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About the game:
Title: World of Tanks
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Wargaming
Publisher: Wargaming

World of Tanks is a team-based free MMO action game exclusively focused on the armored warfare in the mid-20th century. Created by the strategy masterminds at, this is a shooter with a lot of tactical elements to be taken into consideration. Choose your tanks and enter epic battles!

An advanced upgrade system will turn your simple tank into one amazing destruction machine, able to take out all the rivals that stand in your path. Choose your vehicle carefully, from fast and maneuverable tanks with less protection to the heaviest but slower machines. Or go for a compromise between the two, with an all-purpose medium tank. Whichever you choose, make sure it fits your gameplay style.

However, it’s not just the tank that will win the battles. In World of Tanks, besides being a great commander you also need to be a great team player. The combined efforts of every soldier in your team will take you one step closer to victory.

Improve your tank with the experience and credits you earn in battle so that you can research and develop upgrades and mods for your war machine, RPG style. The performance in the battlefield will be completely different with the upgrades. World of Tanks is an authentic game, recreating over 150 tanks produced in Germany, Soviet Union, and the United States with incredible fidelity. Try some legends of the 1930 – 1950 period, including some prototypes that we’re never unleashed in the battlefield.

World of Tanks is a shooter with a high strategy element, where teamwork is key. Crush you enemies and destroy most of the scenario that gets in your way, creating shortcuts for you and your teammates to explore. also publishes World of Warships and World of Warplanes.

Explosive Features:

  • Tactical Gameplay.
  • Over 150 Tanks.
  • Large Scale Battles.

News and Updates

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System Requirements

World of Tanks Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP SP3 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: A processor with at least two physical cores supporting SSE2
Memory Ram: 1.5 GB for Windows XP SP3, 2GB for Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Hard Disk Space: ~36 GB
Video Card: GeForce 6800 / ATI HD X2400 XT with 256 MB RAM

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  1. Played the game on and off for 9 years. 150000 battles and a former officer of three large well known clans. They game a gotten so bad I quit today. Im a lawyer and cpa and the mechanics have gotten so complicated, i no longer understand them. The developers have added too much equipment, too many pay to play items, no skill based matchmaking, and a player base that has dwindled from 50000 payers on 3 servers at a time to just 10000 on one. They have added wheeled tanks… lol.. that are nothing more than race cars for 12 year olds that cannot be slowed down. No strategy anymore. I love the concept, love the graphics, love the maps, but the game has simply become unplayable. I used to have a rating of 5500-6000 and a win rate of never below 52.5%. Im down to less than 49% after the changes. And I have 150000 battles. Im a former Guiness Book of records world record holder in 1980 in Asteroids. And the game in unplayable. Its too bad because at one time the game was the best there is.

  2. The game has gone so far down hill. I saw a meme the other day that explained it perfectly: I play the game…then remember how broken it is, get frustrate and stop playing….then I forget how frustrating it is….then I play the game again. This is World of Tanks. The developers KNOW about the problem with the game but just keep adding new content nobody wants. Wheeled tanks, too many arty, absurd auto-loading tanks, an entirely broken matchmaker and repetitive maps. This is the reality. It is 100% pay to win.

  3. I do not agree with some commentators that the game over time has become more likely negative than positive. This is a classic military-historical game that can interest and retain mainly the male audience. Awesome graphics. Obviously a significant budget. Thousands of fans around the world. As for the use of profanity in chat, this is inevitable for all brutal games. Fortunately, there are technical options for disabling chat. In order to objectively evaluate the game and understand the scope of the project and the efforts made by the creators for this period, I suggest that you familiarize yourself with other similar reviews of the game ( ), In any case, the game Deserves attention.

  4. Hello to

    Your review needs upgrades like:

    System requirements
    World of Tanks Minimum System Requirements:
    OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
    Processor: P4 2.0 GHZ
    Memory Ram: 1 GB
    Hard Disk Space: 3 GB of free disk space
    Video Card: nVIDIA GeForce 6800 series

    This isnt anymore the game was upgraded too far from what you guys saying next there are more tanks,maps, etc… then for all the guys that say its pay to win no i dont think so yes you have to grind but theres also plenty of info resources you can read and watch to play your tanks, yes there are cheaters and they get ban for 7 days 1st infraction or perma ban for constant using of mods that gives you little advantage over the rest of the players but if you want to cheat go ahead get ban from the game or you can choose not to be ban and play fair, for the last some websites gives you for free a code that gives you 7 days of premium account and a premium tank to play this game for free (until the 7 day account runs out) also there is a tutotrial inside the game.

  5. I played 3k+ games and I would have to say, this is a pretty frustrating game.

    Whether you do well in a match depends on whether you got lucky with the matchmaker. If you’re put in a match with a bunch of weak tanks, you’ll end up with multiple kills even if you’re an absolute nub. Yet if the matchmaker puts you in a match with a bunch of strong tanks, you won’t be able to do any damage at all. You’re just there to be a target.

    It wasn’t that bad in the lower tiers (relatively). I guess there are more players in those tiers, so the matchmaker didn’t have to go too out-of-range to match tanks.

  6. I played 49k games of WOT and for the people that don’t think there isn’t hacks in the game there is. I have used aimbot, tundra and several other mods that give you advantage over other people. I have played this game for about 4 years and finally just walked away because of people worrying about stats. You can use a mod called XVM that will give your stats and other peoples. If WOT would get rid of mods and XVM the game would then most likely be played without cheats. As long as stats are involved people will use aimbots to improve their stats.

    It is true if you don’t have a prem account which I did or prem tanks which I had all of them including the Type 59 you can’t make enough money to play the game. If you play a tier X tank without prem and you get ammo racked without doing damage you will lose thousands of game money.

