Legend of Edda: Vengeance First Look

Legend of Edda: Vengeance is a 3D "chibi" MMORPG that was recently re-released by GamesCampus. The MMORPG features crisp anime graphics with options for players to customize their character with a variety of unique and often hilarious looking costumes. Players can participate in group dungeons or fight in PvP battles featuring 100 vs. 100.

To find more about Legend of Edda check out the game page which includes more info, user reviews, screenshots and additional videos. Don´t forget to subscribe to MMOBomb YouTube channel.

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dfgbdf 11 years ago

cacalips 11 years ago
I played this after the US shut down on the EU side. It was not bad, thanks to the community that heleped me and gave me gears and showed me how PvP worked. In a strange way it was like Guildwars 2 where your level is adjusted to participate in it...but like guild wars 2, it required that you get better armor to push your weight around, but you were not useless (like in Guild wars 2) for showing up.
And then the basic PVE grind that evolved around 2D anime cuteness. And lack of maps, with SUPER linear progression. mmmmm nooooooo.

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Herbvek 11 years ago
This game looks decent but plays like crap. The movements are choppy, the combat is dull, the quests are boring...You don't even have a natural way of recovering your health besides chugging potions, it's just stupid...You'll find yourself quitting the game by level 5 as soon as you realize there's a pattern and no variety. One of those games the devs should pay you to play it as it feels like a job, not something that's supposed to be fun.

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fhpp 11 years ago
Guys I have a question, is legend of edda made by Eyasoft? if so I'll unninstall right now. Eyesoft is champion for being a trash gaming enterprise. whoever played any of their games, know what I mean.

fhpp 11 years ago
good game, hope this one won't close i might stick to it with priest! :} cbt on? i got the key yesterday i think, downloading game now

Combat Starfish 11 years ago
game is boring after awhile its a huge grind fest it shut down before and i dont think it will last for long like last time...Potions dont heal for shit past a certain lvl gear goes up from 1,,5,,10,,20 ect. so youll have the same gear for a long time ... you run out of quest and have to grind the rest of you lvl just to do the next set of quests and repeat it fun at the start then gets boring...i wouldnt recommend it to any1 ... Sorry for all the spelling errors ....

- Combat Starfish...
PS magic man you still owe me that hug and a cookie bwahahahaha

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Rinor 11 years ago
MOUNTED ... why cus i felt like it

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