Take to an open world for the first time in the Phantasy Star MMO universe in PSO2: New Genesis. With new graphics, massively improved movement, a new story, and a fantastic world to explore, PSO2: New Genesis links the old with the new in a “double feature” MMORPG.

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  1. playing this game with an i5 4570(yup a gen 4 cpu from 2013) and a gtx 1660 and i get 60 fps at 95% of time they only drop to like 45+ when loading distance objects..and they get back to 60 again also i am playing at grafic lvl 5, that one lvl below lvl 6 the maximum…i really got surprised at first when i saw the game requier an i9-10900 and a RTX 2070 for just the rec requierement and i think this is the first one i ‘v seen so far lol….

  2. I was quite hyped for this but sadly it feels, plays and looks like mmos that got cancalled 10 years ago for being really bad.
    This “action combat” is really just tab target with slightly cooler animations.
    The only way i can imagine this to be bearable(not enjoyable just bearable) is with joystick, because it was clearly made to be played with one and is extremely unfriendly and feels wrong on keyboard+mouse.

    After playing dark desert, blade n soul, tera… I can not say single positive thing about this “action combat” in PSO

    Cutscenes hit you every third second and they are shorter than the loading screen which leads to them (i got 8core modern cpu, high-end ssd) so it can be quite hellish welcome for old notebook users.
    -> then you do most basic stuff like walking, killing few easy enemies and figure out that crafting and itemization are extremely shallow in this game
    -> you are in new city, it is boring one at that with no modern social events and you are to do some more shallow tutorials
    -> tutorials are done, now the “real game” comes yay! It is about walking a lot in empty feeling maps, and doing the most uninspired dungeons that you could imagine

    Release 2021, yet if i had to guess without knowing this, i’d guess 2004 maybe 2008 because of updated graphics.

    There is nothing modern, new, unique or fun in this game. It is souless grind with worst combat system that i had the displeasure to try in last 7 years.

    I would keep it on my hdd to do like one dungeon per month while i m bored to death, but it has 100GB, and sane person can not make this tiny indie team feeling game on his ssd justifiable.

    My review may look harsh but i’m actually one of easiest to please gamers, i’ll play almost anything with smile on my face. From minesweeper to obscure visual novels with bad translation. This game just managed to hit all the bad spots and i see no light at end of this tunnel.

    The best I could say is that it would be considered average 10 years ago. So i guess it does feel just fine to PSO 2 players and see it as upgrade. But My overall rating is 3/10 (1+ good character creator 1+ music 1+cat ears are avaible for free)

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Tanya! I also moved your comments to the actual PSO2: New Genesis game page on mmobomb since you put a whole review for the game here and not just a comment for the First Look! Thought the review should be there for others searching the game pages for a game to play to see when they make their decisions!


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