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About the game:
Title: Star Trek Online
Status: Released
Developer: Cryptic Studios
Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Star Trek Online (STO) is a free to play 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG based on the popular Star Trek series. In this massively multiplayer online game from Cryptic Studios, players can pioneer their own destiny as Captain of a Federation starship or they can become a Klingon Warlord and expand the Empire to the far reaches of the galaxy. Journey to strange new worlds, create brand new missions and take part in epic ground and space missions.

Players will have the opportunity to visit iconic locations from the popular Star Trek fiction (Starfleet Academy, Deep Space Nine, The First City of Qo’noS and more), reach out to unexplored star systems, and make contact with new alien species. Players can also design and create their own content to share with their friends and the entire Star Trek Online community using The Foundry toolset.

Explosive Features:

  • Based on the popular Star Trek series
  • Space and ground combat
  • Great Customization

News and Updates

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System Requirements

Star Trek Online Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Processor: Intel dual-core 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 + 3800
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 10GB of free Space
Video Card: ATI Radeon X1800 or NVIDIA GeForce 7950

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  1. The requirements need to be updated. I have a 4gb amd a6-9220e laptop with a Radeon R4 for a graphics card and I still can’t get over 25 FPS.

  2. Well im a seasoned gamer with a bit of age and I will admit Star Trek Online is quite an enjoyable game to play. I dont feel pressured into buying anything. People who complain about this game should stop and just turn it off. What are you all expecting from a free to play game? Honestly.. it is for a free to play game one of the best I have come across. To all those complaining I say to you.. Build a Bridge and get OVER it.

  3. Looks like some people here have some massive buyer’s regret here. Look….you’re an idiot if you buy lockboxes plain and simple. However, for the amount of entertainment available I think it is more than fair that the developers get some paychecks. Buy a ship or two, be my guest.

    A while back I played this game exclusively for roughly two years. As far as I know there is no other Sci Fi, f2p, mmo, with space AND ground combat in existence. And yes, it is totally free to play…all of the content. Period.

    Try it out, play it as long as it is fun for you, it IS a fun game.

  4. Game is probably one of the worst if not THE worst money pits out there. New ships and items aren’t usually offered anywhere else in the game except in lock boxes you have to buy keys for with real money most the time…and those lock boxes only give you a “chance” to get the ships. Once you hit end game (which can be done in like 2 days from level 1) you are pretty much forced to get all the pay-to-win gear. The free ships you get through leveling will sit on a shelf because they will not be good enough in real team play.
    The only reason this game is alive is because of the Star Trek name…. if this were any other title this game would have fallen flat on its face the minute they turned it into a wallet-fed source of entertainment…. trust me…i know.. I have spent in the thousands with not much to show..

  5. The best free to play space game I have played so far. I have played this game for a couple of years and not once did I ever feel like I had to put a single penny into the game. My second character reached the end of the game and when he did I only then realized that not once had the game ever asked me to pay for something. That Impressed me so much that I decided to put I little cash into the game to get myself the special bird of prey. In the end I was just playing PVP space battles. Unfortunately the PVP part of the game has gone downhill quite a bit after recent updates. And some of the new missions are not really impressive, so I have no reason to play anymore until I feel like creating a new character one day. Overall still a great free game, one of the best in my opinion.

  6. This was at first an enjoyable game, but once you hit level 50 the thing becomes not enjoyable, unless you want to sink a lot of real money into it your ship and weapons will never be enough, playing the later levels (especially the delta Quad) with a ship that was from the standard selection is impossible, every enemy will destroy you in a matter of seconds, plus the game is not Star Trek anymore as every mission is just destroy your enemy, it is just an excuse to rip money away from fans of this series, very disappointing.

  7. STO is a game trying to bilk money out of Star Trek Fans who want to look at their Federation ships. Ground combat is awful. End game ships are $30 each- sure, you TECHNICALLY don’t have to buy them, but to grind the Zen you would need for 1 ship (3000), at 22 zen per day (that’s if you never use dilithium), it isn’t really feasible. And to be competitive, you need several of these $30 ships.

    PVP is not only ignored, mechanics are introduced regularly to make it unplayable. There are 3 factions, but, really, if you don’t play the Federation one, you endure endless bugs that never get fixed. Instead of faction balance, they just continuously throw Federation content at you- there are “buy me!” indications everywhere. The gamblebox stuff is highly prevalent, and the drop rates from (paying to) opening one are less than 1% to get something that isn’t garbage.

