Best of Gamescom 2012 Awards

Gamescom is one of the biggest events in the games industry and a fantastic showcase where developers, publishers and gamers gather to see what gaming has to offer now and what is coming in the future.

The free to play industry never ceases to grow and it was with great excitement that I saw a strong presence of free-to-play games at this year’s Gamescom. Free to play seems to have a very interesting future ahead... Keep reading to see who won Gamescom 2012 awards.

Most Innovative Game - Project: Theralon

It was with palpable curiosity that I watched the presentation of Project: Theralon, a sandbox free to play 3D MMORPG powered by the CryEngine 3. Now I understand why the Infernum team is so excited about their new game. In development for just 6 months, this game already reveals great potential. The features are likely to bring something fresh to the free to play MMORPG genre, such as the option to build cities, having a second character, among other refreshing ideas that may or may not be in the final build. It’s a game that I highly recommend you keep an eye out for. I also had to mention GameGlobe, a game that also surprised me with its level building tools, you can check our interview here

Most Anticipated MMO - Planetside 2

The hype surrounding Planetside 2 grows each day, perhaps reinforced by the fact that very few people had the chance to try it, but the excitement is over the roof. This game charms everyone that sees it and seems to have everything to be successful. Considering the people I’ve spoken to, the overall idea is that this is one of the most anticipated games for most gamers.

Best PVP - Firefall

There’s no shadow of a doubt that Firefall is also one of the most anticipated free-to-play games. At Gamescom I had the chance to see the latest news and learn more about the eSports Toolkit. This new tool should answer all the needs of pro-gamers, taking the PvP to another level – it sure seems very promising indeed. Red 5 Studios is paying special attention to the community’s requests and doesn’t cease to surprise me. Check our exclusive interview here.

Best Graphics - Hawken

Hawken is actually one of my personal favorite free to play titles from this year's Gamescom. It's an online mech combat game with lots of crazy explosive action and fast paced gameplay that immediately sets the game apart from other mech-based titles on the market. Visually the game is just gorgeous and we can't wait to play more.

Best Free Shooter - Planetside 2

It’s been a great year for free to play shooters. Most games such as Firefall, Hawken, Warface, Planetside 2 or Arctic Combat are winner material so this was the most difficult decision. I chose Planetside 2, taking into consideration the almost unlimited possibilities, gameplay-wise, and because in the end it was the game that I was more interested in playing again. However, any of the games above could be the winner, depending on each player’s liking.

Best Free MMORPG - Neverwinter

Cryptic Studios has something really interesting in development. It looks like Neverwinter has everything players wish for – open word, real time action combat with a robust PvP system, some strategic gameplay, user-generated content with a creation tool and much more. At Gamescom I had just a small taste but I´m already genuinely interested in playing the game, and that means something. Don´t forget to check our exclusive interview here.

Best of Gamescom - Planetside 2

The fact that this is a tough call only reveals the quality that free to play games are showing nowadays and will show in the future. It would seem that PlanetSide 2 is the game that is getting the most awards. It’s the kind of game that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. Everything in this game looks and feels epic with hundreds of troops everywhere, air and ground vehicles in frequent action and enormous maps to explore and wage war in. SOE has a blockbuster in its hands, easily capable of reaching hundreds of thousands of players. It just remains to be seen if Planetside 2 will fulfill all the high expectations placed upon it.

In your opinion what was the best game of Gamescom 2012? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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Discussion (27)

shampoo para carro 8 years ago
Hi, i believe that i noticed you visited my weblog thus i got here to go back the favor?.I am attempting to find issues to improve my website!I suppose its good enough to make use of a few of your ideas!!

Shaun Simpson 8 years ago
I myself am actually really disappointed with planetside 2 it lacks content, graphics, story, politics... If you're going to make a open world shooter make it easy to get around or create things to kill besides players.. You have these huge lands with nothing in them!

sethsamson 9 years ago
i don't know how FireFall could get Best PVP .... this is worst ever pvp unbalance unfair laggi as sh!@# ... maps are like there was design being drunk ..

if this was PVE then sure ... it's is great pve no idiotic quest so far ( go kill 10 of this come back u get 10$ and a hug ) ...

Desert Fox 9 years ago
PS2 is just a ridiculous lag fest. It takes 10 minutes to get to the frontlines, only to be killed by a lotto stray shell. Then repeat...and repeat...and repeat. Horrible game, typical Sony.

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Haha 9 years ago
Lol, Planetside 2 is hardly in beta, and there's already people trolling it. Classic internet. Planetside 2 deserved all the awards it received, and much more, unlike Battlefield.

sfdfsdfsdfsf 9 years ago
Planet side 2 is a joke. It's fps number 999999999 on the market, that's all

sdfs 9 years ago
Planetside 2 is a joke. That crap got much attention cause of $$$$
There are tens of better mmofps then that crap, why those don't get that attention?

Kalran 9 years ago
Planetside 2 what a massive surprise as it was a bit rubbish...

Altai 9 years ago
To be honest I'm almost quite surprised that Core Blaze didn't win any of the awards. I know for a fact that they have quite a high fan base/following and has been really anticipated for quite a while now. Not mention it looks great.

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okoice 9 years ago
Best buyable game : Arma 3


cacalips 9 years ago
I am in Closed Beta for Arctic Combat. It should not even be listed. It is so under par with so many games. It is on the same level as Mission against terror, Cross fire, etc.. Those clones of each other. Games that look better than it in graphics: Black shot, AVA, Warface, Black light, hell even Army Rage is modeled better.
Game play it has nothing new. You get a zerged hallway and although there is a sniper and prone position; it DOES nothing for tactic. In fact the most boss move to avoid shots and get take downs is Bunny Hopping.
The guns are aweful and I Would not put a dime on purchasing them permanantly. Allot of OP folks, just a warning. THIS is the only thing that may get fixed in OB, but as of now I have a feeling they are just going to increase xp rate adn implement the cash value at OB.

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Murilo 9 years ago
I am looking for Neverwinter and Plantside... I also want to play Langrisser Schwarz, Dream Drops and Tiara Concerto, but I'm not sure if any of those were in gamescom

But I'm still waiting for a "League of Legends" mmorpg, same camera style, same type of combat with an open world and more story oriented them just generic quests :P

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Zalteck 9 years ago
As long as SOE takes their past cash shop system: completely rips it appart, burns the pieces, puts the ashes into a metal box and then drop that off a cliff, Planetside 2 will be EPIC!!!

kataklyzm83 9 years ago
Naaa i think there going to get this right. Look at ps1 still going strong and still one of the best games around. And one of the longest running p2p games around. Not alot of pay to win items you can add in this one. If you have ever played planet side1 you know what i mean. All i can see as far as items or stuff to give you the upper hand is a weapon set or a few implants.. I just cant wait for the epic wars and galaxy base drops.... GOD!!!! love planet side.... one of the best ideas ever for a mmo game. The first game was ahead of its time. I know the next 5 years of my life will be played 3 games, Hawken,Planetside2 and just like that rest of the pc world Guild Wars2.

P.S. Yo magicman were the hell is the free to play cast bro??? first week without it since it hit the bomb... I give that the A-BOMB in it's self....

Loxa 9 years ago

Daf 9 years ago
don't wory, sony will find a way to f** up ;/ they always do

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IHateMMOs 9 years ago
Planetside 2 stole the show. What a surprise. xD

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