  7. This game ‘SUCKS’, everyone who beats me is a CHEATER and all winners are PAY TO WIN.
    The other way of looking at it- Better players win more, they know the maps better, know the equipment better and can put their strengths against your weaknesses. I’m a total newbie in the game with less than 200 games in WOT after 1000+ in Armored Warfare and War Thunder. I’m pretty good in those but lucky to survive 30% of the time in WOT and have only contributed in a handful of games but that is my fault and not a conspiracy of WG and an army of cheaters!
    Plenty of toxic rubbish in game but no more than any other game- try Armored Warfare for example. WG do put out premiums for sale but they have their own weaknesses and not hugely OP (OK I know the E25 is back up for sale!) but WG is a business and they sell to make a profit and to develop the game.
    Just chill out, calm down and enjoy the game. The idiot chatters can be ignored and if youre still so angry you need to vent on line- there is always the close button and other games to play.

  8. As with any other game…”IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY”! If you don’t pay for a premium account, it can take you years to build up any vehicle to the point of where it becomes what you would think & hope it would become a better weapon. NOT HAPPENING! Most of the higher skills actually offer little or no advantage to your overall tank & crew performance. Statistics are constantly recorded in this game to make sure that the team “MatchMaker” always looks at your performance to make sure you are started off against other players who will eventually keep your winning performance around the 50% mark. A “Random Numerical Generator” also included with the game programming can also limit the effectiveness of your shots against an enemy target. Damage might be decreased (rarely increased) or you might bounce or ricochet a shot. Having too many good players will discourage & drive away potential income from newer players. Too many new players with smaller, faster tanks can frustrate & drive away older experienced players with higher tiered & more expensive tanks to fix. It’s a Catch 22. People start complaining about a newly released vehicle being over powered & needed to be scaled back. No problem! Next month World of Tanks will be more than glad to release & sell you an even more powerful tank so you can get revenge on the people who have kicked your butt all through the previous month. It’s never ending! People will swear up & down that no cheating exists in this game, but the obvious question is why World of Tanks even has to have a policy against the use of illegal mods if everything is on the server side is on the up & up? There are programming issues & video rendering problems that are well known of. When an enemy player can sneak up right behind you without having his location within a predefined area lit up, & you finally realize they are there AFTER you have been shot in the butt…OH YA, WORLD OF TANKS HAS OBVIOUS ISSUES! Don’t even get me started on SOME of the people who play this game. Clan members & their inflated egos are the worst & they won’t hesitate to call you down & everything in the book for every mistake you make during gameplay. If you don’t consistently measure up to THEIR expectations, you’re always a “NOOB” or worse & you should do the world a favor & uninstall the game immediately & completely. There’s no worthwhile gaming community here unless you want to tweak your foul mouthed & racist comments! That apparently is against the game rules too….BUT….nobody….least of all World of Tanks gives a damn & doesn’t want to be known by making their money from babysitting.

    • You known or don’t know ? Which? Answer me . I am deaf , I could play good hunter needle line into an enemy’s vehicles damage about 3 to 6 sometime full 7 . III 1000x more better !

  9. This games match making and hit scans are a joke I have to say War Thunder blows this shitty game out of the water and they also suck very bad….

  10. W0rld of Tanks
    + Many different tank variety option
    +lot of Different maps
    +Team battle gameplay
    +Skill tree tanks
    – Very bad Community
    – Team Player Social problem
    – Matchmaking Problem mostly
    – Hacker can ruin the game
    – Require Heavy Grinding
    – Anit-cheat Protection problem
    – Cash advantage
    – Server issue
    – Many Botter running
    (System Requirement)
    OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8
    Processor: P4 2.0 GHZ
    Memory Ram: 1 GB
    Hard Disk Space: 3 GB of free disk space
    Video Card: nVIDIA GeForce 6800 series

    • I have to correct a few of your cons.

      Firstly it’s impossible to cheat in WoT due all the calculations are server side.

      There are option for mods which can give a small advantage in terms of giving a bit more information on how much damage you did etc, but WoT is currently implementing most popular mods into the game.

      The community can be toxic to new and bad players, but in low tier games this is not the case. Learn the game there.

      There is almost no pay to win, you can pay money to get a premium account which makes the grinding and making credits easier, but you can definitively get multiple tier 10’s without. There are also premium tanks, but they’re not better than regular tanks.

      In my 11k games I’ve only encountered a handful of bots, the players who you think are bots are probably just bad players. There are a lot of older gentlemen who like tanks playing this game, even as old as 75.

      Of course there are still some problems in the game, but its a fun game when you get the hang of it.

      • you must work for WoT !! what you have said is total nonsense and fiction !! all of the cons are correct ! WoT is just a cash cow for WG and nothing else. they don’t care that what could be the best game of it’s type on the net has all of the problems that have been mentioned on here because people still spend money on it ?? they could make so much more money if they spent some time sorting out these problems because people would enjoy playing WoT rather than getting totally frustrated with it and then giving up on it !!

      • Many players with cheat, this game already was! And Wargaming does not do anything, nor divulges the list of banned …. This guy must work at Wargaming or he is very innocent.

      • LOL, Rick, read my post. I have 150000 battles over 9 years and all of your coments are not true. Ive had clan members of mine banned for illegal mods. Camo, aim-bot, and bot mods. Which of course they were using. So they were banned, who cares, they set up a new account with a new email and they were right back at it. If you run gold all shots its easily more likely you will win. Gold pens when normal wont. I agree with John in that you must be working for wot, or you just have wot sunglasses on that are filtering your experience. BTW I quit today because of how bad the game has gotten.

    • completely agree,
      lots of cheating, problems with – mostly russian – players killing their own team,
      is now basically pay to win game.
      quite fun for a couple of days.
      don’t give them your money.

  11. Too many cheaters in this game. I was playing 2 weeks, and got tier4 tank. But I realize situation, when tier 1 players got kill me… from nowhere, with single shot. How this is possible? 50-60% battles lose. 40-50% battles -died with shot from nowhere. Other cheaters are using infinite armor. (it looks like ex.: 140, 220), but 10 rounds with 37mm cannon doesnt harm his tank -> 0% damage.
    This game is full of cheaters, this is why I stop playing.