    The lag has been horrid for well over a year, now. They keep introducing massive power creep that only adds to it, and it never gets better.

    TL DR: If you heart Captain Kirk, and want to shell out hundreds of dollars to look at virtual Star Trek ships, this is for you. As long as you don’t want to play the actual Enterprise(beyond the starter ship that you buy, only to outlevel it in 20 minutes), Klingons, Romulans, PvP, or lag-free.

  8. Ahh what can be said about Star Trek Online? First and most importantly; DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR PLAY THIS GAME. EVER.

    This ‘game’ is a thinly veneered series of scams designed to force you to remain logged in so the development company ‘Craptic Studios’ can take those numbers to Perfect World Entertainment and prove they have a hit game. They don’t. Their game is a disaster of incredibly broken game balance (seriously, you have to see it to believe) paywalls for even an ‘ok’ ship, and endless bugs that have riddled the game since launch and never been corrected. Not ‘oh that’s annoying’ kind of bugs, but came crashing item deleting character destroying bugs that Craptic doesn’t address or acknowledge.

    The game’s engine is around fifteen years old and was behind the curve even when it was debuted. It’s bare bones are the same trash that ‘runs’ Champions Online, another disastrous failure of Craptics. (that one was supposed to be Marvel Online, years ago, but Marvel took one look at the unbelievable garbage Craptic had thrown together and pulled the plug immediately. Craptic bought a ghetto intellectual property called Champions, a bad tabletop RPG from the early eighties and retooled the game to fit that). The ingame models and graphics have the look and feel of Playstation 2 era gaming, which, if you’re into nostalgia, is a home run for you. The majority of the game’s combat occurs in space, which is a tired rinse and repeat kind of combat that never fails to bore, as the engine is so old that nothing really new or interesting can ever be added to it without breaking the poor thing.

    There are a lot of folks that will claim that STO’s strongest point is the everything available in the Zen Store can be purchased with ingame currency. This is ‘technically’ true. It is also an intellectually dishonest thing to say. The Zen Store currency, or ‘Zen’ can be purchased at a quantity of 1 Zen for every 386 Refined Dillithium (just checked the Exchange). To put that in perspective, it requires 6000 Zen to acquire the new ship pack. You are permitted to Refine Dilithium at the rate of 8000 total per day. You would require 2,316000 Refined Dilithium in order to purchase the Zen to buy that Ship pack. Looked at another way, it would require 289.5 days of refining dilithium according to the artificial refinement limit Craptic put on the mechanism to keep you from being able to purchase the item conveniently. So, unless you’d prefer to grind for an entire year to get a ship that will be obsolete in two months, you can always just fork over 60$USD for the pack. Seriously. Craptic on average wants 30ish dollars for a ship. Most of which are lackluster in usage and application, and especially recently, required little to no effort on Craptic’s behalf to make. The last set were just slightly retooled reskins of ships already in the game.

    The player response to this policy has been to create a legion of alts, and not four or five, the average player I have encountered on this game has around 2 to 3 dozen alts that exist solely for the purpose of playing with the game’s broken internal economy, refining dilithium and transferring it to the main character, and botting. ‘Botting’, if you’re unfamiliar with the term, is the use of third party programs that automate the process of acquiring ingame resources while you’re away from your computer automatically. There are four major groups in the game that I am aware of that have literally hundreds to around a thousand bots each doing this. The end result is an utterly broken and unusable internal economy and Zen Exhange rate. Craptic was made aware of this in mid and late 2015 and chose to take no action, probably fearing that the people responsible for breaking the ingame economy were probably also responsible for keeping this dying dinosaur on life support.

    The game’s ‘community’ is utterly, utterly toxic. So much so that the game’s development team has publicly stated on numerous occasions that they never read their own forums. The ‘community’ there is vicious, spiteful, and petty in ways that only neckbearded basement dwelling fortysomethings can be. Instead, the Developers use Reddit to interact with their community. Of course, their subreddit is crawling with sychophants and reflects little of the reality of the ‘game’. A new player will find little to no help there. (and let’s be honest, the last time STO had a new player was probably around February of 2015).

