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About the game:
Title: S4 League
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Pentavision
Publisher: alaplaya

S4 League is a great free MMO game that perfectly blends nonstop shooter action with inspired anime visuals. It’s a stylish third person shooter with a fantastic and colorful anime attitude that is both terrific to look at and play. The neo Tokyo anime style features great poses and elegance in actions such as running, jumping, shooting and even flying in the detailed and resourceful maps. Best of all, the graphics aren’t very hardware consuming, so most computers will be able to run this awesome shooter.

You’re free to customize your character with hundreds of pieces of equipment, weapons and clothing, showing your futuristic style in this virtual show game. Then it’s time to choose the game mode between Deathmatch, Touchdown or the Chaser. An additional arcade mode let’s you just walk and show your skills while you eliminate tons of enemies.

S4 League is an acclaimed game with a huge playerbase of every level for you to battle. Besides being a fast paced action shooter, it’s also extremely fun to play, featuring a ranking system that will put you to the test.

Explosive Features:

  • Great Visuals.
  • Fast and Fun Gameplay.
  • Customization Options.

Featured Video

System Requirements

S4 League Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
Processor: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz
Memory Ram: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB of free disk space
Video Card: Geforce 2 MZ 440 or equivalent

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  1. This game is run down by the main hacker Called (Watch Dogs). Do not play this game.
    Stay away from game completely for your own safety. (Thank You)

  2. pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside. bad customer service overall 1 to 10 this game gets a 1 being bad. if I where you id give this a complete miss it will be the best decision ever made. these people will not get back to you quickly about errors and will not feel accountable for errors because they chose not to nurture the most important thing you the customer.

  3. This game is pretty fun. I like the music and graphics but the game is kind of lacking some depth. The skills don’t seem to matter that much such as the wall ability and the invisibility ability doesn’t seem to help very much.

  4. guys help. How can I fix the problem of IP or country problems? I cannot play s4league bcoz of it like that. please guys help me. Asia(Ph)

  5. League S4
    + different sets costume for male and female character
    + Many different pets in shop
    + Many different Weapon in shop
    + 6 game mode or more
    – Hacker can ruin the game Completely (Hacker Paradise)
    – Server issue
    – Connection IP Blocked for certain country
    – Bugs and exploit
    – Heavy grind
    – Negative Community Mostly
    – Pay to look good
    – Garapon gamble Problem for Player
    – Poor Anit-cheat protection system
    (System Requirement)
    OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
    Processor: Pentium 3 1.0 GHz
    Memory Ram: 256MB
    Hard Disk Space: 3 GB of free disk space
    Video Card: Geforce 2 MZ 440 or equivalent

    • 2 month ago.. You will not find a room in S4 without atleast 1 hacker. (2 – 3 hackers in a room)
      I hope they update the hackshield, becouse this is really horrible

  6. I rather enjoy this game.

    People complaining about hackers/laggers… first of all, these are VALID GRIPES. Hackers are bullshit and they WILL ruin your fun. If you say otherwise, well, nobody’s impressed with you pretending to be pro, man.

    Laggers, can go either way. Sometimes the lag helps them and makes them sort-of hackers. Sometimes the lag works against them and makes ’em sitting ducks. Either way, it’s kinda sad.

    I should also mention that KICKING NEVER WORKS. First of all, you have to pay 100 PEN to even attempt one. I know it’s not expensive, but still. You have to PAY to KICK someone? That shouldn’t cost ANYTHING. Kicking a dude out for being a douchebag should be free, like air and water!

    But anyway, it doesn’t even work half the time because kicking works on a voting system that NOBODY PAYS ATTENTION to, and on top of that you need a majority vote. S4 League considers a majority vote 8/10, not “just a little over half”. So if there are 14 players in the room and only 10 or so agree, the kick may fail because not enough people agreed. So, there’s how bullshit hackers are.

    But, there’s a very simple way to avoid all of these things that I’m kind of surprised nobody’s bothered to bring up: PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS.