    • Sorry, but you were just inexperienced with the game. I’ve never seen anything like you describe with ‘infinite armor’ in years of playing.

      You stopped playing because you didn’t learn the intricacies of the game.

  12. this game sucks, gets annoying after 1 week because I do not see enemies just appear out of nowhere when you next to you and kill you, have worked hard in this game to truly become plauct to play it

  13. It used to be an awesome game, but after all the updates that’s explained to me the defenition of insanity, a lot of good tanks and artillery became less stronger then a paper box and the balance that doesn’t make sence I’ve deleted it.
    Now just playing Warthunder and waiting for their tanks upgrade.

  14. realistic? some one really used that word with WoT here is a little story using realism in WoT…. Tiger P sees M4 Sherman Tiger P fires hits M4…M4 goes BOOM! or M4 sees Tiger P M4 fires hits Tiger P crew goes did some thing hit us? then sees M4 Tiger P fires and again M4 goes BOOM! realism is not one of things to describe WoT gun accuracy is WAY off guns that had a rep for insane accuracy now might hit 50% of the time and guns that did good but not that accurate now hit 80% of the time.
    When WG nerfs tanks they say it is for game balance but when they buff Russian tanks they say it is for historical accuracy how about we give Russian tanks some game balance and the others some historical accuracy cause looking back over some of the patch notes for buff and nerfs russians get 2 or 3 nerfs and 6-10 Buffs others get 1 or 2 buffs and then get 3-8 nerfs

  15. This I the best free-to-play mmo game I have ever played it is fun realistic and entertaining and as for all you winers that hate it your just stupid idiots that should have your computers taken away and be spoon fed with baby food if you can’t recognize a good game when you see one you shouldn’t be playing games at all

    • Why WoT isn’t a good game:
      1. Tanks break trough so that the infantry can follow, there is no infantry in the game.
      2. Tanks don’t snipe each other from 1 km distance.
      3. Because WoT is a victim of retarded developers.

      • Answer to your stupid reasons why it’s a bad game.
        1. It’s just supposed to be tanks which is why it is called “World Of Tanks” not “World of Tanks and Infantry” also not all tanks are made for that.
        2. Yes tanks can and do snipe each other from 1km that’s a very small distance.
        3. World of Tanks has won and award for the best graphics and many other things so obviously it’s not made by retarded developers or they wouldn’t have won the award.

    • Not really. if your team lose then the bad players can get all the diseases etc. etc. It takes to long for get another good tank, or you can buy one. That is what de developers want, they want your money. 1 of the 20 is a nice game, if you lose 17 games in a row is not much fun. And you can not destroy all 15 enemy tanks alone, so you need more good players in a team. And the matchmaker is not always fair. I stop playing after a few thousand games.

  16. So many crying noob, its pathetic…
    I started to play this game a few weeks ago, and i found it a very nice and fair game. You can buy almost every tank with free in-game coin, also you can buy many premium content with the free coins. You dont have to pay a single penny

    • Hey how much game have u played probably meeting with those T2 Light Tank,ive been facing IS-6,T34,KV-5,Types and any other gold tanks on my tier 6 vs those tier 8 prmium tank, and no problem.Just play the game

      PS no skill needed means you always lose

  17. A really fun game, however, the biggest drawback is counting on 14 other players to act as a team with tactics and a plan of attack. it comes down to 5 players or so out of the 15 who have enough experience and gameplay knowledge to try to win the match. the other 10 are noobs who don’t learn how to play, suiciders who rush the other side, or campers who will never move from their spot. frustrating as hell. the game can be played with out spending the money, and played well. the bonus for spending money is nice, but not needed. the in game matchmaker is seriously flawed though. as mentioned before here, a tier 4 can play against tier 8 tanks in certain matches. don’t really know the algorithms WG uses for the MM, but you see a really experienced player (5000 battles or more) going against a player with much less experience in game (1000 battles or so) nearly all the time. matches should be graded against in game experience, not the level of the tank. and putting a tier 4 against tier 8 is ridiculous. in game the saying is you are a scout, so be fast, and run away from any tanks you see. many matches the cannon on a lower tier tank just cant damage the higher tier tanks. no penetration at all. so you end up running around till one of the bigger tanks shoots you once, and ends your match. the DT are trying to work out how to make it a little more even for the casual players to enjoy, but it is taking away from the hardcore gamers experience. MM should be better adjusted for the players it puts into matches.

  18. The best thing in this game is 0% pay-to-win because you can get almost EVERYTHING with in-game credit but the sucking thing is that you sometimes play with much more bigger tiers than your example: tier 6 tanks and tier 8 in same game.

    • 0% pay-to-win? dude, you need a premium account just to maintain to tier 7-10 tanks, not speaking about the fact premium account get a lot more exp and credits.

      • You just need to l2p and you can play your high tier tanks without premium account. It’s not easy to do, but it is doable.

        Then again premium account doesn’t give you any advantage in-game, just more credits and xp. So it’s NOT pay to win method, you don’t win a single game beacause you have premium account.

  19. one of the best game i ever played, but it kinda gets takes a VERY LONG time to get another tank, which really SUCKS. all i do is to go to matches and spray n’ pray, and as you get up, it gets much much harder, people will OWN YOU as you climb the tech tree. also before you get a very awesome tank you will have to buy a super-duper-epicly crappy tank (eg:Russian T-52, which you need to get before you buy the KV-1, a big boss with lots of armor and can kick other peoples asses with ease.). And i don’t think this game is very fun. But the game still rocks, but its gotten boring for me lately.

  20. This game is garbage. The community is infested by players that have no clue what they are doing and all of them want to drive the next tank without learning anything.

    In general out of a team of 15 players 12-13 are worse than bots. Also the game is full of bots credit leaches and afk-ers

    Don’t waist your time with this game.

  21. @DougJunior Yoda called has. His Eight Ball of Magic jumbled words, back he wants. Good. Is. Punctuation. Understand can we. Translate from Google, bad was.

