New Female Customizations Allow You To Play As Young Girl In Moonlight Blade

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Just in case you were worried playing as a young girl wouldn't be an option in NEXON's upcoming MMORPG Moonlight Blade... Don't worry, they have you covered. New customizations have been added to female characters to allow players to create rather young looking and tiny girls to play as.

You can see some samples of the new customizations in action in the video above courtesy of Steparu. But it begs a question... where's the option to play as tween boys?

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Discussion (15)

Detestt 7 years ago
One of many reasons I don't play MMOs anymore.

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Player1 7 years ago
Did the pedo movement gathered signatures didn't they? my god man, i think i'm gonna stick with Warframe and EVE for some more time...

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Za'Muro 7 years ago
an asian game without ped.oph.ilic races ? lets quickly fix that.... fu.c.king reta.r.ded asians with their anime bul.lsh.its

hovsep 7 years ago
you guys do realise nexon eu and NA is in the procces of joining togheter so EU players can play with NA

Xelluse 7 years ago
NEXON ? Great step to kill game before it was even released in West... Great job...
Get ready for new idiotic Regional restrictions that will cut out player number in one more MMO, get ready for servers that probably are installed on PS1 platform..., and get ready for P2W even if this game is not originally P2W. Best way to kill quite good and interesting project.

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stranger danger!!!!!!! 7 years ago
oh noooo ......

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