Runes of Magic

Runes of Magic is a free to play 3D fantasy MMORPG. Dive into Taborea, a dangerous and magical world full of mysteries. With an extensive range of features Runes of Magic is redefining the standard for free-to-play MMORPG titles.

Players can choose between six main classes and combined with a secondary class, choose to create a character from 30 character class combinations. All characters possess unique skills with impressive combo attacks and can use mounts including war horses. A particularly attractive feature for guilds and players is the ability to decorate their own virtual homes with individual furnishings.

Thanks to an extensive crafting and reputation system, more than 1,600 quests, thrilling PVP, as well as demanding dungeons and boss monsters, Runes of Magic has something for everyone. It is up to you, to discover Taborea and to write the history of that world!

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Runes of Magic

Runewalker Entertainment
Release Date
March 19, 2009
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Latest Updates

Snow is falling over Taborea.

1 day ago

Free gifts will be mailed to the first character that you log in on each day once the events kick off.

11 months ago

Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


2 GB




Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz of better


GeForce 6800 / ATI X800 or better

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (77)

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Dude 5 years ago
Dead. Down to one server. People login to say hi, but nobody plays anymore. Too bad, it was a great game years ago.

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SMH 7 years ago
Wish I had read these reviews sooner. -_-
Game is deserted. There's only like 10-20 people playing right now, yet there are quests/dungeons that require you to be in a party to get thru.

Wasted three days trying to understand and REALLY LIKE the game, but to no avail.

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RoMsks 8 years ago
I honestly gave it a more than fair chance but it sucks badly on so many levels, wonder how many gamers saw it as one of the best games.

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ex-rom 9 years ago
For the past 2 months, quite a lot of old playerssold or deleted their accounts and left rom forever. So if you really want to start playing rom despite all the warnings above, then don't expect help.
Except you're a german, you wont find any GM's anymore. You can call out on the worldchat for help, as long as you're willing to pay real cash, because even chatting on the worldchat isnt free and cost around € 0.15 - €0.20 everytime you say something. (if you run out of so called Megaphones, then yuo cant use the chat untill you buy new ones dor dia = real cash)
Around 80% of the people that are still on rom, are people that either bot and cheat with multiple accounts, or people who spend massive amounts of money on their char (sometimes over € 1000,-)
All this was to be expected. The company who created RoM in the first place, sold it to Gameforge to die. Frogster no longer exist and Gameforge is only interested in getting as much money out of the game as possible.
Prices of items and gear and stats went up skyhigh and if you want to get real endgame gear (if possible at all) then be prepared to bot/grind everyday for at least a year (in which time the levelcap is raised several times so you have to start all over again) or pay around € 100 for each gearpiece, ending up paying at least 500 or more for your char.

Support for the many bugs, takes weeks or sometimes months, so dont be surprised if your account is bugged or locked and you cant play for 1-2 months.

Furthermore, the game is obsolete and outdated and doesnt work well with newer computers and newer videocards (nor did it on older pc's but ok.. :) )

Its a crappy 32-bits application that crashes a lot unless you use all kinds of memorytools to fix the massive amount of memoryleaks. (for example, even the gamelauncher can eat up as much as 1 GB ram before the game is ever started or loaded)

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Ben Lomond 9 years ago
I'm a late starter to MMOPRG and ROM is my second attempt to start a game. My problem is that I seemed to have at least two passwords... one for the game one for the site and maybe yet another for the support team. I know you'll all be adept but I struggle to pick up the basics and after two or three tries found I could not get past the passwords. I understand the need for security but my skills is remembering my password and then using it. Perhaps someone could recommend a more straightforward site that I could start on and hone even a basic set of skills; Of course contacting the support team (like all the others SKYPE/Windows/Facebook) is impossible. It is no use setting the entry barrier so that novices cannot see what they are getting wrong... and there are more and more of us silver panthers a market that MMORPGs need to be open too.

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Locknload 10 years ago
Seriously - don't play this game. It's been abandoned by the team that are supposed to be running it. 3 years ago it wasn't bad and had potential to get better. These days it's trash. The only people left playing it are those that have so many hours invested in it that they find it hard to give up, and hang in hoping that the remaining servers will be merged.