  22. Changed from a Tank Simulator with real great Engine and other to a Arcade game with not more then People they want become Money for nothing, when you have Problems with Account Createt a new 1 that is faster then the stupid messages from the Support, when you by Tier 7 or 8 you real know that you need a Prem account or you lost all your money and you must by a prem tank and farm for some new one. I can say let it, the game is down, the people where play are to 90% noobs, and you can become a real big tank with only do nothing in game, and you can see it when you play how many idots are on.
    Teamplay is a not known in the game every stand for himself and die allone.
    When you want to lost time, read a bock or play Solitare its in the Time to Fun Level better.

  23. does anyone else find this to be true?P.S.I have spent at least $60.00 dollars so far only to find that the tier 7 French and American tanks are paper thin and do not stand a chance .This is very non gratifying to find you should have kept your tier 6 tanks that you could at least win with some times and earn at least a few credits and experience points with even if you loose.Imagine my surprise when I found that enemy tanks I could sometimes defeat with my tier 6 tanks were now blowing my tier 7 tanks out of the water effortlessly.Plus I ended up in the red even if my team won.To say I was angry and disappointed would be a gross understatement.Once you buy these crap tanks you can not get your hard earned experience, ,or gold credits can get some but not all silver credits back if you sell these crap tanks.

    • Yeah, the game rocks. I played 24k battles so far and haven’t found any game that is even close to the gaming experience. Of course you can be placed in a noob team, but if you win it is even more satisfying, because it is just you who made it happen.

      BTW American tanks (some) are the best tanks in their tier. You just need to think a bit more and analyse the setup every time to find the right tactic.

      And the game does not suck money if you don’t want to spend them. Just read some guides, find the tanks you like (there is a nice tank on each tier to play, not just tier 10) and enjoy.

  24. This game is way to expensive if you want to win .If you don’t mind being cannon fodder then it is free.One piece of advice.Do not buy a tier 7 American tank.even if you win a battle you will probably go in the red with credits because they are very expensive to repair.

  25. when u start learning how to aim in game u realize that a weaker tank can do much in this game i have played over 7k matches now and i just love the game

  26. At first I thought the game was pretty lame. Really low FPS and not much fast action. Then I got to thinking that well this is Tanks!!! Slow and stategic is the play with this shooter. Once you turn the graphics down to conform to your video card it’s rather entertaining. I recommend the download and take a little time to get used to the gameplay as it can be rather fun. The way the lobby throws you into a group with other players is quite nice. You don’t pick a server and get stuck with the same blowhards on a clan server as this assembles the teams on its own. It also has a ban system that will stop anyones play that team kills. So download and give it a go as it is quite the nice free game!

  27. One of the best games i have ever played,free to play or retail.The game just pulls you in and you just want to keep playing and playing to get to a higher tier tank and eventually get a tier 10.I played this game everyday playing all the free-time i had for 4 months straight and 7 months later and still play it for atleast 2-3 hours a day

  28. yes the game is good but it is now forcing people to spend money. if you want to get the tier of tanks that everyone wants you to have for clan wars;or, tankcompanies. cause there is no person who is going to take what they concider a weaker tank and put it into thier company. so if you do not spend money. then you are left to do the standard battles( or random). thats where their match maker throws people together. now i have never spent any money with them. and with my account on the game. i can not get into a victory side of the random battles. to get the credits needed or the xp required. cause the match maker is putting me into too high of a tier battle;and , the side i am put on always get stomed like the tanks are all being one shotted. plus tanks i could hit and damage befor. i can no longer damage by any means. and most that play the game. spend the money on the premium accounts and premium tanks and premium rounds(used to shoot other).the gold round (as they are called in game) are ammo you load onto your tank by spending gold credits. most of the time the gold round do one shot most tanks. and any wot player will tell you they are the ones that starts fires in the tanks most of the time. then the company does not support extra game controllers like a joystick. now people will say i do not know what i am talking about. but, like the stats for my account does lie. cause i started playing world of tanks when AT&T finally got dsl to my area. which was Dec.6, 2010. my account stats says “my account was created Jan.5.2012 when i bring this up to support all they say is i must contact european server; but, I have only used the north america server. and what it all boils down to. is the fact. i have never spent a dime on the game. sence i started Jan. 5, 2011.

    • Yes, you are right to the point, but you also miss few things. What I mean is that from T1 to T7 you are not pressured to use real money at all, later it changes. Do not forget – the game is F2P, so you will have to pay at certain point. It happens, this is life. The main problem in game is still matchmaking and the punishment for not spending a cent. It’s understandable, they need to live too.

  29. this game doesn’t have enough balance – tier 2 tanks vs tier 5/6/7; they think the armor around the turret should be stronger than the armor around the hull of the tank; the standard ammo – well you’d get the same effect by throwing rocks at the other tanks; they also think that the prototypes all work as specified – which is why a good 90% of the tanks NEVER made it to production; they also think its cool to be shot and/or killed by tanks that you can not see nor appear on your radar – non artillery tanks of course. after the novelty of the game wears off, this game has loads of frustration. it even takes 45 days to cancel your account.

    • Sorry but no, you might run WOT at a very low setting, however you will not be able to really play the game acceptably.

      Wot does not support multi-core processors so if you have an old cpu at 3GHZ or more it will do more in this game than the latest quad core Ivy Bridge or the coming intel Haswell cpu’s. The game is badly optimized, a pc that can run crysis on high setting will run wot only on medium settings.

      So even though that 128MB vga card might run some older games, WOT is surely out of the question, either upgrade your video card or play some other games is what I would recommend.

  30. I think that “m45noy” and “m45noy aka happy day saver” are the same person, who takes money for promoting the game in here.. 🙂

  31. I´m think this game is the best atm, my opinion is just that you need to have a premium account to play cause you get more exp from battles and money, but it´s not expensive at all..makes the experience more and more better, just wondering the new skills they are adding on patch 7.2. It´s going to be fun to see what people takes 🙂 but still have been playing to tier 7 now and there has been only 2 frustrating tanks that i really did not like (Sherman and T-34) 😀 Really got some grey hair because of those two..but after Sherman and T-34 got the Jumbo and T-34-85 and they both rock! Just got my IS now, need to check if it´s good, any experiences? But this is just a somehow pointless comment to the game, just a little of my own gaming. This is just my own little appreciation to the game and a little info. I would sincerely recommend this game to anyone that likes to play a good tank game.

