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Magic Duels Adding Aether Revolt Expansion Jan. 18

Another expansion set is on the way for Magic Duels, Wizards of the Coast's free-to-play adaptation of Magic: The Gathering. Aether Revolt will hit live Magic Duels servers on Wednesday, Jan.

By Jason Winter -
Magic Duels Ups Coin Rewards To Reduce Grind

The rewards system in Magic Duels is getting a bit of an overhaul today, to make PvP matches more appealing and to reduce the amount that players have to repeat content in order to earn coins. 1v1 PvP match rewards increase...

By Jason Winter -
Magic Duels - First Look Gameplay

You've been able to play on your tablet for a while but now Magic Duels has been released on the PC.

By Michael Byrne -
Magic Duels Now Live On Steam

It's been available on mobile devices for a few weeks, but now PC players finally get their chance to try out the latest -- and first free-to-play -- incarnation of the world's first collectible card game.

By Jason Winter -
Magic Duels Now Live In The App Store

With a minimum of fanfare, to the point that it seemed almost accidental, Wizards of the Coast's free-to-play Magic: The Gathering game, Magic Duels (which no longer carries "Origins" in its title) is now live and available fo...

By Jason Winter -

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