GM's are non-existent, particularly on the Australian server, which these days numbers about 50 players. Quest lines are bugged and can't be completed. Despite constant requests from the remaining players, they are never fixed. PVP is bugged. Arena's don't work. Crashes are constant.
It's absolutely not worth your time, and certainly not worth your money.

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Bic Boi 10 years ago
This game is just another remnant of an age long past. Seriously it's a complete clone of WoW. Even the developers have stated it. But what's most awful about it is the dated combat's so fawkin' boring it makes my eyes bleed.

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Somnolent Lullaby 10 years ago
2 / 5

This game has potential to be amazing. Very expansive, beautiful and colorful, good character creation, and unique class designs.

You'd think that'd be enough... but it isn't.

RoM is indeed beautiful and seems very fun. It will be until you start gaining levels and getting higher, and god forbid if you run into any bugs or glitches that can't be fixed from logging out.

1. The community is a dying one, and those who do play are generally unresponsive. Don't expect to find a Gaming buddy if you don't know them outside of the game. If you find this rubbish, I can tell you the first twenty people I talked to when I was on my first character did NOT respond. Perhaps I lucked out and none of them spoke, or at least read, English.

2. PK/PVP system. Horrible, horrible, horrible. When an MMORPG sets their PvP system up like this, it's bound for failure. Be prepared to lose everything if you're killed by another player.

3. You can run around for hours trying to find where a quest is trying to point you to. Even though Quest Helpers are incredibly lazy and easy, who really has time to run around for 3 hours looking for Ubtok the monster boar with no clues?

4. GMs will not respond to you. Ever. This game has pretty much been abandoned as far as Technical issues go. If you have a problem, you're going to have to resolve it yourself, even if your character is falling through the ground forever.

5. Pay-to-win. This pretty much should speak for itself. In reality, this is not a free game. Not if you want to get somewhere in the crappy PvP system or PvE nearing max level.

So folks, it's shiny, it's pretty, but it isn't worth it. Go find something else.

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ugurano 10 years ago
this is crap pay to win game

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Name (Required) 10 years ago
Worst game ever.

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Name (Required) 10 years ago
Here here :omg
RIP home i miss it why! :(

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Name (Required) 10 years ago
This is a great game alot of fun and the dual class is amazing but its only free till lvl 50 then you have to pay to make it and its not just a measly 15 bucks like p2p games i mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars a month because what you need are purified fusion stones its so cool that you can really create your own gear but you have to add clean stats they give you fusion stones but they have 3 crap stats and you can have 6 stats on one piece of equipment…so without making amazing gear you cant run the high end dungeons

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Riakou 10 years ago
This is a great game alot of fun and the dual class is amazing but its only free till lvl 50 then you have to pay to make it and its not just a measly 15 bucks like p2p games i mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars a month because what you need are purified fusion stones its so cool that you can really create your own gear but you have to add clean stats they give you fusion stones but they have 3 crap stats and you can have 6 stats on one piece of without making amazing gear you cant run the high end dungeons

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MissedTheParty 10 years ago
I wish I had read the most recent comments sooner. I spent hours downloading, installing and registering, only to find that it wasn't accepting the login info I had just set up. When I try to log in, it tells me that there's no existing account which matches the e-mail address I have provided. When I try to register a new account with that e-mail address, it tells me one already exists. When I request a password reset to that e-mail address, it tells me an e-mail was sent successfully (but nothing ever arrives; not in spam, not in trash). When I request a password reset for a gibberish e-mail address, it still tells me an e-mail was sent successfully (so that function appears to be e-lip service).

I've been waiting days for assistance with a problem which should be easily automated, or take no more than 30 seconds for an actual person to address. After never having played this game at all and run into so many problems at the onset, I still feel like I'm lucky to have avoided a long-term relationship with Gameforge, who can't seem to manage the most basic of support functions.

And now, to visit Add/Remove Programs...

