About the game:
Title: Forge
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Genre: MMO
Developer: Dark Valve Games
Publisher: Steam

Explosive Features:

  • Multiple Unique Classes
  • Skill-Based Brawling
  • Fast Paced Combat

Forge is a third person MMO brawler developed by Dark Valve Games. Originally produced as a buy-to-play indie game, it went free-to-play in August 2013. The game emphasizes player skill over level, with combat revolving around being able to quickly traverse arenas while freely aiming abilities at enemies.

In Forge players choose from one of seven unique classes, each with very different styles, to defeat their enemies in battle. Classes include the Assassin, Pathfinder, Pyromancer, Shamen, Warden, Ravager, and Tinker. Each class is highly specialized and posses an “easy to learn, hard to master” learning curve. Since Forge isn’t an MMO, players can freely swap between classes during a match.

The game features three main modes; Team Deathmatch, Capture the Relic, and King of the Hill. All three modes deliver fast paced combat in environments designed for high mobility. Wall jumping and positional abilities allow for access to enemies and allies alike through unconventional paths.

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System requirements

Forge Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz or Above
Memory Ram: 4GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 6GB of free Space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTs 450 or above

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11 User Reviews

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  1. uguran on March 1, 2015

    its dead now, im see its closed

  2. Feeble Old Man on January 1, 2015

    This game is worth checking out. It’s an arena pvp game and combat is like an fps but with fantasy type classes. I mostly played the archer type. I’d move the reticule onto an enemy and left click to fire a normal arrow, press 1 for poison arrow, 2 for some other arrow. He also got different types of mines which drop immediately and help keep the melee classes off you/slowed. There are several distinct classes. There’s wall jumping to get on top of platforms and snipe or whatever. Game is strictly pvp arena and it’s fun!

    • Bahlek on February 13, 2015

      i cannot seem to play this game do you know why? :/

  3. vixion on September 12, 2013

    Also.. This game is like Fury, it was a great PvP game but it shutdown, check out some videos of it.

  4. vixion on September 12, 2013

    Do a first look on Soldner! It was originally buy to play but it’s now free to play and i’m pretty sure it has no cash shop or anything like that, just pure free! It’s a game like Battlefield with huge maps and A LOT of weapons, vehicles, aircraft…

    • Feeble Old Man on January 1, 2015

      Your comment has nothing to do with this game, you twit.

  5. ugurano on August 26, 2013

    good game with panzar and smite, and archeblade

  6. Unmarked on August 20, 2013

    The game is pretty bland for it to be a brawler, you can’t do combos and all you do is mash skill keys and hope for the best.

    • kalatraba on September 4, 2013

      Well having to use 9 skills is frustrating. If I grow 2 more arms I may start playing again. Warframe has more “brawl” than this perplexed game.

  7. unmarked on August 19, 2013

    mounted imma download it and check it out and rate it after i play

    • Name (Required) on August 20, 2013

      Please tell us what you think after you play it, hopefully its worth playing

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