The Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) developed by Turbine, based on the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, with characters from the books and movies. The game is a formerly pay-to-play MMORPG that is now free-to-play! Players can can now join with millions of other adventurers as they explore the most complete and authentic recreation of Middle-earth ever created and participate in LOTRO’s award-winning story up to level 50 for free, in the fight against the forces of the Dark Lord Sauron.

Adventure as a Man, Elf, Dwarf or Hobbit. After choosing where your character hails from, select region-appropriate color palettes for skin, hair, eye color, and more. Equip yourself with items like sturdy Dwarven armor, intricate Elven mail, or weapons created with the knowledge of past Ages. Choose one of 9 classes: deal massive damage as a Champion, protect your fellowship as a Guardian, beguile your enemies as a Burglar, or try a Captain, Hunter, Minstrel, Rune-Keeper, Warden, or Lore-master.

With hundreds of hours of gameplay, there's plenty to do in LOTRO as a solo player or in a fellowship. Follow the storyline on your own or form a fellowship with other players for epic battles against creatures like Orcs, Wights, and even Balrogs. Coordinated fellowships can use group combo moves to do incredible damage, heal their fellowship, or restore their energy – how they harness the power of a combo is entirely up to them to decide! LOTRO will also include a consensual Player vs. Player combat system (details forthcoming), allowing players to fight against each other for glory and honor!

Turbine also publishes Dungeons & Dragons Online among other games.

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The Lord of the Rings Online

Turbine, Inc.
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Release Date
April 24, 2001
Windows (Client)
Please note this free-to-play game may or may not offer optional in-game purchases.
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Minimum System Requirements (Windows)


Windows XP (Service Pack 2)


1GB (2GB for Windows Vista)


12 GB (+3 GB for international clients)


Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz or AMD Equivalent


at least 128MB Onboard graphics memory

Additional Notes

Specifications may change during development

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User Reviews (73)

Do you recommend this game?
Preston 2 years ago
I tried it and it keeps kicking me out or losing the server- Meaning if I start another world, I can't take the level 3 character and move it? Also, wanted to play with friends and it does not allow me to do that either- do I need to be at a certain level? It is basic skills- at least so far the enemies are not that tough. However I usually do not play these types of games but because some friends wanted to play, I thought why not. But with what is happening I can't even play it anymore?

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taro 4 years ago
-lv 100 pay wall. Once you get Imbued weapons/class-items you'll need hundreds of $/Euro to unlock the necessary levels on this items and that's only for one character. It will be about 300-400$/character unless you have a secondary spec like healing or tanking. In this case is double the money.

Without the unlocked Imbued weapons/items the mobs will rip you apart when you get to Mordor area. Some mobs will kill you even when you fight them 1-on-1 to the point where you can't progress with the questing unless you make groups to deal with single-player quests.

On the other hand if you want grab the credit card you get all the good "stuff": powerful weapons and items, temporary status boosts and permanent enhancements like permanent (+str/+agi) so you can 2-shot all the free players that are stupid enough to try the PvP areas.

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Tokyoa 5 years ago
(The lord of rings online)
+ Classes
+ Decent Storyline
+ Pets
+ Customization's
+ Races
+ Mounts
- Limited Free Trial
- Bugs
- Bots
- Gold Spammer
- Small Community
- Lack of support
Rating: 4/5 Star (Great)

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maldrega 5 years ago
You can earn everything for free in game if you know what you're doing, but why would you want to? It's the most bland, uninspired game I've ever played. The only real thing it has going for it are it's vast cosmetics and weighted combat. But like I said, it's so bland and boring.

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GasMaster 6 years ago
I played this for a few weeks. It was a very fun game, expansive, detailed, full of helpful players, and certainly a lot to do. For something so big it handles very well. A great feeling of being in the Lord of the Rings.