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Vantuu 10 years ago
It's true. Now that the game has been sold to Gameforge, it's left to die.
The main questline has been bugged for months now, so you cannot level past lvl 57-58, unless you are willing to do it just by 10 boring daily quests each day.
Support does not know if or when it will; be fixed, so making a new char is just a waste of time. Diamonds are way overpriced and more and more maps are taken down from 3 channels to just 1 channel, increasing the latency even more.
In the mean time, all "great" events that Gameforge create, are double dia's or 150% dia's or whatever dia's as long as it's meant to buy dia's.
This year another chapter will be launched, raising the levelcap and so making your hard-earned (and paid) gear drop in value by 90%.
So, if you have a few hundred Euro's or Dollars to waste, go ahead. If not, look for a better MMORPG to play (actually', EVERY MMORPG is better than Runes of Magic, so that wouldnt be a hard thing to do)

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Locknload 10 years ago
Fully agree with the above - if you're looking for an MMO to play, give this one a huge miss. It's old, the questlines are bugged, there's absolutely zero technical support, and it lags like nothing you've experienced before. Take your money, flush it down the toilet and go find another game to play - trust me - it will be the same result, only faster.

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Noir 10 years ago
Here here :)
RIP home

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Rainingarrows 10 years ago
I played on artemis server for a while when the level cap was 50 and it was an enjoyable game, the exploring, learning the character, the maps, playing with other players. Thalia server in Australia opened so I left Artemis and joined AU. The GM's were a blast, always loggin in and chatting to all of us and we generally got the sales we needed etc. By this time Dalanis had already been released and sjf/njf. This was a brand new server so there were no huge amounts of gold laying around or expensive gear in the ah, there was NOTHING in the ah lol.

We all levelled, finally got to cap and Runewaker (develepers) have neglected to fix the game engine, quest bugs. Throughout various level caps main quest chains have bugged out and left players stuck for questing and forced to use daily resets (bought from the cash shop). Our old GM team (N3V Games) is what kept our server going and kept us hanging on, even with Runewakers negligence and obvious lack of caring.

Our guild enjoyed the game, raiding questing exploring. The game itself ignoring it's flaws is a great game and does get people hooked.

What changed? N3V Games had to leave and Gameforge took over running the Australian server. The fantastic support we used to have got thrown out the window, support tickets take days and days to get a response, ToSH is reknowned for removing 30 day mount speed pots due to buggy coding on Runewaker's behalf and initially for weeks the support system told us to suck it up we can't help you. That was my first feeling of hesitance with where the game was going, a guildie lost/misplaced/vendored (can't remember which now) some items with recon x miracle x and burst x and was also told, sorry we can't help you. This was getting my back up more on Gameforge,

For months and months we were able to access recon and hatred x's in our cash shop on special sales and suddenly for months and months they refused to place them in our cash shop and we couldn't understand why. Upon trolling through the US and EU forums it came to my attention that those servers didn't receive anything higher than vi or vii's of those runes and they too had not seen any in months and months so it was fairly obvious that when gameforge took over that we too were going to see the same fate. Finally we get a post on the forums, a poll no less asking if we would like to see recon iv's; yes that's right, IV's. I'm sorry what? Add to that we also wouldn't get recons directly we would get Shield iv's, which we then need to combine with advance x 5 per tier. Oooh ooh and not only are we going to refuse to deliver anything you had previously, we're going to provide these exceptionally awesome shields at nothing less than 99 diamonds each. After which I almost choked to death I decided that my time in rom coming to an end. Not only was it starting to cost me an average of $50 per item of armor/weapon to upgrade to hand the current end game, gameforge has lost it's care of customer base be it p2p or f2p.

Frogster pissed off the playerbase, the lack of gm's in other regions pissed off the player base, the abysmal pricing of items in the cash shop pissed off the player base and ultimately Runewaker have seen to the assured death of RoM and since gameforge took over everything has taken a dive for the worst. I can only assume that the recent cm's we had on the forums left of their own accord to find something alot better. I feel for some of them, they had to take a lot of crap but unfortunately their company instilled the general unhappiness throughout all the servers. The gm's/cm's had to play middle man, I assume they saw what was comin and decided to leave the sinking ship before they went down with it. Then there are the gm's/cm's that still work for the company; just recently our server Thalia had maintenance, for 6 hours no less. Thalia was suspicious, why 6 hours just to deactivate npcs? Upon maintenance completing, Thalia became aware that our server had been moved from Australia (Runes of Magic, Australia) to Miami, Florida. There was no notification, nothing. Later in a 9 page rage thread on our forum one of the cm's replied and said, oops we missed that. This has sealed Thalia's fate, in the week of that maintenance most of Thalia's top end players have quit as there has been NO response from gameforge as to the reason for the move.