  32. Many seem to over rate this game. Maybe because they were not on the fun fun train since Alpha.

    I’ve been in alpha, though nearing the end. The whole beta and i just CANNOT force my self to play the same damn tanks again.

    Yes i know i AGREED to the user agreement. (World of tanks staff is pretty much NAZI to any freedom of speech, remember that. I am not exaggerating. You WILL be BANNED for any form of free speech.)

    What also many do not seem to get is, they just play a new Skin, its the same damn thing that just pretty much moves faster and has a longer barrel for more damage. Ofcourse I love WW2 Tanks, i adore them, but suffering the pain twice?

    As for EXP gain. Be prepared to have a horrific team set for you, who are so trigger happy, that they will shoot you at the slightest of impact. Be it accident or purpouseful.
    Now why did i put that into the EXP topic? Because without a great team you will not earn any EXP, literally.

    So you spent 12 minutes of your life in a camping map, your team was full of idiots who got themselves killed and you were One shot by the main battle tank. EXP rewarded: Under 100

    Sounds okay right? Wrong. You need like 12000-70000 EXP. Now imagine grinding all the way up there in the most horrificly imbalanced vehicle you have ever driven. And no, it is not a Russian tank.

    Now comes, favoratism. Since the game was developed by Russians, the Russian tanks are boosted to hell, while germans who are SUPPOSED to have SUPERIOR armor are nerfed time and time again.

    The E-75 showed some promise before being released from the testing cages of the test server,
    Guess what? It got nerfed till it was utterly useless.

    Then come the Hardcore ignorant fanboys who defend the game no matter what. In they’re eyes the game is perfect and there is nothing wrong with it, ever.

    Sight system – Recent issue was not Seeing your opponent, eventhough even a blind wombat 10km away could SEE it.
    They fixed it by pretty much destroying any form of “Stealth” your tank had left. And as a Tank Destroyer(Sniper of WoT) that is seriously bad news. Plus the fact that low level tanks lack any form of armor and are basically Self Propelled Guns. (Artillery)
    The diffrence is ofcourse that the TD will later on have frontal armor and its shells penetrate, instead of explode like a grenade with a mini-nuke packed inside.

    Now for the SPG, there use to be tracers to tell where the SPG was… guess what?
    IT WAS REMOVED, or maybe some bug, doesnt really matter.
    Now, you got NO WAY telling where the shot came from. “Why not follow the red indicator?”
    Because my dear friend, the shells of the SPG got a AOE(Area of Effect) blast, which makes it impossible to tell if the shot actually came that way, or did it land next to you and cause the indicator to go trigger happy.

    Credits… use to be easy to get them, toss them around like they were worth nothing. Now you’ll end up GRINDING a frikking low level tank for the next week eventhough you have researced all possible modules(Parts) for it. I am STILL stuck in a Pz38(t), mostly because i cannot force myself to fight in such a poor tank. (Gun is good, fast even… armor is lacklustre and the tank itself performs poorly.. why? Because it is a GERMAN tank. So we must make it as useless as possible!)

    It also seems the historical facts passed by the Patriot Russian developers, who refuse to belive Germans were Technologically superior and had better QUALITY armor. Afterall, we all know the T-34 Medium tank was not made by the Chinese… right? Right? (I am joking, ofcourse, i mean it was something built in quanity and was like something MADE IN CHINA).

    Then come… the US tanks. Historically they were horrific and made grown men cry as they had to drive them into combat, and so it is in this game. Finally the Russians did something right and did not force they’re patriotism onto others.

    US got some nifty firepower yes, but the tanks are bulky, perform poorly and are a firehazard.
    The strongest AT with the Strongest Frontal i belive, belongs to the US. And even that’s frontal armor is like paper thin or something, i am not sure, but it sure as hell does not perform as expected. They lack any originality in most tanks, being either Sherman or the T29,30,32 and 34. (T30 being the tier 10) But that is also, historically correct. Afterall they were all made at the same time to see which of them is the best.

    Premium tanks, they use to be the Joke of the game, meant to build up money. Well guess who builds up money on them now? The Russians, by putting a 7500 gold price tag on them, or is it 12500? Even better.

    The tanks are ofcourse, Cool, to play. But for that price? Its like the stupid 90 Dollar deal on a single stupid and not to mention HIDEOUS tank and 25000 gold.

    All in all…
    Graphics: 7.5/10 It tends to lag even when you are flying past the requirements. (I am prepared to see fanboys calling my computer outdated or what nonsense, we are all not as poor as you okay?)

    Gameplay: 4/10 It is AMAZINGLY repetitive, rewards do not amount up to the amount of time, your life to be exact, you waste on these 15 minute matches. As your tank can be blown up by the raise of the eyebrow and that is pretty much nearing the end of the game and your reward is below 100 experiance.100/49000 to go! I am so close I can almost taste the tank! (Oh but wait, you also need to buy the modules with experiance before they can be placed on the tank! So 120,000 experiance though i might be exaggerating again.)

    Sounds: 10/10, I must say I love the cannon sounds and other effects overall.

    Be prepared for Bugs, unfair matchup, being unable to buy the next tank you worked hard for and were TOTALLY ready to get, but turns out it’s price is way outta your reach. (Sometimes 2-5x your previous tank price.)
    Horrific players. (No fix on any game for that, so far.)
    Spending half your life for a tank that will look almost exactly the same as the previous, probably going 2km/h faster or even worse, slower.
    Armor holds no real value, a Tier 5 Medium tank can penetrate the turret armor. (usualy the hardest part on a heavy tank) Of a King Tiger. (Oh, that is also a German tank, coincidence?)

