Free To Play Weekly (Ep.83)

This week on Free to Play Weekly: Uncharted 3 gets free-to-play multiplayer, Tactical Intervention plans strategic release schedule, Heroes and Generals open beta and more!

Free-To-Play Weekly with Hannah Noble is the exclusive web show from This show presents you with the most important news of the week about free-to-play online games and the latest releases, with a few jokes thrown in for good measure. Have fun and expect a new show next week!

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Game of the Week: RF Online


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Discussion (107)

Omg 10 years ago
What a pity all those machist comments every week... Some really need a GF...

Dencha 10 years ago
Best about this video is this awesome chick :P I can't concentrate on the games :D

Dragoninja 11 years ago
Ok so I have been around MMOBOMB for awhile and I never heard MagicMan was leaving!!! When the hell did this happen? What are we going to do without him?!!! I will miss Jess too! Jesus! My world is ending!

Maxos 11 years ago
Wow~ (>*0*)> Hannah's really hot hm? i give her a 9.9/10 to be honest she did good and I'll miss Jess but hey it's cool and life goes on everything will change ... personally i think she will do a great job .. Matter of fact >.> She's lucky to be w/ MMOBomb i know i would love to be w/ MMOBomb but I'm unknown <.< .. (JUST BEAT GOD OF WAR:Ascension Best OF ALL GOWs) lol
Facebook: Maxx Daily <..<

Midgetpanda 11 years ago
@Zylon. She's a girl of course her voice is high pitched. Its not that annoying.

Midgetpanda 11 years ago
I don't see anything she did wrong in the show personally. She did fine for the first time.

Midgetpanda 11 years ago
Its Hannah's first time don't give her a hard time! She's just trying to be a part the mmobomb team. :)

Hebert the Pervert 11 years ago

GamingMaster 11 years ago
She is good :) equal to the previous host ...

To Hannah please don't take it personal about the bad comments some people take changes hard ... you are great keep it up :)

can't wait for the next free to play weekly!!

Zylon 11 years ago
Her voice is so high pitch its annoying.

huml13 11 years ago
hi all people pleas 1 best off race game (RaceRoom Racing Experience) .

sorri mi english is bad i am sorri.

SlightlyMad 11 years ago
I have a question please hanna, your boobs are real? or u use some kind of bra to make them bigger? feel free to send me to hell and dont answer me. thank you

chefmadness 11 years ago
How about both at the same time fun fun fun XDXDXD!!!!!!!

Rockmeo 11 years ago
Wellinided jess was good at this point but is all about experience , this lady has just 1 episode and shes doing just fine :) , keep it going :) , you are gorgeus :3

Midgetpanda 11 years ago
Jessica was better -_-

hiddenblade 11 years ago
to hannah: i think u need to smile more when talking.

yipah 11 years ago
Well i actually enjoy games thats throws away the concept of lvling. Age of wushu being the frist example i could think of, followed by eve, city of heroes maybe.

Gaza 11 years ago
Is this a pvp MMO? I was interested in it at first sight,but if is as pvp oriented as you say, then I had to say Age of Wushu does better much than this game.

DragoonisMystic 11 years ago
Just want to say welcome to MMOBOMB for your first time u did a grand job. Like others stated I'll miss Jess and MagicMan deeply . But still yet your doing well so keep it and looking forward to many air time with u . ;-)

RenTheRose 11 years ago
Whens the next F2P Cast shwo going to be up were about due another one or are they over with now that some of the people left?

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Samuel 11 years ago
Wow, boy is she beautiful. WELCOME ^.^

Vinvoro 11 years ago
Nice new host !!
Adorable and sweet !!!

btw, thought there will be a RF online 2 ??
how come RF online become week of the video ?????

bonegiver 11 years ago
you should do every optional

bad1one 11 years ago
Hey all, been gone for awhile ,and iiiiimmmmm backkk, ohhh , Jess gone already, and got new peep, already . HEHE, and finally got my avatar to work ,for some reason it wouldnt take in profile . Love this avatar ,fits me so well.

Spammie 11 years ago
I just wana trow this right here, just a opinion, I got nothing against Jess or Hannah both awesome and cute at same time <3 , but do we really need a girl, I mean she doesn't need to be in the video, she can read the text and let the trailers rolling ... when this show started there was a animated guy, witch was awesome too, she can be a animated character that does simple movements (doesn't matter if they repeat after a while ... it's a new type show we ain't going to pay much atention to animation anyway.) other than that she did a very good job on her first episode <3 keep it up.

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removalmitt 11 years ago
RF online was good years ago, it was my first MMO. The version now is way overdone and I believe only the Korean version gets any real love regarding bug fixing. Was gonna give the new EU version a try but it's taking way too long to even get to open beta. In the new version I don't think you can X class anymore which limits the versatility of roles.