Pro's: Great game and nice exploration, it's f2p till lv 50+ (with somewhat recent cash shop changes puris are much cheaper in phirius shop now) Community is fantastic long as you bring a decent attitude and not troll the natives ;) Raiding is fun, maps are fun, quests are great (and some annoying of course)

Cons: No customer support, no gm's (Thalia is no longer in australia when it's an au server) bugs and bugged main questlines and have been for months and months and months, Runewaker refuses to fix/update their game engine to suit 64 bit systems and larger ram and newer video cards. The cash shop is still ridiculously expensive and you require to regear (end game) every expansion.

I enjoyed this game for a long time and it was hard to let it go, but it's gone too far, it's time to let it go and die it's natural death its inevitably going to do.

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Altak 11 years ago
Unless you are big into Botting and cheating i would not recommend this game to anyone.
Every aspect of the game is dominated by bot,s every event every harvest and farming opportunity
which you might use to make ingame gold is overrun with bots and no matter how many report are made no action is taken. there are people with 25 alts all used for botting which leaves no hope for an honest player to progress to progress without buying large amounts of Diamonds from item shop which cost real money.

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WMD 11 years ago
can't remember when i tried this game before, but i can never forget how thoroughly unimpressed with the graphics & skill animations i was xD It's too bad since the dual class system is fairly unique in MMOs

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Cashan02 11 years ago
WTF it takes year to load -.- it say 5minute and there is no bar that loading

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Myself 11 years ago
I too tried this game after WoW, slightly worried after reviews, but, expected them to be as always, exaggerated. NOPE!!!! It took.... .... DAN DAN DAAAAANN 253 hours to download. I no i no I have bad connection... actually, nope. When Downloading a 24gb file for another game it took 47 mins. :| You are downloading from a server somewhere in the region of the Crab Nebula, And the server is aprox, 8billion years old. WHen I got on, the game actually wasnt too laggy, but asmentioned previously, it is empty, Quests are noob, and the WORST PROBLEM... My sis loves it. That is a TERRIBLE SIGN. AND. She leveled i to 52, which is quite good apparently. I went on pvp. I get a level 3. I think, Fine easy. Then... .... ........ HE THRASHES ME COS HE PAYED. Natrually, I think i just suck cos I havent played much. DAN DAN DAAAN MY SIS GETS A LEVEL 2!!!! He wins 2. SOOO INBALANCED


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DkDreamz 11 years ago
Ok where do i start... this game is horrible.. well it used to be good but its just horrible...

1. Majorly unbalanced classes - this means if you do like r/s or k/s or m/p or m/d your overpowered in pvp. Compared to others.

2. Major top players of the game have quit.. including some of my friends... top mages are quiting.... their are and i mean their are no gm's what so ever in the game anymore.

3. The dual class system is a fail and helped contribute to the falling of this game. The reason for this is because i am pretty sure that other companys had the same idea but realized the end result would ruin the game for certain setups would just be unstoppable.

4. p2w the cash shop really said this to you buy diamonds sell diamonds, go spend money on getting new gear..... get purifying stones by more gear use said purifying stones on said armor you just bought to get stats off of it. Then use said stats on specific gear so stats won't overlap and become a bs player. Also what made the game worse and more unbalanced is when frogster decided to remove advanced bind lifters from the game.

5. They sold out to gameforge every and i mean almost every dieing title gets sold to gameforge, and what does gameforge do turns it into an even larger p2w and ruins the game even further. Gameforge already ruined the site and the client cause they both look like trash now.

6. Graphics are majorly outdated, what i mean by this is that they have a really trashy game engine which cannot render or handle their current grahical settings which help contribute to the lagg.

7. way to similar to world of warcraft because if you listen to anyone they will say let's not copy wow because it will ruin the game.

8. Dungeons and instance monsters are to overpowering. What i mean by this is someone with basic gear and like say 23k. health at max level couldn't go and solo KS or HOS that's a terrible way to make a dungeon because we all have our personal feeling of if i am said level and they are said so many lvls lower i should be able to solo with average gear.

9. Inactive guilds sorry to say i wouldn't recommend this game to anyone because guilds are dieing also and you would have a hard time finding decently nice people who would actually care to help you undertstand the game.

