Phoenix Labs brings you a free-to-play monster hunting game where Slayers tackle big Behemoths to farm up materials to build more gear and the cycle repeats. But will Dauntless be as addictive as its counterparts?

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  1. Game is “ok”, I give it like a 6/10? At best? The combat is ok, not great, but ok. I don’t like the fact you can’t break your swinging animation to dodge, so those slow weps..which is like 3/4 weps so far, you’re screwed. Go chain blades to get out if that headache, that or play super skittish by only hitting left click and move. Which honestly makes combat that boring and derp derp.

    Outside of that, the Behemoths are pretty well done and most of the the fights are pretty well thought out. I personally hate gnasher the most, not that the fight is entirely hard, just how he’s set up with his tells and attacks. Very frustrating fight compared to all the other behemoths I’ve faced so far.

    If the game was to launch as is right now, I don’t believe it will last long because it’s very very bare bones. Combat gets very repetitive very quickly as does the behemoths after you learn the fight and believe me, it’s even more annoying/boring when you need a rare drop that NEVER drops for you. Then you’re forced to kill the same one 15-30 times and you’re still not getting the drop because damn you RNG gods!

    You also get 30 minutes to gather mats and/or kill the behemoth for each island encounter. I dont recommend soloing after your first 2 “rogue” behemoths, which are like juvenile versions of the behemoths. After that, game pretty much punishes you for soloing because parties clear behemoths faster and well..when you need to “grind farm” a behemoth for a rare drop..yeah, faster is better.

    I’ve nearly reached my limit of the monster grinding to not get mats that I need to upgrade my gear , damn rng, that and the purpose of the game? Just to grind grind to access higher tiers so you can grind grind even more? So if you’re into that type of gameplay, then yes, by all means get ready to play Dauntless.

  2. my god this looks boring, all melee and slow attacks with a $80 buy in just to test it. What’s going to happen when monster hunter releases for the PC? This game will probably be forgotten.

    • Yeah, my housemate bought the game a couple of days ago. Always buys into alphas and whatnot. And 99% of the time, it’s either a load of shite and he’ll never play it again, or he’ll enjoy it but hardly touch it (perhaps playing a couple of times over the year). Bloody madness.
      And he already plays MH (via VPN), which looks like the superior game. Why the hell he decided to waste yet more money on a crappy game, I’ll never know. I guess some people are just addicted to buying games, even if they never play them.
      Personally, I never, ever buy anything I won’t get my money’s worth out of. Not enough common sense in the world these days lol.

  3. Great work guys love the video.
    but, I would love to see game co’s actually go backwards in time.
    I had an incredible time helping out devs many years gone by, we the many at the time played many games in alpha , closed beta & helped them with vior to fix their problems for free in our own time, etc…
    Now though, its a shame the devs ask for payment to test their games.
    Its kind of pitiful i think of today’s gaming concept, its a form of great greed & slavery, over what it should be within this kind of investment manner & that is to be a person who contributes to a company business early on in its progress, “holds shares” should be a financial investment with rewards at the end,.. hopefully. 🙂 you get my drift. we are becoming slaves who pay to work to help devs make money when the games finished, after all our work and input has helped them fix it. Its all just seems we are becoming.. Stupid.
    The game looks fun and thanks for your great videos
    but i ain’t giving money to work in form of gaming slavery.


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