Florentina 11 years ago
You did a great job Hannah,especially for your first time. Keep up the good work and I think you'll fill Jess's shoe just fine. :D

Hotaro Oreki 11 years ago
New host looks nice :), but still i miss Jess

AntiHeadshot 11 years ago
RF Online?! Realy? ... Why don't you mention that it's mainly grind-based, 1 quest per level is definitaly to less...

Gamer X 11 years ago
Hi hannah and welcome to mmobomb well but we won't forget Jessica too !

punisher51 11 years ago
yea i like Hannah and i like Jess also, both girls are very attractive and I like both voices, ofc it is shame then we can`t have both :P Love ya girls, and Hannah, welcome in community :)

ChrisHateZ 11 years ago
I have to say i didn't like Jess at first, but then i started to like her. And just when i got used to her, she left =/

LeiHngWei 11 years ago
Welcome Hannah! You'll do great. :)

ZhaoYun 11 years ago
really nicely done i mean jess is good but hannah is good too.
Welcome to mmobomb hope you enjoy your time here and not get annoyed by negative comments.
Keep going and i hope u and jess will make a duo f2p weekly some day(if possible ofc)
and ya i have to agree this week's news were like 'meh'

RottenTaco 11 years ago
Miss you Jess you did an awesome job. Hannah is doing a great job as well though :P maybe you girls should team up :D lol

cyberfr3akgamer 11 years ago
omg she is beautifull *.* and blond and big **** hehehe i like her :D

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Me 11 years ago
woice less anoying, i like her

TheGamer 11 years ago
Nice show as always!
Welcome Hannah!
Good to have you onboard!You did a great job on the spot, but i will miss Jess...

Whatever, you are awesome!

fhpp 11 years ago
i wanted to play maplestory but its ip banned in my region ={ they need to make more games like maple ^_^

dragon nest has an very serious issue, you dont need people to do dungeons, wich means people go insane on solo grinds and even if you join the party they kick you. actually i hope that massive shutdown will make enterprises think about how important is the party system in a game, if peple don't are FORCED to party the game simply have no future, unless its very unic like maple, but still best places people have to party.

Mouhsine 11 years ago
Good job guys at MMObomb,keep up the good work and thx Hannah for the news.

Cyberpunk 11 years ago
Welcome new girl:)

Juraxious 11 years ago
Good job hannah! more of these and it will just flow perfect, can't wait for more^.^

3abdo911 11 years ago
like all need 40 episodes to get conferrable with the cam ....

delroon 11 years ago
love to see a bikini episode ;p

tolshortte 11 years ago
great job Hannah! grats on your first F2P Weekly Spot! Hope to see you in more episodes.

We will all miss you Jess. Hope you are doing ok in your current pursuits.

starstruck 11 years ago
damn girls you soooo blonde O.O

Free2Play 11 years ago
With all the recent changes going on at MMOBomb it is with great sadness that I must announce that I have decided to pursue other opportunities reading news on other sites. I will miss everyone and hope to be able to drop occasionally as time allows.

VypeRzZoR 11 years ago
Jess always had something cute about her.....Hannah seems like the typical hot girl :)

ishy226 11 years ago
Lame.she's so boring. i want jess back :(

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plow 11 years ago
i would like to 'my user name' her.

RenTheRose 11 years ago
stop crying guys she left for her own reson that was summed up in the last video how about we talk about the games. as it stands i have no clue how RF online got game of the week i fell asleep after 2 hrs of play

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spell 11 years ago offense but Jess whas way!!! ;)

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Treeman De Unmountable 11 years ago
Wow, she's cute. :D
Welcome to MMOBomb!

reavermyst 11 years ago
Dang, first Magicman, now Jess? Dang times are changing.

No offense of course, Hannah, you're doing awesome!

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Catalysys 11 years ago
NOO WHERE´S my beauty and sexy Girl?? ... that is not the same...

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SkullRav3n 11 years ago
Want the old one back, she was ways better^^

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sony 11 years ago
you only like her because she actually has boobs

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Steven 11 years ago
new host. :) jessica will be remembered!!
lets see how she does :)

iluvgamez 11 years ago
Hey hannah!
Welcome to this community!
dont get this wrong, but damn, i hope u will do more videos. Not only the weekly ones. PLS! :)
Have fun with us the the mmobomb crew. :)

Elesion1337 11 years ago
Another great episode of the free-to-play weekly !

Also, welcome Hannah ! :D You've done a great job with the first episode and I'm sure you'll keep it up for the rest of 'em :)

pc007 11 years ago
a blonde, awesome

Adrian87 11 years ago
Welcome to MMOBomb Hannah.

Danny 11 years ago
I like this girl, but this weeks news was crappy :/

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gqninja 11 years ago

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