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About the game:
Title: Tree of Savior
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: imcGAMES
Publisher: Nexon

Tree of Savior is a vividly designed MMORPG with lush graphics and a surprisingly deep combat system that challenges players to come up with new strategies on the fly. Tree of Savior’s diverse character classes — 80 in total — and their various job advancements guarantee that you’ll find something you like to play.

You can play ToS alone or with a group, taking on hundreds of boss monsters and their unique attacks, each one of them a distinct and memorable challenge. Along the way, you’ll search for the missing goddesses and protect the land from monster attacks in open-world party events.

Explosive Features:

  • Lots of character classes and customization
  • Easy grouping system
  • Anime-styled fantasy characters

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System Requirements

Tree of Savior Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory Ram: 4GB
Video Card: NVIDIA Geforce 8600GT or higher

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  1. Aside from optimization most reviews are out of date.

    Unless you are going to dump money, it’s a game about farming to progress. Endgame lacking.
    PVP Enjoyable so long as you take the time to learn all the classes so you know what to expect.

  2. I wanted to love this game because it has that Ragnarok-ish feel to it. But game freezes every time I change maps. Even with the lowest settings it still happens.

    And now after the latest patch it wont let me play the game at all. Sad.

  3. Looks good, sounds good, plays good, but feels bad. Feels bad because it is stressful to play.
    Game starts with you learning that the game has a clichê obligatory storyline, but immediately recovers by showing you a gorgeous scenery, amazing soundtrack and enjoyable gameplay.
    The quests in the first map feel like a tutorial, so you don’t like bother with them and have a blast in the first map, it is pure bliss. You finish the first map and get to town, amazing town. Simple design, just a few NPCs to deal with, everything is ok. You talk to the NPCs you have to and then… You find the “attribute” system with the class NPC. You learn passives by PAYING the NPC and it takes a few minutes to learn the thing. At first you don’t mind, but you will in the future.
    Here you move onto the next map of the story, and there things start to get annoying. Quests. Quests and more Quests. But it is ok, you do a few and kill a bunch of monsters. The XP is still worth it, so you do the story quests and ignore the rest, everything still feels ok. After a while you unlock the first class change. The game finally gets onto what matters. You get a new class, new skills, they all look good and sound interesting, you get excited, excited for what awaits you, and so you play hours and hours and hours… And then you realize something, the fun is gone. The ammount of monsters start to lower, the ammounts of channels start to lower. You start to compete with other players for monsters, for quest items. The XP monsters give stop mattering that much and you start doing more and more quests. They are all linear, the story is boring, the texts are massive. More and more quests appear and it gets harder and harder to level up. You get the third class, it looks good, looks awesome… And suddenly you realize that the skills from the first class are no longer effective… You get the 4th class and you realize the skills from the first and second class are no longer effective, and then you notice they last up to 2 ranks only. The game behind you starts to crumble. Earlier maps have no use, earlier classes have no use, and before you the path gets narrowier and narrowier, monsters lower in ammount, channels lower in ammount, players increase in ammount. XP gets harder and harder to get, classes take more and more time to lvl up, quests become more and more generic, and then you realize you can no longer progress in the game. The path behind you is closed, the path before you is closed, and the ground comes breaking towards you from both directions, there is nowhere to run to… And you fall in the abyss. The game is over, you are done with it.
    This game creates a lot of expectations while you play it, but in the end it betrays you and becomes absolute garbage. I don’t recommend this to anyone.

  4. overall, its quite similar to Ragnarok Online but with (perhaps) better battle system
    the downside is, it gets pretty boring. Because the place you can hunt for leveling is limited due to the level-difference limitation, making it pretty boring because you’ll be forced to fight the same monsters for quite some time until you can move on to the next.

  5. Tree of Savior
    + Many Classes to choose
    + Pets
    + Costume
    + Skill build path
    + Great storyline
    – Unstable server
    – Multiple bugs
    – Botter Paradise
    – Gold Seller
    – Hacker can ruin the fun
    – Unbalanced Class system
    – Heavy Grinding
    – Repeated dungeon can get boring
    – Limited Customization Character Creation
    – Decline Population
    Final Rate: 3/5 (Good) The Game is good but the population is declining more everyday so It best if you stay away from this game as it well be getting shut down soon.