    I have a bunch of friends and we play S4 all the time against each other in private rooms. No hackers bother us. No people jumping in with a crazy lag-buff. Just S4 the way the game was meant to be played. Nowadays the only thing we complain about is when a friend has to ditch out because dinnertime. Xp

  7. Guys i dont want to hurt you or something,but there is the “kick” option,you vote the hacker to be kicked and obviouslyhe is going to,you dont have to beat 😛 i play this game 5 years and im at the highest lvl,tho the hackers are unbeatable nowadays cause they have endless hp and even when they attack with a melee weapon they kill them even if they are behind a wall,the range is endless too:P some guys fly as well.But you have them,just do a kick vote lol

  8. now i hav a question i play S4 league and on the video there r words nxt to the buttons on this vid but when i start to play there is nothing there so is something rong wit my pc or is it suppose to be like tht??

  9. I disagree with the “Cash Shop or Die” Nor with the “Hack or Die” I’ll start off with the Cash Shop or die.
    I, myself and many others all know that the main prospect of this game depends on how skilled you are at the game, not how good your weapons are, sure, it may help you, but if you’re more skilled than them, then you’ll win. I know, some say, what if the really skilled players get the Cash Shop weapons? Well I say just get better than them then.
    Okay to the “Hack Or Die”, I admit, this game does have a terrible anti-hacking system. But, I’ve seen people beat hackers, I can even say from experience that I have. Hackers still have knock back and if you treat them like a Chaser, can be beaten. There are a couple ways, 1: Knock them off the map, 2: keep knocking them down and make them rage quit (I’ve seen it happen) 3: if they have only insta kill and not inf hp, just out skill them. 4: If you actually have a fair team on the other side, ask them to kick him AND ACTUALLY VOTE.
    Oh, btw about the Chaser being beaten by Cash Items, you don’t need a Cash item to beat a Chaser, I’ve beaten chasers alone just by knocking them down or dodging them continuously. xD

  10. problem of this game its, not the hackers, the weapons, to much difference from casher and non casher.

    and not perma weapon??? s4 league its shit

  11. S4 League gives you three options

    1) Cash Shop or Die. (Seriously, even as chaser who has a somewhat GOD MODE you can die by cash shop players)

    2) Hack or Die

    3) Reroll another toon after you get kicked from the noob room.

    • I dont agree with you and your points ^^

      1)”Cash Shop or Die”- I like to say that without cash shop is like playing on the hard mode, because yes its more dificult to kill a player with an 1% gun when he has a 11% one, yes its difficult BUT when you can actually win against one: or he is a noob or you leraned how to play well 🙂
      2)”Hack or Die”-Hacks are STUPID, an hacker is in my opinion that person that doesnt know how to play and hacks just too win, or that person that is bored and wants to f**ck everyone else , conclusion hackers are stupid, I only find them on the early lvls and sometimes (rare) on higher lvls
      I was a noob on the begginer now im MUCH better, really i was worse than a dog playing -.- now im hmmm considered a semi-pro (still not a pro >.<)
      My opinion 🙂

      • 1) Lol. Cash Shopers gunning down chasers SOLO is not OP? Ok then.

        2) The game managers don’t even try to fix their game security. The hacks were on the first freakin page of a google search, result #1.

        You’re a delusional fanboi.

  12. Warning: My english isnt the best soo im sorry for any erros you may find 😀
    I have been playing s4 league for quite a while now, I played on the close beta and 4 months after de open beta, I will be realistic I was a noob, I couldnt use the melee weapons right and i totally sucked.
    After that i stopped playing till season lightning dark (something like that) again played for a couple months (still a noob) 1-2 months and stopped…….then my two bffs started playing and asked me too play again (they were quite good playing) i acepted under the condition that they would teach who to play better ^^ soo that day i downloaded the game…..the game was one the season iron eyes that season his known has the season with the most hackers WHY? because it was rare not to see one in game -.- it wasnt nice but i still played with my friends and they helped me a lot ^^ one of the bad things i had was that i hated the most classic weapons in S4, plasma sword and i used one of the called “noob weapons” twin blade soo i started learning who to play with plasma and bat and soo time passed i didnt play much soo i only had two accounts lvl 40+ xD I get bored really easy soo i tend to stop playing for a a couple days then go back to play the game like a crazy person ^^

    Now im going to explain the game modes ^^
    -DM-two teams killing each other to see who gets more kills, the time that get more kills wins
    -TD-two teams one ball, its like soccer with the exception that if you get the ball it goes to your head and if you die any player can get it (same team or enemy) and that u shoot other people to defend you goal post ^^
    -BR-all against all….hmmm…you kill everyone that you see xD
    -Chaser-One player is chosen as a “reaper” and has to kill the other playes on the time limit, and the other players have to run (recomended) or try to kill the chaser(not recomended he has a lot hp) in the time limit, every round a new chaser is choosen (ramdom)
    -Siege-there are 3 hmm “bases” that you have to conquist, if you conquist that base your team gets some points, the time that has the most points wins…..if the other time conquisted a base you can go there an reconquist ^^ you can see on youtube i think i didnt explain that well