Downside you have to pay for just about everything. Turbine points can be a pain. Gold Cap, Mount riding skill, new areas, missions, and just everything past level 30. For as long as this game has been out its got more Pay Walls then a cheap mobile app. You can Earn Turbine points by clearing everything in the Free areas to buy Gold Cap and Mount skill. You will need to fully do all that on atleast 2 characters to have enough to unlock a new area. It all just stacks up unless you want to pay for them with cash.

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Ivanne 7 years ago
After all this years i can say..Its the best Game ever:) And if you want to pay for it? it cost a few euro`s in a month! Smoking or Drinking is more expensive. If you play it for free..there is plenty to have fun.

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Blake 8 years ago
Not impresses. I have just come back to the game after an absence now I have discovered you have to "pay" Turbine just so you can make money and have the gold cap lifted. Think I will take another absence, permanently.

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DreadfulBride 8 years ago
Normally I don't leave reviews for any game. I've been playing LoTRO long before it went f2p. When I downloaded it I went for the 30day free trial and was vip/p2p 3days into that. It is an mmo there is a monitary intrest in it for Turbine and WB or it would have gone to the dogs. The devs and the staff dont break their stones on this mmo to go home hungry at the end of the day. I feed them and any who play and can afford it should also, (it keeps the best mmo ever created out of pwi's hands). I have over 17 toons on 1 srvr/Vilya all classes/crfts to lvl85-100, (except warden and that dorky new one which should have stayed in the book. I do understand the mmo could really use a new class but that wasnt it). I havent played for a few months now but i will tell you this. If you want to play, create a hobbit and just venture off down the road there is no telling the endless rp you could engage. My only regret is there is no /camp emote to facilitate rp. Only by choice have I pumped thousands of dollars into into Turbine. I have never known a more dedicated and concerned group of devs & staff. If your looking for an mmo that is going to get you fast lvls and to end game, this isnt it, (although one could buy ones way to lvl50 in a flash). lvls 1-20 or 30ish come quite quickly. From Moria on be prepared to grind them out though Moria and beyond, (lvl45+). This is the only mmo I play that is left in my will, (I'm 52 w/ a heart condition). Just dl it, create a hobbit and go for a stroll, you'll be hooked. Viva la Turbine! Just don't let WB bully you off course. DB

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Eugene 9 years ago
I have never played a game that wants you to pay for as much stuff as this game wants. Nearly 400 credits to "unlock your gold cap" of around 2 or 3 gold.. . You have to pay to "learn" a skill to allow you to ride horses. You have to pay to unlock the Auction house so you can sell anything..this is ridiculous!...and to get Traits and Virtues..which I am not concerned about that so much. I was starting to enjoy the game but first was the horse(gotta pay to ride)your own horse, then I tried to sell some stuff..nope...gotta pay to sell in the Auction house or sell to a vendor and deprive others of the rare stuff you don't need or more-so cannot use. Now I wanted to save to gold to buy a tier 2 house ...7 gold..stopped me at 3 gold(got to buy off the cap).

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casey 9 years ago

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SakalCT 9 years ago
I've played over a 1000 hours of LOTRO and I consider it to be the best MMORPG out there. I like it so much that I don't play it for free I actually pay for it. LOTRO is unique - there are games with much better graphics, combat system or whatsoever but LOTRO looks and feels like computer game. The others are mostly only interactive movies. Everytime I return to the game I must smile, because I really feel to be at home there. :-)

Also - this game is very generous to f2p players. There are some limitations - of course - but after all this game is fully enjoyable for free.

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YuleDemone 10 years ago
"Be at peace, the building just fell on him..." My thought to that, fine screw it, be in pieces

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Bic Boi 10 years ago
I'm not one for grind so the idea of grinding TP pisses me off. Likewise I don't have a credit card and most places around where I live don't sell TP so being F2P in LotRO was a big bummer. It's nice to see Middle Earth fully explorable but I can't help but find it a bit more lifeless than in the books..for example the fields outside Bree tend to be mostly empty save for some animals and the occasional bandit or neekerbreeker.

