F2P Cast: It's Always Sunny in Neverwinter (Ep 60)

This week illness strikes a host and we are forced to make it a husband and wife duo show! Magicman and Damina talk Neverwinter, give an update on the never ending Waren Story saga, and splash in a little MOBA chat. Your bombs and feedback round out this all new episode!

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Discussion (38)

sahai 10 years ago
I started to play MMO games by chance. This game and Age of Wushu is two of my favorites. Age of Wushu is kinda different. There's no careers but thousands of Kung Fu skills, just like martial arts movie.

itgrowls 10 years ago
uuuuhm wrong WoW hasn't had class quests or a personal story in YEARS, vanilla wow did but that was a long long time ago, So 2 hours to reach 25 not bad at all for those of us who are altaholics.

AmericanAce 10 years ago
i have to admit im am definatly keeping my eye on Neverwinter though agree the founders pack is a no go in my economic state.

if it wasnt for individual class story's not being there id probably just roll out 1 character to endgame and just sit on him as the way i see it class story's is key to rolling alts witch SWTOR witch nailed individual class story but Abombed the free to play model

but as said the combat looks awesome and indeed has me excited on the quality of graphics so yay its a 50/50 chance ill retain a Neverwinter toon after 6 mos of playing

RenTheRsoe 10 years ago
i have to say it YAAAAA I GOT MY USER NAME ON THE SHOW WAAAHOOOOO (calms herself down) dabomb for magicman for reading my comment makeing me rilly happy and completely made my day / week :P

Firaxes 10 years ago
Regarding Neverwinter leveling, I understand what you said about how it could be repetitive if you start an alt and play the NW story over and over. However, as I understand the Founry, you could fully level a character by playing Foundry missions and never touch the NW story.

My thought is that the Neverwinter story is like basic training, used on first characters as people get a feel for what's possible in the Foundry. I believe within a few months, very few people will play through the story and will opt instead to play campaigns from their favorite creators. Even when or especially when leveling alts.

I personally look forward to getting several toons to max level and then enjoying their different playstyles in Foundry content. If I'm not alone, I believe PW will make some nice cash selling character slots, especially as they release the new "must have" class/build. Hopefully I've amassed a nice cache of Astral Diamonds before then...

emokittenz 10 years ago
question of the week: Lara Croft but not the Lara of the ps1 days but the new Lara for the upcoming Tomb Raider game she seems like someone who is so much more relate-able to than in past games
before she seemed like she was just there for sex appeal.
Da bomb for Aion have heard good things about it but never bothered to play it until recently
graphic wise game looks nice, probably has the most in depth character creation and i hear you can fly, wish i started a long time ago.

Hofman2HQ 10 years ago
Great show dears :P
I'll start with the bombs:
DaBomb for wizardly online from SOE for posting up a wiki about the game. It realy helped me with my quests and dungeons.
Another DaBomb for a for Nvidia GeForce Experience, it's still on beta but what it does is to optimal your game setting with your computer hardware. It's still don't have a very much big list of games that can be optimal but there is Planetside 2 and Hawken.

About the question of the week.... then i heard the names Lara croft and Nathan Drake on the same sentence with "or" at the middle... i swear i heard a thunder, i just wanted to break something!!!!
But when i chilled out i thought about it and... well Nathan Drake is for me. I have PS3, DON'T JUDGE ME!!! I just don't know Lara very well yet. I still can change my mind, hope the new Tomb Raider will be a mind blowin.
Great show MMOBOMB cast, Keep it up! :)

ZhaoYun 10 years ago
first of all i would like to say about wildstar i feel you MM i am waiting for like 2 years now for gpotatos so called age of wulin they did promise early 2013 but i aint believing them i am in the same spot as u lost excitement but if it comes out i will give it a try to see if i like it or not

For waren story i have to say that u have NO idea how many people here in greece like these type of games like linage 2 or waren story idk why but people here seem to like these types of games although there are a lot of better mmoms than waren story with better graphics/story line/combat and so on

For the moba game mentioned i got no time to try/like anything new i will stick to LoL for now

Da Bomb for i quess being lucky or unlucky(dependin on how she judges it)and having a man with no chesthair lol i remember the stream that day 1 of the best streams every :P

A-bomb to pwe and raiderz if it wasnt for teras f2p "tranformation" i doubt pwe would even release the update and still even if they released it really pwe?really?1 year for 5 lvls and like 2-3 dungeons?i am probably never going personally back to raiderz(at least not pwes version)after what i've seen

Question Of The Week:unlike most here u will be suprised that i choose drake over lara croft i've played both games but i liked the uncharted series(1 2 and 3 so far)more than the lara croft ones the only reason i would say lara croft instead of drake would be cause she has boobs but that would be silly so i will go with drake

REALLY awesome show this week i really enjoyed myself when Damina ruined your moment about your "non-existing chest hair" keep up the good work and see you next week

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JcLegend 10 years ago
Question of the week : Lara croft because she is awesome and in my opinion one of the first and best tough girls around.