10. Siege war terrible just terrible, one their are bugs on the bridge with the catapults where you will randomly float, the lagg is just pathetic when your fighting another person, the game itself has a high tendency to crash while doing siege. Cross server guild battles tends to make the sieges unfair and unrealistic and tends to ruin the point of competing within your own server.

Basically i am saying this don't and i mean don't play this game because it will truly ruin your taste for mmo's.

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Ice 11 years ago
Why Cant this game be played in Singapore!

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ExROM 11 years ago
Played the game for over a year now and it went from bad to total disaster. It's not FtP anymore since the company is making it more and more impossible to even level up normally. At higher levels you cannot level up by doing the normal quest and endup either spending lots of money on daily quest resets (not to mention the boring and endless butterfly farming because frogster refuses to make better daily quests according to the current level cap)
Support does no longer exist and the same goes for GM's
If you want to play decent endgame you will be spending more money than 4 years of WoW will cost you.
The game is bugged and, wordt of all, insecure. Even as we speak it is still possible to log on to their servers and retrieve personal data from players (something that has been reported more than 7 months ago and agan has been showed on several forums)
The majority of events on RoM are double dia, 120% dia, 150% dia etc... anything just to make you spent $$$ and buy their friggin diamonds. everything else in the game has become less important. So, unless you want to endup disappointed or spending lots of cash (and yes, there are high end players who spend over 600 Euro on their toon to make it endgame) , i would stay far from it, or stick to WoW which, in the end, is far closer to FTP than RoM will ever be.

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sup 11 years ago
don't get me wrong, game has a solid basic engine, a lot of cool players, it's a ton of fun to play and so on, but


just forget it. you can't do shit as f2p. quite the opposite, this is THE game for the 15y/o who stole daddy's card. in fact there is simply no other option, buying diamonds for game gold won't get you far, you need real $$$ and lots of it, well unless you intend to grind all day for months, and we're talking grind, hunt mobs for hours or repeat solo run inis, all day everyday. About half a year of doing that and you might start to mean something.

if you don't care much about endgame and shit this might be the game for you, but even then keep all this in mind. trust me, as f2p you just hit a wall around 50+ and have nothing to do.

so cool game for the casual player probably, frustrating to unplayable for f2p, very good for p2p (you get to be king)

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Ariesfirewind 11 years ago
I played this for some 2 years I think, got to lvl cap with M/P (Mage/Priest combo), At lvl 60+ I decided that I am an idiot that spends money to buy diamonds and switched to FTP, that way it is impossible to get even decent gear without months of farming (drop rates lowered dramaticaly nowdays) stuff. Game economy is hilarious to say at least. Even crap stuff is auctioned for milions od gold, crafting is nonexistent since that stuff noboy buys anymore after they incorporated damn housemaids. instances are world of itself, Bacicaly you only need to be idiot with loads of gold buyed through one of gold sellers and get imba gear and DD played and you are ready for instance, they are only few instances that requires some knowledge of game. Rest are only farm places. Ok.. Pvp.. I went solid amount of times in guild wars, so I can say 2 things, mercenaries and imba players. Only they wins. To get this review short, nowdays I wandered why I spent that 2 years to became 10 kg heavier?! Forget it crap. Oh btw... Only one class you can get to max lvl there are no enough quests for rest.

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Vinman23 11 years ago
Juat started playing it. Players are very friendly. Can't think of any other game someone would want to play.

Plz no reply

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rukah 11 years ago
I enjoyed playing the game, got to level 14.. thought I was 'big stuff' because I was a priest running around healing everything. Then... the new expansion came out. I sat at my computer, eager to download it when suddenly.. I tried to log into the game.. and my account was blocked! I was confused.. I wasn't hacked.. and I didn't contact anyone in the player base (to get reported or anything). I contacted support multiple times.. they even attempted creating an account for me when.. low and behold I still couldn't log in. The process of me attempting to log into the game, and being told I had the wrong password/name combination even though I typed it correctly, had all the settings they needed, got my boyfriend to try etc.. lasted three days until.. I realized it just wasn't that important being a damned dwarf. I uninstalled the game, said F it and went back to playing my other sub MMOs that I know I can log into.

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monsterkill 11 years ago
Is there a big difference between Spenders (real money) and Farmers inthis game? I just want a game which have balanced players.

