Core is a free-to-play distribution platform by Manticore Games that allows you to play all available games as much as you want for free…and most are all user created! Want to get in on the creation aspect and maybe monetize your game? You can even do that here, too…for free!?

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  1. I did not know that you can have platform that is copy of roblox but less fun.
    This one managed to do it tho, i tried around 50games(all from most popular ones) 48of them were purely “pay money to progress, pay money to stand any chance in pvp, pay money to speed up your progress 10million times” worse than candy crush and other mobile games famous for bad practices. They also clearly aim at kids, which just is not moral.

    1 game was pretty good, the mini-golf. It is the only one that did not spam me with PAY 40000money coins to progress, big discount for next 30seconds!!!! And you let them make these windows uncancellable which is pure eyecancer. And the mmorpg game in top 10 was ok too, i mean if this was 1980 the mmorpg one would impress me.

    It was not as good as dedicated mini-golf games, but i mean for something created in this mess it was best.

    I see the plan”hey roblox is worth big money, what if we took the fortnite graphics kids love and make something similar to make the kids spend their parent’s money.

    I guarantee this game will get banned/sued in some countries for being so agressively anti consumer and pro kid leeching. Excuses like “but we did not make this specific minigame” will just stand.

    I’ve seen many bad practices but gosh, this one takes the Gold medal, both figuratively and literally.

    Solution is simple
    >Let the platform itself get money directly from kids
    >Platform will then reward the most popular games
    This way it can have actually good games without extreme p2w, rewarding creators and keeping good rep.

    But i guess just “stealing” money from kids earns more cash….


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