The classes are okay but there is a fairly noticeable disparity between most; Captains are among the worst to try and solo (and if you don't believe me, just check the forums for complaints on how bad Captains are).

It's got some nice, catchy music and the world is bright and vibrant (at times). Combat is responsive and smooth.

Generally the biggest problem that I found was just how empty an experience it can feel like sometimes; there's a lot of greens and browns mostly, so after playing a while everything starts to feel as if it blurs together. It's the fault of realistic fantasy, but I can respect what they were going for.

I would say it's fairly solid for an mmorpg..but avoid Monster Play because of a few key points :

1. Slots for your monster character need to be unlocked seperately from slots for your Free Peoples character (the one you use in the main game).

2. Monsters are almost always inferior stat and skill-wise to Free Peoples until they reach about Rank 10 (which takes a long, long while. I speak from experience.)

The result from those two will be you dying as a Monster a lot. A LOT. It gets depressing when you know you can't stand a chance and need to basically suck it up "until the day when things might turn around". It's a constant issue in Monster Play that gets debated over on the forums repeatedly.

One side will complain they're too weak. Then when they get buffed, the other will complain. The fact is Monster side IS too weak but Free Peoples figure since they have to "earn" their PVP gear that Monsters should never be buffed. The fact is that 99% of the Free Peoples come into Monster Play at max level and are stronger even with their PVE gear than most Monster players..but that's a huge debate best checked out on the forums.

Just..avoid Monster Play. Stick to duels if you want to PVP. Or don't.

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TheRoadie 10 years ago
This is an excellent game honestly. Playing in a vast area and it is true to the original spirit of the books. As to the fact it is free, a well managed points earner will literally help you play for years and still have you a fresh quest and places to explore (plus with Jackson's continued movies I doubt the game will reach redundancy any time soon. ) I myself (in free mode)have stumbled upon many hidden dungeon crawls and monster lairs that have floored veterans of the game.) If you are a serious gamer, I recommend giving this community a try, more often than not you will find a good group to battle with in multi-player mode once you join a fellowship. And if you get tired of playing a hero, they have a monster play that is equally impressive (making it practically 2 games in one). Enjoy.

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hollymolly 10 years ago
how do i download the game after i downloaded it
it didn't show?

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lilyalily 10 years ago
is there a clean version with no blood?

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mrfata 10 years ago
Been playing this game for over 2 years now and at 1st played free to play then switched to VIP when I reached lvl cap. Reason was PvP is nice on good side with 5 chars on lvl cap. The lvling is easy even with free to play you just need to read guides to what areas to unlock with your TP. Crafting is good, a bit easier then some MMO's I played. Very addictive as me and my wife both play the game and the community is awesome. Game is kinda huge for download about 28GB these days on hdd. Mounts only horse (dwarfs and hobbits use pony) and Goats. When you reach Rohan area you get Wars steeds able to run at much higher speeds and able to fight on them in Rohan area. I tried play other free to play MMO's but stayed with his one. I rate it 5/5

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ugurano 10 years ago
good game

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baron 10 years ago
is this game worth playing? what kind of features it have cuz i went to the site and couldn't find much? also does this game have EU servers?

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Drew 10 years ago
For all you claiming its limited... wrong answer sorry. I've had a toon on this game since it wasn't free to play, I have no real problem advancing. True some quests you must unlock, however you can harvest turbine points without paying for them just fine, you also gain experience for slaying and skirmishing... you can use all that and also follow the epic quests to get right on up to the level cap if you want to.

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Andy 10 years ago
Been playing for a while. Some highlights.

First, they stay very true to the books with this game, after playing for months and now re-reading the trilogy I find following the wealth of peoples places and things Tolkien had woven into his work much more familiar. If you are a fan of the books, you will LOVE this game.

