Forge is a class based third person brawler developed by Dark Vale Games. Originally produced as a buy-to-play indie game, it went free-to-play in August 2013. In Forge players can choose from several classes, each with their own unique playstyle and abilities. Forge offers PvP gameplay similar to MMOs, but without the need to level and with a focus on skill rather than gear.

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  1. An emphasis on skill rather than gear? Sounds like the opposite of pay to win. Looking forward to seeing how the gameplay is.

    • actually nice idea.
      and for melee – they can add armor if manage to implement feature of losing % of armor from damage taken.

  2. Off Topic: Wildstar announced that it is going to have subscriptions but you can also earn it by using the in game currency to trade for real cash currency.

    • Buy to play –> pay to play. A combination of two models, unfortunately the option for in game currency will probably only be accessible to truly Hardcore persons and even that cannot make up for the money grubbing model. They should have picked either or and stuck to it.

  3. This game was bad when it was buy to play now it’s just bad as a free game, still not worth the time I wasted 5 bucks on this game when steam had it for 75% off still want my money back lol. This game still has many bugs, and issues, as well as unbalanced classes.

  4. I didn’t mind Forge myself, I even supported them by buying the game before it launched. The game is definitely more fun than most “MOBA” games I’ve played. However, the game lacked population, and died quick.

    It’s nice that they’re trying a “Free To Play” approach, but I feel they should have done this from the get go, and done quite a bit more advertising. It seems like games without advertising, just wind up dead too fast.


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