    Now you have diferent types of modes:
    .practice-you practice agains robots that dont move but shoot against you
    -arcade-recomended to do with other players, its basically a story that has many fases the last one is the boss ^^
    -Cub defend-recomended to do with other players but can be done alone (Zeta did it) you basically defend a cub agains robots (they can move)

    Now im going to talk about the item shop:
    The weapond arent unlimitated they have a time limit example i buy a shotgun for 5 hours, after five yours PLAYING IN GAME the shotgun expires…..To get unlimited weapons and swords you need to use real money and buy capsules on those capsules you MAY get an unlimited weapon or pet.The same aplies to clothes.
    BUT if you cant use real money then S4 gives you another posibilitis like:
    -Ramdom shop-you can get weapons, swords or clothes/hair unlimited or limited of 1% till 9% atack/defense….4hp…..and 6sp
    -Events-they may give you clothes or pets
    -PEN capsules- you use pen (in game currency) to get capsules of certain weapons ^^

    For me S4 League is a unique game that you dont find everyday (duelz is totally diferent -.-) its an enjoyable 3d shooter with an really unique style that i think you should give it a try ^^
    About the hacker problems right now its MUCH better than before but you can still find them on the early rooms (rookies). My opinian is that is an amazing game that people should try 🙂

  13. The word “hack” was mentioned a total of 40 (now 41) times in the comments..gee..I dunno..this game might have a problem of the illegal program usage kind…

  14. This game is awesome the terminated the hacking situation so now we dont have anyhackers till futher notice futhermore this game is great hope you check it out

  15. S4 is a great game and they even balanced it out for people who complain about ap and such by adding a new burning system. This burning system gives people extra stats under losing conditions. Any way i do not see what the fuss is about ap, i have full PEN and i (and hundreds of other s4 plyrs) are very capable of defeating an ap player. S4 is about getting the first hit and crits not just standing there and watch yourself get pulmerized. <3 u all <3 s4

  16. Too many hackers. Not worth my time when I can play other games that aren’t as hack-infested. Yes it’s got its own style and blah blah blah. This is about the community and the hackers. The fact is they are awful and that isn’t going to change until the game dies. So the game, to me, is already dead. Haven’t played it for years and even if they were to give away 500,000 GP I could care less. The damage is done.

  17. Would b an awesome game if it wasn’t overrun by hackers, i mean theres 2 of then in every freaking room, cant believe developers aren’t doing anything, i went to s4 forum and ppl complaining there just got told to take scr shots if they c a hacer and send it to aeria…..

  18. I was one of the very first to play this game during the beta years ago,I stopped playing it around 1 or 2 years ago when the game started with the new Reaper mode (The mode when one of the players is a Grim Reaper and everyone must kill him), lag started to spread, hackers started to show and items turned into Pay 2 Win.
    Although when it first started it was absolutely fun, I played over hundreds of hours.
    And all the items were permanent.
    Helas !
    Hence the hatred I have for alaplay for ruining my very first loved game.

  19. Okay, I’ve read through a good deal of these comments and I have to say this. S4League is a great game with good graphics, gameplay, and customization. For the record I’ve played this game on and off for three years and I have 2k+ matches under my belt, so I know a thing or two about this game. There are also an abundance of game modes. The modes are Touchdown, Deathmatch, Captain, Chaser, Siege, BR (Battle Royale), and arcade. I’m pretty sure that the modes were explained in the comments above, except captain, so I’ll elaborate on that. Captain is basically a mode where if the teams are even, then everyone is bound to have 500 HP each. The goal is to kill the enemy captains, while keeping yours alive. Let me say this one more time. EVERYONE is a captain, so in other words, don’t help your team fight and you most likely won’t win. However, those that enter the game late will not be one, because they were not there at the start of the round. When next round comes, then they’re a captain along with everyone else. Now, in the instance that your team deserts you and you have to fight 5 or 6 people alone (It’s happened to me.) don’t worry so much. The game will compensate you by making all the enemy captains have their base 500 health, but you should have anywhere from 2000-3000 health for the duration of the round, depending on the number of enemy captains.