    Now let’s talk about content. This game has very little. While I was convalescing from a spinal surgery, I played this game for about three hours a day for two weeks. At the end of that time, I had exhausted all of the game’s ‘content’. And I have to use the word ‘content’ loosely. Most of the episodes (especially since late 2014) are so spectacularly poorly written that you really will sit there and cringe, wondering how in the blazes CBS ever let this hit the screen. “You’ll never catch me!!” is a phrase tossed over the shoulder of a retreating Cardassian aggressor in the extraordinarily bad retooled Episode Series ‘Of Bajor’. Do yourself a favor if you manage to make it that far. Right click on the folder containing STO and hit Uninstall. You’ll thank me.

    Recently, Craptic’s theme has been to crank out more and more pay to win ships than anything else. Little to no new content since early last year, with the exception of ten to fifteen minute long ‘Featured Episodes’ they grudgingly throw together without proofreading or editing. They’re just awful.

    Star Trek Online went from ‘A Star Trek game!” around launch to ‘Intergalactic Generic Space Genocide Wars online!” in 2016. Three of the major plotlines ingame resolve around committing total genocide of one species or another. Very Star Trek, Craptic.

    So, if you’re looking for a game that will infuriate you, attempt constantly to rob you, subject you to being forced to stay logged in while your Research and Development, Queues, and Doff and Admiralty (oh man don’t get me started on this mess) to finish up and enjoy being a shill for a development company that is affectionately known as Bait and Switch Online, then this is surely the game for you.

  9. My favorite game ever! I started to play this game in 2012. Lately I have burnout symptoms from this game. BFAW playstyle that is the current Meta is sucking the lifeblood out of his game. If they would eliminate the damage dropoff from cannons and improve enemy AI not just make them HP immortals, it would be nice again. Right now (2016) are cannons useless and one is forced to play Beam Fire at Will (BFAW) or GTFO. Advice to new players is roll a Romulan Tac grind Scimitar add all dual beams array in front, some Romulan or if Kdf Nausicanans Boff and you will then already doing about 25k dps Its still one of the best Free to play models out there. You can buy all from ingame shop by grind.

  10. BY far the best star trek game iv ever played…it was so in depth ;that it took me two weeks to figure it out and 2 months to master just one race.
    In short loved it

  11. STO is a beautiful concept based on a wonderful franchise.

    However, with the release of a pay-per-chance upgrade system in season 9, there’s no longer any chance for free-to-play players to stay competitive. Furthermore, the requirements and rewards for PVE have changed every month for the last 8 months. Only the most well equipped ships can finish the ‘elite’ PVE matches and therefore only those who’ve already bought the most have a chance to win decent prizes. Mix in a few thousand bugs (most of which are 5 years old), constant nerfing, and a support staff/community staff whom OBVIOUSLY don’t play the game, and you’ve got a great recipe for disillusionment.

    Disappointment after disappointment, this ‘game’ is to the Star Trek franchise as Kahn is to Kirk.

    If you want to retain fond memories of the Star Trek universe, I recommend you to go play something else.

  12. Hi all just wanted to update my exp of sto so far for season nine……..they did allot to stop the power creep but they allso took allot away….. forums have became more social and find info on everything better the change the moderation’s systems and i think it helps. lets start off bye saying spaced is filled with romulans still. But with the limited aux too bat build and limtied traits the game feels better over all….. The graphics upgrade looks killer but older machine’s beware makes my quad core machine 8 gig ram laptop gaming graphics card bleed…… The game pvp revamp hasnt never happen some of the content added was awesome like the feature episode for season nine just a work of art honestly…… over all i was shocked and a lil impressed……. hoping to see what the rest of the season content looks like in a couple months sigh do i say i have hope…… btw less grind then ever before its getting better….. just wish they had better turn around time tickets times basically they listen they even made on better the sci class i hope they stick with it not hype us up for a fail well everyone i telling worth playing again if u have a newer machine and a lil patient it one point we all get mad

  13. Well i cant agree more David, Honestly you are right the level of trolls on sto forums is horrid.
    And further more they rape all humans cap just to sale ships pvp is a joke lol. Conjento is giving them hell and the lag is allays there specially in pvp…… truly sad that this great game idea is in the hand of devs that dont listen to there customer’s something else i been playing over 2 years and think the romulan faction has kill Klingon faction who want to be a romulan the only reason people even use them is because of there damage bonus that. its sad i pug a que and saw 8 roms all using the same skills no use’s there own build ne more they all use same set of skills there is no diversity in space wtf.. there is no originals in space when this happens is game over lol….. allso with season 9 i expect the learning cure to get worse so its going to be harder for new players specially with the forums being controlled bye a set group

  14. I have been a player since before f2p. I also been around to watch poor pvp go to worse. They have killed the Klingon faction heart and sole of pvp in sto.. For what a op faction just to sale ships…… legacy of romulous was a death sentence for grind and more grind.