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M0nst3r 11 years ago
Best game ever ... i cant say any critic but that game is so amazing i hope they make an app for my smartphone ... with that app i want to do ... change clothes, buy something /buy diamonds , look into my mail box and so on i hope they make an app like that :>

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HatersMustDie 11 years ago
MMO Critic is the only person who did this (not-so-)little gem justice. Although yeah, the P2W aspect and the horrid customer service are a problem.

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AsianGuy123 11 years ago
I hear this game is cool but when i saw the GamePlay this game is BS!!

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SerisFoxglove 11 years ago
The entire game needs to be scrapped and rebuilt. It has so many bugs in its entire system. From the leveling (which is terribly slow) to the skill system (which again is horrid) to the entire crafting system. The least they could do is make the gathering and crafting systems separate. Also, the main drawing feature of this game is the siege which is so full of holes their servers crash or lag to the point of catastrophe. Honestly this game should not be played as apparently the developer doesn't care about its players.

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necramugra 11 years ago
i have played this game over a year and it is broke!! quests broken,items broken, seige wars are so broke it crashes your game and sometimes your computer the lag is so bad it is a 1 1/2 to 2 minute wait for your spell to cast the cash shop items are so over priced this is a free to play game but you will never get to the end if you don't spend $2,000 this games cost more than a monthly pay game had to spend over $500 in the first 6 months just to paly and lvl my toon and if you have more than one toon then double the price for each toon. they don't fix anything they just keep adding more that breaks. stay away from this money pit!!!!

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Somone 11 years ago
Allods is better

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Light-Wolf 11 years ago
i need download to play this game?? respond plzz

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Troll Face 12 years ago
Even Aika or Allods is better... 2/10.. really? top game? i think not... I'll even settle for FW..

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Mr. Pro 12 years ago
EPIC FAIL GAME! if u are even thinking about playing this shjt or whatsoever crap,plz think at least THRICE.. srsly ITS a p2w game... super unbalanced classes lots of bugs .. However it has potential. errrmm... 4/10 for me SUCKS

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Luke 12 years ago
Like many here I tried this game after leaving WoW. Been playing for about 5 months now and don't see me going much further. For all of the potential class combos with the dual (actually tri-class) system, the balancing is so bad that there are few truly viable options. The economy is more screwed up than in real life. If you want to really get anywhere you're going to have to pay a lot of money or spend weeks farming. The quests are constant grinds. To be honest, the entire game is a constant grind with extremely limited gameplay. I'm currently guilded in a mid-range guild in both size and accomplishments. The guild is friendly and active but that doesn't get you too far in this game. Let me give you a couple of examples. When I got my first toon to 50/50 I did a little jumping jack for joy assuming that could open up a world of difference. I couldn't have been more wrong. I queried the guild about what some good instances would be for me to try and they gave me the list. Did a few quick searches on the internet and found that the minimum HP recommendations were about 50% higher than I currently had in gear. So I asked, 'how am I supposed to go through the instances to gear up if I don't have the gear to get into them.' The answer? "Farm for hours and hours or spend a lot of real money.' Make no mistake, you cannot get even decent gear from non-instance drops or quests. There's no equivalents of the green gear jumps in WoW that could make you low-end viable until you finished some instances. The gear is pathetic. And for those of you who like instances (who doesn't) fugghetaboutit. There is no active grouping in this game. Zero spamming for PUG's and no one ever uses the recruitment board. Post 55 guild will run Gobs, HoS and maybe one or two others. That's pretty much about it. The other big whoop-dee-doo is Siege War. Its a weak battleground instance that you can sign up for once a day. And, once again, unless you are will grind! Yes, your toon's job in siege will be as a 'collector' who sits in front of a glowing tower, clicks on it, and farms merit badges. When you hit 50 you call out for someone to collect them and spend them on cool stuff that you'll never use. I suppose there may be some fun to be had if you can ever make it to 60+ and unload the cash to have good gear....or spend months farming.....but what's the point? You will spend more money trying to gear up in this game than you would paying monthly for WoW....with almost zero return in the fun department.

This game is a total bust. The mechanics are okay, so I guess if you just want to solo a bit every day and not get anywhere, then this is the game for you!

