About the game:
Title: Vigor
Status: Released
Genre: Survival
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

Loot, build, and survive in Vigor a free-to-play post-apocalyptic game for the Xbox One from Bohemia Interactive. After a nuclear war devastates Europe, the survivors flee to Norway to try and rebuild society. Start as an anonymous outlander and become a hero or a villain in the world that comes after the war.

Vigor offers the usual looting and action of most survival games, but with a smaller field of eight to 12 players and an emphasis on building your shelter and equipment. Travel alone or with a companion and loot and shoot your way to fame or just become another casualty of the great war.

Explosive Features:

  • Survival In Post-Apocalyptic Norway
  • Build Your Shelter And Equipment
  • Play Alone Or In Duos

News and Updates

Missed Previous Seasons? No Worries, Vigor’s Latest Update Launches First Ever “Legacy” Season

A new feature has been added to Bohemia Interactive's survival game Vigor. The Legacy Season is a kind of battle pass season that offers...

Vote For Your Favorite F2P Games In Round 1, Group B Of The “Best In Quarantine” Poll!

Here's the latest group of polls for you to vote on to decide what was your favorite game of the last year -- or...

Vigor’s Season 8: Trappers Kicks Off, Offering A “Calmer And Sneakier Playstyle”

Vigor's Season 8 is here, and it's called Trappers. That means you'll be organizing your schoolwork in colorful folders with pockets -- oh, wait,...

Vigor’s Seventh Season Makes Exit Camping More Hazardous, Optimizes Memory Usage

Free-to-play survival game Vigor has just launched its latest season of content, and Bohemia Interactive is encouraging players to leave -- not the game,...

F2P Vigor Arrives On PlayStation 4 And 5 Without Cross Platform, And Costs $0.25 In Germany

Beginning today, Bohemia Interactive's multiplayer shooter Vigor is now available on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. This version of the game features the...

Like Other Shooter Games, Vigor Will Be On The New Xboxes And PlayStation 5 At Launch, Also… Season 6

If you have a competitive game you play on console, it's looking like a safe bet that the game's developer plans to have it...

Vigor Is Now Fully Launched On The Nintendo Switch

Bohemia Interactive's free-to-play survival shooter Vigor has gone through its paces on the Switch and now is fully launched on Nintendo's console. Bohemia said...

Vigor’s Season 5: Renegades Features Wild West Theme And Sawmill Shootout

Free-to-play survival game Vigor has just started it's Season 5, titled "Renegades," and it's got a distinct "Wild West" theme. True, it takes place...

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