    At the beginning fleets became away we could hang now they become gangs of hip flying around controlling zones and ruining players exp…. Like yesterday spawn camped over 4 hour couldn’t leave zone or evade. These same fleets use their size like nova core group and other elder fleets in game. To control game forums if u post something in there u will be trolled out…… or made fun of to the point its not a game no more……
    At the end of the service ticket sums it up a truly great game idea but cryptic seems not to care about player security, and providing a game exp with out harassment. and honestly with smaller numbers of players large fleets just became a problem for pug pvp. also further more all u see ne more in pvp is romulan. I don’t play star trek to be a romulan sorry the game Is jacked I have spent thousands and have allot of regrets the devs just don’t care even….. seriously tip don’t post on forums u will get jumped bye six people and all the do is insult…… some who use’s insult to get a message across is lame

  15. got me hooked up, currently lvl 21, captain rank.

    Not a star trek fan, but it seems like im turnign into one, awesome story!@!@!@!

  16. # 1 BUG: Fabricate Prototype Console from Alien Artifact
    03-25-2012, 03:18 PM

    Response Customer Support via Email

    03/25/2013 11:36 AM


    Based on the information you’ve provided your issue may be
    the result of a currently unknown game play bug. While we understand
    you would like us to be able to resolve your issue quickly, some issues
    require further development from departments outside our control and
    cannot be resolved by a GM.

    With that said, we would like to
    encourage you to submit a Bug Report, with your findings, directly to
    our QA team. This may be done by selecting ‘Bug Report’ from the list of
    available help options. Do note that Bug Reports are reviewed by
    members of the QA team, however you will not be able to edit or view any
    reported bugs. Additionally, Bug Reports do not receive personalized

    Please rest assured that our developers work to resolve all bugs as quickly as possible.

    the future, to help us provide the highest quality service to our
    players, please use the “Report a Bug” button in the Help and Support
    menu, rather than “Request GM Help”, when reporting possible bugs that
    may not require immediate intervention by a GM.

    GM Sideiron

    let everyone decide for themselves

  17. Played the game for bout 3 months as full F2P now. Several in-game currencies are used to purchase ships/gear/officers etc. All are obtainable to F2P. Its just time dependant; some have it in more abundance then others.

    Upon launch of S7 the main player sources of loot which could be converted to Dilithium (dil) was nerfd and prices requiring it increased. Each toon can refine 8k dil per day. Using the player controlled/responsive market the dil can then be converted to the games c-store currency (zen). Prices of dil per zen fluctuate and visa versa. Multi-tooning and making a profit from the dil-zen market are the only ways to pass this daily cap.

    The leveling in game is super quick. Max rank 50 in a couple of days especially if timed in with the x2 or w/e exp mirror event at specific times. You can also lvl in/out of game bit like EvE by doing Duty Officer assignments (from lvl 7 onwards) which can grant exp, dil and more.

    Reputation system: Character specific in progression. Same requirements for all toons though. Is a time/resource sink and is now mandatory to unlock end game gear sets that are not dropd from mobs. Easy to complete, just a set time roughly a month, longer depending when u log on to start the next project. Not required but does grant some passive/active skills at tiers which can be used in pve and pvp.

    PVE: Lots to do. Space and ground. All worth it/required? No. Fun but repetative at end game. Does get content updates.

    PVP: Great potential. lots of fun but no where near lively enough imo. However its due a massive revamp.

    Lockboxes: Yes they drop Alot, yes u need to purchase keys to unlock them. Yes they can have awesome ships in them or near trash items. Boxes and keys are available to buy in the A/ exchange for Energy credits (ec) which is earnt by near all actions, vendoring/selling stuff, albeit a bit pricey but they are a low set % in success and some ppl spend real money on the keys.

    Community: Some of the most loyal and dedicated fan base, the STO community is a very helpful one. Trolls in every game as expected, not alot here tho. Fleet orientated. Fleet paticipation is encouraged it also rewards Fleet specific loot to purchase when Starbase and Embassy is upgraded etc. near all content can be solo’d/pug’d though.