Secondly, this is mostly not a player vs player game. Players concentrate on doing quests, and often band together for tougher quests and instances and raids and so forth. While, a player can challenge another to a "spar" that can be accepted or rejected anywhere, there is only one special PvP area where one can play a monster and fight the good guys who go in the area. To access the PvP area as a good guy, you have to build up a very powerful character after playing for months, and likely you will only reach that level if you become a premium member by spending money on expansions and such.

A good thing about it not being PvP except in this special area, is that free players are not subject to be randomly crushed by premium players as happens in some other freemium games.

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ivy 10 years ago
hi everyone

i have played this game for awhile and as far as F2P games go this by far is one of the best.. I know some of the past reviews people cryed that things were to hard personally i like the fact unlike wow they dont hand u the lvs or gear u need to work for things.. i love the fact it actually sticks with the story line .. and as a F2P there are loads of things u can unlock if u actually make the effort to get points to unlock things.. as far as graphics go i have all my settings on high and the lush detail of the flowers flowing in the wind is great.. The detail of water flowing in rivendale is awesome.. and if u choose to pay i love the fact that LOTRO has it whare u pay a 1 time fee 100$ and u can be vip for a year pff wow doesnt even offer deals like that .. If u choose to pay its by far one of the cheaper mmorpgs out there at $10 a month .. there are game cards u can use for time as well..

FYI as a F2P u can play up to the maxx lv which is now 85 not 30 or 50 that people were throwing out there..

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Andrew Ireland 10 years ago
Hi Everyone

very you dreams star funll love lord of ther Ring
proper us I went to tell you about is
love From: lan Mckellen

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daneyuleb 10 years ago
Maybe the best, most mature MMO out there.

Also, one of the few games that uses directx 10 and 11--which create amazing dynamic shadow effects you just don't see in most other MMOs--it's sad that so many new games are skipping detailed, lush graphics in favor of cartoon-y glitz.

Very good job of rendering the feel of Middle Earth. The character models are a little blah, but the scenery, when on ultra-high settings, blows pretty much any other MMO out of the water. And the crafting, and weapon advancement, are incredibly detailed. Just an all around excellent MMO.

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Jorge-Sán 10 years ago
I quote the text from the site: "Once installed you can play for free for 100s of hours, create and level a unique hero through 100s of quests and level to the max level for free!". Whats the max lvl for free? Once I get that lvl am I gonna have to p2p?

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Javier 11 years ago
Has a great Epic quest chain, cosmetic system, unusual but awesome classes, and a great community. I love going to the festivals and getting new outfits :) .

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Rednaxela 11 years ago
I've been trying to pay this...but I get an Unspecified patch error, and I can't fix it >.<

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Tlawo 11 years ago
Really a great game!
It's cash system is very different unlike many other MMOs :D

Normally, to get cash you would need to purchase it and there would be no other option,
But LotRO gives a chance for determined players to actually EARN their cash!
As you play along, you get tons of cash which will help you reach level 50! Even by just playing!

I had to "farm" for TP (Turbine Points - LotRO cash) in order to unlock a set of quests to advance to level 65, and believe me, it is really frustrating! >_<

I am biased because LotRO is by far the only MMORPG game I love playing (normally I get bored with RPGs very quickly) but if I may dare say, Lord of the Rings Online is one of the best games out there and if you haven't tried it yet, then it is MUST to go and download! :D
(but please don't compare this game to other games in-game.... it will make you look stupid hehe...)

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DeathBladeZz 11 years ago
gonna try this game for the first time I HOPE it will tame the beast in me for awhile until raiderZ comes out. CANT WAIT!!!

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jman2102 11 years ago
like jc was saying and sorry for double post

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jman2102 11 years ago
actually the game is free now ... just to buy extras cost $$$

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Jc 11 years ago
the game may b free to play online buy not making u pay for a membership but u do pay to play the game you have to buy the expancions and ect. So i stick with WoW mo game play and more action

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KoiKoi 11 years ago
Pretty good game specially Skirmish Mode :D
Also if you are short on cash you can "grind" Turbine Points :D and if you switch to another server you can grind some there too ^_^ enough to unlock all the game for FREE!
100% free to play no ands ifs or buts about it!