    Okay, now that I’m done explaining that mode, let’s move onto pretty much whatever else I can cover. We’ll start with the actual pvping between players. I’m going to say this right now. People who pay get a big advantage and I mean BIG! Weapons can have +11% damage, plus x amount of hp, 3% movement speed bonus, and I think max SP bonuses as well. On top of that, you have your gear which gives bonuses in pretty much every stat,except speed, but I think that applies to pets (I’m not sure.). I’ve seen clothes that give 9% attack damage increase, so combine that with your weapon and that’s 20% right there of bonus damage. Although, I think 9% is restricted to random shop (Fumbi Shop), and if that’s the case, then the cap on the damage from FP (Force Packs) is 7%. Still, 18% bonus is a lot of damage. Just to deviate from the gear for a second, they devs say the game is about skill and I understand this, but how the hell can they expect skill to overcome a blast from guns that if they hit deal 18% more damage than the normal +1s!? Yes, you can dodge bullets, but there’s only so much that you can do, especially vs weapons like HMGS (Heavy Machine Guns). They fire fast and hit hard, very bad combination. The only flaw is that 1 second charge before it fires, but that’s not even enough time to recover after using a melee attack, which is about 2-3 seconds depending on the weapon and it only takes 1 critical hit and maybe 2 body shots and your dead from 100 health. That seems really unfair. There are even instances when, even if i’m wearing full defense set from fumbi with pen level stats of defense that I can still get hit by a random SMG bullet and take anywhere from 1-36 damage. Oh and by the way, I think this was some months ago, but they upped the power of all the weapons in the game, so that they deal more damage now, so it’s easier to break destructible objects. Melee weapons, like CS, Plasma Sword, or Storm Bat (This weapon was pretty much a 1 hit K.O., before getting AP and FP versions) can 1 hit K.O. even without landing a critical hit. Anyways, aside from that it’s pretty easy to earn pen to get gear and weapons, but yes the timer is on the clothes are complete BS. Why would you set the most expensive and if not, then second most expensive Pen items in the game for day timers? If you’re not playing for like a week and your stuff only has a week left, then they’re gone by the time you get back, while you’re weapons will just sit there with a timer that goes for actually playing, which in my opinion is messed up. I’d much rather have the clothes and weapons have the same time for expiring, meaning if I play a match, then I want both of them to run down throughout the time I spent in the match. I think that would be much better than what they have now. I don’t even purchase the Pen clothes, because of that. I go for Fumbi items that, by the way, have a chance to give you anywhere from 1 day-30 days- permanent items, but you don’t get pick what you get and it only costs 1k pen per chance (Seems a lot better than paying 15k for a freaking 30 day shirt huh?).

    Not that everything is bad, but Alaplaya does give out good events to earn AP and chances for free perma gear, but they do a lot of pvp events, which when ya think about it, people who spent money for AP and have perma sets have an advantage over you. I suppose the skill factor comes more into play here, yes, but are you really expecting to have an equal fight with an AP/FP user? Just saying. And from all of this that you may have guessed, the defense stats for FP gear are indeed high. I think last time my friend told that his FP defense was like 15% for pretty much every def stat across the board….. So even critical hits deal much less damage. Aside from this, at times it can be very easy to kill FP users. If they’re unskilled, then they make for pretty easy targets and once you’ve become an intermediate players, in terms of skill of course, you should be able to be almost on par with some of the pros, even the ones that use FP.

    Despite the fact that this review is kind of long, the game is really fun to play. You may get frustrated with the paying players, but remember this. They’re the reason the game’s still alive. If this discourages you from playing the game, then I am sorry. If this makes you wanna play more, then by all means play. However, if you’re a rookie, I do recommend you steer clear of the Free channels, because that’s where a lot of high level people go. I’d go with the beginner channels, because it’s much easier to hone your skills there, before entering the harder games.

    This is ThunderGrave! Signing off! *Bows*

  20. Hello Every One,

    I had once downloaded the game recently to play, but to my bad when I logged into the game and tried to get in with a character but it wouldn’t let me in all I had to do is just create a character and just Boom with a waiting screen which used to pause.

