F2P Cast: RaiderZ and a Little Warframe? (Ep.34)

On this week's show we chat about the pros and cons of the RaiderZ beta, cheer on the new Warframe trailer, and then chat about IP blocks being added to a game AFTER its release. Come and drop a weekly bomb with us as we review your feedback and add in our own 2 cents! Hang out with Magicman, Havek, and a special guest some of you may know on this all new episode of the Free to Play Cast!

Free-To-Play Cast is the official podcast (and videocast) of MMOBomb.com about free to play multiplayer online games. Free-To-Play Cast takes on the week's biggest news with plenty of opinion, weekly bombs, community feedback, guests, interviews, laughs thrown in for good measure and much more. Have fun and expect a new episode next week! (every Wed or Thu)

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Discussion (26)

Evill_ 10 years ago
Hopefully this has more content than what Tera had and i'll stick in for a while. Otherwise, I broke my disc for tera when I hit cap.

Rammdr 10 years ago
Just for some FYI on the MAC issues, I play off a MAC through Bootcamp with Windows 7 and it works fantastic.

WkdBen 10 years ago

Da-Bomb! To Archeblade even tho its not out yet, It looks like a good game and seen as Dragon Nest was a great skill shot game then Archeblade should be as good but with more pvp and better graphics..
Allso Da-Bomb to you guys for mentioning my last bombs :))

A- Bomb to all the developers of games witch get shut down >:[ These people annoy me hugely! For the fact that I used to play Luna Online all the time! and that the developers stoped updating the game because they wanted more money and were being greedy ass son of a bitch's and ruining a great game for everyone! A new luna was launched but it was just not as good and didnt feel the same, To all the greedy ass developers out there " GET YOUR SHIT RIGHT! "

Inflictious 10 years ago
One more... lol

Burning Thirst - http://www.burningthirst.com/


shaneknysh 10 years ago
Glad to hear I'm not the only Mac Gamer. I've tried several times to get RaiderZ to launch under crossover XI but the gameguard will not work.

Grimarcane 10 years ago
A Bomb to Firefall for killing Character customization as far as how you look unless you pay real money.

Da Bomb to Firefall For everything else Still a really good game.

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sniperman248 10 years ago

phonz 10 years ago
Bootcamp should solve everything, providing your Mac has a decent video card with Windows drivers available.

Acronis Disk Director is a great piece of software you can boot into to make a partition.
Or better yet, get Hirens Boot Disk. It's loaded with TONNES of great tools to solve computer issues.

Inflictious 10 years ago
Hey Magicwoman !

Magicman, Got a little confused with that last gameplay vid. :D

To Havek,
Could have been worse getting killed by a Moped. God was not being that mean to you on that day.

Question of the Week :

I sent you The Stairwell but you never responded to me wether you had played it or not or if Damina was willing to give it a go !

Game's and Link's

Candles - http://candles.en.softonic.com/

A mothers Inferno - http://amothersinferno.dadiugames.dk/

A Story About My Uncle - http://astoryaboutmyuncle.com/

Homura Combat - http://doujingravity.blogspot.ca/2012/01/homura-combat.html
( the mediafire, 3 part download work just fine )

I'll start with those for now


Check this trailer out, Has got my really intrigued

Among The Sleep ( Official Site ) http://www.krillbite.com/ats/ Been following this.

Ok And Magicman.. Please take a look at this game, A rather big DL of a gig, I can only see this going as a free to play game. I did explore it a little. The world is to HUGE, but a ran for about 10 minutes till i died JUST to look at how amazing the Dinosaurs Looked.
Gameplay needs a little work ( ok alot ).. But has some potential.. Plz give this a look for yourself !

Planet Explorer -( for the alpha download) http://www.moddb.com/games/planet-explorers/downloads/planet-explorers-alpha-v02
( Official Site )
To take a more indepth peek - http://pathea.net/node/4

Enjoy All.... And i would really like some feedback on what you think of any of these that any of you like !


sethsamson 10 years ago
ford fiest ..... u should be happy ..... what have to say people that get hit by Fiat Cinquecento or Trabant ;p

Mystika 10 years ago
WoW's MoP expansion...both Spunk and Havek (that's the name right?) are right. Pandarens are in the lore, but only one - Chen Stormstout and he was an optional hero to get in the War III FT Bonus Campaign. When you guys were saying that WoW is like the "Facebook MMO" which everyone comes back to, it reminded me especially of MapleStory. Funny thing is, if you get hooked to that game the first time, there is a high chance you WILL go back to it no matter how many times you quit.