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t3r00r 11 years ago
can i play this game on win 7 x64 ?

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crazzykidd 11 years ago
This is the most boring, stupid, awful graphic game I have ever played. WoW is better then this

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Jackmang 11 years ago
Last I payed for the game was in 2008th, I have tried the f2p and i must say it is horrificly painful to endure.

Long painful grinds, mostly over powered mobs and the fact that my character from 2008 is simply, gone. I just enjoyed paying a ton of money for 4 months only to lose my lvl 38 character to ... unknown reasons. I cannot remember the region nor can i remember the name of my character, it has been 3 years afterall. There is also nothing showing if you got a character in that server or not, which IRRITATES ME!!!

Now i only wonder, if i were to buy Mines of moria and RIse of isengard, would i even get them without spending damn turbine points for them? If not i will be ripped off as fawk.

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kazoo 11 years ago
Really enjoy it! Overall a pretty nice game and the graphics are better than some of the other MMO's out there. It's little things like the animation of getting on your mount rather than it just appearing underneath you that make the game stand out. The only slight drawback is housing. Slots in your home that have predefined dimensions for items rather than being able to place items wherever. I've been a Everquest 2 player in the past and so far haven't found a mmo that's lived up the the detailed aspects of housing, though I will give them props for making the houses look nice overall compared to other games.

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Titanbane 11 years ago
LOVE this game, getting past level 30 as a f2p is difficult but saving turbine points from quests makes new regions/quests available... investing like 10-20 dollars can essentially get you to level 65

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MrKein 11 years ago
great game but ho nows how to get exact same store points you need for a EXPANSION? i give a 4/5
because i just hate expansions ...
what you think guys try the game or not>??

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rainmkd 12 years ago
great game

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CraZyKiDz212 12 years ago
Game Is better Then WoW (WoW Is Not Worth The Money)

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stelstel 12 years ago
Yes the game is limited, unless you pay, imagine that.

Personally I loved this game and the game play with it. You need to work towards things, it's not handed to you and levels are earned not granted. I have a problem with Turbine as a whole right now though and will not play any of their games any longer. I stopped playing for about two weeks and suddenly my account is gone. Not frozen or stopped, just gone. Try contacting their site, it's useless and they don't help at all. I had a class you have to pay for and now I can't touch it. It was bought and paid for, nothing was returned or anything and after over a month of solid game play, I thought it was fine. Guess not.

It's safer to go with F2P on this game, believe me. You can earn plenty of TP by completing deeds as Pherione said. Take part in festivals, kill monsters as you have to do anyways to progress, discover new lands, etc. It's exceedingly easy so there's no reason to whine really. Unless you actually pay for services, it's a fun game. Too bad Turbine is *awful*.

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Zipo 12 years ago
Guys the game isn't free you can play until 30 lvl after 30 lvl everything is locked.You can play pvp raids quests and more...And the problem is that no where says that it is not free.I read forums and one guy bought expansion but now he cant go lvl 65 to play expansion cause he stack at lvl 30

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qerdvnhezr 12 years ago
hmmm ... dammed.... i cant download.... (EU)

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d3tjbmzpfz 12 years ago
I have played this for the past week and I can not stand it. The quests are EXTREMELY spread out and take quite a bit of time to get to everything. I actually had a quest where it would spawn one of a certain mob in the entire area and I would just have to stand there and wait for it to spawn again. In a MMORPG, That kind of nonsense is ridiculous.

I had around 8-9 friends all play with me and even then, I couldn't handle it. I'd give it 2/5 for looking pretty.

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ilsan 12 years ago
Not much to say other than that this is a very good game. The only problem is it's actually quite limited if playing 100% free. For the casual gamer though this shouldn't be a problem at all. Either way it is very enjoyable.

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