Metal Reaper Online - First Look Gameplay

So the graphics may look bad, the localization isn't well done, and the questing is repetitive...that doesn't mean a game can't be fun even if it's in small bursts! Take Metal Reaper Online for example!

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Discussion (2)

commanderhavoc 8 years ago
I played it a bit a month or so ago, its kinda fun but the english translation is some of the worst I've seen in a while. XP
As a guy said on the Steam community forums for the game, it feels like the devs used Google Translate for the whole thing. XD

KalameesJr 8 years ago
The game has graphics like diablo 2, is optimized worse than Planetside 2 was at launch and yet somehow...somehow it's actually pretty fun to just mindlessly mow down hordes of enemies in it. One of life's great mysteries I suppose.

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