    I believe that they have IP bans on majority of the countries like Asian…. And I am from India…

  21. I actually disagree with all the bad comments on this game I haven’t spent even 1 cent on this awesome game although if you want what the people who do spend money on it you will have to work you’re butt off however most people don’t even get them and I haven’t seen 1 hacker for the 153 matches I’ve played (Yes I’ve played that many) so, in my opinion this game is great and if you feel like actually putting time into a game, look no farther! This is the game.

    • You’re dilusional. I actually found this game easy to hack MYSELF when I did a google search and found the first result to be a DL and Run Hack that gives free AP weapons, Ignores Room Rules and many other crap.

  22. this games a lot of things, but it’s not free to play. This game is pay 2 win incarnate, if you don’t spend money you will be at a complete and total disadvantage vs people who do.

    Go into this game expecting to spend at minimum $100 on it
    (anyone who likes or recommends this game HAS spent money on it, and don’t believe them if they tell you otherwise.)

    • if they gave medals for years of acc id have about 2 now? Also iv’e enjoyed this game a lot and i haven’t spent a dollar on it >_> the little fumbi capsule gives perms but at a rare rate which is not horrible (Perm Assault riffle and Rescue Gun) Sure i admit the limit days items have are just awful, and the hackers do just ruin the game but i have found some enjoyment from time to time and have you seen the money spenders on the game?? They mostly use it for costumes and most the time suck at hitting things >_>

  23. This Game Use To Be Fun But Now It’s Sucks Cause Of This Bloody Hackers And Noob Hackers Made The Game Lose Players You Can Still Play It But You Will See Alot i Mean Alot Of Hackers Trust Me

  24. I’ve played S4 League for a while now (2 weeks / Level 22), and I have to say I quite enjoy it!

    The graphics are nice, and the costumes allow you to customize your character to the max (although I’m really hoping that there will be more costumes and weapons). It’s very easy to get the hang of, although it can be a bit frustrating at the beginning, just like any other game. There is only a short tutorial at the beginning, albeit with poor English, but it’s understandable. Players are pretty friendly, and there is a large player base.

    There are different game modes, such as Chaser (kinda like Juggernaut mode in CoD or whatever), Battle Royale (Free-for-all mode), Touchdown (ball game, like soccer), Deathmatch (Team vs Team), Arcade (Story Mode), and Siege (Capture the Flag). There are a limited number of maps, but alaplaya will probably add more.

    However, there are disadvantages, such as the fact that you must constantly buy weapons and costumes. All items you buy (except for the Training Homing Rifle and Training Spy Dagger, which you can repair) have a time limit, so if you buy it for 5 hours, once the time runs out, the item will expire, which gets annoying for lazy people like me. In addition, there are sometimes glitches, and it has its fair share of hackers and laggers. Poor English isn’t very helpful, such as when someone captures a base in Siege, the notification says “Capture Yinns [player’s name] base, Way to go, 2 [base number]!” Quite annoying for grammar nazis (like me T_T). Also, when your ammo runs out, the only way to refill it is if you die and respawn. Hope they fix this stuff.

    S4’s still one of the best free shooters I have played, with its unique characters and the sci-fi theme. Really recommend this one 🙂

  25. Hi, well i played for awhile, i do like the esthetic of the game, grafics not bad, is funny play though, but… the first question i did during a mach was: How do i recharge the ammo when is empty ? the people answer me : no, you have to die to respawn with ammo . So i did not like it at all, the items system dont like too, cause if i buy something and i go to holidays i lost the item cause is by time.

    Don´t like don´t like don´t like ” KABOOOOOOM” (all dead)

    Attentively a bomb with no fuse

    • Personally, I’ve always crisndeoed VII to be way overrated, but that might be as a result of me not getting a copy to play until a few years ago. I was introduced to the franchise with X, and I’ve played them all except for the MMOs. XII is definitely my favorite, despite or maybe even because of the somewhat alien battle design; the depth that went into creating that game, from the humongous backstories about the Occuria and the Espers really drew me in, as I’ve always loved stories. I also think X-2 gets a bad rep because of its battle design, but I thought it was amazing as well, though the game had almost TOO much free reign over your destination. Regardless, you certainly know your FF.

  26. great game to fun and make friends but what i hate about it are the ppl who take the game way too seriously. like most of the guys who complain about noobs in the comments. everyone starts off as a noob u want to play stop playing with noobs?help them learn other than go play something else no one wants to hear you whine and complain about ppl just playing for fun.

