And dying to other player you do not lose XP but lose “CP pvp ratting”. One more thing if you decide to play this game please join the Cora or Bellato force they need more people, I’m running out of people to kill.

  6. Tried it for a few days, not going to lie it was pretty fun. The controls were clunky as hell and the starting weapons made the levelling easy as hell nevertheless I was enjoying myself. That is until I got my first quests outside of the starting zone. Oh boy was that fun, 4 times I tried to leave the starting zone through the portal, 1 time on one server and 3 times on the other (made toons on both just to try out stuff). The thing is that no matter where I went there were high level enemy faction guys just camping our stuff. So I honestly don’t have a clue how you are supposed to level in this game because in 2 days I made 4 attempts to leave the starting zone and they all resulted in me dying in a matter of seconds after leaving the portal.

    TLDR: Had fun for a few days, unable to level past lvl 23 due to the fact that all the other zones than your own starting one are camped to hell by high level enemy players.

    • It will run on 64bit windows 7. = and it’s a pretty decent game (rather reminiscent of PSO), if you’re willing to view it as a largely single-player game. The trouble is that no one will talk to you. I got to level 10 before someone explained that everyone ignores general/local chat because of apparently permanent gold-sellers. (he then called me ‘noob’ and refused to say anything else…) So most of your interaction with other players will likely be when members of a rival faction try to kill you – But, as stated, if you view it as a single-player game it can still be a good bit of fun, and is worth playing at that level.

  7. looks cool but when i tried to register i was a bit annoiyed on how much information is needed to register ._.
    game off “must play” list

  8. Great game, respect it. Just the exp rate later is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. takes really to long to level

  9. I played this game for 2 years. I haven’t played it since they separated the American and Korean servers. I use to be very addicted to this game. If you can find a good guild then this game is a blast.


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