    Also those who said “Perfect simulator out there” are you stupid? This is a arcade game, they even themselves said this was NOT a tank combat simulator, hence the lack of balance and fair gameplay.

    Also to comfort you, they plan on making Tier 10 SPG(Artillery) as if the current ones were not too powerful. (A Tier 10 tank, bent of tanking punches, loses 41% health from a … Uhhh.. The tiger tank SPG, only things not nerfed are the German SPGs, which were lacklustre in WW2, btw.)

    All in all, again. God i suck at this. My point being, you will enjoy the game for awhile… just prepare to be disappointed when the “Super Tank” you thought you got, is utterly annahilated by the blink of an eye. Along with the outragous repair bills. (You will not be able to pay for ammunition aswell as a repair even if you gunned down 4 enemies and won the battle. Or did they fix that “Tiny” bug?)

    • Counter strike is a game which is also, I’ll take your quote “AMAZINGLY repetitive”. Yet over a decade later it is still going strong.

      I think people like you are viewing this game in the wrong way. You can play this game with just as much fun and variety in Tier 3, as you can in Tier 7. This is what most people are forgetting.

      Yes until you are right at the very top Tier you will almost always be in a game with tanks higher than you. And the game is designed so that it is economically not-viable to stay in a high tier tank forever – at some point you’re going to have to play your mid-tier tank again to make some cash. This allows healthy games in the low and mid tiers, otherwise you’d only ever find games once you grinded all the way to the top.

      At the end of the day, your team is balanced with their team. While they may have a couple of big bully tanks that can oneshot you, the same can be said of the big bully tanks in your team vs their lower tier tanks. It’s a game where not every tank in a single game is equal, but where the two opposing teams are overall equal in strength.

    • What you failed to mention is with a premium tank, credits roll in like a stampede. Also if you did get the premium tank, you have gold left over from any deal which allows you to transfer experience quickly. I am a veteran WOT player who instead of “defending it like a fanboy”, i can set you straight. The most expensive (although not nearly the best) premium tank in the game is the Lowe (german). 12,500 gold and you got a glass cannon that forgets how to move. Now with that piece of junk tank (it really is compared to any other tank of its tier) even during a loss, you make upwards of 50, 000 credits per battle, of course with practice but not even a month? How long did we play diablo 2 cmon now, without investing another single dollar. 12,500 gold cost $52.50 by the way. Also having a premium tank means you get even more EXP than standard, kinda a forever thanks for buying it ( by saving you oh so precious time). Also transferring experience can become extremely expensive. If you are impatient like me but aren’t struggling in any way you could easily add up over $500 on the game and thats if you’re REALLY impatient. I am. But if you do choose to transfer experience (points that add up on premium or “elite” vehicles automatically), you save an enormous amount of time. I am not exaggerating enormous. The matchmaking is annoying but only because it challenges every single player every single game in some way. Id call that balance, even if it does seem unfair to long time players like myself. The amount of time it takes to reach your first Tier 10 (max level) tank makes the reward that much greater. All the struggles of playing terrible crews in completely stock tanks go away instantly. You get one of the top 10 tanks in the game, and you get to use it however you like (VENT RAGE SMASH) and win much more often. Its like any other game it depends on how much time or money you wish to spend, but the more you spend of either on this game the more it truly rewards you. I have unlocked almost every single tank in the game even after these last 2 patches added 9 more at least. I still play for hours every day, frustrated or not, and i will be playing it for a long time to come. True competition never gets old REAL strategic game play as well.

      To summarize it all for the scanners, the game is worth every minute for sure, as for the money its only purpose is to save time and give temporary advantages in game, so in my personal opinion its worth every penny too, but you can get anything you want without spending a dime, you just have to spend more time 🙂 (Time isn’t such a terrible thing people wake up, where do you think experience really comes from.)

      • 50$ on a premium tank? you have to be out of your god damn mind to pay such an amount for not a game, but a single item in a game.

        By the way, I own 2Xlvl 10 tanks, 1 tier 9 medium, 2 tier 6 arty, 1 tier 8 french heavy, the total amount I payed was about 30$ and I will never pay a single cent nor do I advise anyone to pay for this game. I played almost a year…

        The tactics implemented are clearly pay to win, I am beyond arguing this with anyone. The EU,US forums have more than enough proof to anyone who is willing to listen..

  33. I’ve played this game since cosed-beta, and I’m loving it. Sure, it’s not prefect, but overall it’s one of the best online simulators!

  34. I have to agree with Nosferat. The game development is amateur at best, graphics are on the weak side and the match making has to be the worst I’ve ever seen. It’s an ok game for free, I wouldn’t dream of paying for this game. Sorry if your a paying subscriber, but I think you have been screwed. I’ll admit it was fun at first, but after 3 weeks of playing this game. I’ve had my fill. For me, it was something to do until BF3 comes out.

  35. Tottal agree! btw, check out www[dot]worldofwarplanes[dot]com !

    Tanks + Warplanes + Sea warships = perspective project like “Webworldwar” =)

  36. well,
    Rack your brain! All your arguments and the biassed criticism approaches to all MMO! Really, such quantity constant hardcore players not in each game you will meet, I don’t speak about usual players who plays some times in a week. Personally I don’t pay in general for games, at us children, schoolboys pay only.

    Hah.. Yes, I now too will send 4 mbytes of REFERENCES to you on a heap of articles and the literature, proving my point of view. And that after an exit of “tanks” at many games online you anywhere has considerably fallen you will not read, because don’t write at you! Check _ Google knows to whom disturb I play because, I love tanks and I refer to them long time ago, and my grandfather was at war on those tanks ). I work in aviation centre, our employees advised developers by mail. To me project WoT, to which ONLY 1 YEAR also is interesting to those!!! Also I do not want you to surprise and pull down your world, but everything, all mmo projects have donate service and everywhere people pay!!! And in China, in ****** England, and ****** the Netherlands kingdom,ur ***** countre even Jews and those pay! All countries who for two weeks has lost the great Second World War. Simply ridiculously! )

    PS actually I also used the translator. Simply there are no punctuation marks!:D

    Keep well!