  27. great game on a whole, season 3 makes it look alot better, but its introduced of spamming, im from eu, i play the eu server great server, but all these americans jumping on it, some of em are cool and dont lag while others are so laggy as soon as u respawn in touchdown u lose like half ur hp and they run into ur base and kill all def so theyre team scores

    • dude thats just an strategy used to score and its the same as using anchor breaker dagger and twin blades!!!

  28. The new biggest problem with this game as coconut says is the noobness of players and they think they are pro and the best player for doing it.

    • they think there pros and then they play some one way better than them and they call them hackers i got botted out of game 3 times today just for pwning the entire group in BR plus they dont know how to use weapons or how to move at all

  29. Game is definitely a lot of fun and easy to get the hang of. I’ve played on and off for the past three years (and am officially never going back.) The hackers were a big downer, but the system has gotten much better at getting rid of it, and what’s left isn’t that bad, personally speaking. I do, however, hate the newbness of practically every player. If you happen to be really good at this game expect to be spammed by the entire community and evicted from a few matches. If there is an option to turn off the chat log, I highly recommend you do so.

  30. alot of hackers ruin this game but the shit is people dont vote kick hackers from matches if u go to the high rank players say bye bye to hackers but dumbass noobs dont vote them out of a match and once ur voted out of a match you cant come back into, i dont know where admin is they should have admin as moderators in matches to kick hackers without a vote and bann them from the game. apart from that this game is badass. just my opinion.

  31. afssssssssss demora muito prá carregar o baguio e meu amigo abaixo falo que demora umas 5h ou 5dias naum lembro mas hj eu vou lá jogar com ele heheheheh ^^ o muleke aqui é esperto

    • Fran u are not smart massive meaning all of people who signed up to play the game REETARTED its like saying only 16 people play Black ops or MW3 or BF3

  32. Well i havent played this game in literally a year. it was fun back then im not so shure now after all the comments. but ill always regret it if i dont try. i had to get rid of the game because of the lag and well its hard not to miss that game ;| wish me luck. im about to download it again

  33. I like this game yosh !!! Its the best game i ever played although the 1st and the last time in the same day when i tried playing it yosh…damn it yosh…. T_T ….right now i never touched or play it again yosh…i think my things had gone expired yosh…

  34. this game is awsome! even if there are hackers just go and create a room with only your friends… btw if you happen to come there my nick is kudlius100… be sure to try it before you think it sucks… its more fun when playing with your friends then in a public room

    • because that’s all they can do, blaming something without knowing what their mistake

      that called HUMAN NATURE

    • Why do you play game ?
      to have fun

      Do you have fun if you come in a game where in each match there is a hacker that headshot you before you can do anything ?

      I don’t have fun for that kind of game so I prefer to avoid playing game where there are too many hackers

      Sorry MonkeyMall can you explain me what is my mistake not loving “not playing”

      • monkeymal ur right u should’nt judge a game by the hackers but Its WAYY TO OVER POPULATED but its still a fun game its fun gmae without a match with hackers and with me i don’t run into a lot of them guess im lucky or something

  35. I honestly think that MicroVolts are better then S4.

    one ting that ruined S4 for me, are laggers. Everyone come to EU server even if they aren’t from EU.

    • its not that popular outside of EU no one likes that crap so the few fans outside of the EU went to EU servers because no one plays from their country and if you cant kill a lagger then ur a noob distance lag is no problem but the players that have bad connections thats another story

      • Actually aq lot of People in USA and otehr COuntries n about it im from USa and alot of peple from USA play on teh EU server and plus a lagger for the Game is tooa dvanced for COmp is easy kill but Lagger bad connection moght kill u cause their moves are invisble plus this game got a lot of Hackers and i couldnt beilve how easy it is to ahck i tried it and boy was that easy it was like a flash game man it so easy its pathtic but if u get caught then u are screwed because u have to make anew accuoant casue u cant play on taht accouant until (for my riend whogot casught) 31/12/2071

      • hey! you sayin that becouse you never saw EU
        you just bullshitting around and say that lagg killing noob is and that eu that only does
        wel eu is better then america or else u are from

        • ituchi people in USA are a bunch of people who spend all their money on the game so there only Rookie 5 and they as strong as a Semi Pro 23

      • try a lagger that litterally jumps across the map and kills u as soon as u spawn, then talk like that


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