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Zerynthia 12 years ago
I like many others tried this game after leaving Wow (most of us have been there).
To say I was letdown is an understatement. The dual class system that everyone bangs on about as "awesome" is robbed from Final Fantasy XII (it might have been in another MMO but I can't remember what one). The sound is alright, the graphics are meh, the gameplay is Wow but not quite as good (and Wow sucks at times as well). All in all dross, those complaints are not even the biggest problems the game has. For a game that makes its living on the back of a cash shop, its a royal pain in the ass. You have to jump through more hoops than a dog at Crufts to get anywhere. I came back to RoM after one of My friends said its been improved across the board (remind Me to slap her for that comment). Once I went to the website and tried to log in to My old account I'm then told I had to enter 4 different passwords and even though I use the same one that I always used, I had to talk to support to get My account unblocked (why it was blocked I'll never know), then once you put money into your account it takes an age to clear and to top it off things are far to expensive, its cheaper and more fun to play Wow (not that I ever will again, been doing that for too long). All in all I didnt see any improvments. What I did see what a husk of a game living in Wows shadow, which is a shame because it had the makings of being interesting. Oh, I'm sure there are some people who will get enjoyment from this game, and if so more power to you. I can't tell you if your going to like this game, I can only tell you that I did NOT.

Toodles for now.

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Joshke 12 years ago
I tried this game about two years ago for the first time. But quitted pretty fast because I was unable to invert my mouse and the graphics really sucked... A few weeks ago I was on another search for "that 1 F2P game that's worthwhile playing". I came back on a page about RoM and it stated that inverting the mouse was possible now. So I checked their website and was surprised to see they had two installers: the "classic" installer and an "advanced" installer and I quote them: "If you want better graphics and sound then download this!"

So I did.

The 8.6 giga installer seemed like to take A FULL ERA to download, as it rapidly downloaded at the start but then crippled at approximately 7.9 giga. It took DAYS to get the remaining of the file. After it finally was completed and installed and I had contributed to massive global warming by letting my pc on for it, at last, the launcher, heum, launched. Only to find out that it had to update for another AGE! Considering this effort, it better be an awesome improvement I was thinking!

So after all that time, watching grass grow and a generation DIE, the "Run Game" button finally lighted up! w0000t!! I started the game, found my noob character was still there, entered the world and...


The graphics suck! The speed of movement sucks! The sound sucks! The quests suck!

Everything feels and looks so empty and without a soul. Entering buildings feels like entering a shoebox, no depth, no nothing. Where is the "Do you like better graphics?" promise? WTF? My rig can run this game everything at the highest setting and it's just plain dull! 10 giga + downloaded for THIS CRAP??? I've seen better graphics in friggin' 2005! And the quests, omg, the quests! How can you call these quests if all you have to do is click mobs like a retard and press some attacks and kill it? Where are the forgotten times where one had to use a health potion ffs? Or gather some stuff you have to "search" for? You can see the f*cking things blinking from space! Or go tell that person something, and then return to me to tell me what he said and oh, btw, that person is on the other side of the map. So walk over there like the little b*tch you are.

So if you are a forgiving retard who doesn't like to use his brain, doesn't have a feel for emerging into a game, doesn't give a f*ck about anything for that matter, I STRONGLY suggest you try this "game"..


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xasuke 12 years ago
yeah well i will try this game means most of the people dont come on mmorgps for pvp.As said above the problems are with pvp so i dont care much about it.

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hmmmm 12 years ago
hmmmmm think i will try this game since it seem like the only problems are in pvp lol i mean really who gives a crap about pvp in point and click games silly no skill nubs

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Evilme 12 years ago
I played game for a long time , and like Simon say Money wins game, coz new player with credit card can have full geard char in 20 days or less,, and yes game is dying, it was nice game on start but, this is frogster, they only care about money. And freaking non balance...Scout/rogue wins the game, mages are usless dont waste your time starting game I say it was very very nice game on start but now Just suck

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sheyn26 12 years ago
I Just started ROM last night. I went in a little skeptical after reading some reviews and watching a view videos on youtube. I am now hooked! I have already started to tell my friends about the game after loosing 6 hours adventuring!

The Character creation is superb! so many choices you can spend a great deal of time getting everything just right on your characters looks. The game was busy even between 3-5 am. The players are helpful, the graphics are good, and I didn't notice any advantage from items from the cash shop, but I play on a PVE server.

I give the game an 8.5 out of ten. Every game has room for improvment. Anyone looking for a great game with easy UI this is the one!

