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Mobile Version Of Moonlight Blade Rakes In $50 Million In Its First Week In China

Making $50 million in a week is a pretty good sign for any game, even one released in China, with its plus-sized potential audience.

By Jason Winter - 3 years ago
Nexon Touts "Best Q3 Ever," Pixelberry Acquisition In Latest Financial Report

When your financial statement leads off with "Highest Q3 ever," that's probably a good sign.

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
Nexon Exceeds Outlook For Q2 2017, Pins Q3 NA Hopes On LawBreakers

The previous quarter was perhaps a bit of an anomaly for Nexon's revenue.

By Jason Winter - 6 years ago
Moonlight Blade Online Getting Western Treatment

Tencent is bringing Moonlight Blade to the West, according to a keynote at Carnival Day in Nan-ching.

By QuintLyn Bowers - 6 years ago
New Female Customizations Allow You To Play As Young Girl In Moonlight Blade

Just in case you were worried playing as a young girl wouldn't be an option in NEXON's upcoming MMORPG Moonlight Blade...

By QuintLyn Bowers - 7 years ago