Devilian Online - First Look Gameplay

Trion Worlds is bringing ARPG/MMO Devilian Online to the West and Closed Beta has kicked off. Let's take a look and see what it brings to the free-to-play game space.

To find out more about Devilian Online, check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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Discussion (11)

gert4 8 years ago
Hahahahaha trion you suck never again why would they even release a game thats already shut down in another country, did trion get a freebie game they are trying to scam more players with a failed game for a quick buck?

More Tricks Even More Traps.

KuleLeh 8 years ago
Game is ok, but using browser game's daily devotion tasks? ._.
At least the UNINSTALL button still works. 10/10

HellcatM 8 years ago
Looks interesting but the Facebook system of stamina systems and being pushed to add friends is a turn off. If they change this I may check it out, if not I'll pass.

Cloak 8 years ago
This game looks so exhilarate. *Sarcasm*

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teppic 8 years ago
The image you've used says it all, offensive sexist trash.
Also, screw Trion.

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desertfox 8 years ago
Was interested until Trion. No commitment to their games and end up resorting to generic gameplay (end of nations) and horrendous business model.

JediEwok 8 years ago
I had a lot of fun playing this the past few days. Combat is smooth with some cool skills and a pretty decent variety of ways to build each class. Questing is dull and generic, and the autorun makes it even duller. I can't see myself playing it all day every day over a long period, but I think it'll be a fun game in short bursts.

Lagwin1980 8 years ago
It's looking good, hope trion don't manage to balls it up.
Can't remember where i saw it but i'd seen it has a "infinite" can do a timed run for rewards if you are top, and just keep going until you die.

Was going to ask Magicman, would you be interested in doing a bomblive on Path of Exile when the next short league Darkshrines pops up...have a look at the announcements page to get an idea of what it's about.

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