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The new End of Nations apparently “hasn’t changed as much as it sounds like”

False alarm everyone, ok well maybe its still a mild alarm. The new MOBA iteration of End of Nations is apparently less MOBA...
End of Nations: Free MMORTS From the minds behind Command & Conquer

End of Nations Receives Good News, Trion Worlds Takes Over Development

Good news for End of Nations, the game is seemingly not dead! After a couple of very rough weeks for the MMORTS that culminated...
End of Nations 4

End of Nations: Petroglyph lays off developers

Petroglyph sure is going through some rough times. We reported last week that the developers of the upcoming MMORTS End of Nations had decided...
End of Nations 6

End of Nations Open Beta Put On Hold “until further notice”

As reported by RockPaperShotgun, the End of Nations open beta will be put on hold "until further notice"The news comes from the EoN Facebook...
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End of Nations E3 2012 Video

The End of Nations E3 2012 Video features the Shadow Revolution defending critical target Deep Hammer from the Liberation Front in The Match of...
End of Nations 5

End of Nations Reveals Liberation Front Faction Trailer

Trion Worlds released the latest gameplay trailer for massive real-time strategy game, End of Nations the upcoming online free-to-play PC title slated to enter...