  6. This game is a fresh breather from the nowaday strong 3d mmos – rather it focuses on the whole social aspect of mmos (party play, class combo and so forth) which old mmos back in the 2000s used to offer. I really recommend this game – may not be for everyone but it was certainly an amazing experience for me.

  7. I really love the community, everyone is so nice. I’m not so sure about it after the huge iCBT2, but in general everyone is very agreeable. Technically, the graphics are 2.5D, not 3D.
    You must also remember, if you are a previous RO player, that this is not the spiritual successor to RO. Even if the creator is the same, TOS and RO are completely seperate games, and TOS should not be expected to be the same or very similar in style.
    The graphics, BGM, and illustrations in the game are beautiful, and I like the fact that there are numerous available and secret classes. It is more like, creating a combination of characteristics of different classes and customizing your fighting style, though. Also, even if the initial customization options are limited, as you play you can get things like hair colours, hair accessories and class costumes, so that’s always a plus. It’s a way to get characters to grow on you, you know?
    The game play is not that hard. The basic attack is used often, sometimes it may seem very repetitive and boring, but it’s ok. Companions start at level 1 when you buy them, but if you level them up to a high enough level and transfer it to a low level character, the companion can one shot a boss and you can breeze through quests easily. Companion transferring is easy due to all characters being in a lodge, they can share companions freely, but not items, I believe.
    Quests are highly recommeded to levelling quickly, and there are many more options outside of main quests. Side quests are hidden, and encourage the player to explore the areas and the maps, and completing maps 100% give rewards to the character as well. Even with the side quests and main quests, it is sometimes very hard to keep up with the level requirement jumps in the areas starting level 23+, however, if you grind, it is easy to over level and pass by areas without a problem…as long as you do some extra grinding in every other area. There are many spots in the lower level maps where the spawn rate is high, so that’s not a problem.
    However, in the higher levels, during the iCBT, there are a very limited number of channels and too many people, so there were numerous problems with the map actually being over populated by players and running out of monsters, + extreme lag. the servers have a limited number of channels, and too many of the channels were empty and unused in the lower levels, so it caused some problems.
    After iCBT2, and kCBT3, the game went through a lot of drastic changes, so by the time the iOBT comes out, and the game is released, this review will probably be very outdated….and hopefully the problems are almost all solved by then. :3c (OBT for korea has already kind of started i believe…or it is in a few days.) Hopefully this game doesn’t become pay to win/pay to progress TwT

  8. Half of what you guys said is bull. For one it is a quest system but any time your near another player you get them added to your party to make life easier for everyone. The world is huge and the character’s do get costumed based off the classes you rank up too. Its not Ro don’t play it for a grinding hell play it to actually read the quests and enjoy the world.

  9. im playing closed beta currently. Ex-ro player. Dissapointed with TOS. should i mention its quest based to level. Linear system where u quest alone one after another. im level 60+ now and i feel like pulling all my hair out. Cant imagine myself doing the stupid quests until max 600! U can grind old style but tht would be silly because u get a lot more exp through quests.The bosses are silly too. Its basically the same whether the boss u met thru quest was level one or level 60. The style is the same, they r stronger at higher levels but so are you. All you do is jump here and there and hit them fr the side or back and repeat. Im sorry to dissapoint u guys who may think that TOS is a ro sequel. ts far from it. ive stopped playing tos after 1 week. Yet i played ro for 7 years

  10. This is pretty much what Ragnarok 2 should have been instead of that typical 3d mmo. Will definitely play this when it’s fully released,

  11. it isnt much of a review, but this game is one that will be worth going into. much like the games of the past (such as RO) is about Adventure, making new friends, and endless possibilities. going in-depth what this game brings is indeed alot of class customization. unfortunatly it is quite limited only to Hair Customization (no custom skin color). but this game from the trailers and the hype from the community is much worth the wait. Im dying to journey forth to a new adventure!


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