I haven't played the new Firefall patch (I joined Firefall in the last patch before the removal of Medic) but I've really enjoyed the PvE. I'm staying away from PvP for now as I'm based in Australia, as I fear the latency issues which plague FPS games without servers in Australia or are for Oceania (besides, I'm not great at FPS, so PvE will help me improve :D)

With subscriptions, I've given my opinion on them in the forums. There are certain aspects of sub games (and to an extent, b2p games too) which appeal where f2p games do not, so no I don't believe they're dead.

Great show guys, looking forward to it next week, assuming I take a break from GW2 :D

sethsamson 10 years ago
why the feed back wasn't address ... cause the game is done ... there is nothing to change ....
the PWE or Frogster translate langue ... nothing more ...

sethsamson 10 years ago
MagicMan, this is not PWE RaideZ ..... this is Maiet licens by PWE only for North America ....
Frogster/GameForge has for Europe

if u say PWE RaiderZ people will think that they are making this game ...


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Murilo 10 years ago
About IP Block, maybe is not a big deal for NA that gets many of the games, but for many places it is a huge problem... understand what you guys said about that, but speaking from a country that suffers a lot with IP Block, this is stupid, not for the Japanese server, you guys have a point, but I think every game should have a global server, many games come from Asia to NORTH America and no company here in South America will buy it unless it is a huge success, so there are many games I like and can't play at all... I really like Riot's system for that, local servers with translations and better payment methods for that region but, if you want to play in NA or EU, you can

I don't agree that PWE is p2w, first because they usually sell like crystals that help upgrade and stuff like that and second because with 4 or sometimes more ways to get the cash shop items you don't need to pay to win, but I still don't like those things on the cash shop, but that are companies like GPotato that have an even more imbalanced cash shop and still not p2w... and btw, PWE doesn't block IP like many other companies, so...

About the free games, I only know one free indie game, don't know if it is the best but I like it, it is called Dead Cyborg... the game is not that big doesn't have a lot of maps yet because it works through donation, if you liked you pay and when it gets to a certain amount he will make the expansion... but it is a nice and simple game

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hmmm... 10 years ago
well there's still lag issues with rusty hearts... servers aren't prepared for actual number of connections but for ranges. if they are kinda failing with supporting higher number of players, its bad, yes, but punching them for game being more popular than expected? in beta test, rly?

punching it for issues with emulation? emulation that isn't officialy supported? are you seriuos? so argument about bad emulation on mac went valid for show? can you tell us how many games do that ok, and which ones? all this sounds awkward

cacalips 10 years ago
I normally have heavily criticted things to say... I got the Closed Beta invite to RaiderZ EU. It is Awesome! I love the game play and mechanics. Little things like pieces of body parts not always animated to fall in the same place. An enemy picking me up and tossing me. I for one am saving money and not buying GW2 and playing this baby for the next year at least. One note, RaiderZ EU is run by Frogster and they hide that in the website as much as they can.

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James 10 years ago
Great show once again magicman, loving the f2p casts so far, so...to the point, i have A Bomb for Firefall for constantly crashing and it won't let me change the graphic settings (running it on a Win 32-bit system) it really is a great game i just wished i could have experienced it like others have, and a Da Bomb for RaiderZ, loved every aspect of the game, gets kinda grindy but since i'm playing it with 5 other friends of mine, we just couldn't care less, we all came to an agreement that it's one of the best free to play games around. Oh, and i do have some concerns about Warframe, the game looks beautiful but i sure do hope it keeps that free-to-play essence alive long enough for all gamers to enjoy the game to it's fullest before they try making it into a pay-to-win game.
-P.S.- Loving the intro and outro music as always :D

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Kyt Dotson 10 years ago
On the subscription model and looking at freemium free-to-play models, where does everyone fall on questions of RMT auction houses and the virtual item market? I know that I’ve written an article for MMOBomb already about this subject – do you own your virtual items? – but the fundamentally interesting thing that I find about how virtual markets will work is starting to rise out of Diablo 3’s experimental foray into RMT.

We already see this a little bit with EvE Online because of the presence of the PLEX.

Game publishers and developers could now use free-to-play in order to draw in massive audiences by using excellent content, ease of access, and highly open games alongside the ability for users to trade their virtual items for money to generate marketplaces. From those marketplaces they can skim fees from players trading in order to make money off the game. In a way, it would mean that the health of the game could be measured in how many people wanted those items enough to pay money for them.

I know it opens a gigantic virtual “can of worms” when it comes to virtual item ownership; but if Diablo 3 succeeds with RMT and we see a free-to-play MMO gain some sort of gigantic audience dominance, it could be used to keep a game running even with dwindling interest in an in-game cash shop.

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