    Overall: A Very good game maintained by a smallish team. Can/should get better. Truely F2P IF you want. 9/10 just because pvp requires revitilising and ques CAN be long.

  18. This game is OK over all BUT you will find that thy are big with the Lock Boxs and begging you to buy the keys for the lock box.

    You will find the Box every place you go it will be on all maps and you see them a lot after blowing up stuff.
    Oh yes its a nice game ones you get use to the BOXs Out of a scale of 1 throw 10 I give this game a 3 because of the BOXS it would have gotten a 8 with out the BOXS but sice it has the BOXS it got a 3 and thinking about it some more I think a 2 would be better because of the F/ING BOXS

  19. It’s a bit grindy at end-game currently, as the model just went from sub to F2P in January. I have had good luck with customer service, others have complained otherwise.

    The crafting system is ok, the combat is fun, though a bit repetative. Much is supposed to change in the coming months that will make this game VERY special, if it goes as planned.

    Give it a try, if nothing else. It’s worth it.

  20. This game is great for a F2P MMO. I am a recruiting officer in the fleet United Federation. There end game content is STF and you play with 5 and work together in ground and space. hen you get in to a Fleet the game gets better because you have friends to play with. I love star trek and understand the game. If you like Space MMO get it and you can learn along with others about STO and Star Trek

  21. Downloaded a few days ago when I heard it was f2p, and I gotta say so far this is the best MMO I’ve ever played, although I might be a little biased as a Trekkie. You can pilot your ship around in space, or beam down and control your character on land. The land part is pretty much like any other MMO you run around, shoot people, examine things, collect items, etc. The space part is quite awesome, you can take your ship all over the galaxy exploring, or battling; (think “Encounters”, only better). PVP is pretty amazing too, a standard ground-based tdm type game as well as ship battles in space. Community events all the time, although they can get a bit repetitive. Leveling system and interface is nice. All in all it’s amazing, and I’m thinking about paying for a lifetime membership now that I’ve experienced it.

    • Obviously you didn’t play STO for the fact that its PvP sucks balls. and btw, EVE Online is the best /space/ MMO out there on earth.

      I give STO about a 9.5/10 on my personal choice list, this is coming from a dude who generally dislikes star trek. THis game is fun and so awesome once you hit Commander and above. My one major issue of the game is the fact that it’s way too damn easy to hit the level cap of 50, c’mon cryptic RAISE THE CAP TO LIKE IDK! 100 OR SOMETHING, and also do something to attract a lot more NEW players like f2p ones because like everyone is max lvl, it doesn’t make pvp exciting when EVERY BODY is all equal…

      • “it doesn’t make pvp exciting when EVERY BODY is all equal…”

        Yeah cause who wants to win in a fair fight? Obviously you got your azz kicked more times than you care to count in PvP (If you even made it to level 50), because while it’s fairly easy to make level 50, you also have 5 different reputation lines to invest in, are able to max each one of them, and each tier in each rep line unlocks not only new equipment for your ship and crew, but also passive abilities for both ground and space combat. Not to mention they are about to release their second expansion, FREE OF CHARGE, which raises the level cap to 60, opens up the Delta Quadrant, and offers new races and new rep lines. Not bad for a F2P.

        BTW, EVE Online, while a great game, is still a P2P, and even if you choose something safe, like mining in hisec space, you still run the risk of having your ship legally destroyed by douchelords who do nothing but hunt ‘grass eaters’

  22. I just downloaded the free online version and halfway thru installation it is asking for a product key to activate this game. Where does this key come from? I did not get anything in my email after registering and have checked the FAQ(it seems they have not updated it to include the free online downloads) I would appreciate someone pointing me in the correct direction. Also I did not purchase this game, I thought this version was supposed to be free as of the 17th and today is the 18th. Thanks

    • Expansion is on his way and it wil be F2P (mostly :-P)

      KDF full faction … and Romulan Mini Faction .. so take your warbirds out @ 21-5-2013

      See you all ingame

      ps voor diegene die dit kunnen lezen en schrijven 😛 … VerenigingvanVloten staat open voor iedere casual player (little sentence for my Dutch friends)

    • Well, so far, the only expansion is Legacy of Romulus (Which made it my favorite game, previously second to SWTOR), which is completely free.

  23. pretty cool game i liked star trek series hope to like this too
    i playing right now and all seems to be right where it need to bee :D:D:D


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