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Shiptacular! – Dreadnought BombLive

BombLive is back, and what better way to welcome it back than with something truly huge — in this case, the massive ships of Yager…


Surviving the Wasteland – The Skies BombLive

A desert and a gun. Let’s see if we can craft up what it takes to survive in the wasteland of The Skies. Come enjoy…


It’s A Card Game! It’s A Board Game! – Chronicle: RuneScape Legends BombLive

Chronicle: RuneScape Legends is in open beta, so let’s build some decks, kill some monsters, and throw weapons in each other’s faces! Come enjoy the…


Let’s Play a MOBA…Probably Not Well – Paragon BombLive

Now that Early Access has started and there are no more progression wipes, let’s see if I have found a MOBA that I might be…


DayBreak Still Makes F2P Games, Right? – PlanetSide 2 BombLive

It’s been a rough month for Daybreak Game Company. H1Z1 was split in two, EverQuest Next is cancelled, Landmark and both H1Z1s are no longer…


Taking to the Tees – Winning Putt BombLive

Time to hit the tees and see where we end up in some free-to-play golf action in BANDAI NAMCO’s Winning Putt. Will we rise to…

Total War: Arena 5

The End of War – Total War: Arena BombLive

The Total War Arena: Closed Beta comes to an end this week, so Jason’s going to hop in one more time and try to win…


Tempest Preview – Devilian Online BombLive

Today we’re kicking off BombLive a little early at 4:30 Eastern time. Come check out some pre-release gameplay of the new Tempest class in Trion…


Exsanguinate! Exsanguinate! – Nosgoth BombLive

No, it’s not a Doctor Who game Jason will be playing today. Instead, he’ll be hopping into Nosgoth to see just how wild and chaotic…

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All Aboard The Friend Ship – World of Warships BombLive

Jason’s returned to the high seas and is blasting his way through naval blockades galore in World of Warships! Come join him to celebrate his…


Still Leveling Up – Blade & Soul BombLive

We continue our leveling in Blade & Soul’s Head Start on this week’s BombLive. Feel free to come back seat game! Come enjoy the livestream…


Ending the Boycott – Rift BombLive

Kicking off the new year with a Rfit BombLive. It’s time to end my boycott and get some practice with the Primalist in Trion Worlds’…

Hearthstone League thumb

The Hall of Explorers – Hearthstone BombLive

Jason’s saved the last wing of Hearthstone’s League of Explorers for today’s BombLive! What perils await us, now that we’ve found the Staff of Origination?…


Burn it Down! – Paladins BombLive

Yep…I’ll be PvP-ing today…this ought to be good! Come hang out and watch as I play Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins! Come enjoy the livestream broadcast on…

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