Thanks for a mother great show :)

eunusunt 10 years ago
Hey everyone,

First off, before I start watching the show I'd like to give a HUGE A-BOMB to Turbine, they had a 12-hour scheduled maintenance (for supposedly an upgrade to back-end systems, including accounts and billing) which now is 48+ hours and there's still no ETA in sight. This affects their accounts page, as well as all their games - everything but the main website and forum is offline.

/clicks Play.

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Cacalips 10 years ago

STAY AWAY this will end up like all their other titles of pure garbage.
WOW, ok where to start: 1) ‘”We’re doing this acrobat routine without a net. We’re going full free. Ground up. We’re not starting as a subscription game and changing. This is a free game from day one. So, our current presale options do not include monthly stipends that usually accompany lifetime subscriptions (like STO). I’m not sure that there’ve been many Western MMORPG”s to do this from the beginning and I’m on the edge of my seat to see what happens. ” – DO you all understand what this means? IT IS EXACTLY LIKE PWE, and all their other titles. THERE ARE NO MONTHLY SUBS in PWE but we all know it is the most expensive “F2P” PAy to win POS on the markey. They are saying the removed the tier payment from STO like it is a good things THIS IS A BAD THING!
2) Star Trek is great because fans pay and ALLOW the market to be balanced with dilithium, in game coins, and cash shop coins. I can level up to level 10 and get over 2K dilithium in quests right now. Go to the market and turn it in for Zenny or put it up to gain in game cash. The prices are balanced because PEOPLE PAY MONTHLY for the tiered BENEFITS.
Now, log into all their other GAMES that have no TIER payments (PWE) and it is all over priced broke economy. The billions of ingame gold to get 1 of anything forces you to do dungeons and attempt to sell the same item to some poor sucker who still doesnt get it. Soon everyone stops bein that sucker, and realisez ‘I need X item to get into dungeon to get item to make money. BUT I cant do item without item so I do not have money…so how to get item to start the cycle?’ YOu pay REAL cash, by the thousans, to stay on this expanding comeptitve edge. Soon, enough suckers stop to exist, only guys with gambeling like addiction problems are there to pump time and or cash into this system and it is a game over scenario. Gamers usually just F2P there for the social aspect not the gameplay. This is something you cannot do in Never Winter as it is instanced world soooo…IT is really a crap chute for the wallet.
3) He sort of lies saying ‘ I’m not sure that there’ve been many Western MMORPG”s to do this from the beginning” HELLOOOO your PWE partnership…all their games started like this! YOURS from CRYPTIC (STO) IS THE ONLY ONE they signed on that has tiers. SO YES, they existed before and they are HORRIBLE!

4) God, brainless consumers wake up! BOYCOTT this garbage! Do not play it unless they install a better F2P model. Frankly, It is not surprising, and Star Trek is the ONLY PWE game I play because CRYPTIC still has a great model at a low price. Id play PWE if it had a sub and sub perks. But as it is , NO TIERS = MAss cash by the thousands to stay competitve.

In conclusion, Don't get suckered into this copy and paste model of Perfect World. It is their way of tearing Cryptics tiers out by showing this CEO the revenue of PW. He is lying, (but lies safely by using "probably" verbage).

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Elveone 10 years ago
D-Bomb for Neverwinter - great combat, great story and overall a great game. It is not sticking to D&D ruleset but who the hell cares!
D-Bomb to Cryptic as well for listening to beta feedback!
A-Bomb for overzealous fans... my current gripe is with overzealous D&D fans with unrealistic expectations but that kind of stuff is spread all across the being a fan of D&D is not bad, in fact it is great, but, fans, please do a reality check once in a while.
As for question of the week - neither. I don't think they are bad characters or bad games but I'm just a huge Legacy of Kain fan and... well, Tomb Raider and Uncharted marked if not the death, at least a long hiatus of my favorite series. Good thing that LoK will return soon... well, perhaps we might see an actual announcement in a couple of years but I'm really getting off-topic.

my take 10 years ago
Challenging League of Legends in the E-Sport scene is silly in it's own right.. MMO Players rarely like and accept change, MOBA' are no exception which is why they ALL have 3 lanes and towers.. Commander mode was one of those changes, although I feel like had the creeps been more dynamic such as gaining levels and spawning from places traditional to RTS games like barracks, it would have worked flawlessly and added more originality to the genre.

