Splash some Sci-Fi onto an older feeling MMO, mix in a dash of MOBA-esque PvP, and you get the newly free-to-play Trinium Wars. But does removing the small cost to play the game mean you should go check it out? Watch our First Look to help you decide!

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  1. I can’t believe these developers/publishers recycle these terrible games. Just to make one thing clear, I’m Asian myself, but these Asian companies need to get their heads out of their asses and start learning a bit more from some of the Western developers/publishers to move forward. Although the West has more terrible publishers than Asia (Gameforge, Gpotato and many, maaaaany more). At least they don’t recycle that many games…. yet.

    • It all about the money that they can make off Old MMO games that got shut down. Example: Luna online Plus
      (They do not Care anymore about making a MMO game)
      I Say away from all Old MMO that coming back from the grave by Different Company who called it a New MMO don’t be fooled by those words.

  2. This game originally came out in 2012 under the title L.A.W. – Living After War. First published by alaplaya.com and developed by a little unknown company named Nitrozen. The game was a port from Korea. It failed so miserably for the publisher, they had to pull it after only a few months out. So Now I see a review of it with a different title…and I’m thinking to myself…which fool of a company would purchase this IP and put it back out!?!


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