Time to customize your airship and take to the skies for airship combat in The Allods Team’s upcoming free-to-play Cloud Pirates. Set in the universe of Allods Online, this game offers multiple modes of gameplay, tons of airship customization, and a familiar feeling gameplay in a new package. Now, will it draw an audience? Check it out in our First Look!

To find out more about Cloud Pirates, check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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  1. if you are looking for fast paced, this isn’t it. I played this weekend and it was fun, akin to world of tanks with altitude considerations.

    there are tanky, dps, and healing vessels. the healing vessels felt a bit weak and underpowered to me but it might have been the tiers I was fighting against. my favorite was the dps tree and with the right build can really punish your opponents mistakes.

    the maps and modes were standard fair. death match, control points, capture the flag (was treasure chests that were returned to designated areas), and protect/destroy missions. I don’t see myself spending a lot of time with it but I can see the fun some others may find in it.

    • Heals were buffed well at last beta session, they made almost any tank ship immortal. The only problem was with balance,some ship could kill enemy team solo. Other had ridiculous burst dmg,who could kill all light and medium ships in aoe,while other had almost no dmg,or its impossible to land. But still game is pretty fun and very fast compared to Dreadnaught or Fractured space

  2. I’ve played russian beta, game is ridiculously good and fun. They have announced early access packs and there is no pay2win yet. Standart to world of tanks game types.
    There will be pve, so everyone will find smth

  3. I remember seeing the trailer for this. Trailer was cool, but i didn’t expect much from the game. However after watching some videos i gotta say it does look like a game that could be fun. I think being fast paced is a big plus, not sure is gonna work on the long run though. But like Merkadis said if they expand the features might end up pretty good.

  4. Potential is there yes.
    Especially if they manage to expand the features before players will get bored grinding each other on the same maps in the same game modes… could turn into something nice.
    I’d add a lot of pve to this though, main campaign, side quests, dungeons, raids… could turn into something interesting eventually. Perhaps even into sort of pirate-like eve online. With massive battlefields, guilds vs guilds, alliances vs alliances… well, you start small so let’s see how this one will progress. I suppose i’ll put it to my watch list for now.

    • I don’t think “massive battlefields” will ever be there, but everything else is very much possible. They seem to know pretty well what they are doing with this game (unlike their upcoming FPS that went dark after the first public beta >_>).


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