Free To Play Weekly: Action Combat Or Traditional?!? Ep. 178

Trove officially launches, RaiderZ is shutting down, all that and more, I’m Zach Sharpes and this… is Free To Play Weekly!

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Discussion (21)

AShoppingCartGLX 7 years ago
Action combat is better I enjoy it a lot more then TAB. Action Combat makes me feel like I'm in charge unlike TAB targeting(which I find Old slow and boring)

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KcakcaLipz 7 years ago
EVERYTHING is dependant on the other elements. SO many mmo sites have to write for the uneducated. When we make games, we do not just think "oh one feature dictates all". So many games function naturally on open action, others do not. For example, WoW would not make a good open action game. Echo of Soul would (based on mob placement, terrain challenges, and pathing routes between these two elements). SOme games that have open action, really would run better with tab targeting and vice versa. You can tell when cheap games come out just marketing on one feature they fall short because the other elements were not there. In general mmorpgs are not that fun as open action games. DUngeon crawlers, however ARE.

Kian 7 years ago
Personally I am used to the Traditional combat and compared to the new combat I find it very boring now honestly. The New action Combat is so free flowing and fun and i wish allot of games put work into making it work better or to have it at all such as games like Cabal 2 then maybe we can see a bit more hope in the ftp mmo world instead of players hoping from game to game constantly.

OldStyle 7 years ago
Maybe because I am a little older, but I can appreciate an older style of combat as well as a newer style. Perhaps because I was playing MMOs back when the combat was way worse than what is now considered "Old School." I just hate when people try to turn others off from trying a game simply because they don't like a certain style. What's so hard about saying that a particular game is simply not your cup of tea, and encourage people to give it a try? There are plenty of MMOs I didn't like but in which I can appreciate that there is core groups of people in guilds enjoying the content.

ultraninja 7 years ago

yoi 7 years ago
If you can't dodge ranged attacks, (Homing missiles) then it's fake action combat.

Merkadis 7 years ago
I guess you really asking "tab targeting or no target" in which case i'd pick no target personally but i have no problems with tab targeting as well, lot's of practice can do that to you.

Lawful 7 years ago
Kind of sad that RaiderZ was shut down because it was a refreshing game with action combat and some issues but those could have been solved.

ron 7 years ago
the only game that ever got "action" combat right was greedy and money hungry P2W so their game died.
and because of this so called "action" combat mmo's will tend to suck untill they can make the combat feel right
which they can not because they feel that nerfing it hard is a cheap easy way to "balance" the pvp . jerks .
example tera online which has the worst combat i have ever seen . they just nerf it so it is not true "action" combat
but if you spam auto attacks it moves you in the direction your facing and you have no say about it and can not cancle it and just have to keep moving that direction or if your a mage who needs to avoid shots has a 3 second period of standing still after each skill . STUPID HOW IS THAT BALANCED MORON TERA .
tab targeting is the future and the reason is because none that true "action aka arcade" combat can get it right and untill the time
that a respectable NOT p2w company can perfect arcade combat (like raiderZ did but died because its run by a P2W company and everyone hates that) , tab targeting will remain the future while "action" arcade combat will stay a joke abused by companies that think nerfing it instead of actually balancing it is a good idea.
not to mention how in tera when you avoid an attack it teleports you back into the zone of death which you avoided just because you do not live in america and have 200 mb internet .
echo of soul is 100000x better and more balanced then any arcade mmo around .
just ignore this comment and go and choose some kid who wants to kiss what you prefer's butt (arcade combat fan kids) .

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Wraith 7 years ago
True action combat all the way. Standing and spamming buttons to watch bigger and bigger numbers show up sucks. You don't feel the oompf from the hits either. The best you'll find that in something like GW2. TERA has good combat, RaiderZ is a bit better because of the various ways you can move into an attack and combos (if only the enemies weren't tanky as hell and the wasn't boring as hell), others are even better but we still waiting for dat NA release bcuz Korea cmon guys.

tttttt 7 years ago
i prefer action combat, but if the game is absolute garbage (eos,cabal2....) it doesnt matter :D. skyforge is awesome im waiting impatiently

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Jevith 7 years ago
I actually F*ing love mmobomb

Jafarson 7 years ago
old school targeted combat ofc <3

zzZ 7 years ago
Traditional is Classic=Old. I prefer and appreciate new fight mechanics all the way. If u want old click and hit shit there are like 3billion mmos out since 1999.

Video// Skyforge suck as much as eos and all others. If u cant get lose of sf u will kill yourself with games like bns or better black desert. Korea has way more to offer then this but well we barely see anything only after 5 years when its old shit in kr already.

Hopefuly more indie publisher or other devs in /NA/EU etc. will see the poor market and attack soon. Produce some games!!

RyuKaiser 7 years ago
Don't worry, the game will force you to stop playing when you hit the spark/EXP cap in the game for the week. People are saying they hit the cap within 16 hours or so. So yeah, have fun with that Stamina System.

Zylath 7 years ago
Why not both?

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