I am still not sold on Neverwinter. It's an arcade game, and although Dungeons and Dragons has had arcade games in the past, I don't usually associate the name with arcade hack and slash. The customization found in games like Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights series was somewhat followed in DDO from Turbine however they are sorely ill-represented in this game. It has been severely watered down. I've never been an altoholic, preferring to stick with 1 character till everything is maxed and I mean EVERYTHING, but I could not imagine going through the same content over and over again. And these classes are kind of dry with not so many choices to make your character unique so I can see maybe 4 alts average from even altoholics..

Waren Story... The MMO's that flourish in the East are muuuch different than the West.. They still enjoy Lineage 2 and even Silkroad Online over in the East.. It's really sad that companies cannot mold to the region they are trying to sell to. So many old school Eastern MMO's are closing so fast over here in the West because there is no longer any room for these types of games. If you want to break into the industry in the west, you had better have something comparable.

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KalameesJr 10 years ago
Harrison Jones 4ever tbh!

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Crystal saga guy 10 years ago
Guys check out crystal saga search and play it free at kongregate.com

Mystika 10 years ago
For question of the week: I really don't know. I haven't played any of the Uncharted or the Tomb Raider series. I haven't properly watched the Tomb Raider movies with Ange. Jolie in them either...

Inflictious 10 years ago
Thanks for Another fine Show !

First off, What is going on Damina ! ..Did Bigpoint stop sending you "Free" credit's to promote thier game.. " Gameglobe "?
With thier new content i was really thinking that was All Your's for your Da Bomb !
Guess in the end it finaly bored you to..Oh well, In the end you better take side's with the True Gamer's huh !!! hahahaha. ;)

Question of the week ..

Alex:] Come on Lara. My (beep) is lost in the jungle and it's up to you to find it. Oh Lara you dirty dirty adventurer. Let's see what's under you skirt. Lara, no panties? You know I like that.

100% for Lara, And Thank you Grandma's Boy for that special unforgettable moment !

Till next week , Again Thank's for the Show.


fightmasterr 10 years ago
Its not uncommon for games to be in development for 5years+

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Extasist 10 years ago
well WildStar 2 years ago had tap system, just recently checked, now it have interesting story all 3 races have own unique quest's so they change based of what people want to play now.

1ManWolfPack 10 years ago
Husband and wife show, awesome! Great show you lovebirds.

Sins of a Dark Age is currently my favorite game to jump into. The gameplay is really smooth for an early beta. The community is great, but very small currently. This is my only gripe with the game. You can sometimes wait for 15+ mins to get a game. We NEED people to log on. There are over 1,500 keys left on this very site!

The Realm Quest system adds a lil extra ooomph to the game. Very traditional MOBA, but then the realm quests throw a wrench in the mix. Sometimes, going for the quest isn't the best play. Muhuhahahaha!

Please give it a shot guys, just don't insta-bash the title just because its a MOBA. I too, was a dedicated LoL player from mid beta through season 1. I grew to loathe the game, and it's retched community! SoDA's a fresh look on the genre; with a great community ta boot!

Bomb of the Week: DaBomb for IronClad Games for releasing a patch on Valentines Day that was extremely thorough on balancing and bug fixes. If they keep the hard work up I believe this game has a true chance to take the genre by storm!

Wednesdays are the best Magic! Chest hairs, toothbrushes, and pants oh my!
BarenChestBombed by Damina! HA! That's awesome!

Take care Magic, Damina, and all you Bombers!


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setsua 10 years ago
Another great video, keep it up everyone!!! I am loving Tera, i am a High Elf Lancer i just wish i had my controller.

Rufinus 10 years ago
harlem shake

yomanito 10 years ago
With my magic powers and the help of god Sumara i mount the first one...i ignore the second one and i claim this white space and all the white spaces on this threat and i mount all off you tiny humans who dare to mount.I also naming this place Mountaria and i use it as my kingdom to conquer other threats and mount them.From today i mount everyone on this site and in all threats all over the internet.IM THE MIGHT YOMANITO and i MOUNT EVERYTHING!!.......

AirSplash 10 years ago
Great show Free to Play Cast! For the Question of the Week! Lara Croft cause she's been around the block a few more times than Drake. Lara has kills Dinosaurs, Tigers, Bears, and Bandits while Drake kills Bandits. Also she is way hotter. Got a Da-Bomb to my friend Supamidget117 for going out on a limb and trying Tera, tuns out he really likes it.

otinanai 10 years ago
how long you waited for this?

Lagwin1980 10 years ago

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