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Josh 12 years ago
I have been playing this game for just over a year now. I have not seen any major problems, nor experienced any major bugs. I play on a PvE server, so there is not much issue with the paid items unbalancing game. I imagine that would be more of an issue with pvp. I have not seen any drops in players either, every time I log in my server is listed as crowded. I have never had trouble finding players to group with, and the cities and towns are always bustling.

I really like ROM and am very excited for the new content to update.

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Simon 12 years ago
This game had potential, but has been run into the ground, it now has serious issues:

1 - Extremely unbalanced classes - Scouts just out DPS everything else by a mile, only r/s comes close. Wardens are useless the have no role, mages do 1/4 of the DPS of scouts.

2 - Lack of variety of classes, basically DPS, tank, healer or useless (approx half the combos). There are no support classes or true CC class, etc...

3 - Pay to win, companies need to make a profit but this is one of those games where they have gone to far in the benefits teh cach shop provides.

4 - Get used to bots and goldsellers and no GM's.

5 - Bugs just don't get fixed (or take and inordinate amount of time months (as in nearer 10 than 2)). Ask anyone about the D/S lvl 50 elite skill, been broken since jan 2010...

6 - Lag, on siege especially is terrible. Again bugs which allow people to cheat at siege take forever to get fixed, ruins it.

7 - Terrible support, they used to have GMs, now all you have is the dire support who send an automated response, if you account gets hacked don't expect any help even if you provide evidence.

8 - The game is dying, most top players have left...

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tmore66 12 years ago
Gonna try it..played wow and GW before but no more money for wow and got bored of GW so..why not..?

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MMO Critic 12 years ago
This game is really nice. I dont know how it runs on high quality, because I downloaded the low quality version to save space on my hard-drive but even on low quality the graphics are good. It has about 1000 quests that kill a lot of time and I'm pretty sure they update them a lot. It's an extremely long download so what I did was play black ops while it downloaded.

When it was finally done I thought to myself "This better be worth it". To say this game is worth the long download is an understatement. I would have waited 5 days for it to download. It is more fun then you could imagine. It is very much like WoW. I don't see anything wrong with that because WoW is probably the best RPG of all time. It has a bunch of classes like Warrior, Mage, Priest, Scout, Rouge, Knight (Humans only.), and Druid (Elves only.). It has a very rewarding player experience and when you hit level 10 you can choose a 2nd class. You can have around 25-30 characters per account and my main is a level 54 Knight as my primary class and a level 48 warrior as my secondary class. Leveling in RoM is like leveling in WoW as your considered high leveled when you reach 55.

The player-base is very large (Thats what she said XD) and most of the players are very nice and are willing to help you out with quests and things like that unlike the Runescape player-base. As you start out you will receive a gift bag for every level you reach and when your level is high enough to open that gift bag you will receive an item that will help you along your way such as a potion, armor, a weapon, runes, or a ring or necklace.

All in all a very fun game, it gets a 9.5/10 from me. Only problem was the ridiculously long download. Please tell me if this review was helpful to you.

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George 12 years ago
The game kind of reminds me of WOW in Beta stage... the graphics are 5 years more dated then WOW's, but graphics were never the strong point for WOW anyhow.... I mean the houses in the game looks like they were cut and pasted right from WOW...Some will sing the praises of this, and others will not....

Combat, and graphics are extremely similar, but the world is a lot smaller, and you dont have the ability to go almost anywhere, and everywhere you'd like, like you do in WOW...To me, it's a very stripped down version of one of the greatest games ever...So, if driving a Dodge Viper, with aPinto engine is your cup of tea, then I encourage you to try it...You get what you pay for with this one, maybe a little more....6 out of 10 for me

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ROM = PWNAGE 12 years ago
I sold my WoW accout to come to this game full time, The best MMO Ive played in a LONG time. Dual Class system is Freaking awsome Mage / Priest is very cool damage and Heals, Rogue / Warrior = Damage Knight / Priest or Knight / warrior is TANK. Rogue / Scout just plain out rocks.
Ive played for a long time on this game, and I LOVE the pvp, you can kill players ANYtime ANYwhere and steal their armors weps any loot they might have on them as long as its not sealed, Ive got blues greens Epics off ppl THIS GAME ROCKS.

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