About the game:
Title: Vigor
Status: Released
Genre: Survival
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Loot, build, and survive in Vigor a free-to-play post-apocalyptic game for the Xbox One from Bohemia Interactive. After a nuclear war devastates Europe, the survivors flee to Norway to try and rebuild society. Start as an anonymous outlander and become a hero or a villain in the world that comes after the war.

Vigor offers the usual looting and action of most survival games, but with a smaller field of eight to 12 players and an emphasis on building your shelter and equipment. Travel alone or with a companion and loot and shoot your way to fame or just become another casualty of the great war.

Explosive Features:

  • Survival In Post-Apocalyptic Norway
  • Build Your Shelter And Equipment
  • Play Alone Or In Duos

News and Updates

Like Other Shooter Games, Vigor Will Be On The New Xboxes And PlayStation 5 At Launch, Also… Season 6

If you have a competitive game you play on console, it's looking like a safe bet that the game's developer plans to have it...

Vigor Is Now Fully Launched On The Nintendo Switch

Bohemia Interactive's free-to-play survival shooter Vigor has gone through its paces on the Switch and now is fully launched on Nintendo's console. Bohemia said...

Vigor’s Season 5: Renegades Features Wild West Theme And Sawmill Shootout

Free-to-play survival game Vigor has just started it's Season 5, titled "Renegades," and it's got a distinct "Wild West" theme. True, it takes place...

Vigor Leaves Early Access On Nintendo Switch Next Month, Preps PlayStation Launch

After almost two months since Vigor entered Early Access on the Nintendo Switch, Bohemia Interactive has announced that their shooter will finally be going...

Vigor Arrives On Nintendo Switch

Beginning today, Nintendo Switch players can join 4.5 million Xbox One owners playing Bohemia Interactive's Vigor. The looter-shooter is now available on the console...

New 5v5 Mode Available As Season 4 Of Bohemia Interactive’s Vigor Launches

Beginning today, Vigor players can start playing the new Season 4 content which adds a new 5v5 mode. Titled Warlords, the fourth season introduces...

Destiny 2, Vigor, And Star Trek Online All Offer Bundles To Honor Medical Workers

The way things are going today, we could all use a little more vigor in our life -- and maybe a little more Vigor,...

Vigor Adds “Sawmill Shootout” Game Mode And Other Content In Season 3

Vigor kicked off Season 3 today. Titled "Rivals," the new round of content introduces a new limited-time mode and silenced weapons -- as well...

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