About the game:
Title: Vigor
Status: Released
Genre: Survival
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Loot, build, and survive in Vigor a free-to-play post-apocalyptic game for the Xbox One from Bohemia Interactive. After a nuclear war devastates Europe, the survivors flee to Norway to try and rebuild society. Start as an anonymous outlander and become a hero or a villain in the world that comes after the war.

Vigor offers the usual looting and action of most survival games, but with a smaller field of eight to 12 players and an emphasis on building your shelter and equipment. Travel alone or with a companion and loot and shoot your way to fame or just become another casualty of the great war.

Explosive Features:

  • Survival In Post-Apocalyptic Norway
  • Build Your Shelter And Equipment
  • Play Alone Or In Duos

News and Updates

Vigor Coming To Switch, Will Have Cross-Play With Xbox One

Bohemia Interactive's free-to-play survival game Vigor is making the leap to the Nintendo Switch. The game will feature full cross-play with Xbox One players,...

Vigor’s Second Season “Hunters” Launches Today

Bohemia Interactive released the second season battle pass for its looter-shooter a href="">Vigor today, introducing new weapons and tools as well as gameplay enhancements....

Bohemia Interactive Drops New Vigor Update In Time For The Holidays

Today's a good day for players of Bohemia Interactive's shooter Vigor. The company released update 1.2 today, adding a new battle pass and Christmas-themed...

Vigor Adds New Map And Photo-Based Loot Hunt

Bohemia Interactive's free-to-play console survival game Vigor has captured the interests of 2.5 million players on the Xbox One and is celebrating the milestone...

Vigor, Bohemia’s Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game On Xbox One, Is Now Live

Bohemia Interactive's newest survival game, Vigor, is now officially released and live on the Xbox One. You'll need Xbox Live Gold to partake, but...

Vigor, Bohemia Interactive’s Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game Set In Norway, Will Go F2P On XB1 In February

If the premise of Vigor -- survival in post-apocalyptic Norway -- sounds familiar, it might be that you remembered seeing it at E3. What...

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