  37. I’ve won more then enough games. There is no skill or tactics in World Of Russian Tanks, anyone who plays it long enough will realize that.

  38. i think u just didnt win in the game))) its hard . im agree))but need the skills, tactic and teamplay= courage in game!!)))

  39. LOL ,8 000 000 gamers in world, Los Angeles CyberFest 2011 and Guiness World Records ( most players in game ) didnt find any serious bugs .. funny ))

    btw, yesterday, set new patch 0.6.6 .. so ? my advice: get fun from grandpa’s tank!!!!!

    • Another patriotic troll who thinks the game has no issues. World of Russian Tanks has a shitload of bugs. Check the EU forums, cut the crap with the rusky trolling.

      Also please use the typo, your written English is really bad, if you pay enough money I can teach you to type if that is ok with you.

      The game is designed with money making in mind. World of Russian Tanks is not even out of open beta and they already announced World of Russian Planes.

      The EU and US forums are filled with complaints about the balance about the still no dual core support(are you kidding me? 2011 and this game still has no real multi core support), the failed matchmaking, compared to other mmos the concept of the game is not new, it is something fresh that I agree upon. However the hunger for money, the greed of the devs will lead to this game’s destruction. WOT will never be taken as a serious or competitive game it needs a lot of polishing.

  40. A good game, but I would not advise anyone in paying to play. Keep an eye out for this one in the future, for now it is an open beta filled with bugs, failed matchmaking system and loads of other balance issues.

    You can’t take the game seriously or try to play it at a competitive level, the developers aren’t serious about the game and the development and bugfixing is too slow. It will take many months, maybe even a few years before this game will be playable without the constant frustrations and problems it has now.

  41. “Graphics Card: nVIDIA GeForce 6800 series”
    Dont believe this info!! I have HD5450 graphics card and it can run COD7 in about 30 fps. But I run this f**king tank game, the fps of my computer is always lower than 20! Holy shlt!! The smoke, the fire, and the plants!!! They make this game lagging like hell!!!!

    • LOL
      dude, if game need nVIDIA GeForce 6800 series , wtf u want with ur HD5450??
      Nooby, please, set low graphics or fix ur system,aero effects, etc.

      ur problem – not problem of the game
      relax and cya

        • i dont think when u play 16+16=32 players in COD7 u have anything lags 😀

          COD7 is online or what ? never heard that crap game, which only u can play in whole inthernet))

        • nvidia really sucks, I hate Nvidia since after 2008, AMD ATI cards are sooo much better, better specs, and more stable!
          AMD core+ ATI Radeon HD vcard= best fps!!

          Screw intel and nvidia

    • Hi, the number of your HD is 5 Generation and 450 is the type that is recommended for VGA simple image. for game-play i recommend you the 670 forward. AMD Video cards are the best ones in performance for the cost. and works without drivers with newer games and old games that is the best feature of all, with drivers the heaven in your monitor. If your Power-supply is smaller than 500 Watts a HD7750 is recommended, no extra power needed like other cards. and the power for graphics is mindblowing. only cost like 130.00+ USD better than a Xbox 360 graphics x5 times. the X360 is like a 2HD card.

      13 Years of exp as computer builder. 🙂

    • gotta ask how long did you even try to play this, I thought it was lame at first, and then I figured out how to play, and the fact that it is nothing like any FPS where you can ride around in a tank. Remember you are fighting against other tanks, not foot solders with RPGs.

      Give the game a try again, and take your time, I have been able to take out 3-4 kills in a single round.

      Also remember that when u die in a match, you can exit the match and still get your exp, and gold, and still go into a new match…so you dont have to watch the match go on while you are dead.

      again give it another try, its a really fun game when you get used to the playstyle.

      • game itself isnt lame, its how its run. money/xp making is made so paying members (premium and gold tanks)gets huge advantage here. then you add matchmaker that is made so unless youre near end of tech tree you cant do much most of time coz half of enemy team is stronger than you, and quite often you just cant do shit because your tank cant do damage at all and is simply one shotted on sight…

        i really wouldnt mind money/xp thing if every match was fun for everyone not 1/3rd on top

        And i dont even want to start on broken spoting desing that promotes camping…

  42. This game «Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server» 2011
    Totally best game! Teamplay, maps,tanks and game atmosphere all perfect !!
    This game for President !!)

    Потрясающая игра, удивительно, что она сделана на Пост Советском пространстве !

  43. Definitely one of the best current MMORTS games available. Large assortment of real-world tanks and many more to come. Something I personally love about this game is that it is really bringing back the whole team-elimination game play that was once the most popular and has since nearly died out thanks to high-speed casual gaming impatience. Because of this it requires true strategy rather than randomly charging into battle and getting yourself killed. Teamwork is the key here and that makes it that much more interesting, fun, interactive, and enthralling to the more serious gaming crowd, at least, and of course to military / tank enthusiasts. Though considering games I believe only last 15 minutes at the most, it is still very suitable for the casual gamer while retaining it’s strategy and seriousness. Great game! Go play it!

    • I have over 20k battles in this game, although fun at lower tiers, once you get to tier 8 out of 10, in game credits become an issue. Then you really have to think about buying in game gold to fund playing at the business end of the game. Unfortunately that will only frustrate you more, each shell you fire costs either credits or gold, and even firing the biggest shells in the game, they can bounce, or even explode inside a tank, and do 0 damage. To approach War gaming about this, will result in them telling you your a noob and to look at the wiki to tell you why your a noob. Topping that you can buy camouflage, that will hide all enemy tanks until they are less than 30 metres away while exposing your tank to all 15 enemy!. If you dare question War gaming on this they will tell you that your internet must have disconnected you. If you point out that you continued to fight while all this was going on, you are met with a request for a copy of game replay then other software reports that trace all internet activity. After the fact no less. If you happen to have done all that then you will be met with silence or more rubbish. So fun to play but DO NOT spend any real money. Also if server goes down WG will not add any additional time to premium accounts, according to WG you pay them for the privilege of being able to play the game only, even though you can purchase premium for days weeks months or a year, it is governed by date only. In other words if you buy premium for a day and the server goes down (which happens a lot now) then you have lost your money! Check UELA for terms

      • I wouldn’t like to bash you.. but seriously, your points are invalid.

