Ridge Racer Driftopia is a highly stylized arcade style racer published by Namco. Ridge Racer Driftopia combines the feeling of old high octane racing games like Rush with the modern destruction of games like Burnout.

In Driftopia, players compete to set the best time on each track while racing against the “ghosts” of other player’s cars. Compete for the best times while racking up drift points and deconstruction in order to score more cars and upgrade your existing ones.

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  1. this game made me think about how need for speed world changed in the last couple of years.

    old cars either become nerfed or new cars are extremely fast, im not sure which one is it, but its really stupid – i have 4-5 cars, one of which is nissan gtr and yet people with worse, but newer cars drive faster than me, even if their car’s score is lower than mine with about 50-100 points

  2. Utterly ridiculous game. You cant even touch a wall and not to be turned over. Realism is good but I preffer the NFS gameplay because its way more fun to play and stable.

  3. it could be better, but the higher end cars are to costly to repair with repair kits, i would rather play nfsw then this. i would end up putting more money in to driftopia then ridge racer unbounded is worth and unbounded has much more content

  4. Okay it is complete garbage. I thought maybe you earned more kits and things improved as you gain rank but it is 100% pay to win from what others are saying. So I won’t be bothering with it.

  5. Looks good and I used to love ridge racer but they need an open world or it’s not going to be worthwhile to a lot of gamers who have played some of the existing racing mmos. Especially with games that have racing on top of other elements. There aren’t a lot of great free to plays like that but with gta and even apb around i can’t see myself playing any racing game unless they have a whole lot more than instanced race zones going on. If they throw in some features like we’ve seen in flatout, destruction derby and some more comical elements i’d be all for it. Though I would rather play offroad than on a track for the most part, I enjoyed games like atv offroad fury on the ps2. I would like to see something like that or at least one that offers stunt courses. Almost all racing mmos have focused on complete realism or tried to clone mario cart so there hasn’t been much appeal for them to me. This one does look gorgeous though. Anyone who’s played this want to fill us in on any features not covered in this first look or on the main site it’d be cool though because I really don’t want to spend a long time downloading this client unless i know more about it. Sounds kinda lame but I have downloaded so many games that I simply can’t enjoy lately and some of these clients are massive so it’s starting to make me want to avoid trial and error and wait for others to offer input, with my crappy isp it can take a while to download a lot of these and I’ve encountered several massive games that I couldn’t make myself stomach more than half an hour of lately.


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