Heva Clonia Online First Look Video

Heva Clonia Online is an anime-style MMORPG published by OGPlanet. Heva features a combo-based combat system and a pet system which lets players clone enemies as pets and level them up independently. All players start as one class, but can progress to a variety of classes in different stages as they level up. Expect mini-games, Co-Op dungeons, human cannons, and group adventures in this casual MMORPG.

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Discussion (19)

RenTheRose 10 years ago
looks like fun to me I love cute poet games

Rama 10 years ago
Reminds me of FusionFall. Man, that game was so epic. I was so sad when it shut down :(

KingBane 10 years ago
just like the fanbase of this site.... this game is shit a big steaming pile of SHIT!

Card 10 years ago
It like version of Dragonica / Dragon Saga and with some enhancement

Jellopy 10 years ago
Think I'll give this a try. Kinda interesting imp. The class system is kinda similar to ragnarok and it plays more like elsword in dungeons with some rather interesting graphics and art. If it doesn't become another pay to win i can see myself playing this when i'm bored. I like elsword but past a certain point you have to pay to still be competitive at all in it so this could be nice.

maybe he cares 10 years ago

slenderman 10 years ago
this game is built for young kids not adult here and the game is easy to level up which make it less fun in term of gameplay and the job classes too. overall this may only last to a certain month and then it get shutdown like other game in there place.

fhpp 10 years ago
youre never too old for pokemon brah. the game is pretty fun dungeon stuff, couple dungeon stuff. the only thing i didnt rly like is the lvl cap in cbt is 17 and you can reach it very easy. and the pet system, works similar to classes so people are able to solo dungeons if they have a "healer pet" and healers can solo if they have an "attacker pet" so, only thing i didnt like

iluvgamez 10 years ago
That little pet u had reminds me on Smog´mog. Weird .lol
Well, i guess im already too old for this game and im glad i am. xD besides its OG.
Good Video

TheTrue 10 years ago
i know browsers games better than this thing,this looks bored,easy,maybe they read about Disney: Toontown was shutting down and they tough it was a good idea to release something on the same league.

ExHuman 10 years ago
And suddenly, tutorial seems to be the best part of the game

samuraj 10 years ago
omg next stupid and easy game for brainless casuals -.-

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Bubba Satori 10 years ago
The reviews would be mo bettah without all the "sort ofs" Just sayin'.

URMOMINTANGA 10 years ago
this game is for addults only........

LamePiece 10 years ago
This game is very LAME.

Aleksandar 10 years ago
First time i can say this first MOUNTED!

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