        1.- True, once you hit tier 8 and up, you get “punished” for not making your shots count, how is that unfair tho? if you shoot 30 times, and only do damage 5 times, yeah.. it will hurt, even if you win. It’s all about learning, unlike some other games, World of Tanks does require you to learn about the game, you can’t just go in, buy a tier 8 premium tank and expect to kill/damage everything, sorry but this isn’t a FPS like CS,CoD,BF etc.. Skill in this game gets rewarded.

        2.- You don’t need gold. You are kinda trying to make it look Pay 2 Win.. with over 16k battles, i’ve not spent a single dollar on this game, and that has not stopped me from getting the top tier tanks, true, it’s slow, but it depends on you how slow it is. However, like most MMOs, it’s all about time, eventually you will get the top tanks, even if you are really bad, you don’t “have” to be good to get a top tier tank,

        3.- You can buy camo with in-game currency, and it only gives 5% camo bonus, also, i’m sorry, but you will spot ANY tank within 50m from you, not 30 as you said. And the fact that you are pointing this out, tells me that you don’t really understand the visibility mechanics in this game.

        4.-I don’t use premium accounts, but really? how many times has the server been down and for how long, that you have to get refunded your 20-30 mins of premium time? The only times the servers go down for extended periods of time is the update day, which lasts for around 4-5 hours(maybe more), every what? 1-2 months, and you also get 1 FULL day of premium refunded, not just your 4-5 hours.

        And yeah.. this is a great game, BUT be ready to sink some time learning the mechanics if you don’t want to hit 20k battles and still don’t know how the game works.

        • 16k battles and what a liar as well. 1stly I have had several conversations with WG over 0 damage and penetrating hits, even with the T92 which has a splash radius of 10m with HE shells and average damage of 2,250 per shell. It is quote “normal to penetrate a tank and do 0 damage”. several times one after another with shells that cost 3k with in game currency, plus having to wait 40 seconds for each shot is a joke!

          Without gold you will grind to a halt or find your self playing tier 5 tanks for several battles to fund a loss on a tier9, a tier X loss can cost you over 50k in credits, so dont be fooled that it is not pay to win, it is pay to play for high tiers, I know I have 8 tier X tanks.

          Everything in game has a +- value of up to 25% that is a value set by WG in reality you can have tanks dissapear at 30 metres away and carry on shooting you while they do it! if you speak to WG about this at first they will say you have connection issues, when you tell them that how can you be disconnected while you are still shooting at and being shot by other tanks? then They say we will look into it. Nothing happens!

          And as for when the server is down WG give a full day of credits! YOU are nothing but a LIAR for making such a statement! On the last server crash WG has over 18 pages of forum rants from, players asking for their premium back, WG refused every single player. All my statements can be proven as yours can be proven to be false!

          One question I have for you is this. How long have you worked for War Gaming?

          • No-damage pens are often shots that have been absorbed by tracks or spaced armor. The rest of the times are due to “saving throws”. (Check battle mechanics for info about that)

            The whole ‘losing money’ thing at high tiers is intentional since the game devs don’t want too many people playing high tiers and ignoring low tiers. Honestly, I’d only play tier 10 for CWs. Public matches at tier 10 are often filled with frustratingly stupid teammates and there’s not much you can do to fill in for their shortcomings.

            Tjerry is right about the 50m spotting thing. It’s actually a static number for proximity spotting. The +/- 25% thing applies to pen and damage rolls only.

          • I know what no damage pens are supposed to be and saving throws, but 8 penetrating hits in succession, if not something wrong with battle mechanics then WG need to look and see where the fun in that is. Also WG try to sound technical talking about ballistics, I hit an AMX 13-90 in the side of its turret ring, with a shell from my jagpanzerE100, it knocked the track off with no damage. If you think about kinetic energy and the size of that shell. If it did not penetrate then it would in fact flip the tank right over. So I asked WG to stop the ridiculous bounces and dings that happen far too often. Only to be told Working as intended. 3 french tanks one after the other hit from that TD with 0 damage. If that is right then whats the point of putting a bigger gun on any other vehicle in game?

            As for paying to play, your right WG want players to spend money, I dont have a problem with that. Tjerry was making out otherwise, along with saying that WG refund players for server down time. Which the 155,000 players who were online last time that happened know otherwise.

            As for the spotting distance WG half admitted something was wrong, unfortunately they blame everything else. for instance another issue.

            Have you ever shot a tank that has health, not moving and it does not matter how many times you hit it, you cannot kill it or damage it further.

            I 1st had this problem several months ago, I was ranting in game, then I looked at team scores and noticed that the tank that was still alive, was showing up as dead.

            WG initially said, spaced armour and maybe I it was angled, go to the wiki to see about trajectory and how it affects penetration. This is so annoying that WG ALWAYS take this approach rather than think “maybe something is wrong!”

            When I complained and said I would simply uninstall the game as that answer was rude and BS, WG admitted it was a bug that they had since fixed. It sometimes happens when all crew members are knocked out, the tank shows as alive with its HP intact. I had the same thing yet again 2 days ago on wide park with a T71 stuck on tracks in middle of map. I shot it 3 times before some one else posted in chat it was out of the game, so WG have not fixed it.

            WG should be more open when issues arise, as all of us know that things can go wrong, what makes the difference between good customer relations and bad ones, is how companies deal with it.

            I really do like the game itself, graphics are superb, game play is different nearly every battle. But it is not perfect. It is just unfortunate that WG are good at developing games , but are really juvenile in their approach to customer issues. Here in lies the problem they have.

            So as I had previously said play the game but do not spend any money on it. If you cant help yourself then buy a premium tank,but not premium or in game goods, you will be very disappointed.


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