About the game:
Title: Core
Status: Beta
Genre: MMO
Developer: Manticore Games
Publisher: Manticore Games

Explore a vast multiverse of games — or create your own — in Core, a portal to thousands of free-to-play games. Core offers thousands of games created by the developers and the community, giving you tons of options every time you play. Make a game that’s popular enough, and you can even earn money from the people who play it!

Core’s flexible Create Mode allows for just about anything you can imagine, and it has a ton of avatar options so you can enjoy that perfect look. Its wealth of games includes shooters, survival games, puzzles, racing, sports titles, and much more, so you’ll have something new to play every time you log in!

Explosive Features:

  • Thousands Of Games
  • Build Your Own Games
  • Earn Money From Your Creations

News and Updates

Core Announces The Multiverse Games, It’s Like The Olympics Without Leaving Your Seat

So, by now you're all aware that Core is that game that isn't really a game but a place to create games and share...

Win Thousands Of Dollars In Prizes And Maybe A Tesla In Core’s Next Invitational Game Jam

Core, the platform that lets gamers create their own games, is running some special competitive events beginning today. The first, and bigger of the...

Core Celebrates Early Access With Free Character Giveaway

Manticore Games' distribution platform Core recently launched into early access and to celebrate, the company announced today that they're giving away a free set...

Core Heads To Early Access And An Exclusive Agreement With Epic Games Store

Game-creation engine Core has a new home. Following an alpha that saw more than a million players try the game, Core is now in...

Win A Legendary Easter Bunny Character During Core’s Egg Hunt Starting Today

Core, the platform that allows players to create their own game worlds, is hosting its first ever Easter event. The event tasks players with...

Core Heads To Epic Games Store, Announces $100m Round Of Investment

Creative sandbox game Core will be heading to the Epic Games Store on April 15, developer Manticore Games announced today. Manticore boasts of "roughly...

Core – Gameplay First Look: Free Gaming and Game Creating Platform Where You Can Monetize

Core is a free-to-play distribution platform by Manticore Games that allows you to play all available games as much as you want for free...and...

Create And Play Your Own Games For Free With Core

Well, here's something new and it might just be perfect for the budding game devs among us. If you just haven't been able to...

Featured Video

System Requirements

Core Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-7400 or AMD equivalent
Memory Ram: 8GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD equivalent

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